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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.43
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        at  615c96e   (tag)
   tagging  e5abc2536e91cfeba97c848e39e27c12517007ea (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.42
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Mon Aug 17 11:37:07 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.43
Version: GnuPG v1


Alexander Hartmaier (2):
      fixed subclassing when using expose_methods + test
      version 0.36

Andrew Ford (1):
      extended the documentation

Andrew Rodland (1):
      Try to straighten out the View::TT docs

Andy Grundman (8):
      C::V::TT version 0.13 release
      Fixed typo in V::TT
      View::TT, updated docs to show correct config syntax
      View::TT, added tests from dwc
      Fixed TTSite helper to use correct app name
      View::TT, perltidy
      View::TT, updated MANIFEST
      View::TT, updated README

Arthur Axel 'fREW' Schmidt (1):
      update repo to be git

Brian Cassidy (9):
      added test files to MANIFEST
      remove stray semi-colon (RT #21263)
      dist meta clean up
      tidy up changes file, fix generated pod (RT #33983)
      remove stray newline from generated lib/config/col template (RT #35340)
      - Doc fixes:
      Expand TTSite documentation (RT #33838)
      a few doc fixes
      Silence warnings about Template::Provider::Encoding (RT #56310)

Caleb Cushing (1):
      add default_view to synopsis

Christian Hansen (4):
      don't set {CONTEXT} if set
      should be if not unless
      Fixed, don't set Content-Type on failure
      fixed constructor to use passed $args

Christian Walde (1):
      the class used to create the TT object can now be customized

Cory G Watson (1):
      Add fully-qualified provider classname support to View::TT

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (3):
      Don't call ->debug if we don't have a context
      Use default view in no-request test (RT#82703)
      Version 0.40

Dan Dascalescu (3):
      Minor POD fixes to C::V::TT
      removed trailing whitespace from
      Fixed the run-on sentence in License; trailing whitespace removal in 

David E. Wheeler (7):
      Added a test for direct rendering of a template from a view object, 
without a
      Added a test for direct rendering of a template from a view object, 
without a
      Move the test actions to their own controller file to silence warning 
      Move the test actions to their own controller file to silence warning 
      Branch Catalyst::View::TT to make `render()` die instead of return an 
exception object.
      Have `render()` die on exception, not return an exception object.
      Have render() warn on exception, rather than die.

David Kamholz (1):
      fix stupid View::TT typo that's been there forever

David Steinbrunner (2):
      typo fix
      typo fixes

Florian Ragwitz (5):
      Create new repo layout for View::TT.
      Move View::TT to new repo layout.
      Move View::TT to new repo layout.
      Fix repo url.
      Version 0.32.

Hakim Cassimally (1):
      Clarify docs for 'sub end' to promote RenderView

Jess Robinson (5):
      Allow multiple PROVIDERS to be used..
      woops, backfix, re-added template_vars changes
      Also allow the standard file provider to be used ;)
      Oops, removed debugging gunk
      Fix dump_config to work with Data::Dump.

Jesse Sheidlower (3):
      typo in (thanks LTjake)
      updated and fixed C::View::TT docs
      I give a fuck about an Oxford comma (tm Vampire Weekend)

John Napiorkowski (6):
      new config attr that lets you override the default content type
      updated version info and tweaked change log in preparation for cpan 
      update tests for newer catalyst where UTF8 is default
      update for newer catalyst unicode changes
      minor test cleanup
      minor test cleanup 2

Justin Hunter (1):
      silence warning, see RT#75104

Karen Etheridge (6):
      Catalyst::Plugin::Email is deprecated - stop mentioning it
      remove these tests from ever being run by users
      modernize these author tests
      convert to packaging with Distar
      Bumping version to 0.43; add $VERSION to all modules
      Release commit for 0.43

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.43

Luke Saunders (8):
      added expose_methods functionality
      added all the missing files
      use accessor for expose_methods rather than access config directly
      weaken ctx to avoid leakage
      added me to contribs in case i ever need a job
      r14064@dev05 (orig r13517):  lukes | 2010-08-24 18:29:29 +0200
      updated Changes with expose_methods change
      updated version ready for shipping

Marcus Ramberg (43):
      initial import of catalyst.
      Re-added Template::Provider
      added my email to the author list.
      fixed ordering of stash.
      fixes for content type.
      0.09 release.
      started work to add pod tests to all submodules.
      Added: Missing manifests/meta.yml files
      fixed broken helper.
      View::TT - Fixed helper to use [%author%]
      released new versions
      prepared for 0.14
      turned off timer by default.
      Added default extension configuration option.
      prepared to release 0.15
      0.18 changes.
      released 0.19
      prepared for ::View::TTT 0.20
      fall back to action.
      fix dynamic include bugs.
      releasing V:TT 0.21
      released 0.22
      render support.
      fix wekened, add missing test.
      reinstansiated the TT view.
      upped Catalyst dependency.
      import of last CPAN release.
      default to .tt
      prepared for release
      fix docs re match / action
      Update V-TT docs
      copy_config support
      Fix test warnings
      Prepare for new TT release
      Prepare to rerelease View-TT
      Add support for running render without a context
      Add support for running render without a context
      Prepare for release
      Prepare for release
      tagged release.
      More concise render_die message

Matt S Trout (7):
      - Added additional_template_paths stash param patch from zby
      - And added the files I missed first time round
      - Added V::TT fix-up from zby
      - Further V::TT cleanup from zby
      Documentation improvements from Gavin henry for View::TT
      Split process and render in View::TT (patch from ash)
      bump version and Changes for release

Rafael Kitover (1):
      add template name to exceptions

Sebastian Riedel (15):
      new helper api
      fixed the bugs produced by draven and the_jester ;)
      another bug
      many many fixes...
      Cat5 stuff
      some updates
      Fixed helper template
      Fixed tt helper
      Fixed helper templates...again...
      Added lots of improvements from Andy Wardley
      Maybe fixed TT helper
      Fixed TT helper :)
      Updated Catalyst::View::TT for 5.5
      Updated tt view
      Fixed soem typos in tt view

Tomas Doran (42):
      Switch View::TT from NEXT to MRO::Compat
      Bump required Module::Install version in everything. janus++
      Add repository resource to all the MI Makefile.PLs
      Apply patch with a gotcha from the mailing list
      Apply patch with a gotcha from the mailing list
      Branch for converting to Moose / refactoring some of the code.
      Add FIXMEs
      Add FIXMEs
      Note using forward to call the view both process and render methods
      Note using forward to call the view both process and render methods
      Bump versions
      Bump versions
      Tag 0.31
      Back out 11797 - misscommit to wrong branch. svn merge -r11797:11796 .
      Merge miscommit from other branch: svn merge -r 11796:11797
      Show config setting as a method call rather than a hask assignment
      r11835@t0mlaptop (orig r11800):  t0m | 2009-11-12 00:32:30 +0000
      Localise execeptions
      Document setting, make skeleton generate it by default
      Bump versions
      r11755@t0mlaptop (orig r11720):  theory | 2009-11-03 00:23:43 +0000
      Fix error reporting to work correctly even when render_die => 0. RT#55766
      Update helpers to be slightly more best practice
      Doc fixes
      Consistency tweak
      Change date
      r15841@t0mlaptop (orig r13531):  lukes | 2010-08-25 15:22:59 +0100
      Version 0.35
      use Moose in generated code
      Clean up, more modern advice
      Split more path_tos out into app config, add encoding
      Add note about unicode
      And change more stuff to be modern
      Version 0.38
      Skip MYMETA files
      Add .gitignore
      .gitignore built dists
      Fix warning from tests. RT#75104
      Version 0.39
      Merge pull request #1 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1

Yuval Kogman (2):
      refactor a template_vars method in View::TT
      Fix View::TT synopsis


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