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nodens-guest pushed a change to annotated tag OpenPGP_Applet-0.9
in repository openpgp-applet.

*** WARNING: tag OpenPGP_Applet-0.9 was deleted! ***

   tag was  51242bc

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  e858cc9   Update translations
  discards  91b53b8   Update Copyright to 2015
  discards  f7df95b   Release 0.9
  discards  9d2c398   update translations
  discards  c6ad4f4   Merge branch 
  discards  50ed43a   Revert "Add menu entry to open text editor"
  discards  8e46a34   Add menu entry to open text editor
  discards  d2ef02d   Add menu entry to open text editor
  discards  f65fa2a   Merge branch 'bugfix/8319-Add_a_confirmation_on_exit'
  discards  1f30a17   Perl::Critic - correct severe violations
  discards  db82349   add a parameter (dialog parent window) to app_exit()
  discards  c831378   Correct License for pixmaps/icons in About dialog
  discards  5d324c5   Add confirmation dialog on exit
  discards  9a7a2a9   Merge branch 'bugfix/7450-too_easy_to_exit'
  discards  fdfeae8   Merge branch 'feature/add_i18n'
  discards  9846a5a   Use __("string") syntax everywhere
  discards  76042b1   Refresh and clean po files
  discards  3f8328b   Remove bogus file
  discards  4c7320c   Coding style : replace tabs with space (again)
  discards  33581ce   Merge branch 'bugfix/7742-Non-DFSG_compliant_images'
  discards  c87fb47   replace Switch module with suitable for() block
  discards  a3aa1b6   Invert Exit and About menu
  discards  bdf8c7b   Revert "Invert Exit and About menu"
  discards  7232ffa   Invert Exit and About menu
  discards  963111f   Correct TextDomain definition
  discards  36b0c4e   Update translations
  discards  273a614   Add Dist::Zilla module for Locale::TextDomain
  discards  4b7d9f7   use Locale::TextDomain (from libperl-intl)
  discards  11b9623   Import translations from tails' main repo
  discards  8e1aca4   Add i18n infrastructure
  discards  871c7bf   Correct bug in GnuPG::Interface subclassing
  discards  7a1c229   Merge branch 'bugfix/7968-cant-clearsign-non-ascii-text'
  discards  0e9f69f   Coding Style : replace <TAB> by 4 spaces
  discards  49cc3aa   remove perlcritic.rc (useless since feature/UseMoo)
  discards  b677eb6   Merge branch 'feature/UseMoo'
  discards  a2a1692   add empty perlcritic.rc before merging
  discards  af1dfff   Don't pass already encoded data to GTK2.
  discards  ee5df81   Replace non-DFSG compliant icons (#7742)
  discards  0036ca1   Adjust Perl::Critic modifications
  discards  82d7958   specify minimum version for GnuPG::Interface
  discards  1c68b7a   replace Any::Moose with Moo
  discards  abe7d27   add AutoPrereqs to dist.ini
  discards  18a6b38   Merge branch 'feature/CryptNamespace'
  discards  7c91bd2   Follow some Test::Perl::Critic recommandations
  discards  c54791e   correct pixmap dirs
  discards  67facd7   Merge branch 'feature/CryptNamespace' of into feature/CryptNamespace
  discards  7cf4e94   Revert "mv OpenPGP_Applet to Crypt namespace"
  discards  3342ae9   mv OpenPGP_Applet to Crypt namespace
  discards  7d4457a   mv OpenPGP_Applet to Crypt namespace
  discards  49b8f3c   Move to Crypt Namespace
  discards  9904cb4   Migrate to Dist::Zilla as a build system
  discards  88e3b09   specify dependency to xclip in Doc and Makefile.PL
  discards  467331e   removing META.yml and inc/ from master
  discards  f836ce0   correct name in description / About
  discards  2c604be   correct license in About
  discards  2fb80a6   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  8b13b48   add License information for pixmaps + cosmetic
  discards  d59b50e   add License information for pixmaps + cosmetic
  discards  57e4b22   script->bin for better consistency
  discards  6d58acb   Documentation : grammar/spelling/syntax
  discards  2e5241d   Correct some license bits

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