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fsfs pushed a change to branch master
in repository libnet-amazon-ec2-perl.

      from  713be38   update changelog
       new  4609da9   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  762ecf6   Update debian/changelog
      adds  0a5990f   import 0.14 from cpan
      adds  9adb864   add create_tags
      adds  c7978c7   Accept an array for resourceId.
      adds  0ce4bad   add describe tags and instance name.
      adds  e366778   add delete tags and tags test
      adds  a3b3ed4   remove debug code
      adds  bc66577   Merge pull request #2 from toritori0318/describe_tags
      adds  054a7a2   add in ssl support as suggested by Brad Barden
      adds  51ff2ee   add group_name to NAE::GroupSet and fix live test 
"Checking for running instance"
      adds  8156574   avoid 'Request has expired' on long lived 
Net::Amazon::EC2 objects
      adds  e4a84a5   documentation fix
      adds  696f2d3   Make tag creation use a hash instead of arrayrefs
      adds  756c7d8   fix all warnings podchecker warns us about
      adds  2d7ce54   Merge pull request #1 from 2shortplanks/master
      adds  707e34c   Update doc for 0.15
      adds  24e0ec3   Support proxy environment variables RT#67145
      adds  24b0d4b   Fix groupSet params RT#67145
      adds  e52458a   Added Changelog for 0.15
      adds  67d03ff   Make group set optional in ReservationInfo class
      adds  6589ad0   OK for group_set required with fix from 24b0d4b
      adds  400005a   Bump to 0.16
      adds  8ec4c22   Spelling fix. RT #74239
      adds  1c9fea1   Do not cache timestamp.  This avoids long-running 
processes causing aws to return 'Request has expired' errors
      adds  292ac3f   Merge pull request #5 from clkao/timestamp
      adds  1fe2f08   workaround weird image description issue
      adds  05e8096   Merge pull request #4 from clkao/image-description
      adds  7e4900a   support filter for describe_instances
      adds  f8192b5   pod for the filter param
      adds  ac1db1d   Merge pull request #3 from clkao/filter-instances
      adds  d22a034   support ClientToken for run_instances.
      adds  41be5fc   pod for ClientToken in run_instances
      adds  313bba9   Merge pull request #2 from clkao/client-token
      adds  da6914d   Roll 0.17
      adds  3127ade   timestamp clearing introduced in 8156574 is no longer 
      adds  1cc21c0   avoid calling timestamp twice
      adds  05fdca4   Merge pull request #6 from clkao/timestamp
      adds  bac5bb2   Roll 0.18
      adds  3ccbd32   throw exception on failing api calls
      adds  b82f379   Merge pull request #9 from miquelruiz/master
      adds  cbce459   Parse tagsets on volumes
      adds  9013991   Merge pull request #10 from 
      adds  98b7c2d   Permit modify_instance_attribute to take a HASHREF
      adds  6a4a1b6   Prep for 0.19 release
      adds  ae65c95   Improve describe_tag (RT#76139 and #76140)
      adds  15a564c   Update Changelog for 0.19
      adds  8e0e02b   Update t/02_live.t for return_errors
      adds  3f3851e   Treatment of no XML responses
      adds  010c808   Merge pull request #11 from miquelruiz/master
      adds  17f3f37   Stop failing test when server listens on port 80
      adds  c2af3a9   OK, really 0.20
      adds  5e06fd5   add support for VolumeType and Iops to EBS volumes; add 
support for EbsOptimized attribute for instances
      adds  0b6e3bb   add EbsOptimized attribute to test for run_instances
      adds  654ac76   update API version to 2012-07-20
      adds  ee70fe7   silence an uninitialized warning in test
      adds  89e434a   Merge pull request #12 from stevecaldwell77/master
      adds  fbc9e6c   Updated InstanceType documentation
      adds  e27316b   Allow undef in TagSet values RT #80071
      adds  2e50978   DeleteSnapshot does not take an array (GI #13)
      adds  93fe26f   Bump version to 0.21
      adds  aef68b0   Rebase
      adds  7418418   Merge pull request #14 from phips/master
      adds  7515f1e   Allow undef or arrayref in
      adds  f862dca   Ignore more files
      adds  6d55646   Add last few changes here
      adds  a8356a7   Use AWS signatuve v2 and SSL by default
      adds  d1d1f08   Update Changelog and docs
      adds  61ec3d0   Update deps in Makefile.PL
      adds  ad92ae2   Few more doc changes
      adds  f652b6c   Update copyright on README
      adds  f776335   Decouple CIDR IPs from security group auth
      adds  7b6100e   Make region_name accept undef
      adds  efae620   Make group_name accept undef
      adds  c8c0711   Merge pull request #16 from EtienneM/master
      adds  04d793f   Add UserData to run_instances for test purposes
      adds  1e8e0b5   Permit associate_address in VPC (RT#82139)
      adds  b68d732   Prepare 0.23
      adds  bd8bf05   run_instance tweaks: Cannot submit subnet with group 
name; must use group id instead. Added support for this edge condition.  Also 
added PrivateIpAddress option.
      adds  ec90a2a   Merge pull request #18 from 
      adds  5c463b2   Added optional parameter AddressingType (deprecated but 
still implemented in EC2 API and usefull for eucalyptus clouds with only 
private addressing)
      adds  527ea3f   Merge pull request #20 from vincent-k/master
      adds  4ac36a6   Add support for IAM instance profiles in run_instances
      adds  0cd4ec2   Merge pull request #24 from jimbrowne/iam-profile
      adds  f331858   Add support BlockDeviceMapping into create_image method
      adds  fa12caf   Merge pull request #19 from 
      adds  5bfb585   Remove spurious warn present since at least 0.14
      adds  1da2dde   Merge pull request #27 from jimbrowne/spurious-warn
      adds  774858f   add stringification overloads to errors
      adds  ddfd7f4   Merge pull request #29 from haarg/errors-overload
      adds  dbc80a6   Follow Amazon's signing rules more strictly
      adds  9eabef9   Merge pull request #28 from haarg/fix-signing
      adds  319f5fb   Add initial support for IAM roles.
      adds  8b8759a   Merge pull request #26 from jimbrowne/temp-security-creds
      adds  141ba2c   Add filter support to describe_snapshots
      adds  872e96d   Merge pull request #25 from jimbrowne/snapshot-filter
      adds  8683cc2   Prepare 0.24
      adds  cc2de56   Support passed security tokens for STS temporary 
      adds  6b81401   Merge pull request #30 from 
      adds  0d94d77   support the BlockDeviceMapping.n.EBS.VolumeType parameter 
when calling run_instances
      adds  36ec9cd   bumping version to a dev version for extlib, until we get accepted
      adds  5723712   Merge pull request #31 from campus-explorer/master
      adds  c74047b   Increment version to 0.25
      adds  311c1b0   Make POD for register_image() match code RT#88379
      adds  6c21d5b   Handle no output get_console_output() RT#67748
      adds  2676698   Loop if error on secgroup deletion
      adds  3daeba6   Roll 0.25
      adds  d3ec617   Allow undef in block device mappings so we can list both 
EBS and ephemeral mappings
      adds  20fe5a0   Merge pull request #32 from 
      adds  7a90eee   Bumped API version to 2014-06-15.
      adds  e4a9af4   Added encrypted volume support with tests.
      adds  b2da3db   Removed outdated instance type list.
      adds  703849c   Documentation updates.
      adds  85bbe9a   Added volume sizing note to create_volume's SnapshotId 
      adds  c4253e8   Update version number, update changelog.
      adds  ee6d81f   Revert "Update version number, update changelog."
      adds  f6eaa0a   Merge pull request #33 from unixtastic/master
      adds  4940ea1   Roll 0.26
      adds  c568874   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  5cc89bc   Added allocate_vpc_address to allocate VPC scope 
addresses. It would be cleaner to update allocate_address but this would break 
existing code.
      adds  08188d8   Merge pull request #34 from unixtastic/master
      adds  7c32f77   Added egress rules to describe_security_groups.
      adds  efb1e8c   Merge pull request #35 from unixtastic/master
      adds  605d0cf   Roll 0.27
      adds  6826fd5   Adding ability to exec describe_instance_status routine
      adds  a51676a   Copyright update and test for the function
      adds  fb146ca   test bugfix, silly fat finger
      adds  70c2ae7   Merge pull request #36 from mhwest13/dis
      adds  6f352b5   Loop if describe_instance_status() is undef
      adds  13f5c04   Roll 0.28
      adds  1bcb8f9   Roll 0.29
      adds  337f0c7   Added vpc_id
      adds  8f71219   Added vpc_id
      adds  8af2ed1   Changed $VERSION to 0.29_01
      adds  b1ceb42   Merge pull request #37 from Captainkrtek/master
      adds  8a5ddf4   Added security group tagging support
      adds  05a5c60   Missing documentation
      adds  308a8aa   Added tagSet support
      adds  434bc32   Merge pull request #38 from hootsuitesteven/master
      adds  27959d5   Added describe_subnet and the appropriate response 
      adds  305c1a5   Merge pull request #40 from jc-asdf/master
      adds  82ed496   Changed amazon's base url to the new one. Following the 
new convention here:
      adds  fd4d530   Merge pull request #41 from anubhavmishra/master
      adds  f4ac462   Fixing describe_instance_status call to fetch all the 
status responses
      adds  356e07d   Ooops, forgot to set the var, this removes a duplicate 
aws call
      adds  486a9b6   Allowing for maxresults to be set, as well as nexttoken
      adds  ec155c4   Merge pull request #39 from mhwest13/dis_fix
      adds  6c1918b   added network interfaces attributes to describe_instances
      adds  bbba045   fixed network interface description to be maybe String
      adds  671ba6b   Merge pull request #43 from tsiganenok/master
      adds  90a61da   Address RT#90999 and RT#102798
      adds  24e0fb4   Add tagsets for images and snapshots RT#102787
      adds  e467204   Increase timeout value for describe_instances test
      adds  6819c2e   Ignore diffs and patch files
      adds  a2bc1e7   Roll 0.30
      adds  e5ff991   Imported Upstream version 0.30
       new  cf7b6cc   Merge tag 'upstream/0.30'
       new  91d3502   Update debian/changelog
       new  1549340   Update d/copyright, adding a paragraph for Jonas Courteau
       new  ee2e819   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6
       new  449de81   Mark package autopkgtest-able
       new  8a2ff95   prepare changelog for release

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changelog                                    |  12 +
 MANIFEST                                     |   2 +
 META.yml                                     |   2 +-
 debian/changelog                             |  12 +-
 debian/control                               |   3 +-
 debian/copyright                             |   6 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata                     |   5 +
 lib/Net/Amazon/                        | 400 +++++++++++++++++++++------
 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/ |   1 +
 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/ |  83 ++++++
 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/    | 115 ++++++++
 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/       |   1 +
 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/          |  11 +
 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/               |   1 +
 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/                 |   4 +
 t/02_live.t                                  |   2 +-
 16 files changed, 577 insertions(+), 83 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/
 create mode 100644 lib/Net/Amazon/EC2/

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