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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.042
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        at  7feb87a   (tag)
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  replaces  upstream/0.026
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Fri Aug 21 12:53:04 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.042
Version: GnuPG v1


Al Newkirk (2):
      removed command exists checking
      Merged pull request #2 from alnewkirk/master.

David Golden (1):
      use $ENV{TRIAL} instead of is_trial mutator

Karen Etheridge (153):
      unravel from [@Author::GETTY]
      add blank lines to keep [PkgVersion] happy
      changelog for change in last release
      keep CPANTS happy - specify the minimum version of perl needed
      specify dependency on podweaver bundle, and keep develop prereqs complete
      fix "missing" prereq on Test::Pod by keeping release tests in xt/
      yep, had to do it... converted to my pluginbundle
      bring back some release tests and make them pass
      add link to mailmap docs
      also test perl 5.18 (5.20 still isnt built yet)
      install all plugins and develop prereqs before doing a build
      remove unneeded shebangs
      use Path::Tiny as much as possible (everywhere but minting)
      also install develop prereqs - needed for author and release tests
      install all dependencies with tests and verbosely - it is the only way to 
debug what is going on
      File::Slurp has known issues when testing in parallel
      shorten this command
      Only try to install missing plugins and dependencies (which ensures 
versioned prereqs are fulfilled)
      stop being so verbose: travis has a 10000 line limit
      disable this plugin - it no longer installs cleanly
      fix mislabelled option in pod
      dump configs into dist meta, but use censor_commands = 1 to bypass
      now using [Git::Contributors]
      better diagnostic output on failure
      fix failing test
      minor doc tweaks
      new "eval" option, for executing Perl code
      remove unneeded test configurations
      make tests easier to understand by bringing all their support content 
into one file
      remove dependence on Path::Class APIs
      Path::Tiny always uses / -- need to use catdir instead!
      use *_raw for both reading and writing, to ensure the content matches
      fix tag regex to handle -TRIAL
      deal with OS-specific paths with Path::Tiny
      document why $^X is insufficient 
shows 133 passes on 60 configurations, and no failures!
      Merge pull request #9 from tsibley/trial-formatter-conversion
      changelog for %t feature
      my bundle requires $VERSION to be set
      remap my github email address which should not ever have been visible
      make travis tests pass -- skip release tests, which only need to pass 
just before releasing
      be consistent with what layers are applied when reading, writing test 
      more diagnostics for test failures
      leave this file in the dist root
      be more clear that we do nothing with the script in this test
      might as well test all of the output all at once
      replace formatter codes in eval strings
      fix bad use of shift in eval example
      adjust the log level of some diagnostic messages
      add missing develop prereqs
      avoid running commands from my bundle that often fail, to allow the 
after-release commands local to our dist to always run
      remove unneeded prereq
      remove extra whitespace
      convert all timestamps to UTC
      use lower case in log messages
      new "fatal_errors" option
      remove unused lib include
      use perl instead of bash as the external command to test $?
      add a test that runs `moose-outdated`
      can now allow after-release tasks to run again, now that the cpanm 
command uses fatal_errors = 0
      might as well build this lazily
      dump more config variables
      only censor all commands on explicit request; otherwise, just censor the 
sensitive ones
      $^X is more consistent (RT#101483)
      changelog for RT#101483 fix
      at long last, drop the use of fatal warnings in tests
      rename call_script, run_cmd and eval_cmd to be clear they are private 
      return early and outdent this code block
      remove pod in internal package
      avoid evaluating built_in until needed
      extract the version properly, when using my latest plugin bundle
      increment $VERSION after release
      add extra whitespace around $VERSION
      remove configs that are no longer needed
      better way of method-modifying zilla
      increment $VERSION after release
      canonicalize to correct Getty address
      [Test::CleanNamespaces] is now provided by my plugin bundle
      fix vim modeline
      TRIAL must be set before $tzil is constructed
      changelog for is_trial interface change (closes #11)
      add some keywords to metadata
      increment $VERSION after release
      the plugin always has a defined version now
      hardcode the distribution name in Changes, to reduce churn on each release
      carefully calculate trial status, only as needed, to avoid calling other 
plugins too soon
      protect TRIAL and RELEASE_STATUS from interfering with tests
      minor test name adjustments
      affirm that we work as far back as Moose itself does
      use proper mechanism to find meta, rather than assuming it is named meta
      increment $VERSION after release
      _release_status_from_env was not added until Dist::Zilla 5.036; assume 
stable for just 5.035 to avoid dying
      be more obvious when we skip past some tests
      label the tests more clearly
      increment $VERSION after release
      use a more specific link
      use references to eliminate a local variable
      new "quiet" option, for not logging the command or its outcome
      fix the command syntax used in these tests
      ensure JSON::PP is upgraded, to avoid utf8 parse errors
      increment $VERSION after release
      do not use subdir in nonexistent directory
      switch to my podweaver plugin bundle
      start testing 5.20
      fix failures with "perl-in-space" (working directory or perl path with 
      document the order in which things are executed (RT#105240)
      prevent variables from being visible to the eval command's scope 
      fix vim modeline
      end the code parsing sooner
      small doc note about security risks
      increment $VERSION after 0.039 release
      use travis container infrastructure
      canonicalize these dumped bools
      declare these run attributes all together
      tighten these attribute types
      quote the versions so the trailing 0 is not lost
      refer to the handles by their proper names
      Dist::Zilla 5.038 no longer requires global_config_root to be a 
      use String::Formatter in these strings
      if we are dying and never showed the command and its output, show it now
      this distribution can set x_static_install => 1
      increment $VERSION after 0.040 release
      no need to use regexes here
      fix logic for quiet fatal errors - log extra content if we *are not* 
using debug logging
      also log the evaluated perl command in case of fatal error
      increment $VERSION after 0.041 release
      CR was left behind on MSWin32

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.042

Nickolay Platonov (7):
      - accept several "run" config options to run several scripts in order
      - converted `mvp_multivalue_args` to around modifier to avoid composition 
      - added BeforeBuild plugin
      - added test coverage for "build" phase
      - ignore the eclipse project file
      Merge pull request #5 from SamuraiJack/master

Olivier Mengué (3):
      Lazy load IPC::Open3
      Lazy load String::Formatter
      Update Changes

Randy Stauner (59):
      Update Description: no longer restricted to local scripts
      Deprecate no-longer-used 'notexist_fatal' attribute
      Cache $? value so that other calls don't change it
      Fix abstract to reference proper phase
      Use String::Formatter to customize available variables
      Use new call_script semantics from plugins
      Document format conversions defined for all plugins
      Document backward-compatible positional parameters (%s)
      Add new directory of test data to test new functionality
      Test the basic formatting conversions
      Test format conversions (including %s) for all phases
      Declare latest String::Formatter as prerequisite
      Explicitly test using duplicate format constants
      Print command output incrementally instead of waiting
      Retab 3 remaining lines for consistency/ease of viewing
      Use the plugin during build so we see it working
      Mention fixing exit status
      Add the %d argument that the test script was expecting
      Change ok() to is() to ease debugging
      Pass and print extra arguments for further testing
      Clarify in the pod that this plugin has no %s
      Define %p as path separator
      Convert '/' to '%p' to make test cross-platform
      Binmode test file for accurate test data
      Localize global var before reassigning
      Show whole value of $? in log message
      Include a clear example of %p in the synopsis
      Ensure all codes are tested in each phase (including %a)
      Explicitly stringify '%a'
      Use strict/warnings at the top of each module
      Remove unused files from t/lib
      Define '%x' => $^X
      Fix 'use' statements in tests
      Use %x in tests for portability
      Mention strict/warnings in Changes
      Fix broken var usage in tests
      Wrap dir arg in quotes for cross-platform testing
      Fix spelling error
      Reorganize formatting code hash for expansion
      Add Run::AfterMint plugin
      Test new AfterMint plugin
      Rename 'ignore_trial' to 'run_no_trial' for clarity
      Test 'run_no_trial'
      Fix is_trial typo
      Describe last two releases and use CheckChangesHasContent
      Don't test for unix path, silly
      Document lazy vars and credit miyagawa in changelog
      Add ContributorsFromGit and start a .mailmap file
      Don't pass bare %x in argv

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (1):
      Lazy load $zilla->version and other attributes.

Thomas Sibley (1):
      Add %t to support trial releases

Torsten Raudssus (27):
      initial commit
      First working version
      Added more hooks
      Change of API, after suggestion of kentnl
      Updated Changes
      Changed some POD Abstracts and some POD documentation
      Fixed bangpath
      Merge pull request #3 from rwstauner/formatter
      Added all examples to the primary page for overview
      First implementation of ignore_trial option, sample in documentation, no 
tests yet
      Added run_if_trial run_if_release run_no_release
      Hups, forgot some attributes
      Someday I will kill the dude who added this dzil plugin ;)
      Added .travis.yml, switched to Author::GETTY
      Updated Changes file
      New generated .travis.yml
      Tuned author details

nickolay (3):
      - added the [Run::Test] plugin
      - some docs


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