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        at  b0a5d8d   (tag)
   tagging  7e46e47248e84feda7e6ddb63fc876bcd1b5204b (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.103001
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Sun Aug 16 07:07:28 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.103004
Version: GnuPG v1


Christian Walde (1):
      make things immutable to speed up dist zilla

Karen Etheridge (1):
      remove all uses of Moose::Autobox

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.103004

Ricardo SIGNES (44):
      copied in from weaver
      first pass at elementalizing
      chomp stuff in elements, make nestification work
      update more tests
      remove noise
      match pm to pod
      subclasses for elements
      non-pod elements, element classes working
      better errors
      dzil it
      tweaks to make stuff, like, work
      some docs, barely
      flatten needed in autobox
      convert for into begin
      working on documentizing
      documents kidna work
      work on maintaining =pod/=cut above and beyond =begin/=end
      simplify test
      wtf am I going to do with this stuff?
      make test pass stupidly
      prep releae to keep PW passing
      temporary workaround for "blank" events
      update dzil use
      node role
      working on the new roles in general still
      further refactoring
      are we ready to objectify now? elements refactored, too
      remove some cruft that prevented compilation
      tweak Nester to start being a role
      start getting the objectifier tests running again
      restore tests to passing; not super happy with blank/comp situation
      work on making nesters work again
      start preparing to make generic elements, pod5 elements, pod5nester
      these are all generic types
      move generics to generic
      random, sweeping changes to nesting and objectification to get Pod5 
      the nester is a TOTAL MESS right now

Ricardo Signes (110):
      getting tests working again
      make these tests skip
      start renaming
      more renaming
      Merge branch 'new-roles'
      prep release
      our tests are for the pod5 nester
      tests to write
      remove outdated use lines
      start on tests for pod5 region transform
      want a from_lol method to make testing easier
      making from_lol work to simplify testing
      from-lol tests passing
      declare prereqs
      note what the tests are each there for
      remove spurious load of now-defunct Pod::Elemental::Element
      prove that region detection work
      this file is covered by t/pod5/region.t
      fix whitespace and blanks
      better whitespace fix, making regions less special
      text typing works
      text paragraph combination working
      remove dead code
      make blanks unneeded (forbidden?) at start/ed of regions
      note changes
      forgotten pod5 test
      much more useful as_debug_string
      properly prune blanks at the end of regions
      remove dead method
      disable parts of from_lol
      Pod5-specific classes to avoid need for blanks
      make the Pod5 element role more effective
      autoblank need not just be Pod5
      notes on next steps
      update prereqs
      move FormatRegion guts to Region
      format regioni s dead
      transformers now transform nodes
      pod struct dumper
      tweak how things are defined
      Pod::Elemental::Region is dead
      test nested element
      quick generation of selector callbacks
      use selectors more uniformly
      make the nester work; add a Flat role
      make the nester tests non-worthless
      prep release
      make the gatherer work
      demonstrate transformation steps
      tweak demo output
      much improved handling of =for
      update changelog
      do not test undefs
      refactor Pod5  transformer to avoid relying on return; strip more markers
      prepare test for dealing with =cut and nonpod
      an improved Pod5 dialect nonpod element
      improve debug string; summarize content
      new prereqs
      demonstrate more structure
      make the t/pod5/cut tests actually test things
      prepare release
      headers for steps of transform in demo
      docs; also, add namespace::autoclean and related code to Elemental
      do not combine subsequent ordinary paragraphs; just data and verbatim
      add a run of ordinary paragraphs to the demo content
      *lots* of documentation
      improve tests of region stringification; esp. =for and data with newlines
      more docs
      update changelog
      fix test plan
      make the Pod5 version of elements have no newline at the end of content
      use Pod, not POD, consistently
      prep release
      tiny fix in synopsis
      tweaks to joining of runs of content inside regions
      changelog update
      do not barf on multiline region marker contnet
      improve ability to cope with =begin v. =for emitting
      deal with new Moose breaking Autochomp
      document change in changelog
      bump changelog
      do not throw exception on empty region
      need a gitignore
      avoid warning from new Moose
      whitespace fixes
      collect Data-trailing blanks into the Data
      a test from xdg for data blanks
      nestify even the last element in a sequence
      update for autoprereqs
      stop using deprecated Class::MOP::load_class
      add blank lines for $VERSION assignments
      only add =pod/=cut to Document stringification if needed
      load Class::Load explicitly
      tweak changelog message
      fix a regression from de-autoboxing  transformer
      add test for regression fixed in previous commit


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