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  replaces  upstream/1.15
 tagged by  Florian Schlichting
        on  Thu Aug 13 11:24:34 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.17

Caleb Cushing (170):
      initial commit
      clean dist after release
      remove stuff no longer necessary to podspell
      expand weaver to use default config
      attempt to add bugs section to weaver.ini
      fix how bugs is defined
      don't expand the whole weaver.ini just for one module
      Revert "don't expand the whole weaver.ini just for one module"
      set critic verbosity to 9
      make default .gitignore more robust by copying schwerns
      use GitHub::Meta to get meta resources
      use the bundle
      PodSpellingTests changed names
      use semantic versioning which starts with v
      more git tags
      add ReportVersions::Tiny
      change version string
      remove copyright year, it defaults to current
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'my/master'
      moving files around before creating dist.ini
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'dzil-base/master' into dzil-ify
      fix dist.ini
      add podspell to stopwords
      add podweaver marks to podspell
      make wordlist pass strict/warnings and ourpkgversion
      podweaver, strict/warnings
      add distname to gitignore
      needs to be a package scope not lexical variable
      remove trailing whitespace
      uppercase wordlist as wordlist is not a word
      text is not needed in pod if it's the same name
      don't require extended regexp formatting
      show ispell as code
      change wordlist
      bootstrap lib
      add stopword to stopwords
      start conversion to a modern Test::More
      code blocks is 2 words
      add words required for spell check to pass with just this wordlist
      change stopwords
      fix some slang/spelling
      numerous nocritic exceptions to get started
      fix changes to pass changes spec
      add a method as a stopword
      stub method docs
      disable Test::Synopsis not currently perl
      add more words required to check this dist
      add Wordlist pod to
      simplify to be an actual test
      workout podfile size test
      use tempfiles and test for exceptions
      oops, fix slurp
      spaces to tabs
      fix conversion that shouldn't have happened
      use Test::Most, and compare the arrays deeply
      remove tests that would be testing core perl
      remove silly undef of $p
      only print content if we fail
      update new plugins I use for dzil
      remove github module
      add a contributing file
      use env perl, and add version to podspell command
      we're trying to move towards unicode and away from ascii
      remove human names found in worldlist
      multiline the code
      use new_ok instead of lives_ok and isa_ok
      re-rewrite test
      remove out of date comment
      unpack args
      allow constant use for now
      readd perlcritic overrides
      lexically scope $word
      redo synopsis
      update synopsis more
      use named lexical variables
      add debug method to begin replacing DEBUG
      more use of is_debug to replace DEBUG
      use modern convention of self
      closer to unpacking args
      remove integer pragma
      rename arg to text
      refactor to be a little easier to understand
      remove no-op
      make more readable
      turn debugging on for testing
      DEBUG is not a method, do not document
      counting lines should be more effective on windows
      use in memory files
      require at least 5.006
      test adding stopwords
      test removal of stopwords
      don't need File::Temp anymore
      test textblock method indirectly
      finish removing DEBUG function
      make function with 5.008
      update copyright info
      go back to using File::Temp and don't check length
      5.008 should no longer be required
      require 5.006
      update wordlist
      update my silly worldist count test
      add API APIs and passphrase to wordlist
      add hanekomu words
      add contributors
      add CISC/RISC
      move the wordlist into it's own file
      remove comments and sort unique
      remove comment handling
      remove not words
      add words
      document list maintenance
      breaks bisect
      breaks bisect
      Revert "make stopword hash values undef to save memory"
      Merge branch 'wordlist-api-lingua-stopwords'
      change subroutine to make perlcritic happy
      document stopwords method
      add documentation of wordlist method
      remove unused piece of signature
      should be documented as attribute
      update pod to mention sharedir
      up max complexity score, will try to reduce in the future
      note bug in Changelog
      split TestingMania to the tests I care about
      readd mojibake tests
      add encoding
      add commit build back, when'd that get removed
      encoding should be latin1
      remove USING section
      add a bugs and limitations section
      add authodep for encoding plugin
      move to SingleEncoding
      add travis config
      remove File::Slurp
      make more judicious use of Path::Tiny API
      add authordeps for Travis
      remove CommitBuild
      remove specified branch
      simply reordering some parts of contributing file
      move extra tests
      read as utf8
      change to Test::ReportPrereqs
      convert to bundle
      manually install bundle
      ensure recommends are retrieved
      remove stuff added to Author Bundle
      NextVersion in bundle
      remove branch-only master hack
      Merge pull request #17 from dolmen/set-locale-encoding
      CI 5.20
      Revert "podspell script: set output encoding from locale LC_CTYPE"
      add 5.8 to travis

David Golden (31):
      sort wordlist case insensitively
      remove duplicates
      collapse different cases to lowercase
      add dagolden's stopwords (with some case collapse)
      check stopwords without trailing q{'s}
      use lingua-en-inflect to handle plurals in wordlist
      Make Pod::Wordlist a class to manipulate the wordlist
      make stopword hash values undef to save memory
      mostly shrink the wordlist
      lowercase datetime and add centric (for whatever-centric)
      add throwable
      add rethrow
      Strip hyphenated words and word-parts
      add warning about adding stopwords early
      strip 's when learning stopwords
      squelch undef warning
      refactor leading/trailing/word extraction
      refactored sigil/strange word detection
      refactor word stripping logic to a subroutine
      reorder punctuation stripping
      strip leading and trailing punctuation, except periods
      add Ph.D. to wordlist
      Eliminate excessive subroutine overhead
      Fix Perl::Critic and spelling errors
      improve word detection
      add PERL_POD_SPELL_DEBUG env variable for external debug toggling
      add our own stopword for virtù
      Add no_wide_chars option to strip words outside Latin-1
      use split, not regex, for words received in testing
      standardize logging message formats for clarity
      revise/improve word detection again

Florian Schlichting (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.17

Kent Fredric (1):
      use File::ShareDir::ProjectDistDir 1.000 with strict mode

Olivier Mengué (3):
      Fix shebang to /usr/bin/perl
      DZ: add authordep for Pod::Weaver::Section::Contributors
      podspell script: set output encoding from locale LC_CTYPE

Sean M. Burke (1):
      initial import of Pod-Spell 1.01 from CPAN


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