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zeha pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.9993
in repository sqitch.

        at  217c06d   (tag)
   tagging  2306b14f76a305b2a091ff89a5b83b80cbe984ae (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.9992
 tagged by  Christian Hofstaedtler
        on  Fri Aug 21 21:14:00 2015 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.9993

Christian Hofstaedtler (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.9993

David E. Wheeler (64):
      Increment to v0.9993.
      Determine LC_TIME value in just one place.
      Eliminate rounding with sprintf().
      Remove substring().
      Work around missing mysql_* attributes.
      Apparently I can't count.
      Let Oracle deploy > 1000 changes.
      Compare 0 if mysql_serverversion is not set.
      Credit @olshevskiy87 for the proof-reading!
      Fix warning test failures on Perl 5.23.1.
      Add --set support to the MySQL engine.
      Add --reworked* options.
      Add reworked* attributes to Target.
      Teach Change to use reworked_* directories.
      Bundle reworked scripts.
      Test bundling of reworked change scripts.
      Restore documentation of dest_top_dir.
      Teach init about reworked directories.
      Note reworked directory changes.
      Remove reworked options.
      Add directory options to the init command.
      Move script option handling to a role.
      Move script-specific references from init command code.
      Replace multiple directory options with --dir.
      Update sqitch-configuration.
      Teach engine command about reworked directories.
      Replace engine set-* actions with alter action.
      Rename ScriptConfigCommand to TargetConfigCommand.
      Use --set in the init command.
      Add all other --set options to init.
      Port the engine command to TargetConfigCommand.
      Move directory creation from init to TargetConfigCommand.
      Document property_keys in engine.
      Make engine die on target mismatch.
      Add config_target to TargetConfigCommand.
      Move write_plan to TargetConfigCommand.
      Teach engine to create directores and plan.
      Client is a string.
      Migrate target to TargetConfigCommand.
      Get proper target in target command.
      Pass the target to write_plan.
      Test and fix the `alter` action of the `target` action.
      Properly validate target URI.
      Add *_dir methods to Change.
      Firebird can limit.
      Fix ordering on Firebird.
      Canonical engine.
      Deprecate core script options.
      Remove commented script paths from sample configs.
      Note fix to firebird change + tag search bug.
      Prefer --set engine=` to `--engine`.
      Add explicit options to init, engine, and target.
      Replace wayward --set options.
      Use only local config file to find all targets.
      Not fix to --all.
      Update sqitch-configuration.
      Add "Overworked" section to sqitch-configuration.
      Merge branch 'rework-dir'.
      Pass MySQL URI query params to client.
      Fix Windows test failures.
      Organize changes into sections.
      Update l10n catalogs.
      Timestamp v0.9993.

Dmitriy Olshevskiy (1):
      fix typos in comments and messages

Tomohiro Hosaka (1):
      tiny doc fix


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