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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.13
Version: GnuPG v1


Adam Thomason (3):
      Avoid joining to the same table multiple times.
      Support a task timeout.
      Merge inflate speedup from Yann's tree. See changelog for r211 for 
potential client impact.

Akira Sawada (2):
      D:OD:D:BaseObject should pass the whole args to fallback.
      Fix test.

Ben Trott (111):
      Directory structure
      Initial import of Data::ObjectDriver
      Broke out SQL generation code into Data::ObjectDriver::SQL.
      Moved default init_db into
      Changed to assume use of SERIAL columns, which auto-generate IDs for us
      Remove the lc, because it breaks Pg
      Pass in classname to fetch_id
      Fixed broken update method, and added a test for it
      Added . to list of allowed chars in column name
      Use dot notation for all columns in SELECT
      Moved empty subroutine definitions into POD
      Reoganized cache drivers into a base class and subclasses; added a 
caching driver for generic subclasses
      Added a simple lookup_multi method in; added some other various 
changes from development
      Prefix column names in WHERE clauses with table name
      Added caching tests, and moved partitioning test libraries
      Oops, left this extra line in
      Removed helper methods from MT and TypePad--they can be added by 
subclasses or other helpers
      Added support for changing logic of an individual term, SQL::Abstract 
      Don't use table name dot notation on INSERTs and UPDATEs
      Pull the driver name out of the database handle, if present. Added 
backticks around column names.
      Removed reliance on id column; fixed bugs in exists method
      Added get_dbh, which is a getter for returning a dbh
      Updated todo list
      Removed SQLDEBUG constant, made it a driver setting
      What was I thinking? DEBUG makes much more sense as a global setting
      Added explicit DESTROY so that AUTOLOAD doesn't try to handle it
      * BaseCache::lookup_multi now falls back to the backend if a particular
      * Changed lookup_multi to take a reference to a list of IDs, to allow
      Updated todo list
      Class::Data::Inheritable is now a prereq
      Updated todo again
      Don't put backticks around column names anymore
      Moved all DB-specific code into DBD modules, instead of subclasses of,
      Fixed void context warning
      Removed backticks (again)
      Updating default sequence name to standard SERIAL sequence format
      Added first version of SQLite driver
      args{join} no longer exists
      Added docs. Not final or finished yet.
      BaseCache::search now uses fetchonly to load only the primary column
      Created separate ToDo file
      Added schemas for testing.
      Added license & copyright info.
      Added some more docs
      Test scripts now create and teardown test databases, using DBD::SQLite
      Skip tests unless DBD::SQLite is installed
      Use Cache::Memory instead of Cache::Memcached for caching tests
      Oops, Class::Memcached isn't a prereq
      Removed half-finished introduction. Will add it back in later
      Added description, and note about it being alpha
      Removed username
      Use lookup_multi instead of an iterator with lookup, because it's just
      Added BaseView class, which was Randy's good idea for a class that
      Backported a pre_save hook from the Data::ObjectDriver in our Comet repo
      Don't overwrite limit and offset arguments in view; pass through 
arguments/options to get_driver routine
      Disable triggers in BaseCache when doing the first PK-only load.
      Added changelog, updated copyright date
      Don't die during Apache startup, when the request object isn't yet defined
      Refactored lookup_multi to use an OR search in the case of a 
single-column PK
      * Moved special lookup_multi object into BaseCache and made it more
      Updated changes doc, again
      Partition driver now works with pk-less classes:
      When constructing a statement, ignore adding SELECT columns for any
      Added deflate/inflate methods. The idea is that these are perfect for 
caching things in memcached. The memcached driver hasn't yet been modified to 
use them, though.
      * Fixed cache key when adding items not in cache through lookup_multi.
      * Created a new cache_object method in all drivers. In a caching driver,
      Call Class->driver->lookup instead of just Class->lookup. Drivers should
      * Search now adds items to the cache properly.
      Fixed number of tests
      Don't attempt to cache objects returned in a search query when fetchonly
      The __cached flag is now a per-cache-driver thing, so that even if
      * If an object is already cached in the outer cache layer, don't bother
      Memcached caching driver should use object's inflate/deflate before
      There's an edge case where we don't get exactly back the number of
      Updated to flush cache.
      Switch order of is_pkless and has_primary_key tests
      Oops, didn't mean to commit this.
      Added begin_work, and made it work better with commit and rollback.
      Added support for table prefixes.
      Merged in the relevant changes from the archetype-0.4 branch. All tests
      Merged in relevant changes from archetype-0.6 branch.
      The very beginning of portable error codes across databases.
      In the new D::OD trunk, set_values_internal was changed so that it doesn't
      Support JOINs against multiple tables.
      In lookup methods, pass through a flag in the arguments hash that notes
      Changed the API slightly for adding explicit JOINs. This makes more
      Added a clear_cache method to clear out the cache.
      Added the ability to specify FOR UPDATE.
      Added support for specifying additional terms for an UPDATE clause.
      Fairly simple and straightforward (for now, at least) profiling module
      Cleaned up the reports using Text::SimpleTable.
      Added an optional cache_version method that object classes can define,
      Don't attempt to cache an object in a disabled driver.
      Updated version to 0.03 and added changelog for the new version.
      SimplePartition driver, and BaseObject->has_partitions.
      Added a very experimental Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Multiplexer driver.
      * Made the second argument to D::OD::SQL optional (defaults to the first).
      Upped version.
      Pass along $orig_obj even in the case where $obj is unchanged.
      Updated Changes for 0.04 based on diff.
      Added a mechanism to override the logger that's used for outputting stuff
      Added a full changelog for changes from 0.04 to trunk.
      Added .shipit to list of files to skip in MANIFEST.
      Upped version to 0.05.
      Added docs for result.
      Fixed compilation error in perl 5.10.
      Moved creation of D::OD::Iterator object inside of else block, where it's
      Added DISTINCT patch from John Berthels.
      Upped version to 0.06
      Added more changes for 0.06
      Added new modules to manifest

Brad Choate (8):
      Added sql_class method to DBD class, which a DBD driver may use to 
provide a custom Data::ObjectDriver::SQL implementation.
      Adding active object and property name to bind_param_attributes call list.
      Condition Profiler and Data::Dumper modules based on DOD_PROFILE 
environment variable. BugId:54990
      Assign an empty hashref to $terms and $args (if none were supplied) 
before call_trigger is invoked so the pre_search trigger can apply terms and 
args that are communicated back.
      New argument for preventing a 'prepare_cached' call. There are times when 
this is always the wrong thing to do by default.
      Updates to support generation of parenthetic query expressions similar in 
style and fashion to SQL::Abstract.
      Updated POD.
      Added 'window_size' for search method of BaseCache class.

Brad Fitzpatrick (9):
      email more people
      whitespace only.  to make next patch prettier.
      let DBD drivers say whether they can do LIMIT on DELETE statements,
      add documentation stubs
      remove silly dependencies.
      our own minimal Cache::Memory so people can hack and make test without it 
      throw error if non-digits in LIMIT clause
      use the t/lib
      let DSNs start with "DBI:" instead of only "dbi:" (as documented in

Brad Whitaker (10):
      Standardize slice() to always return an arrayref.
      Improved support for transactions in partition
      Reverting this because it was causing errors with
      Second version of this change, re-committing...
      Reinstating this code since it was unlikely to be
      Update comment
      Adding support for $Data::ObjectDriver::RESTRICT_IO
      Adding tests and docs
      Merge branch 'restrict-io' into mymaster
      Increment version to 0.08 which includes RESTRICT_IO patch

David Steinbrunner (9):
      replaced is_empty references with is_finished in docs
      Spelling corrections
      Spelling corrections
      Spelling corrections
      Spelling correction
      Spelling correction
      Spelling correction
      Spelling correction
      improved looping example in the synopsis of the POD

Garth Webb (30):
      Added IN clause handling and reduced usage of expensive 'column' method.
      Make sure we explicitly return 1 so that old style TypePad that looks for 
a true return won't bork
      Do a direct set of the column value rather than go through the accessor 
since this is supposed to be an internal setter.
      Make sure the args to save() get passed down to insert() and update()
      Make sure the test count is correct so the whole test isn't busted
      Passes all tests, but looks like there isn't a test specifically for 
multi-column has_a relationships.  Will add that next.
      Make sure that the step to create the has_a method name doesn't 
inadvertantly alter the column names in $column.
      Get in changes that didn't make it for SQL logging in ganglia
      Update the 'sort' option to also accept a second form.  In addition to:
      Patch from sekimura to re-connect to the DB if the connection goes stale.
      This method's prototype expects an array ref for its second arg, not an 
      Make sure data isn't cached if the DB operation fails.
      First checkin of the result set object.  Allows a query to be constructed 
in abstract terms and does not load any data until necessary.
      Method to return a ResultSet object.
      Sometimes, not everything is an entry.
      Rename result_idx to 'index'.  Make sure we count from zero.
      * Index starting at zero, so make sure cursor starts at -1
      Added iterator method/constructor.  This allows the result set object to 
just perform as an iterator given an existing dataset
      * Allow filtering of results after results have already been loaded via 
same add_constraint interface
      Add clone method.
      Make sure clone makes a copy of the elements from the original.
      Accessors added.
      Fixed a problem involving result sets created via 'iterator'.
      Make sure to filter on new sort values.
      Make sure to requery if we get a new limit or filter after we've already 
queried for results.
      Don't try to search when we have an iterator.
      1. Always return an array ref from 'slice'
      Do the full select if there is a limit term.  Count should take that into 
account, but in MySQL limit and offset are ignored for count(*) queries.
      Make sure to put the class check after we've checked for loaded results.
      Better word choice

Graham Blankenbaker (2):
      Whitespace Test
      Rolling back due to possible errors in TP1-ATP registration: "don't try 
to begin work if dbh has autocommit turned on"

Hiroshi Sakai (13):
      Merge pull request #16 from ambs/pr/fix-tests
      Merge pull request #13 from dsteinbrunner/patch-6
      Merge pull request #12 from dsteinbrunner/patch-5
      Merge pull request #11 from dsteinbrunner/patch-4
      Merge pull request #10 from dsteinbrunner/patch-3
      Merge pull request #9 from dsteinbrunner/patch-2
      Merge pull request #8 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      Merge pull request #14 from dsteinbrunner/patch-7
      Merge pull request #17 from sixapart/migrate-to-minilla
      Merge pull request #18 from Peatix/fix-cachedriver-doesnt-pass-args
      Merge pull request #7 from movabletype/remove_joined_table_from_from
      Merge pull request #19 from movabletype/modify_sth_close_timing
      Merge pull request #20 from masiuchi/fix-pullreq-#19

Jonathan Steinert (2):
      Change Text::SimpleTable to be an optionaal module, fail safely in the 
case that it's not installed. Modify tests to follow this concept, and update 
Makefile.PL to know about deps.
      I forgot that begin blocks can happen before the body code of a module.

Kevin Goess (11):
      fix for bug in constructing statements where add_join is called more than 
      yuid needed for mogile, using mysql's auto-increment interferes with 
master-master replication
      ugh, wrong branch
      yuid's needed for mogile storage--using the mysql autoincrement for fids 
means breaks master-to-master replication
      Eek, this was in an svn:external! Sorry, Ben...
      Eek, forgot this was in an svn:external, sorry, Ben!
      some handy debugging
      fixing perldoc, unterminated I<
      For the resultset iterator, adding a limit where there wasn't one before 
shouldn't invalidate the results.
      Adding peek_next() to ResultSet
      noting a caveat on clone() for future generations

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.13

Mark Paschal (59):
      bump version to 0.02 in development
      pod fix
      proposed multiple ORDER BY support?
      proposed GROUP BY support?
      note Class::Trigger is required
      Apply DBD's column name mangling when building Postgres sequence names
      Allow extra DBI->connect options with Driver->new( connect_options => {} )
      Use DBD's column name decoration in ORDER BY clauses too
      Make _mk_term an overridable method
      Don't trust the object to clone itself
      back this out re engineering list thread
      Add a few tests for primary key functions
      Add tests about cloning
      Give object callbacks the original object too
      Make an _obj method for simple column references too
      Don't limit has_a methods to one per class, by making has_a() args an 
array instead of a hash
      Don't let spring-into-existence behavior of 'exists' cause false negative 
      Oh, that's what that does
      POD for this module
      POD for SimplePartition
      More descriptive POD for properties
      Some docs for (not done)
      POD for Driver::DBD base class
      SimplePartition is the bas*ic* driver
      POD for this constant container class
      Note has_a sucks right now
      Correct has_a() docs
      Fix POD errors
      Full POD coverage in BaseObject if you squint right, yay
      Add anemic but passing POD coverage test
      Document the attributes defined with Class::Accessor in an attributes 
      Document modifying methods
      Document serialization methods and the error message
      Add the stuff that comes after USAGE
      Test more modules with passing POD
      When rendering the query frequency table, secondarily sort by query 
content to yield some stable sort order
      a little more pod
      Usage and subclassing POD
      complete 'use base' in POD synopsis
      Cache::Memcached constructor takes a hashref (not that I just spent an 
hour of debugging to figure that out or anything)
      multi lookups take arrayrefs, not arrays, oops
      Don't try to index into the errors map if we didn't actually get a code
      Make a deep copy of changed_cols, so changing a clone doesn't mark the 
original changed (?)
      Hmm, probably a better way to do this
      Hook memcached operations into debug and profiler messages
      Hook ram cache driver operations into debug and profiler messages
      Document the faux queries used in the profiler system
      Add query tracking to Apache driver
      Use same keywords as memcached driver
      some see-alsos
      These modules are not directly used in the driver, so let's not require 
      Don't expect run time block eval to catch errors from the compile time 
      Check for sure that these 'will warn' routines warn (while also 
suppressing the warnings)
      Normalize can_replace() docs
      Improve transaction related warnings
      Reenable these tests by using a different undocumented API to clear 
      add shipit config

Mart Atkins (1):
      Need to actually load a class before you can inherit from it...

Masahiro Iuchi (2):
      Modify sth close timing for using in end_query() and in fetch_id().
      Fix the order of processes changed in pullreq #19.

Mischa (1):
      Fix typo in pod docs

Paul Lindner (26):
      correct form for mod_perl 2.0
      Allow use of DOD_DEBUG environment variable, be explicit on sigils
      Fix a problem when requesting an iterator for a query that returns a null 
      Localize %Cache to this scope, someone revert if I'm totally offbase here.
      Stylistic nits, use warnings, brace style map/grep, no return undef
      Stylistic Change, use spaces within map brace style
      Add has_a feature to Data::ObjectDriver
      Implement internal cache, tighten up generated methods
      Tweak plurality, held off on cactus -> cacti :)
      Change default naming of generated methods, using _obj and _objs suffixes
      errant paste
      Support composite keys, yeah\!
      Merge unfortunate set of changes on a tag here.
      performance optimization
      merge back from tp1.8.9
      Commit the remove() count patch and tests to the correct branch
      BugID: 35866 - Add DB agnostic bulk_insert capability
      fix POD errors, add test for POD correctness
      return undef considered harmful
      perlcritic pragmas, use min amount of no strict refs
      Add default initializer, add perl critic test and pragmas, adjust num of 
tests so all pass
      missed one no strict refs
      BugID: 34944 -add a new method to determine case sensitivity of the 
      remove local version of this cpan module
      Insure that finish() is called on our statement handle
      Fix for mysql bulk insert of 0 rows

Sekimura (20):
      Don't overwrite sort arguments in load_results()
      * use add_constraint() in new() to get a effort of tuning off paging with 
a limit term
      * added is_last()
      count correctly without "paging"
      * added *_filter methods
      * add_offset works correctly now
      * make non-dod-debug people happy
      * fixed limit and offset filtering
      * we need to force a requery when we change 'offset' that is smaller than 
current one
      * fixed typo "filters"
      * added rewind() to move back to the start of iterator
      * clear results if one of existing terms changed
      added 'add_index_hint' to tell MySQL to use the named index to find rows
      added a doc for add_index_hint()
      pull out subref and added a _add_index_hint method so that a SQL subclass 
can override the hint technique.
      added a test for add_term()
      test num++ and removed dod_debug(1)
      fixed the args to sort by rating and added a case faling to get object 
after add_term()
      added a sucesssful test case for add_term()

Simon Wistow (18):
      Fix redefine warning
      Clean up 'my' warnings
      If we're going to use Perl Critic, let's atleast pass all the tests
      Stop errors in certain versions of SQLite
      Allow you to set no prepared cache at instantation time
      Fix warning
      Automatically stop using cached statements in SQLite which silences some 
      Better debug message
      Wrap teardown() in a destroy to fix problems with permissions on Win32
      Note fixes
      Sort out capabilities and make them a little more regular
      Add note about Pg fix
      Add docs, rename
      Not needed
      Fix POD

Taku AMANO (1):
      Remove a joined table from the "FROM" phrase.

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (54):
      get_driver fix
      added RAM based cache driver
      I'm anti-AUTOLOAD
      Revert back to AUTOLOAD
      oops, remove debug
      Class::Data::Inheritable allows object method call
      Added Apache pnotes based Cache driver
      debug() is no more object attribute
      fix update() in case table doesn't have non-PK column
      * Added "method" parameter in pre_save trigger for hooks to know if it's 
      no fetch for DELETE sql statement
      No method argument to pre_save, post_save
      Make $class->remove behave the same with search + remove, but issues 
DELETE SQL when you set 'nofetch' option
      s/carp/croak/; # finally
      require Class::Trigger
      Keep track of changed columns and issues UPDATE only handles them
      use $obj, not $orig_obj so the triggers take effects
      This should do the UPDATE optimization
      Added no_changed_flag hack to column(). Bugzid:24369
      Should call post_* triggers even if update() is no-op
      Some modules uses set_values() as a public API. Don't break it.
      clear changed_cols after save
      added is_changed utility method
      pass in $terms and $args so that base_statement can use
      HAVING support, especially useful on View classes
      Fix alias bug
      HAVING test
      add View having test .... but DBD::SQLite seems broken! :/
      revert it
      Do not add terms to HAVING when it's already defined in WHERE clause. A 
bit ugly.
      Don't use HAVING if view class has datasource.
      fix POD of DBD::SQLite, which broke documentation on
      die("..\n") makes it hard to find where the code comes from.
      add caller tracking code to Data::ObjectDriver::debug
      Oops, this time really add where clause to the debug log
      fixed the default sql_class to Data::ObjectDriver::SQL
      Document replace() to make t/96-pod-coverage.t pass
      skip callbacks.t since it breaks with new Class::Trigger
      make has_a cache code work without Scalar::Util weakref support in RHEL 
      now it *actually* should work without Scalar::Util. silly bugs fixed
      Removed a bogus usage of alarm(). This breaks MT4 compatiblity with 
Windows, and also doesn't do anything useful without alarm $timeout code 
anyway. bugid:56543
      change the eval to '' rather than {} to actually catch old perl without 
      no critic
      less warnings
      don't ship 9x-.t author tests
      Fixed a bug in ResultSet->slice() where return value is not a proper 
array ref
      Added ->all() method to be compatible with DBIC and handiness for TT 
      $resultset->slice should not pad items with undef when it's called 
multiple times.
      Added test when slice() returns nothing
      revert the _get_limit check since it causes PhenoType to issue expensive 
limit-less count query
      fixed a typo
      fixed a typo in checking a symbol table. This might affect performance 
(for good) because previously DOD::Driver::DBD->new() ALWAYS tries to 'use' 
subclass modules whether it's loaded or not
      no strict is not needed here because the defined check was wrong
      ok, 5.10 definitely needs this.

Yann Kerherve (128):
      more tests for my own understanding
      Fixed the annoying warning in Metadata
      Fixed for multiple primary keys
      Added primary_key_tuple() shortcut
      Oh my Gosh. I forgot to backport that back to cpan repo => Lot of 
      Added a new trigger test script for clustered db
      We don't want to publicize fetch(). It's DBI dependant (it returns $sth)
      I need to implement this one...
      Cleaner fetch() interface. pass %rec by reference, only return $sth
      Added a fallback fetch_data to Cache Drivers
      Added Tatsuhiko's patch
      Test case for the D::OD bug (doesn't die on inexistent col call)
      Added a search trigger test. A few hours ago I thought the problem
      Added a test + patch for inexistent() columns. Tatsuhiko will talk with 
      Added more tests -- especially sqlite.
      skip if the DBD::SQLite version isn't ok
      I didn't notice this was on CPAN already !
      Die right away in case someone is doing something really stupid
      Minor tests fixes
      Fixed a nasty bug where the Driver modifies the $term passed in arguments 
for '-and'
      Uncommented the tests for "croak"
      Let's also croak for column('inexistent')
      Reworked the changes made yesterday with Tatsuhiko to limit having clause
      Adding grouped by aggregates in HAVING conditions
      Hope I got it right this time
      Fixed a problem with detection of already existing where clauses
      Moved primary_key_to_terms to the Object/Class
      Fixed a bug where changed_cols weren't cleared after writing out changes 
to db
      - Fixed a bug where primary-key less table cannot work properly!
      Removed the line that should have been deleted in my previous change
      return undef right away if one tries to lookup without an 'id'
      0 might be a valid id in some database.
      Yesterday I forgot to checkin this... sorry to tired :)
      Added test for "0" primary key
      Added a cache_class lookup in the Class of the object
      Checked in has_a tests in the new repo
      Fixed an issue with remove() on cache drivers. If the class method
      Better style.
      It seems that this is not correct. I've checked with Garth, and\
      Added a post_inflate trigger, which can be useful when you
      Added experimental upport for REPLACE INTO, the new object method is 
      - Added exists() support
      Removed debug cruft
      Added 'replace' support in Partition driver
      I'm not sure this $i assignment is useful :D
      Additional test coverage
      Fixed a lookup_multi issue for single-PK classes. The result set wasn't 
      More changelog updates
      Added simple support of multi-partition search() to SimplePartition
      More doc, and straightforward support for limit => 1 arg
      Don't disconnect dbh that we haven't created ourselves.
      reversed the logic... I messed up my commit between several branches :)
      - Implemented on_lookup in the Multiplexer driver, that we
      Added remove() support in a highly experimental fashion
      It appears to be expensive to eval "" each time
      Changed replace() to use a transaction by default for non supporting
      get_dbh for locking purpose...
      Don't forget the rest
      inflate/deflate structures during cache roundtrip
      Make the tests pass in Profiling with inflate/deflate in Cache::Cache
      Extracted install_column from install_properties (it will be called from
      Applied Brad Choate patch to has_column.
      Well, there is no reason not to risk update as well. yay for multiplexed 
      - If options are passed to Class->remove then we pass the same
      Much simpler remove() for multiplexer... which looks to work better
      - Rely on result returnd by remove to increment the remove-count, and 
nothing else.
      Partly reverting Garth's change about remove:
      Reverting this patch, this wasn't the one I wanted to checkin
      here we go, this is what I wanted to check in as r381
      fetch_data multiplexed
      Prevent warning if we pass undefined ids
      I don't think there is a Data::ObjectDriver::errstr, so last_error is
      Emergency week-end fix for our $sth business
      Squashed commit of the following:
      Documentation about the new Iterator, updated Changes file
      Brad Choate pointed out that missing end_query
      Fixed accessor to filterS
      Changed filter to filters to be consistent
      Added uncache_object() method for those objects that are cached
      Just tested that everything is alright
      Added quick helpers for object comparison by primary key
      - Added documentation for the last methods I've added
      If one id has been deleted then the partition driver will typically
      - Added a new 'comment' mutators to SQL statement objects
      Let's continue to filter but restrict to ascii chars and allow more
      Added a is_ephemeral() method which is an aweful name,
      Added description of what changed for my stuff
      Updated the name of the method "is_ephemeral" to something
      Added support for transactions into Multiplexer driver
      Fixed an issue in the case of a transaction involving different classes 
using same drivers.
      - Added a "reuse_dbh" option to D::OD::D::DBI, if enabled it caches and 
      I changed the code/name halfway. This is the other half
      - Handled an edge case where txn_active wouln't be set if
      Fixed an issue where passing an empty list of @ids in lookup_multi
      Added information about the new google group.
      Removed trailing spaces only - no other code change
      Added Oracle support by integrating
      Added documentation about our supported/tested databases
      - Added a new (experimental) GearmanDBI Driver that transports sql to a 
      Added on_exception_cb and retry_count parameters to the driver, to pass 
      Looks like SQLite got smarter
      Also updated the Changelog
      Test that inflate doesn't mark objects as changed
      By design AUTOLOAD won't advertize that GearmanDBI does rw_handle() and 
      It looks like SQLite version is more the culprit than
      Performance test script for inflate()
      missing user_id
      It makes sense to be consistent and to cache the
      uncache objects when they are changed instead of writing to the cache
      Prevent a uuv warning
      Removes the ALPHA warning
      Fixes a warning on defined %hash on perl5.11
      Fixes incorrect bulk insert on MySQL
      prepares 0.7
      Modernizes the build and gitifies it.
      Fixes a profiler issue when $@ is set
      Merge branch '6a-master'
      Fixes test plan
      Adds Brad changes to the changelog
      Updates Release Changelog date
      Oh... Makefiles
      Adds AuthorTests to the MANIFEST
      Fix a reuse_dbh() when ping fails
      Closing changes for 0.09
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.09.

ambs (1):
      Fix test

ziguzagu (10):
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.10_1.
      Cleanup old docs
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.10.
      Add .travis.yml
      Migrate to Minilla.
      Install DBD::SQLite to run more tests on Travis CI.
      Use Coveralls
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.11.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.12.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.13.


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