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fsfs pushed a change to branch master
in repository libtest-eol-perl.

      from  f41b97b   update changelog
       new  0de1956   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  91e5281   Update debian/changelog
      adds  a83ae79   Initial commit. Doesn't work, but I gotta go to work..
      adds  20975ce   Add .gitignore
      adds  0201682   Fix tests
      adds  29330dd   Fix docs where I failed to change from Test::NoTabs
      adds  a2a19af   bump versions
      adds  5bcec1c   Fix bug stopping this working in real dists, bump version
      adds  9161327   add trailing_whitespace option and release (3 times)
      adds  ece2d63   remove unportable system(rm
      adds  7479345   Ignore built dists
      adds  f0f1929   Fix warning
      adds  996eba3   Deal correctly with spaces in pathnames
      adds  fb935bc   Changelog, bump version
      adds  f825104   Remove built dists from MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  f17f417   Massive Raft full of chnages. Hopefully, this is the 
exact right fix. Win32 Test hackery attempt
      adds  94bc290   Convert to Dist::Zilla
      adds  a7706e6   Changelog formatting
      adds  fe02d07   Remove trailing whitespace
      adds  20b3840   Version 0.8
      adds  7ebe98c   Add additional parens for older perls
      adds  c7727ff   Version 0.9
      adds  939ef61   Fix misleading diag when looking for trailing whitespace
      adds  a2bfe7c   No longer blindly assume utf8 on input files (RT#59877)
      adds  936fb8f   Documentating + authorship
      adds  544b6dc   Version 1.0
      adds  a953e59   No point of switching utf8 layers in all-latin tests
      adds  8574fc0   Only test for an empty STDERR, we don't really care what 
STDOUT looks like
      adds  0af6b3f   Version 1.1
      adds  e52deba   Fix bad regex. RT#75968
      adds  88fd10c   Version 1.2
      adds  27c70d4   Fix to ignore inc/ directory used by Module::Install
      adds  defbc24   Version 1.3
      adds  f7dcf48   12-fail.t: fix output redirection
      adds  14caafa   12-fail.t: refactor common code in sub run_ok()
      adds  c0662b4   12-fail.t: fix most tests on Win32
      adds  1ec979a   12-fail.t: fix trailing spaces in the test source itself 
      adds  ed1f978   Enforce clean source by applying Test::EOL on ourself
      adds  56109ba   RT#76037 12-fail.t: cleanup 'bad_file_3' => Win32 ok
      adds  d5c5c38   dist.ini: s/CompileTests/Test::Compile/
      adds  dffb70e   dist.ini: Credit myself as an author
      adds  ade0782   Changelog
      adds  0ea2c8f   Version 1.4
      adds  856d7ba   Default to using the cwd to base tests
      adds  47e67d5   Changelog
      adds  f62a9f7   Version 1.5
      adds  b17c8cd   add ticket reference
      adds  3ec97be   make cutting releases easier
      adds  5a0bc53   Add 'no_test' import option to allow more composability
      adds  779feee   v1.6
      adds  ca545d9   Imported Upstream version 1.6
       new  24290d5   Merge tag 'upstream/1.6'
       new  630c651   Update debian/changelog
       new  9bc1147   Update copyright years, drop M::I paragraph
       new  24fa777   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6
       new  8a73537   Mark package autopkgtest-able
       new  c54a53e   prepare for release

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                        |   6 +-
 LICENSE                        |   8 +-
 MANIFEST                       |  13 +-
 META.json                      | 350 ++++++++++++++++++++---
 META.yml                       | 296 +++++++++++++++----
 Makefile.PL                    |  62 ++--
 README                         |   6 +-
 debian/changelog               |  13 +-
 debian/control                 |   3 +-
 debian/copyright               |   8 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata       |  10 +
 dist.ini                       |   4 +-
 inc/Module/          | 430 ----------------------------
 inc/Module/Install/     |  78 ------
 inc/Module/Install/      |  81 ------
 inc/Module/Install/    |  93 ------
 inc/Module/Install/ | 268 ------------------
 inc/Module/Install/ | 624 -----------------------------------------
 inc/Module/Install/    |  64 -----
 inc/Module/Install/ |  60 ----
 lib/Test/                |  31 +-
 t/00-compile.t                 |  97 +++----
 t/author-eol.t                 |  31 ++
 t/author-no-tabs.t             |  31 ++
 t/release-no-tabs.t            |  16 --
 t/release-pod-coverage.t       |  12 +-
 t/release-pod-syntax.t         |   5 +-
 27 files changed, 757 insertions(+), 1943 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 create mode 100644 t/author-eol.t
 create mode 100644 t/author-no-tabs.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-no-tabs.t

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