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  replaces  upstream/0.54
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Sun Sep 20 21:23:42 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.55
Version: GnuPG v1


Alexei Znamensky (1):
      small optimizations

David Schmidt (3):
      doc fix
      doc fix: use 'my' consistently
      fixed Filters link in POD

Doug Bell (1):
      upgrade to aliased 0.33 to fix warning on perl 5.21

Florian Ragwitz (12):
      Turn op_match into a method.
      Make dpath() unavailable as a method.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Give class methods a signature that reflects that they are.
      Convert subs to methods.
      Depend on MX::M::S 0.16 for non-scalar method arguments.
      Use the clean keyword instead of namespace::clean.
      Clean helper functions from the namespaces.
      Use the dirty trait to shut up clean warnings.
      Remove boilerplate tests.
      Update docs.
      Avoid clobbering $_

Kent Fredric (1):
      Make sure is only test.recommends, as is optional before 5.10

Lucas Kanashiro (2):
      Fix spelling error in manpage
      Imported Upstream version 0.55

Steffen Schwigon (475):
      - restart from scratch
      - more ideas noted
      - experiments with data iterator modules
      - experiments with Data::Traverse
      - experiments with references
      - new ::Path and ::Context classes
      - Moose'ified trivial start
      - test suite as spec
      - Changes -> ChangeLog
      - test suite, documentation
      - distribution maintenance
      - jump onto MooseX::Declare
      - code cleanup
      - ::Path also with MooseX::Declare
      - start a trivial path splitting, unfinished
      - splitting into steps
      - better step creation, lazy now works
      - first shot on executing a hash-only path
      - first paths working, according tests report OK
      - parent handling ".."
      - more complicated test data
      - better PARENT tests
      - changelog
      - synopsis, perl 5.010 dependency
      - dependencies MooseX::(Declare,Method::Signatures)
      - ompletely switch to MooseX::Declare with some work-arounds
      - more subtle test cases
      - micro fix in comments
      - git repository in README
      - fix MANIFEST
      - repository uri in pod
      - use Sub::Exporter to export
      - more SYNOPSIS
      - uniq results if found by many paths, plus test
      - depndency cleanup
      - no longer extend Exporter, since we are on Sub::Exporter
      - switch Module::Build to Module::Install
      - distribution maintenance
      - inc/ not in git
      - license minor fixes, gitignore & friends
      - not in git
      - SYNOPSIS finetuning
      - prototype for dpath foear even less parens
      - experiments to overload smart match
      - try balanced path part parsing with more quoting
      - nearly ok balanced expressions
      - documentation fixes
      - better tokenizing, can now slashes inside quotes "DD / DD"
      - fixed splitting path+filter on non-quoted keys
      - some documentation on paths and special characters
      - backslash handling
      - $VERSION inside class
      - document backslash handling and general DPath syntax
      - fix number of backslashes in doc
      - cleanup tokenizer
      - cleanup algorithm, really!
      - Plug in another tokenizer which can do most of the final DPath language
      - tests for the tokenizer with really strange path
      - allow different quotes for easier mixing
      - overloaded '~~' and tests
      - SYNOPSIS and POD for '~~'
      - old code deleted
      - another #TODO test idea how to match keys by regex
      - tighter SYNOPSIS
      - documentation (for unimplemented features, yes, but to design what I 
      - idea collection in TODO tests
      - Perlish isa usage in path stress tests
      - some iterator experiments, useless
      - path tests for steps consisting of just filters
      - just experiments
      - dependencies to Data::Visitor (latest, just for me :-)
      - documentation, evne when unimplemented
      - example how to run Data::Visitor for fun and profit
      - step KEY only uses hashes, rest ignored
      - implement and test '//' ('ANYWHERE')
      - even more tight SYNOPSIS
      - README no longer tied to DPath docs (was too verbose)
      - test for successive ANYWHEREs
      - fix forgotten deref arrayref
      - debug msg
      - unleash working tests
      - test successive ANYWHEREs
      - more multistep ANYWHERE tests
      - implemented first filter: [int] -> array index
      - corrected test
      - unleash working tests for FILTER int + new ones
      - *sigh*, we can no longer use MooseX::Declare
      - allow /KEY[int] in contrast to /KEY/*[int]
      - comments and docs
      - ANYSTEP also adds single values, not only sub arrays
      - unleash working test and better TODO hints
      - don't ignore README
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - dependencies to fixed versions down the dep queue
      - back to MooseX::Declare since it's bug fixed
      - experiments for a better '//'
      - cleanup
      - cleanup
      - new sub for '//' with better parent handling
      - adjust '//' tests to new result order
      - robust against '..' goes too up
      - debug output
      - test for combination '//..', only half working
      - test working sub prototype left on ~~
      - on the road to filter expressions, not yet working
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - fix plain ANYWHERE // to also return SCALAR values
      - vertical alignment
      - whitespace
      - whitespace
      - fix pod coverage
      - given/when --> if/elsif in eval filters
      - back to given/when
      - internal suite meta information for testing
      - allow negative indexes
      - yet another index test
      - filter with negative int tests
      - too high or too negative index filter tests
      - cut debug output and whitespace indenting
      - big Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick for more correct filter scope
      - tests for int filter un-TODO'ed
      - more test cleanup
      - fix forgotten 5.10
      - skip private suite meta if not available
      - more concise filter code
      - cleanup debug output
      - fix missing require for filters and report errors
      - fix clash with builtin: index -> idx
      - un-todo and fix test suite
      - fix whitespace in filters
      - allow size in filters + tests
      - tests combinations of ANYSTEP(*) with "size" filters
      - ChangeLog for release
      - deprecated comments deleted
      - pod coverage
      - new filter function "key" giving current element key if hash
      - no uninitialized warnings, as that's normal
      - indenting
      - tests for new filter function "key"
      - test for cyclic structures, needs to be skipped yet
      - new filter function "value"
      - test for filter function "value"
      - more tests for filter function "value"
      - SYNOPSIS and ChangeLog
      - doc fixes
      - TODO tests for better filter recognition (not yet working)
      - version bump for release
      - tests for negative array indexes
      - version bump for CPAN indexer
      - fix doc, where it's now no longer not yet implemented
      - more docs
      - more tests with size and version bump for release
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - package statements to help CPAN indexer
      - old idea collection deleted, already implemented
      - Use Scalar::Util::reftype instead of ref.
      - Provide "reftype" and "isa" filter functions
      - docs + changelog + version bump
      - Fix missing dependency to Test::Deep
      - (c) 2009
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - doc improvements
      - quoted special chars (*, //, ..) now work as keys
      - ChangeLog
      - minor pod special char fixes
      - v0.09 for cpan upload
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - dummy to test
      - clean away the debug prints, they became unpractically in the meantime
      - small idea collection after review
      - version bump, should become a release, will it really?
      micro git experiment
      - new step "NOSTEP" with single dot /./
      - tests for NOSTEP /./
      - some test cleanup
      - auxiliary debug filter function
      - docs: describe NOSTEP /./
      - tests for chained filters on NOSTEPs
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - yet another NOSTEP test
      - documentation, "why not XPath"
      - test for empty keys in hashes and paths
      Merge branch 'master' of
      a todo file with ideas
      todo: thinking about ancestor/preceding semantics
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - raised dependencies to current MooseX level
      Allow returning of references to matched points in original data 
      document "dpathr" for getting references
      some tests for "dpathr"
      changelog for 0.12 with "dpathr"
      ignore NYTProf output in git
      ignore NYTProf output in MANIFEST
      more tests for "dpathr"
      remove obsolete comment
      some dpathr tests
      aggregated tests for time measurements
      SEE ALSO section
      comparison matrix against Data::Path
      changelog for 0.13
      skip commutative test for ~~ as it is no longer in 5.10.1+
      fixed tests that relied on ~~ being commutative
      more "no longer commutative ~~" docs cleanup
      Attack warnings in smartmatch with undefined $_
      Attack warnings in smartmatch with undefined $_ on all fronts
      more or less output
      more comparison Data::(Path vs. DPath)
      changelog and cleanup for 0.14
      ups, even more cleanup
      skip with count
      #!perl -T --> #! /usr/bin/env perl
      security warning about contained eval
      more correct dpathr handling
      benchmark tests
      dependencies for benchmarking
      finetune tests with matching filters
      Merge branch 'master' of
      - introduce additional attributes on points
      - locally provide current point to filter functions
      - provide attribs{key} to values of hash keys
      - filter function key() now provides the key under which the value is 
      - fixed test suite to new key() semantics
      - just a linebreak
      - path semantics to apply filters to '/' now clear - fixed test
      - provide attribs{key} to values of hash keys also in ANYSTEP
      - provide attribs{key} to values of hash keys also in KEY
      silly debug output cleaned up
      - document new key() filter function behaviour
      - add type constraints to Point
      - new tests for more attribs{key} in NOSTEP and KEY
      - make synopsis more clear
      - fix docs/examples for filters
      - new tests for filter function size()
      - version++ and changelog for CPAN
      - allow slashes in filter expressions
      - activate tests for filter expressions with slashes
      - explicit tests for handling slashes in filter expressions
      - just a collection of tests during development
      - fix docs that avoided "/" in filter expressions, now it just uses them
      - tests now use "/" in filter expression with extreme prejudice
      - version++ and changelog for CPAN
      - migrate from extract_bracketed to extract_codeblock
      - test hardcore perl code in filter expressions
      - version++ and changelog
      only clean namespace if not in debugger
      hm, experiments with conditional clean
      I plan to use
      Docs: difference between /step[filter] vs. /step/.[filter] +vs. 
      Speed Optimization: in "//" look ahead to following key if possible
      clean is back
      clean is back
      Speed Optimization: aggressively remove type constraints
      Speed Optimization: convert array usage into arrayref usage
      CPAN release v0.20
      Speed Optimization: migrate to Object::Tiny::rw for data containers
      Speed Optimization: exchange Moose with Object::Tiny::rw
      Fix indenting
      Cleanup code by using no strict 'refs' and no warnings 'uninitialized'
      use Object::Tiny::RW instead of ::rw
      Prepare for v0.21 CPAN release, changelog, version++
      pod coverage an skip test::aggregate
      changelog micro fix
      switch from Object::Tiny::RW to Class::XSAccessor
      Speed Optimization: now even use Class::XSAccessor::Array for the next 
10% speed
      use constants
      Speed Optimization: save a reftype call
      drop useless defined check since no strict refs
      Merge branch 'xsaccessorarray' into xs+reftype
      Merge branch 'constants' into xs+reftype+constants
      use ref instead of reftype (does not work for blessed data)
      small profiled enhancements
      Merge branch 'xs+reftype+constants_aliased' into 
      more reftype replaced by ref, still prototype, not working for blessed 
      the "defined" checks were actually a Good Thing for speed
      the "defined" checks were a Good Thing for speed
      Fix path tests for now must use accessors, no internal hash keys
      Merge branch 'xs+reftype+constants_aliased' into 
      optimze the optimization: first try fast ref, then reftype
      more tests that trigger ref vs. reftype bugs
      Tests for strange behaviour
      Speed Optimization: only check ref in _any
      back to style without repeating code
      prepare changelog
      remove redundant operator test
      require Perl 5.10 and smartmatch overload only when available
      backported test suite for Perl 5.8 with most of the tests
      drop useless test
      Perl 5.8: say -> print; ~~ -> ->match()
      Incompatible cleanup: filter functions now only with exact one form
      Perl 5.8 dependencies, and testsuite fixed.
      document is_reftype()
      Merge branch 'perl5.8'
      no debug output
      fix ChangeLog for 0.30
      v0.31 just to fix docs and changelog of rather incomplete 0.30
      describe array semantics more verbose
      declare perl version
      no more skip on DPATH_BENCHMARK=1 as we are in xt/ anyway
      Merge branch 'master' of
      version 0.32 with dependency to Text::Balanced declared
      Merge branch 'master' of
      test case for regression around //KEY optimization
      fix regression test
      (hopefully) temporarily deactivate //KEY optimization
      I don't know, some progress output...
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fix //KEY optimization regression
      tests more aggregate friendly
      Prepare CPAN release 0.33
      solve some CPAN testing issues, new release 0.34
      add missing ChangeLog for 0.34
      fix stupid perl version checking in tests
      Merge branch 'master' of
      distro maintenance
      Merge branch 'master' of
      track size of benchmark data structure
      Merge branch 'master' of
      micro optimization
      more readable internal data structure
      New axis ::ancestor
      use done_testing() for tests
      tests for new ::ancestor axis
      New axis ::ancestor-or-self
      Code AEsthetics
      tests for new ::ancestor-or-self axis
      optimization idea comment
      factor out ::ancestor
      factor out ::ancestor-or-self
      factor out .. (parent)
      factor out . (nostep)
      factor out * (anystep)
      factor out /key
      factor out // (anywhere)
      factor out / (root)
      drop optimization hint
      rename select methods
      Code AEsthetics
      tests and data for benchmarking
      Prepare CPAN release, changelog, version++
      don't distribute xt/
      document new axes
      test for quoted '::ancestor'
      more verbose variable name
      ignore uninitialized
      Introduce Iterator style context usage
      at least some minimalistic docs
      prepare cpan release, changelog, version
      Iterator API harmonization
      Example for iterator style in Synopsis
      Access to actual values
      API cleanup
      Documentation cleanup after API rework
      Encapsulate attributes with own class
      Document Iterator Style usage
      Code cleanup
      Test for iterators
      Cleanup docs
      Cleanup tests
      version++, dependencies++
      implicit author tests
      fix regression with optimization and blessed ARRAYs
      reduced test to only needed data
      partitionize arrays
      test for array partitionize
      slightly more elegant partitioning
      Tests polish
      Tests with bitset TAP-DOMs + cleanup
      fully qualified constants in test
      restrict filter expressions to Perl core ops via
      deps++ and document usage of
      changelog with changes
      re-enable author test with unsafe debug expressions
      (c) dates++
      unittests for lost 0/undef hash values
      fix lost 0/undef hash values
      Fix the fix: use ref directly
      version++ and changelog
      fix bug with dpathr()
      Disney patch
      un-TODO now working test
      resurrect big-data benchmark
      test for reference juggling with dpathr()
      un-TODO now working 5.8.* tests
      fix 'earlier declaration' warning
      make reference tests 5.8 clean
      Code Æsthetics
      fix wrong changelog
      docs: hint to more slowness with Safe
      Speed improvement
      benchmark without
      allow too many parent(/..) steps
      less diagnostics
      add test for anomaly
      cleanup regression test
      handle uninitialized warnings in
      fix RT#68882 - value() filter function working odd
      simplify value() filter function
      RT#68882 test cleanup
      version++, ChangeLog
      version++, for future release
      Make xt/alltest.t output benchmark numbers
      for the alltest benchmark don't use Safe
      micro fix skip message
      xt/alltest.t now uses TAP v13
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/russoz/master'
      RT#69042 - use Sys::CPU to figure nr of processors
      depend on Safe 2.30
      fix POD violations
      What did you, see old man? -- Dist::jira ... Dist::jira.
      rename ChangeLog
      dependency to 2.30
      deactivated unused parallelization support
      fix whitespace
      documentation cleanup
      no more static_version in dist.ini
      changelog more like CPAN::Changes::Spec
      fix links to related modules
      relax dependency to Safe 2.30
      use Test::TAPv13 in tests
      Merge pull request #1 from pdl/master
      [FIX] tests to work with Perl 5.17.6+
      _any() saves a dereference
      Merge pull request #5 from preaction/master
      git ignore nytprof files
      docs: describe XPath-like attribute access
      Speed optimizations
      more details in latest changelog
      Merge pull request #3 from davewood/master
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into 
      Merge branch 'kentfredric-master'
      skip NYTProf files in dist
      no import from POSIX
      separate function '_all' into getting refs and deref
      provide empty line for dzil VERSION tweaking
      rt#106515: provide separate function 'match' and 'matchr'
      test: for new matchr() function
      Gna, confusing typo in ChangeLog...

pdl (1):
      POD Fix lib/Data/


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