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        at  0c3f21a   (tag)
   tagging  68ec6321615dc471f9c60bcbebf35765e36d29dc (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.18
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Mon Aug 17 11:05:58 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.20
Version: GnuPG v1


Andrey Khozov (1):
      Fixed small typo

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fix

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.20

Olivier Duclos (23):
      Mango is being maintained again!
      remove travis-ci for now
      update email addresses and urls
      do not initialize Cursor::Query attributes
      memory management overhaul
      small documentation fix
      Revert "small documentation fix"
      Revert "memory management overhaul"
      fix github url in the Makefile
      fix cursor.t for the new explain format
      Require MongoDB 3.0 protocol
      MongoDB 3.0 support
      Add Mango::Collection::rename
      version bump to 1.17
      Add missing credit
      Add SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication support (alexbyk)
      Add tests for Mango::Auth memory leaks
      fix ObjectID regex
      Improve documentation
      Version bump
      these tests should not be run without TEST_ONLINE
      version bump for repackaging
      fix leak.t and bump version

Sebastian Riedel (364):
      first commit
      documentation tweaks
      bump Mojolicious requirement
      fixed bugtracker
      better protocol tests
      changed reply format from array to hash
      added next_id method to Mango::Protocol
      better examples
      better test for quad support
      updated .travis.yml
      slightly better test for quads
      added count method to Mango::Cursor
      added options to update and remove
      changed default limit
      fixed limit functionality in Mango::Cursor
      include skip and limit in count
      fixed rewind
      fixed a few small timing bugs in Mango::Cursor
      no travis until they start supporting a 64bit Perl
      check query_failure flag
      no need to sort documents
      handle authentication failures better
      test tweaks
      small optimization
      fixed await_capable detection
      added clone and explain methods to Mango::Cursor
      small optimizations
      documentation tweaks
      better parallel find examples
      fixed array encoding in Mango::BSON
      better array encoding tests
      added hint and snapshot attributes to Mango::Cursor
      added drop and ensure_index methods to Mango::Collection
      pass index options verbatim
      added support for capped collections and tailable cursors
      allow tailable cursors to be cloned
      test document order
      added build_index_name method to Mango::Collection
      fixed exception handling for commands
      added aggregate and find_and_modify methods to Mango::Collection
      documentation tweaks
      added save method to Mango::Collection
      added distinct method to Mango::Cursor
      test tweaks
      changed remove and update methods in Mango::Colelction to return the 
number of documents affected
      documentation tweaks
      added map_reduce method to Mango::Collection
      fixed command exception handling
      better exception tests
      link to official documentation
      better return values for map_reduce
      small map_reduce tweak
      fixed typos
      changed time format in Mango::BSON::Time
      small optimizations
      better time test
      better time tests
      changed time format in Mango::BSON::Time back to milliseconds
      added Mojolicious example
      added stats methods to Mango::Collection and Mango::Database
      allow find without arguments
      added eval method to Mango::Database
      simplified eval and map_reduce arguments
      more eval tests
      better exception handling for commands
      test non-blocking remove exception
      added drop_index and index_information methods to Mango::Collection
      documentation tweaks
      added MANIFEST.SKIP
      added TO_JSON method to Mango::BSON::Binary
      fixed typo
      fixed a few memory leaks
      try travis again
      test travis
      test with real database
      test without real database again
      do not include MYMETA files in tarballs
      documentation tweaks
      unknown BSON types are an exception
      improved Mango::BSON::ObjectID to validate object ids
      better object id validation
      improved support for Mojolicious 3.97
      mention how Perl structures are serialized
      also mention undef
      changed heuristics for number detection in Mango::BSON to better line up 
with user expectations
      changed to_epoch in Mango::BSON::Time to return a high resolution time
      added to_string method to Mango::BSON::ObjectID
      fixed support for empty keys and improved Mango::BSON performance (closes 
      more consistent use of null byte
      added tests for inf and nan roundtrips
      added connection pool support for non-blocking operations
      small optimizations
      Merge pull request #4 from avkhozov/typo
      smarter connection pool management
      made connection debugging a little easier
      better activity tests
      added CREDITS section
      test with real database
      added basic blocking GridFS support
      fixed typo in example
      small optimizations
      added a few reader methods
      link to BSON type classes
      added support for filenames
      added delete and list methods to Mango::GridFS
      fixed typo in test
      remove chunks too
      added content type support for GridFS
      handle object id more consistently
      removed id attribute from Mango::GridFS::Writer
      more consistent BSON tests
      improved Mango::BSON performance
      more Mango::BSON::Document tests
      faster UTF-8 handling
      small optimization
      fixed non-blocking connection pool timing bug
      added basic support for writing chunks to GridFS non-blocking
      better non-blocking write test
      added support for closing files non-blocking
      fixed ensure_index argument bug
      added support for opening files non-blocking
      added support for reading files non-blocking
      added support for deleting files non-blocking
      added support for listing files non-blocking
      added seek and tell methods to Mango::GridFS::Reader
      make sure no chunks are left
      added support for storing additional information with files
      added find_version method to Mango::GridFS::Reader
      moved find_version method to Mango::GridFS
      added slurp method to Mango::GridFS::Reader
      mention that the API is pretty stable now
      added a few GridFS examples
      more Mango::BSON documentation
      handle missing files gracefully
      this is a MongoDB driver
      documentation tweaks
      added tests for error event
      test Mojo::JSON compatibility
      added is_closed method to Mango::GridFS::Writer
      small optimizations
      added max_scan attribute to Mango::Cursor
      small optimizations
      more small optimizations
      documentation tweaks
      added backlog method to Mango
      removed is_active method from Mango
      more consistent examples
      fixed exception handling in example
      Merge pull request #6 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      modernized example application
      improved connection management to be fork-safe
      added connection event to Mango
      make sure connection is reused
      better fork-safety description
      test connection error
      improved connection management to be more fault-tolerant
      fixed small typo
      fixed documentation formatting
      fixed typo in test
      fixed Mango::Cursor formatting
      test tweaks
      fixed command example
      changed return values of remove and update methods in Mango::Collection
      small optimizations
      fixed rewind bug in Mango::Cursor where the cursor would not be killed on 
the server
      use hash-based objects consistently
      more consistent time tests
      fixed .travis.yml formatting
      better BSON example
      more detailed BSON example
      show regex in example
      fixed example formatting
      use a hash instead of a document
      mention that the Mango reference is usually weakened
      better description for mango attribute
      documentation tweak
      mention that the Mango reference is weakened on both sides
      added fields argument to find and find_one methods in Mango::Collection
      added DBRef support
      test tweaks
      mention that only the latest stable version is supported
      fixed mongos compatibility bugs (closes #7)
      more portable stats test
      added support for fallback servers
      better fallback tests
      assign default port for debug warning
      small optimizations
      fixed reconnect bugs
      small optimizations
      added from_epoch method to Mango::BSON::ObjectID
      added cursor support for aggregation
      fixed formatting
      more aggregation tests
      fixed number of skipped tests
      added collection support for aggregation
      fixed number of skipped tests again
      more links
      simplify tests
      made diagnostics information a little more verbose
      made diagnostics information much more verbose and optimized GridFS 
reading a little (closes #8)
      fixed bug in Mango::BSON where all objects that stringify to "1" were 
considered boolean (closes #9)
      small optimizations
      fixed concurrency bugs in Mango
      small optimizations
      added another command example
      mention that the MongoDB documentation is still required
      added AnyEvent example
      fixed typo in example
      improved Mango::Cursor to allow $query key in queries
      make sure query does not change
      mention that Mango::BSON::Binary can automatically Base64 encode
      slightly more consistent synopsis examples
      added from_string method to Mango
      documentation tweak
      improved handling of missing files in Mango::GridFS::Reader
      test tweaks
      use multiple hosts in example
      added options method to Mango::Collection
      documentation tweaks
      happy new year!
      syntax highlight README
      fixed a few small operator overloading bugs
      document TO_JSON methods
      mention how functions are imported
      use the term concurrent instead of parallel
      added comment, max, min and timeout attributes to Mango::Cursor
      removed max and min attributes again
      documentation tweaks
      use new Mojo::IOLoop::Delay feature
      EV 4.15 is required by Mojolicious
      Mojolicious still requires EV 4.0
      use new Mojolicious feature
      pass along errors from step to step
      use encode_json instead of j in tests
      highlight environment variables
      documentation tweaks
      fixed versions in documentation
      improved storage efficiency of Mango::GridFS::Writer by lowering the 
default chunk size to 255KB
      fixed typo in example
      fixed another typo
      updated build status image
      link to GitHub
      do not use each anymore
      fixed typo
      improved command performance
      renamed timeout attribute in Mango::Collection to max_time_ms
      added support for MongoDB 2.6 wire protocol
      added build_write_concern method to Mango::Collection
      added support for bulk operations
      pass around less data
      better documentation for bson_raw
      no need to mention unsafe operations anymore
      improved Mango::BSON performance
      inlined int32 and int64 handling
      use new createIndexes command
      explain how bulk operations are grouped
      store offset with group
      moved build_write_concern method to Mango::Database
      link to attribute
      improved connection management with wire protocol version check
      dropDups is deprecated in MongoDB 2.6
      improved aggregate method in Mango::Collection to always return a cursor 
or collection
      better return values for aggregation pipeline
      use bulk operations for GridFS
      small optimizations
      added max_write_batch_size attribute to Mango
      small optimization
      bump version
      attribute value is boolean
      fixed a few typos
      no more monkey patching
      reuse more code
      improved support for pre-encoded BSON documents
      bump version
      improved Mango::BSON performance
      bump version
      improved error message for old MongoDB versions
      bump version
      fixed bug where some Mango::Collection methods passed the wrong invocant 
to callbacks (closes #13)
      bump version
      Merge pull request #14 from alexbyk/master
      better BSON tests
      fixed bug where Mango::Cursor would request too many documents (closes 
      bump version
      fixed a few typos
      added support for TO_BSON method to Mango::BSON (closes #17)
      bump version
      Merge pull request #18 from alexbyk/master
      added support for performing blocking and non-blocking operations at the 
same time
      small optimization
      bump version
      changed heuristics for number detection in Mango::BSON to better line up 
with user expectations
      bump version
      updated for Mojolicious 5.0
      improved Mango::BSON performance
      bump version
      more details about virtual types
      added inactivity_timeout attribute to Mango
      bump version
      added await_data attribute to Mango::Cursor
      bump version
      fixed bug in Mango::GridFS::Writer where files could get the wrong MD5 
checksum (closes #20)
      bump version
      improved remove method in Mango::Collection to accept object ids
      bump version
      documentation tweaks
      use new Mojolicious::Lite conventions
      removed experimental status from distribution
      bump version
      fixed small bug in Mango::Cursor where callbacks would sometimes get the 
wrong number of arguments
      improved update method in Mango::Collection to accept object ids (closes 
      bump version
      fixed formatting with latest perltidy
      fixed delay example
      fixed version handling in Mango::GridFS (closes #22)
      bump version
      a few more version tests
      run isMaster command first
      store credentials with connection
      slightly better names
      improved Mango to avoid secondary nodes
      emit connection event after authentication
      bump version
      fixed connection leak
      small optimizations
      fixed timing issue
      more defensive connection management
      argument was never used
      bump version
      document Mojo::IOLoop features consistently
      wait for MongoDB to start
      added read_preference attribute to Mango::Cursor
      bump version
      test with Perl 5.20
      updated .gitignore file
      added to_datetime method to Mango::BSON::Time
      bump version
      another bson_time example
      fixed small JSON serialization bug in Mango::BSON::Time
      bump version
      improved to_datetime method in Mango::BSON::Time to be able to handle 
higher precision times
      bump version
      make sure testing with Travis works
      improved Makefile.PL error message for 64-bit requirement
      bump version
      added Mango::Cursor::Command and Mango::Cursor::Query
      moved cursor test
      link to command cursor
      no need for an empty command cursor class
      bump version
      link to collection class
      fixed test that was depending on Mojolicious internals
      bump version
      updated example for Mojolicious 5.40
      mention that the error event can be fatal
      fixed small connection management bug
      bump version
      link to IRC channel
      updated Makefile.PL for version 2 of the CPAN distribution metadata 
      bump version
      fixed packaging bug
      bump version
      Mango is no longer being maintained

alexbyk (4):
      changed travis.yml to install the latest mongodb
      changed .travis.yml to install only mongo-org-server
      removed unnecessary restart (apt-get already does that)
      Solved the problem when MongoDB may not be immediately accepting 
connections (


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