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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository libhtml-template-compiled-perl.

      from  d4f5e7a   releasing package libhtml-template-compiled-perl version 
      adds  07c0550   initial commit
      adds  7f85bbb   first commit
      adds  7afb98a   add all files from svn export
      adds  55b5435   added github repo
      adds  6823d8b   fix t/26_expr.t number of skip tests
      adds  b262671   .gitignore
      adds  3d19c27   repository
      adds  24c95d3   don't print
      adds  92e1be3   0.97
      adds  4230f69   fix HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic: allow every 
character in template; fix syntax error message
      adds  ac81304   New option expire_time instead of global 
      adds  ecc984b   no %defaults necessary any more in init()
      adds  a18ecd1   documentation: reorganized and added missing/different 
      adds  b080492   added loop context var __outer__ (was added to 
      adds  c7a788e   added loop context var __even__ (was added to 
      adds  264aa36   add H::T blind_cache option, used H::T::C expire_time 
option instead of global setting
      adds  6257667   added option 'strict'
      adds  c826d0a   0.97_001
      adds  eb3e10b   Improved file cache performance
      adds  5d8682f   --template-size
      adds  34e1a43   Bugfix: old bug with invalid tags in noparse, verbatim, 
      adds  5fa15da   remove old workaround for Storable and Regexp Storable 
can't store regexp items, but not neede anymore since the objects containing 
regexes are not stored in cache anymore
      adds  23e464d   Remove old Storable workaround
      adds  c596515   cleanup, add variable if print to filehandle or add to 
      adds  eeb50ff   use use_query option instead of old global var
      adds  254f9ce   searching path and seach_path_on_include Implemented 
searching the path and search_path_on_include like   in HTML::Template 
(finally) and add an additional value.
      adds  132e34d   0.97_002
      adds  0340255   forgot to add new templates to manifest, 0.97_003
      adds  6946ac8   fix plugin loading
      adds  2774092   file cache
      adds  3f4ac72   0.97_004
      adds  288bce9   use subrefs instead of string evals
      adds  56308cf   add cmpthese
      adds  2106755   add number of iterations
      adds  9b4d2e6   init_args(): hashref
      adds  342cb3d   MYMETA, Makefile
      adds  cf12301   remove blib
      adds  f3c063b   new option cache_debug
      adds  54529c2   added tests
      adds  ab2f68e   remove some old unused code
      adds  4f1a454   less options for cache_debug
      adds  3925f2b   cleanup, pod fixes
      adds  0dd9ed9   some .gitignore, add t/cache dir to dist
      adds  1cd141d   new tag WRAPPER
      adds  3f38030   warnings
      adds  c784eb2   documentation for new wrapper tag
      adds  c5ed242   0.97_005
      adds  ab232f5   bugfix search_path_on_include
      adds  ba39f7f   fix t/cache, add simple.tmpl to MANIFEST
      adds  ede7ec6   make wrapper work in H::T::C::Classic also
      adds  0f6bc3d   escape plugins: subroutines, argument list change user 
defined plugin subroutines to subrefs instead of creating named subroutines 
allow to define an argument list for the subroutines
      adds  06d142c   method var2expression
      adds  078aeaa   var2expression
      adds  dcea322   remove blib
      adds  bc0e4b5   new plugin HTML::Template::Compiled::Plugin::NumberFormat
      adds  a5b6d10   0.97_006
      adds  66e69a5   use aliases (alias=..., SET_VAR) via $aliasname. USE_VARS 
will be removed in the future.
      adds  8fd0871   aliases: added comment to documentation of global_vars
      adds  2b55522   0.98
      adds  02c847c   Merge branch 'v0.98'
      adds  85c7d14   0.98
      adds  8f2b82e   fix for include_var remember constructor args for 
compiling expired or not yet compiled includes
      adds  f1d238c   perl 5.8, Storable, B::Deparse
      adds  537875f   Encode is a core module in 5.8
      adds  a473073   Scalar::Util is a core module in 5.8
      adds  f74b03f   require 5.8.1
      adds  fb077f4   Merge branch 'perl5.8'
      adds  9fea78b   0.98_001
      adds  143b3eb   workaround for templ vars with dollar sign local 
$HTML::Template::Compiled::Compiler::DISABLE_NEW_ALIAS = 1
      adds  0017c2d   0.98_002
      adds  c835043   typo, remove t/cache from MANIFEST
      adds  a5c8484   add recommends, move URI::Escape, Storable and B::Deparse 
to requires
      adds  f78c5b9   typo
      adds  d3deb1a   recommends, requires changes
      adds  2f30c8b   create and remove cache dir before/after every test
      adds  442f9d6   documented deprecated things
      adds  700cee4   0.98_003
      adds  81db4ce   0.98_003
      adds  b8d5e1c   escape { and }
      adds  35ed5bf   Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::DHTML needs Data::TreeDumper
      adds  9d1fd19   0.99
      adds  4281bd3   reloading changed includes didn't always work. 0.99_001
      adds  5acfdc2   1.0
      adds  ee1621f   1.000_001, spelling fixes
      adds  a741381   remove unnecessary calls for global stack when option is 
not set
      adds  b3912fb   only ask for Storable once at object initialization
      adds  bb9d7f1   pod
      adds  b30828a   pod
      adds  5834c52   1.000_001
      adds  365a5be   info about version
      adds  7b635d0   new attribute sortby
      adds  bb0cfbe   1.000_001
      adds  fc7b6e8   release date
      adds  3eca861   make parallel testing possible by changing cache dir per 
test file
      adds  5625b51   comment
      adds  cf121ea   add information in case test fails
      adds  f64c37e   remove H::T::C::Plugin::NumberFormat, version 1.000_002
      adds  5d60e68   1.000_003
      adds  cc0c4e9   typo fix, grammar fix.
      adds  d15fc52   Merge pull request #1 from markstos/master
      adds  82c4e89   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  68a7f7f   file_cache_dir
      adds  0de61ac   new options warnings and lne_info
      adds  150ed3b   1.000_004
      adds  0fd20d2   typo in pod
      adds  376c623   add Template::Alloy to benchmark
      adds  a321180   typo
      adds  7f5554b   xslate
      adds  03611fd   typo
      adds  3282b77   Text::Xslate cannot emulate file caching but no memory 
caching; better align of benchmark output
      adds  3e4d015   move testing of cache directory; require 
Storable/B::Deparse directly where used
      adds  1cb3563   typo, 1.000_005
      adds  9693cc1   remove ::Plugin::DHTML (own distribution)
      adds  fec5d59   1.000_005
      adds  78e98c7   1.000_006
      adds  0e2a3f4   minor pod corrections
      adds  c6dd9f3   sleep another second to be sure file mofication time is 
old enough
      adds  9339fcc   v1.001
      adds  6068289   fix indentation
      adds  4a4e6c4   added option 'optimize' for compiler hints
      adds  c7b09da   documented optimize option
      adds  b4f0aa1   typo
      adds  eafb81e   minor optimization switch/case
      adds  d9e51bd   1.001_001
      adds  ebfdfb2   Create .travis.yml
      adds  7ad866a    * Removed globalstack value from cache
      adds  bb18015    * Fixed: Globalstack is corrupted when trying to 
TMPL_LOOP on undefined values.
      adds  90e2d6f   remove blib from tests
      adds  6c08410   changelog
      adds  5a18888   remove dhtml plugin; remove unneeded files
      adds  6e03b06   use Dist::Zilla
      adds  b119141   $VERSION
      adds  fe7ddc9   remove old subversion keywords; remove blib usage
      adds  9a63e43   changelog
      adds  a3e8e7b   Merge branch '2015-07-21-dzil'
      adds  1a5499d   wording
      adds  5ce0d45   1.002
      adds  694ac99   Imported Upstream version 1.002
       new  e77053a   Merge tag 'upstream/1.002'
       new  499e7c7   Update debian/changelog
       new  a164786   Remove no longer necessary wording.patch
       new  0055d1a   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9
       new  a9d6d14   Update year of upstream copyright
       new  3b6bccf   Remove libmodule-build-perl from build dependencies
       new  2350a98   Release libhtml-template-compiled-perl 1.002-1 to unstable

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                                           |   41 -
 Changes                                            |   13 +-
 LICENSE                                            |  379 +++++
 MANIFEST                                           |  100 +-
 MANIFEST.SKIP                                      |   11 +
 META.json                                          |  165 --
 META.yml                                           |  105 +-
 Makefile.PL                                        |  118 +-
 README                                             | 1691 +-------------------
 debian/changelog                                   |   11 +
 debian/compat                                      |    2 +-
 debian/control                                     |    3 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |    3 +-
 debian/patches/series                              |    1 -
 debian/patches/wording.patch                       |   18 -
 dist.ini                                           |   13 +
 examples/                                  |    1 -
 examples/                              |    2 -
 examples/{ => included.xslate}          |    2 +-
 examples/test.xslate                               |   19 +
 lib/HTML/Template/                      |  121 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/              |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/             |  108 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/Compiler/     |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/            |    2 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/                 |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/           |    3 +-
 .../Template/Compiled/Expression/    |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/               |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/            |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/                 |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/               |    5 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/Plugin/     |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/                |    3 +-
 lib/HTML/Template/Compiled/                |    3 +-
 t/02_version.t                                     |    8 -
 t/03_param.t                                       |    1 -
 t/07_formatter.t                                   |    2 -
 t/08_global_vars.t                                 |    2 +-
 t/09_wrong.t                                       |    1 -
 t/10_if_else.t                                     |    2 -
 t/12_path.t                                        |    1 -
 t/15_comment.t                                     |    1 -
 t/16_switch.t                                      |    2 -
 t/17_escape.t                                      |    1 -
 t/18_objects.t                                     |    2 -
 t/21_while.t                                       |    1 -
 t/22_pod.t                                         |    3 +-
 t/23_tagstyles.t                                   |    1 -
 t/26_expr.t                                        |    1 -
 t/27_chomp.t                                       |    1 -
 t/28_perl.t                                        |    2 -
 t/29_encoding.t                                    |    2 -
 t/30_arrays.t                                      |    2 -
 t/31_recurse.t                                     |    1 -
 t/32_compile_plugin.t                              |    2 -
 t/33_plugins.t                                     |    2 -
 t/34_loop_context_vars.t                           |    1 -
 t/36_default.t                                     |    2 -
 t/37_with.t                                        |    1 -
 t/38_vars.t                                        |    1 -
 t/new_shortcuts.t                                  |   98 ++
 62 files changed, 951 insertions(+), 2160 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 Build.PL
 create mode 100644 LICENSE
 create mode 100644 MANIFEST.SKIP
 delete mode 100644 META.json
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/series
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/wording.patch
 create mode 100644 dist.ini
 copy examples/{ => included.xslate} (77%)
 create mode 100644 examples/test.xslate
 delete mode 100644 t/02_version.t
 create mode 100644 t/new_shortcuts.t

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