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  replaces  debian/1.15-1
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Thu Aug 13 14:10:45 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging package libconfig-gitlike-perl version debian/1.16-1
Version: GnuPG v1


Alex Vandiver (92):
      Initial import
      Allow for comments not after definitions
      Add support for escaping characters when not in quotes
      Fix case on stored values
      Move to a callback-based parser, for ->set
      Add offset calculation, so ->set can know where things are
      Minor doc fixups
      Preliminary (non-multiple) set support
      Make ->load_dirs and ->load take which directory, defaulting to the cwd 
during ->load
      Make Config::GitLike->load_dirs correctly walk up the directory tree
      In ::Cascading, deeper dirs are loaded later and override earlier and 
shallower ones
      Fix up a couple minor comment nits
      For paramhash functions, explicitly list parameters and defaults
      Make error callback get passed the original string and offset of error, 
not just remaining string
      Ignore blib/ directory
      Add a Config::GitLike::Git for loading Git config files
      Fix for when ->set_multiple called with no arguments
      Fix a test that failed because multiple now works, and we're too smart
      Having a matching filter with multiple and not replace_all does mean 
      Filter without replace_all should only replace the _first_ match
      Allow calling ->load_file without having called ->load
      Add note about paths and bare repos
      Skip already-loaded files
      Note that config_filenames is in the order they were loaded
      Bump copyright to 2010
      Merge Config::GitLike::Cascaded into being just a config option
      Detect correct git directory using the same algorithm as git
      Update documentation to reflect new gitdir detection
      Version 1.04 releng
      When overriding the default, still need an is => "rw"
      Allow quoted strings to adjoin directly to unquoted strings
      Fix POD on config_files method -- it's not called config_filenames
      Minor spelling nitpicks
      Calling ->load_file on a nonexistant file should not set ->is_loaded
      Do simple canonicalization prior to loading a file
      ->dump should imply a ->load if we've not done so already
      Document that ->load is often unnecessary
      Allow load_file as a class method to just read one file, for simplicity
      Don't skip, which also contains "xt"
      Revert "we don't have any extra tests" -- we do have them
      Config::GitLike contains "use 5.008" -- make that obvious at build-time
      Perl 5.8 is guaranteed to provide these three modules
      Document two overridden functions
      We do not ship a bin/ directory
      "use 5.008" is exempt from having to be in Makefile.PL
      TestConfig is similarly exempt from being a dep in Makefile.PL
      Version 1.06 releng
      Anchor paths which should be from the root
      Ignore tarballs and test dirs in MANIFEST.SKIP, as well
      Sync .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP
      Version 1.07 releng
      Fix loading of user_file, broken in dcdd01f, due to unexpanded ~
      Document that ->load_file generally returns undef on failure
      Version 1.08 releng
      Apply filter even on single values
      Don't apply filter unless it has content; this avoids =~ // bugs
      Refactor common code from get and get_all
      Deal gracefully with valueless keys (whose value is undef)
      Special-case the regex "!", which never matches
      Avoid a // bug in get_regexp with an empty key
      Doing case manipulation on a regex which will be applied /i is nonsensical
      Add "human" argument to get_all and get_regexp, to match get
      Update documentation to match get, get_all, and get_regex changes
      Accept ALL_CAPS constant subs as documented
      Factor out slurp and burp into testing methods
      Enforce that all keys must have sections
      Move add_comment POD to a more sensible place
      Ignore generated MYMETA files
      Version 1.09 releng
      Factor out a method to return the canonical case of a key
      Move $key assignment until after all parts of it have been checked
      Canonicalize case of keys passed to is_multiple and set_multiple
      Track and allow lookup of the case that keys were defined in
      Change method name from original_case to original_key
      Add tests for original_key API and case sensitivity
      Version 1.10 releng
      Merge branch 'moo'
      Version 1.11 releng
      Merge branch 'changes-spec'
      Version 1.12 releng
      Homedir expansion should only happen if ~ is the first character
      Store the cleaned-up filename path, with ../s resolved
      Nested configuration file inclusion, as git 1.7.10 and above implement
      Remove a non-ASCII character that snuck in
      Make dependency test happy
      Re-jigger POD to make the POD coverage test happy
      Version 1.13 releng
      Version 1.14 releng
      abs_path may die on Windows if the path does not exist
      Version 1.15 releng
      Further canonicalize after resolvin relative paths
      Version 1.16 releng

Christine Spang (114):
      typo fix in Makefile.PL
      fix a syntax error
      some pod while I'm figuring out how this stuff works anyway
      a billion regexes without comments make me want to cry
      stick an __END__ where the code ends and only doc remains
      pod Config::GitLike::Cascaded as well
      more doc love
      more pod
      fix for discrepency caught by git test suite: section names are 
      check to make sure key is given in set
      fix missing , in format_definition which causes it to lose all its args
      occurrance -> occurrence
      attempt to load only plain files, not directories
      fix for test suite compliance: reject keys that begin with a number
      initial port of git config's test suite
      add build deps to Makefile.PL
      make cast's behaviour in-line with what the test suite specifies
      this exception can also be thrown if there's a newline in the key
      commit the script I used to translate some bits of the git config test 
suite for posterity
      pass in tmpdir to the TestConfig constructors on the last two tests
      parser fix: don't tack trailing whitespace onto values, even if the value 
is followed by a comment
      make dump return a string rather than printing. this is more useful for 
things like tests.
      un-TODO testing dump. since our interface doesn't keep track of key/value 
data, make the tests expect the output to be sorted
      kill an unnecessary \
      add .gitignore
      pod updates
      small comment tweaks in test suite
      un-TODO rename_section tests to prep for implementation
      pull config file reading out to _read_config
      fix some test bits that the translation script (and/or my manual 
frobbing) b0rked
      un-TODO tests for remove_section
      add rename_section and remove_section and related changes
      make this not quite so horrible to read
      bugfix: compare variable names case-insensitively (and un-TODO the 
related test)
      casting on set
      kill commented-out NUL-byte termination tests; we're not going to 
implement that feature
      int casting on set
      get_regexp (didn't implement this in ->get after all since it needs to 
return something completely different)
      filter for set
      multiple unset
      multivar support
      test that stuff like '[section] [section2] a = 1' parses correctly
      I think I count as an author at this point
      additional tests for casting/filtering with get_regexp and get_all
      split up some long lines
      smarter return values based on context for methods that return 
non-scalars and ->dump now prints rather than returns in void context
      some small test cleanups
      perltidy t1300-repo-config.t
      use tests
      kill t/00-basic.t since it doesn't do anything useful anymore
      I'm beginning to agree with PBP in that non-contiguous POD = contorted 
code, confused docs, or both. Oh hey, and I overhauled most of the doc while I 
was at it.
      saw something in the git config doc that I thought we should test
      add version number to Makefile.PL
      add some more files to .gitignore
      fix broken pod
      not cuddling elsif/else seems to make this look a bit cleaner
      comment about killing leading whitespace on section removes
      BUGS section in pod
      test int/num casting
      minor doc fixes
      point out in the synopsis that you need to ->load before a ->get after a 
      document ways we differ from git-config
      Merge branch 'master' of
      keep track of what files have been loaded
      fixes to load / load_dirs doc
      keys can only contain alphanumeric and - characters (no underscores)
      Dramatically relax rules for key names.
      Make dump print multiple values correctly.
      Make this legible.
      Ow: clear multiple on reload as well.
      Keep track of which file each key was loaded from.
      Add tests for overriding keys from files of higher precedence.
      Move Config::GitLike::Cascaded doc to the end of its file.
      Don't call these small internal subs as methods.
      Make set support setting a group of variables at once.
      Terminology cleanup + make sure to compare subsections
      User doc for group_set.
      Allow enforcement of "only read/write things that git can" with
      New error_callback function for parse_content.
      A bugfix and regression tests for permissive parsing
      Minor typo fix.
      Die if we try to open a file for writing and fail.
      Mention Prophet/SD in SEE ALSO
      skeleton .shipit
      Add inc/.author to .gitignore
      Don't try to do clever things with locking as it seems to backfire.
      Make _read_config and _write_config methods rather than functions so 
they're overridable
      I don't actually want to announce to Twitter, I don't think
      Right version number in Changes
      Don't add Makefile.old to MANIFEST
      don't commit MANIFEST(.bak)
      Config::GitLike::Git: doc tweaks + enable enforce git compatibility 
option by default
      Remove spurious dependency Regexp::Common
      Bump version number
      Some updates to Makefile.PL
      don't ship inc/.author or xt
      update Changes for 1.01
      add SIGNATURE to gitignore
      gitignore META.yml
      Minor stylistic nits + fix a comment that didn't say quite the right thing
      Note sunnavy's fixes in changelog
      gitignore Devel::Cover's output
      I don't want my shipit dists to end up in ~/shipit-dist
      Small cleanups and comments
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.02.  Changelog diff is:
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.03.  Changelog diff is:
      Ignore generated inc/
      silence lc warnings under perl 5.12
      version 1.05 releng
      we don't have any extra tests
      document origins
      fix group_set documentation

David E. Wheeler (2):
      Add `add_comment()`.
      Add the "encoding" attribute and use it.

Gregor Herrmann (1):
      Fix a spelling mistake

Jesse Vincent (13):
      Moved the test file to a test directory
      Added a basic Makefile.PL
      Snapshot the inc that goes with the Makefile.PL
      Added a use 5.8 to make Module::Install happy
      quiet down some diags
      Added author tests
      added authortests inc file
      Moved the version number to the library
      File::HomeDir isn't really acceptable software on OSX
      Update inc::Module::Install
      added Changes file
      Manifest.SKIP updates
      Moose -> Any::Moose

Lucas Kanashiro (10):
      Add debian/upstream/metadata
      Update debian/changelog
      Imported Upstream version 1.16
      Merge tag 'upstream/1.16'
      Update debian/changelog
      Update changelog info generated by dpt
      Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9
      Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.6
      Add autopkgtest-pkg-perl
      Release libconfig-gitlike-perl 1.16-1 to unstable

Neil Bowers (1):
      Reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

Salvatore Bonaccorso (2):
      Update Vcs-Browser URL to cgit web frontend
      update changelog

Stephen Thirlwall (1):
      Fix for t/casing.t failure on mac os

Thomas Sibley (1):
      Extend attributes from parent to avoid warnings

sunnavy (10):
      specify the least version of File::Temp
      replace File::Temp->newdir with an older one: tempdir
      add test for escaped backslashes in subsection
      bug fixed: previous check for unescaped \ or " in subsection is lame.
      added tests for value with \ or "
      fix bug: escaped \ in value should be reverted back too
      skip symlink tests for win
      don't contain volumn part in user_file, global_file and dir_file for test
      we should auto escape \ and " for subsection
      move xt/*.t to xt/release/ to make M::I::ExtraTests 0.007 happy

tokuhirom (1):
      Switch to Moo.


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