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        at  b17d918   (tag)
   tagging  b10e7220984e385bfcc876d0c955a2c091359143 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/5.021
 tagged by  Axel Beckert
        on  Fri Aug 14 16:17:23 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 5.039
Version: GnuPG v1


Andy Jack (1):
      add 'use warnings' to D-Z-App-Tester per CPANTS

Apocalypse (2):
      add %Mint stash as the default provider/profile
      add docs about the [%Mint] config hunk

Axel Beckert (1):
      Imported Upstream version 5.039

Chris Weyl (1):
      document the delegation of register_prereqs in Dist::Zilla

Christian Walde (9):
      add a PkgVersion test for double-package files under die_on_line_insertion
      remove a line of dead code in PkgVersion
      cache pkg line when looking for empty line after package in PkgVersion
      stop search after having found all elements on after-pkg line in 
      don't slowly clone and prune in document_assigns_to_variable()
      DZ::Tester->from_config only accepts add_files entries with valid paths
      skip testing files in plugins/manifest on windows that have illegal paths
      add error checking to the rmtree call in build preparation
      win32: spin for at least a second on non-child lock on directory deletion

Dagfinn Ilmari MannsÄker (1):
      Fix all/none file finder plugin names

Damien KRotkine (1):
      add use_begin option in the PkgVersion plugin

Dave Rolsky (1):
      Remove duplicate Changes line

David E. Wheeler (1):
      Add `build_element` support to the ModuleBuild plugin.

David Golden (10):
      document use of Encoding to avoid problems with AutoPrereqs
      use release_status in place of is_trial
      restrict scope of RELEASE_STATUS environment variable
      add x_breaks metadata for read-only is_trial breakage
      fallback to version number to set release status
      fix release_status documentation
      capture release status ENV vars early
      ignore false is_trial in dist.ini
      Make PkgVersion skip pod files
      provide better diagnostics on PAUSE config file error

David H. Adler (1):
      Typo fix

David Zurborg (1):
      add license module prerequirement to authordeps

Doug Bell (1):
      fix: file.t fails with old Carp

Fayland Lam (1):
      remove duplicated use namespace::autoclean;

Gianni Ceccarelli (1):
      help with #445 - don't force 'stable' relstatus

Graham Ollis (3):
      additional fix for #361 on cygwin
      Fix warning on Perl 5.8.8 that causes test failure in file.t
      Fix another potential warning on Perl 5.8.8

Karen Etheridge (77):
      print a recognizable success message when the build finishes
      test for handling of empty ABSTRACT
      use CPAN::Meta::Merge to preserve all meta fragments while merging
      create Build.PL, Makefile.PL in filegatherer phase
      fix incorrect "added_by" in file objects (github#284)
      add a t/zzz-check-breaks.t test that warns the user about an old 
      since we have the capability to effectively run `moose-outdated`, do so!
      document that after_release takes an argument
      avoid "use ExtUtils::MakeMaker 0;"
      build the prereqs attr lazily
      remove all uses of Moose::Autobox
      inserted version always has quotes
      add "use_our_variable" option to [PkgVersion]
      s/ver/dist/ in tests that were clearly stolen from t/plugins/pkgversion.t 
- no functional changes
      check for package statements first
      also check for the existence of $Package::Name::VERSION in the code 
before adding another one
      do not treat all mentions of $Package::Name::VERSION as an assignment
      switch all uses of to JSON::MaybeXS
      find() returns an arrayref on success or false-but-defined on failure
      test metadata and prerequisites directly
      detect our own inserted form of { our $VERSION = ... }
      do not save an invalid PPI document
      include the filename in missing-blank warning
      spell out the proper name of the class in pod
      fix [GatherDir] handling of symlinks to directories
      find and filter out all namespaces found in scanned modules
      eliminate giant swathes of whitespace in generated Makefile.PL
      add a log_debug line so we know when AutoPrereqs is doing its thing
      use Test::Fatal to simplify tests
      add tests for plugin :version
      also prune the new _eumm directory
      additional tests for [NextRelease] Changes munging
      use the original Changes content as a base for munging
      canonicalize entries for people who appear more than once
      sort/update mailmap
      0.040 can now parse "Required plugin bundle ... isn't installed"
      depend on new Config::MVP for the section_name fix
      add tests for missing plugin within a bundle; fix bundle detection
      better mailing list link; reference irc channel too
      unbreak enscapsulation in [PkgVersion] tests
      always store 0 or 1 in meta for is_trial flag
      tighten up the regex that extracts local packages in AutoPrereqs
      only make one removal pass, when all removed modules have been found
      also exclude the other known core modules that ought to be indexed but 
      disregard PAUSE credentials set via dist.ini
      split these prereqs out into a common hash for easier access
      warn the user if passing version ranges to EUMM, which are treated as 0
      ensure JSON::PP is current, to avoid the utf8 bug fixed in 2.27300
      remove unneeded uses of FakeRelease
      support %P in [NextRelease], for the releasing user's PAUSE id
      changes to is_trial calculation broke [Run] before 0.036
      tests for listdeps command
      add --develop as an alias for --author in "dzil listdeps"
      call all builders' build methods to ensure a proper build
      pull out calling -BuildRunner into its own sub, for other plugins to hook 
      use canonical forms for RT links in metadata
      test for test prereqs
      new native filefinder :ExtraTestFiles
      add prereqs found in xt/ to develop requires
      new filefinder :PerlExecFiles
      state the full path of the file being considered
      treat GatherDir.root relative to the repository root
      follow Moose best practices by method-modifying the existing BUILDARGS
      detect when a plugin in ~/.dzil/config.ini is not installed
      only capture what we need
      allow version ranges in authordep specifications
      remove fatalized warnings
      provide_license takes a two-arg hashref (closes #477)
      keep EXE_FILES sorted, omitting empty lists
      sort these lists that appear in metadata
      canonicalize boolean options to 0,1
      report relative paths only
      omit EXE_FILES from Makefile.PL when not needed
      omit script_files, various prereq keys from Build.PL when not needed
      keep script_files sorted
      omit configure-requires prerequisites from merged_requires

Kent Fredric (11): Remove unneeded Moose::Autobox Remove need for Moose::Autobox. Defer loading of Dist::Zilla::MVP::Reader::Finder. Defer loading of Dist::Zilla::Util. remove need to have Moose simply to use extends.
      slightly quieten main_module logic so only guessed modules log
      downgrade 'extracting distribution abstract' notice to debug
      t/commands/authordeps.t: remove Path::Class code to test Util::AuthorDeps 
supporting this properly
      t/minter.t: Drop explicit Path::Class logic to test it being handled 
properly by the tester
      Dist::Zilla::Tester: Forcibly convert global_config_root to a 
Path::Class::Dir in _new_from_profile.
      Emit dist_ini()s generated text with payload keys sorted.

Leon Timmermans (1):
      Add --test_verbose option to dzil test

Michael Jemmeson (1):
      document version attribute in Filter bundle

Neil Bowers (1):
      Fix situation where ABSTRACT comment is empty

Nick Tonkin (1):
      Include file name when croaking in ppi_document_for_file()

Olivier Mengué (1):
      Optimize Dist::Zilla::_check_dupe_files

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) (1):
      loosen the constraint on copyright_year

Randy Stauner (3):
      Test pruning multiple files
      Copy files list to break reference when Pruning
      Mailmap rwstauner's cpan address

Ricardo Signes (74):
      changelog for last few commits
      tweak invocant of "we built!" logging msg
      changelog for ABSTRACT changes
      set homepage through GithubMeta
      changelog update
      fix indenting to match project style
      allow for the possibility that no archive was built
      do not allow added_by to be set on construction
      changelog for changes committed tonight
      drop use of Moose::Autobox in Builder
      eliminate some more misc. uses of Moose::Autobox
      drop reference to Test::Warnings
      add changelog entries
      require Dist::Zilla::Util before using it in dzil setup
      changelog for %Mint
      changelog for file.t fix
      changelog entry
      rename use_our_variable to use_our; warn of coming default change
      pass a hashref, like we used to, in plugin_from_config
      don't load JSON when we don't use it
      discourage use_our in PkgVersion
      deprecate use_our, too many analyzers fail
      use cmp_bag in is_filelist for better diagnostics
      do not test for a symlink uncreated on Win32
      my semi-okay perltidy, by request
      check :version as soon as it's seen
      changelog for :version change
      let's try out using ContributorsFromGit
      changelog for NextRelease change
      fix test description
      switch to Git::Contributors from ContributorsFromGit
      moved Git::Contributors to @RJBS
      require 0.052 of Path::Tiny, at least
      drop unreachable code
      require newer Config-MVP and report "bundle" on some module load fails
      tweak docs for use_begin
      changelog updates!
      changelog for config mvp changes
      changelog for is_trial changes
      username in dist.ini is okay
      make [License]-generated filename configurable
      new perls! test on them
      make ensure_blib a private method for now
      changelog for .pod-skipping in PkgVersion
      lessen the scope of $license
      changelog for license in authordeps
      changelog entry for build_element
      document the Dist-Zilla stability promise
      changelog for last two updates
      changelog for Encoding ignore
      update changelog with names
      fix two conditions
      document [ModuleBuild] build_element option
      changelog for PPI error improvements
      use newer MXRP to avoid deprecation warning

Steven Haryanto (on Asus Zenbook) (1):
      sort found files for more repeatable build

Yanick Champoux (2):
      add 'ignore' attribute to Plugin::Encoding
      adding test


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