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  replaces  upstream/0.27
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Thu Aug 13 06:21:00 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.28
Version: GnuPG v1


Brandon L Black (38):
      use Alg::C3 0.05 persistent merge cache parameter, VERSION/Changes for 
      setting release date for 0.13
      version bump + potential fix for #12558
      convert to Module::Build
      add generated MANIFEST
      Changes update for 0.14 release
      MANIFEST updated by Build.PL
      meta stuff for 0.14_01
      no need to be 0.14_01 just yet...
      make new branch for PurePerl
      break out most of the code to ::PurePerl
      updated for core support
      latest sync-ed up c3.patch against perl-current
      new c3.patch with next::method in core, new changes here to support it
      NEXT/next::method thing needed updated for removal of the c3 assumption 
in next::method
      got rid of PurePerl in classnames, fixed up a few other things, possible 
alpha release soon
      fix pod coverage, etc
      0.15_01 final changes (includes final patch, works with normal and 
patched perls)
      Fix for overloading to method name string, from Ittetsu Miyazaki
      Merge 'trunk' into 'Class-C3-PurePerl'
      Class::C3::XS support
      0.15_02, supports Class::C3::XS
      replace patch with link
      manifest update
      0.15_05, assumes 5.9.5 has patch
      new overload fallback fixes, matches the behavior of normal overload and 
overload+c3 in blead
      Merge 'trunk' into 'Class-C3-PurePerl'
      support XS calc_mdt, improved BEGIN block
      Module::Install, small things
      oops, fix META.yml
      Merge 'Class-C3-PurePerl' into 'trunk'
      0.16 release changes
      remove Build.PL from dist, release 0.17
      0.18 (require XS 0.04)
      added new test file for goto on next::method, etc
      0.19, to push XS 0.07 fixes
      arg, Makefile.PL/README updates, not critical
      stop the redefine warnings?

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (1):
      Fix POD typo

Daisuke Maki (1):
      a test that checks no warnings are generated when MRO::Compat is loaded 
before Class::C3

Florian Ragwitz (14):
      Update MANIFEST.
      Version 0.20.
      Remove fake Build.PL. Module::Install doesn't support it anymore.
      Stop using auto_install in Makefile.PL. Its use is strongly discouraged.
      Exclude dotfiles from MANIFEST.SKIP.
      Remove MANIFEST. It's generated from MANIFEST.SKIP.
      Remove README. It's generated by Makefile.PL.
      Add .gitignore.
      Whitespace cleanup.
      Version 0.21.
      Version 0.22.
      Fix various doc errors
      Version 0.23
      Version 0.24

Graham Knop (18):
      use ExtUtils::CBuilder if available by reversing broken conditional
      remove extraneous garbage from tests
      update changelog
      version 0.26
      declare min perl version in meta
      distar fixes
      bump version
      update changes
      Release commit for 0.27
      update Makefile.PL boilerplate
      use link for dylan paper as original has gone offline
      changelog for dylan link change
      fix maybe::next version
      Bumping version to 0.28
      move pod tests to xt
      pod tests required for author mode
      Release commit for 0.28

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.28

Peter Rabbitson (8):
      Require Class::C3::XS if a compiler is available
      More POD typos (RT#77453)
      We don't always need Devel::Hide (RT#81106)
      Use EUMM instead of MI, drop compatibility back to 5.6.0
      Make sure PP test re-run works on space containing paths
      Fix SYNOPSIS to actually be executable (RT#78327)
      More typo fixes (thanks to D. Steinbrunner)
      Version 0.25

Stevan Little (27):
      creating the Class-C3 dir
      verison 0.01 of Class-C3
      adding a TODO list
      whoopse forgot the changelog and to update the MANIFEST
      pre-0.02 checkin
      more tweaks
      0.02 release
      Class::C3 - 0.05 release
      version with the better diagnostics
      Class::C3 - overload fix
      Class::C3 - 0.07 release;
      Class::C3 - version 0.08 for release
      damn C3
      I am an idiot
      Class-C3 - the real 0.08, released as 0.09
      version 0.11
      0.11 stuff
      final 0.11
      applying patch from Robert Norris for next::can
      Applying Patch from Robert Norris again

Tomas Doran (1):
      Make it clear you should use MRO::Compat not this

Yuval Kogman (1):
      demand Module::Install 0.75


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