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fsfs pushed a change to branch master
in repository libpod-markdown-perl.

      from  7a5560c   update changelog
       new  dc8f1f8   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  ae5d3ef   Update debian/changelog
      adds  3cbcc8e   initial commit
      adds  6964d71   v0.02: fix E<foo> conversion; only gen meta tags if asked 
      adds  b13395a   releng
      adds  e989ca3   releng
      adds  54ed609   releng and repo maintenance (perltidy, readme gen, 
install docs etc)
      adds  bef5e34   better links to
      adds  c40281b   converted the distribution to Dist::Zilla-style
      adds  748c5a0   v1.100860
      adds  51c40e7   improved L<> link handling
      adds  090c26c   simplified dist.ini now that we have ~/.dzil/config
      adds  fce8c78   Interpolate in headers
      adds  64637c8   Added testing of header interpolation
      adds  f713e46   Added PODNAME and ABSTRACT to pod2markdown to satisfy 
      adds  266667d   Fixed test output
      adds  91af6f4   Updated Changes
      adds  0b2d031   added Ryan C. Thompson as author
      adds  00f1153   added README generated by [CopyReadmeFromBuild]
      adds  9d185d7   removed unused variables; added doc for method 
      adds  25cace6   removed leading number from test program
      adds  ed8a4d6   v1.103490
      adds  b0e3b2a   added Ryan C. Thompson's email address
      adds  13f3f88   updated README
      adds  7311d99   v1.103491
      adds  bf7058c   make bulleted lists work at least minimally
      adds  24a6e68   noted ap's changes and made all tests pass
      adds  c57e300   added ap to authors; generated README
      adds  3f12e8f   README changed again - ffs. That's why including 
generated files in a dzil dist is a bad idea
      adds  19af106   v1.110730
      adds  d0714f4   Increase indentation when necessary to maintain 
      adds  23bae7b   Change dzil bundle to Author::RWSTAUNER
      adds  f415ee2   Ignore .build/ and cover_db/
      adds  4dd9311   List Marcel as copyright_holder
      adds  6af9163   Log verbatim-block change
      adds  f8621d9   Move Meta cmments to top
      adds  84199a8   Use full path in script for portability
      adds  3049ae5   Test 1 space indent for verbatim paragraph
      adds  f714f86   v1.110731
      adds  d75b402   Change /\h/ to /[ \t]/ for older perls
      adds  fb4c280   Remove generated plain text readme
      adds  42cc9eb   Add generated markdown README
      adds  773d79e   v1.110732
      adds  e005468   Don't overwrite alternate text in local section links
      adds  9d0ccc4   Test all pod link variations listed in perlpod(spec)
      adds  1ee957f   Use Pod::ParseLink to improve link parsing
      adds  59d7087   Remove unnecessary meta pod regarding stopwords
      adds  ba19f6e   Add a test for external-page section name with space
      adds  58fdd0e   v1.120000
      adds  4c164bc   Uselessly reorganize top of test script
      adds  edf6b30   Skip "text|http:" tests if Pod::ParseLink < 1.10
      adds  67c1e83   Specify minimum Pod::ParseLink 1.10
      adds  bb71812   v1.120001
      adds  ad0e39f   Use variable for pod url base in test script
      adds  7488bf7   Additionally test links with interpolate()
      adds  04a61d5   Remove exec bit from .t scripts
      adds  5bfe6fd   Add vim modeline to pm
      adds  1ac4d6b   Test formatting codes
      adds  d49dc9b   Don't load Test::Differences when it isn't used
      adds  2669331   Pass $self to interior_sequence subs
      adds  4a44ae8   Test other handled formatting codes
      adds  6050b70   Replace Z<> and X<...> with blank strings
      adds  4a7090b   Convert numeric escapes ( E<...> => &#...; )
      adds  ab2c878   Handle formatting codes nested in links
      adds  1f50f49   Test nested formatting codes
      adds  918e751   Convert spaces to &nbsp; entities in S<>
      adds  227cff7   Specifically list additional format codes handled
      adds  e54a422   Test S<C<...>> combo and use better example
      adds  270e5fc   Confirm links w/o destinations
      adds  466ba21   Don't use '=head1 NAME' section in data input
      adds  020a21b   Test verbatim para containing formatting codes
      adds  75408e3   Improve description of t/verbatim.t tests
      adds  a5d9fef   Convert legacy 'chevron' charnames to 'aquo'
      adds  f0b03a4   Try harder with man links
      adds  806d65a   Test metadata lines
      adds  3f3947f   Simplify meta line generation and fix a bug
      adds  4d4a035   Comment on verbatim tab expansion
      adds  e32026e   Add a few more contrived man link tests
      adds  bc45d22   v1.200000
      adds  8fd13e2   Test empty/false "|url" links
      adds  2586d3b   Escape asterisks and underscores in verbatim and text 
      adds  c6bfc2e   Mention Florian and his escape-chars patch in change log
      adds  d87ae67   Use working dir to generate repo's README
      adds  f5e43e9   Document that special characters are backslash escaped
      adds  d52542c   Make backslash-escaping more sophisticated
      adds  b4cbce9   Escape special characters in headings
      adds  f71881f   Don't escape characters in verbatim paragraphs
      adds  499c692   Test (unsuccessfully) that inline code doesn't escape 
      adds  b75690a   Don't escape characters that are inside code sections
      adds  0fc2049   Escape blockquotes
      adds  8b03d90   Update generated README
      adds  d125823   Clarify escaping in Change log
      adds  39b420f   v1.200001
      adds  c6263f6   Attempt to make Git plugins handle README.mkdn
      adds  5bf214b   Document that chars in code sections are not esaped
      adds  d99f152   v1.300000
      adds  beee22c   Don't escape characters in list item
      adds  0b14c44   Merge pull request #1 from motemen/master
      adds  60e9309   Add comments after reviewing list code
      adds  4aede61   Add TODO tests for noting failures in list handling
      adds  0b16eb7   Credit motemen's gh pull req in Change log
      adds  caf72d0   v1.301
      adds  b31a6ee   End markdown with a newline
      adds  f72be58   Accept in/out filenames on command line
      adds  a14abf3   Add test for bin script
      adds  bf53a22   Replace IPC::Open2 with system() to keep win32 from 
      adds  32aaaad   Link to script from module pod
      adds  09c66d0   Comment that I saw some list code in IkiWiki
      adds  3ed0dc8   v1.320
      adds  c5e3fb5   Handle nested list more expected.
      adds  90b8454   Add numbered list support.
      adds  d4b195b   Test answer is modified, which I believe this conforms to 
Markdown spec.
      adds  822165d   Add comments for $prelisthead.
      adds  4d7dffa   Remove TODO from list tests which now pass!
      adds  35fc58e   Thank yak1ex for list improvements in the change log
      adds  3d2a22c   v1.321
      adds  6e9743c   No escapes for code in spellchecker
      adds  0d3596d   Move duplicate escape/interpolate logic to a method
      adds  4a9f898   Document petr999's fix for escaped code chars in headers
      adds  eed8814   Mention the gh issue number when thanking yak1ex
      adds  95d1fef   v1.322
      adds  e1cc314   Put url prefixes into a package var
      adds  d9c9fd1   Update tests to use package var for url prefixes
      adds  bb6097d   Change pod urls to point to metacpan
      adds  94c476e   Recognize numbered list without dot.
      adds  d0272b3   eliminate extra blank line in verbatim blocks
      adds  c5ecacb   Do not escape when target is link format or file format.
      adds  e4120d4   Merge branch 'metacpan-urls', remote-tracking branches 
'remotes/origin/pr/4', 'remotes/origin/pr/5' and 'remotes/origin/pr/6' into 
      adds  c403d95   Use var in test for consistency
      adds  dc2e6df   Map git addresses to cpan addresses
      adds  6205758   Add a few more explicit man(x) tests
      adds  d96cd4d   Make url prefixes configurable
      adds  f2c2db6   Test passing url prefix options to the constructor
      adds  ba33a3e   Document url change and bug fixes in change log
      adds  2defe6d   Throw in a few more miscellaneous tests
      adds  0c9d53c   Document new url prefix constructor args
      adds  b9eccb9   Move pod for internal methods to method comments
      adds  d7a8ed4   Update pod and comments
      adds  652cb4d   Satisfy Pod::Coverage
      adds  210f447   Reformat change log entry to satisfy xt/
      adds  5d0671c   Disable trailing_whitespace xt/
      adds  291a53e   v1.400
      adds  e7a28a2   Bump prereq on Pod::Parser for bug fixes
      adds  94fc647   v1.401
      adds  fd7e9ec   Move pod to keep documentation near methods
      adds  9ad045f   Generate read-only accessors
      adds  f366c77   Move method and process args consistently
      adds  884eb6f   Customize url fragment formatting for section links
      adds  7a5065f   Simplify existing tests that involve section fragments
      adds  5ffbe2c   Document that fragment format code refs can use $_
      adds  3b5c906   Test various fragments for metacpan and sco
      adds  f4411c9   Test various combinations of constructor args
      adds  0bf3813   Comment on possibly embedding html tags for internal links
      adds  893a93e   Mention fragment formatting in change logs
      adds  86f2806   Use multiple backticks for code spans when necessary
      adds  19659b1   Use same codespan delimiter code for files (F<>)
      adds  6af5a5c   Add TODO comment about X<> codes
      adds  b77e8f8   Save a few additional comments
      adds  6562057   Add a small, simple test for basic functionality
      adds  4ddc5f7   Setup travis and coveralls
      adds  e947cad   Customize travis install script
      adds  50558cb   Disable broken xt/podlinkcheck
      adds  087f8b5   Use Escapes to describe L<> codes to satisfy podchecker
      adds  3999377   Appease xt/
      adds  da253cd   v1.500
      adds  9a6f584   Test that literal chars in link text are escaped
      adds  d3f658d   Add more complicated tests for escaping link text
      adds  4e9788c   Don't skip escaping Link text
      adds  96cf96f   Use simple prefix to avoid interpolation in test heredoc
      adds  321ecd1   Improve test class to make meta.t forward compatible
      adds  bf4e355   Test usage examples to ensure backward-compatibility
      adds  a862582   Use accessors for attributes and subclass new()
      adds  d9bca74   Setup basic stack management for document building
      adds  1e41849   Convert verbatim handling to Pod::Simple API
      adds  a57f2b3   Convert text handling (paragraphs, escaping, etc)
      adds  1875640   Conver header handling
      adds  7cb5caa   Change handling of pod code (E<>, L<>, etc)
      adds  c6aabce   Convert list (over/item) handling
      adds  7e136eb   Add a newline between blocks and track in parent state
      adds  abf543c   Indent the content of list items
      adds  217d907   Collect author/title metadata between headings
      adds  f39932f   Disable escaping in verbatim blocks
      adds  68c8481   Remove references to unused Pod::ParseLink
      adds  a29a3ed   Initialize link state attribute to an array ref
      adds  fbbd43a   Verify that all headings are correctly escaped
      adds  5cd5798   Test that list items are correctly escaped
      adds  e6669bc   Represent over/back regions without items as blockquotes
      adds  e3dc10d   Preserve whitespace in text
      adds  ee53349   Define parse_from* methods for backward compatibility
      adds  b1c5c2b   Enable verbose tests on travis
      adds  d17e3c0   By default accept markdown and html regions
      adds  2c1eb09   Explicitly test begin/end regions
      adds  2e47afd   Wrap html regions in div tags to avoid processing
      adds  c44b284   Add See Also links for pod and markdown specs
      adds  a9df5b6   Make helper lib to simplify test scripts
      adds  cd7f3ab   Add helpers for testing research
      adds  4f1fb27   Test nested numbered lists to ensure accurate numbering
      adds  807221a   Test nested blockquote and remove trailing space
      adds  143995f   Simplify misc.t heredoc for more exact representation
      adds  6ab4ebe   Ensure travis has IO::Scalar installed for tests
      adds  23cc3fa   Make include_meta_tags attribute for new api
      adds  42f5a4a   Test old, new, and both ways to get meta tags
      adds  1c7b2d3   Revert to read-only accessors for simplicity
      adds  59c461c   Add pod instructions and remove unused vars for xt/
      adds  06fcad0   v1.990-TRIAL
      adds  00a999c   Ignore dumb empty link tests since they fail with older 
      adds  e2edfd9   v1.991-TRIAL
      adds  fd8b6d6   v2.000
      adds  86e94b2   Convert B<> to ** instead of __ to allow nesting with I<>
      adds  d46bc20   Update tests for changes to B<>
      adds  a15fde1   Test explicitly that line-starting asterisks are escaped
      adds  0cf43b9   v2.001
      adds  d1af21c   add command line usage to document SYNOPSIS
      adds  adb8327   Merge two filter examples and comment for Test::Synopsis
      adds  2dbe89d   v2.002
      adds  d193c60   Reword E<> description in Change log
      adds  ac15fb5   Remove unnecessary plugin/config
      adds  2e7d2db   Explicitly specify LICENSE in dzil config
      adds  56098ef   Use travis-perl-helpers to simplify travis yml
      adds  60a3197   Specify IO::Scalar as develop requires for testing
      adds  e276a0a   Re-enable coverage in travis yml
      adds  938173c   Comment on back-compat observation
      adds  ac6f7cf   Make attributes rw and warn on unknown constructor args
      adds  974c1ea   Remove documentation for deprecated methods
      adds  6c73fbe   Use topic var to simplify upcoming changes
      adds  dfb054c   Use literal NBSP chars instead of &nbsp;
      adds  1d2ad59   Escape amps and angles that Markdown would treat as html
      adds  00a502d   Make html_encode_chars customizable
      adds  9574430   Add encoding attributes and html-escape invalid chars
      adds  c26977a   Clean up t/codes and add more html entity tests
      adds  95e7dc1   Move slurp helpers to t/lib
      adds  e0628e3   Make verbose helper more consistent
      adds  a1a4e28   Increase Test::Builder::Level in helper
      adds  94f488b   Add new encoding attributes as command line options
      adds  d8ccb4d   Add new package to enable `perldoc -o Markdown`
      adds  72207e4   Fix a few comments
      adds  3773358   Remove trailing space when item has no text
      adds  ec3c7ec   Test with and without HTML::Entities instead of either or
      adds  3554222   Make pod2markdown work regardless of PERL_UNICODE
      adds  45d2ca3   Test that html entities are encoded in link text
      adds  262f4ad   Break up t/misc to make tests easier to read
      adds  740ce07   Test var instead of bare shift followed by ternary
      adds  fb1f626   Upgrade to newer travis infrastructure
      adds  60bc485   Update copyright statements
      adds  1df4ff4   Appease xt/
      adds  f40f37b   Add closed issue refs to change log
      adds  11bb313   v3.000
      adds  d0c09cd   Remove [Bootstrap::lib] since plugins expect a VERSION
      adds  8ded4a4   Add more perls to travis yml
      adds  a3b3e6e   Increase Pod::Simple requirement to 3.26 for 
      adds  95e4807   Add ABSTRACT comment to ToMarkdown pm
      adds  2522891   v3.001
      adds  1e2068e   Add LICENSE file to root
      adds  6d52642   Mention lee j and gh-15
      adds  f76a302   v3.002
      adds  ad12f09   Imported Upstream version 3.002000
       new  0512500   Merge tag 'upstream/3.002000'
       new  df825e4   Update debian/changelog
       new  6181d0f   update upstream metadata
       new  daf749b   Update/amend upstream copyright and contact
       new  dc88565   Increase Pod::Simple dependency to 3.26 for 
       new  84ff601   Add Recommends / BDI on libhtml-parser-perl for 
human-readable HTML entities
       new  98012f5   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6
       new  28750ae   Mark package autopkgtest-able
       new  89defdc   prepare changelog for release

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                |  52 +++-
 LICENSE                                |   8 +-
 MANIFEST                               |  24 +-
 MANIFEST.SKIP                          |   1 +
 META.json                              | 503 ++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 META.yml                               | 416 +++++++++++++++------------
 Makefile.PL                            |  39 +--
 README                                 |   8 +-
 bin/pod2markdown                       |  72 ++++-
 corpus/copy-enc.pod                    |   5 +
 corpus/copy.pod                        |   5 +
 corpus/lit-cp1252-enc.pod              |   5 +
 corpus/lit-cp1252.pod                  |   3 +
 corpus/lit-utf8-enc.pod                |   5 +
 corpus/lit-utf8.pod                    |   5 +
 debian/changelog                       |  14 +-
 debian/control                         |   7 +-
 debian/copyright                       |   7 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata               |  10 +
 dist.ini                               |  26 +-
 lib/Pod/                    | 489 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
 lib/Pod/Perldoc/          | 113 ++++++++
 t/00-compile.t                         |  20 +-
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd                 |  67 +++++
 t/00-report-prereqs.t                  | 263 +++++++++--------
 t/back-compat.t                        |   6 +
 t/basic.t                              |   5 +-
 t/codes.t                              | 134 +++++----
 t/encoding.t                           | 114 ++++++++
 t/entities.t                           | 208 ++++++++++++++
 t/escape.t                             | 210 ++++++++++++++
 t/formats.t                            |   2 +-
 t/lib/                 |  75 ++++-
 t/links.t                              |  17 +-
 t/lists.t                              |  21 +-
 t/misc.t                               | 346 +++--------------------
 t/new.t                                |   8 +
 t/perldoc.t                            |  24 ++
 t/pod2markdown.t                       |  67 ++++-
 t/verbatim.t                           |   6 +-
 xt/{release/no-tabs.t => author/eol.t} |  12 +-
 xt/author/mojibake.t                   |   9 +
 xt/{release => author}/no-tabs.t       |   8 +-
 xt/author/pod-spell.t                  |   8 +-
 xt/author/test-eol.t                   |   8 -
 xt/{release => author}/test-version.t  |  12 +-
 xt/release/changes_has_content.t       |  41 ---
 xt/release/kwalitee.t                  |   9 +-
 xt/release/meta-json.t                 |   4 +-
 xt/release/mojibake.t                  |  12 -
 xt/release/portability.t               |   1 +
 xt/release/synopsis.t                  |   5 +-
 xt/release/unused-vars.t               |  14 -
 53 files changed, 2448 insertions(+), 1105 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 corpus/copy-enc.pod
 create mode 100644 corpus/copy.pod
 create mode 100644 corpus/lit-cp1252-enc.pod
 create mode 100644 corpus/lit-cp1252.pod
 create mode 100644 corpus/lit-utf8-enc.pod
 create mode 100644 corpus/lit-utf8.pod
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 lib/Pod/Perldoc/
 create mode 100644 t/00-report-prereqs.dd
 create mode 100644 t/encoding.t
 create mode 100644 t/entities.t
 create mode 100644 t/escape.t
 create mode 100644 t/perldoc.t
 copy xt/{release/no-tabs.t => author/eol.t} (60%)
 create mode 100644 xt/author/mojibake.t
 rename xt/{release => author}/no-tabs.t (78%)
 delete mode 100644 xt/author/test-eol.t
 rename xt/{release => author}/test-version.t (54%)
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/changes_has_content.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/mojibake.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/unused-vars.t

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