This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

ntyni pushed a change to branch ntyni/autopkgtest
in repository pkg-perl-tools.

      from  248743b   autopkgtest/smoke: create dummy MANIFEST and 
      adds  4bf4e25   releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.14
      adds  3940a3a   examples/mass-commit: update copyright notice.
      adds  1a993ed   examples/mass-commit: add -s to proposed mr push.
      adds  35387b0   update changelog
      adds  bda9b84   Quote EOF to make clear no replacments are expected
      adds  d07af1b   autopkgtest/smoke: set AUTOMATED_TESTING and 
      adds  0f8d1d7   autopkgtest/smoke: also use if present
      adds  613f76f   autopkgtest/smoke: don't recurse into subdirectories of t/
      adds  b1d35e0   autopkgtest/smoke: don't overwrite MANIFEST* if they exist
      adds  a3bf0cb   Update changelog
      adds  b5bc4ae   Fix warning in if symlink points to ../…
      adds  134a860   Add lintian check for wrong section and package name when 
packaging applications
      adds  8a69335   Generally avoid symlink attacks 
      adds  e01e468   application-not-library: Fine-tune lintian check short 
      adds  51aefce   Fix debfiles vs unpacked in 8a693354
      adds  8c4365e   Also avoid symlink attacks 
      adds  f4d82cc   Update my copyright years
      adds  7adf302   Add a first bunch of false positive heuristics and 
whitelists to
      adds  91faef5   Shorten previously not so short short description of
      adds  1d89059   Mention in package description that the contained lintian 
checks need to be enabled explicitly
      adds  56fbf3d   fix typo in lintian override comment
      adds  8f02577   releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.15
      adds  7158ef1   autopkgtest/smoke: don't run boilerplate.t tests
      adds  e4aeff9   autopkgtest/smoke: support comments and empty lines in 
      adds  6117086   Add an "Enhances: lintian" header to since it contains 
lintian checks
      adds  2e0e3d8   Add changelog items for Niko's commits
      adds  82e8da2   Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no changes)
      adds  a7050b8   add myself to Uploaders.
      adds  8991ac3   autopkgtest/smoke: make smoke.t skip tests listed in 
      adds  6079a28   autopkgtest/smoke: skip t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t by 
      adds  0500b83   releasing 0.16 to unstable
      adds  c60a8e6   autopkgtest/smoke: survive empty t/ directories
      adds  e912333   autopkgtest/smoke: don't run with prove
      adds  8fd06b1   autopkgtest/smoke: skip t/04critic.t by default
      adds  824c6b6   autopkgtest/smoke: skip t/97meta.t by default
      adds  a288e75   autopkgtest/syntax: process packages with Suggestions if 
there's a skip list
      adds  0656fd1   autopkgtest: update README to reflect current practice
      adds  17a9814   update changelog
      adds  4f7ff5e   releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.17 to unstable
      adds  fb77318   Add basic lintian checks for Testsuite: 
      adds  f2b3929   update changelog
      adds  565bc4f   Update our lintian checks for lintian 2.5.28's API
      adds  aac8d23   Fix lintian warning missing-testsuite-header
      adds  e890bb1   scripts/github-oauth: Fix spelling t/ argued 
      adds  6036c17 Add comment about further refactoring 
      adds  4a6ca91   Further refactoring of with new 
Lintian::Path methods
      adds  eb32a3b   Update changelog wrt. closed bug reports
      adds  9c1dff2   Revert "scripts/github-oauth: Fix spelling t/ 
argued about"
      adds  7511359   releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.18
      adds  257c1ca   Fix traversing the wrong directory in 
      adds  812e240   Release as 0.19
      adds  8fed18c   dpt-import-orig: use present tense for changelog message.
      adds  c86c9b3   update changelog
      adds  638db7d   add a TODO item about dpt-import-orig
      adds  28f2083   cme: reformat debian/control
      adds  ce0bfe0   pkg-perl-tools: add autopkgtest and autodep8 to 
      adds  02ae432   update changelog
      adds  2bde979   Remove trailing comma in Build-Depends list
      adds  7ad88eb   Use ${perl:Depends} instead of perl in Depends for 
      adds  15b1ebe   Update debian/changelog file
      adds  fbc18fa   dpt-import-orig: also (optionally) remove tarballs named 
      adds  8c67952   update changelog
      adds  52c1fd0   Revert "Use ${perl:Depends} instead of perl in Depends 
for pkg-perl-autopkgtest"
      adds  3abd220   update changelog
      adds  eb4d11a   dpt-push: exit with the status of the actual 'git push' 
      adds  324a024   update changelog
      adds  6534739   Don't rely  on dash expanding escape sequences by default
      adds  3204990   Update debian/changelog file
      adds  801312c   forward-patch: Correct typo in error message (debain -> 
      adds  628b110   Update debian/changelog file
      adds  c667fe5   dpt-forward: add --force option, allowing forwarding an 
already forwarded bug/patch
      adds  6434427   Do not pass --force-yes to apt-get.
      adds  21efb90   examples/buildpackage-pdebuild: add -p option
      adds  dcfb7bd   examples/buildpackage-pdebuild: demote qemubuilder 
      adds  9028304   examples/check-build: rename piuparts log file.
      adds  8905e08   examples/check-build: update stripping of binary packages.
      adds  182822f   Update copyright years
      adds  92c1d13   update changelog
      adds  b30e2d6   more copyright updates
      adds  02a4ca9   Fix superfluous whitespace
      adds  5481392   check-build: Strip as well udebs when choosing to strip 
arch:any .debs
      adds  f3067d6   Update debian/changelog file
      adds  97e31e3   Replace calls to "gbp-something" with "gbp something" to 
support gbp ≥ 0.6.24.
      adds  1746abe   Mention that previous commit closes #783521
      adds  718e815   Upload to unstable as 0.20
      adds  c851830   examples/b: Use buildpackage subcomand for gbp in case 
git directory is present
      adds  20cf996   Update debian/changelog file
      adds  23c44a2   examples/buildpackage-pdebuild: initialize DEBBUILDOPTS 
with -d.
      adds  0dc2d15   update changelog
      adds  2ea841e   Also push git notes with "dpt push"
      adds  704bc81   dpt-import-orig: use Gbp-Dch for changelog commit message.
      adds  5cc2cdc   update changelog
      adds  87ad5a7   dpt-alioth-repo: Check first if a remote named "origin" 
already exists
      adds  c5da92d   Use Gbp-Dch instead of Git-Dch in ex/mass-commit + 
      adds  b29b130   Remove .mailmap stanza from debian/copyright
      adds  62aa18b   drop 'mr' alternative recommendation
      adds  f428974   update changelog
      adds  33c3f9a   Revert "drop 'mr' alternative recommendation"
      adds  e3b8d6f   Revert "update changelog"
      adds  4320dc0   add an idea to TODO
      adds  70bb29e   README.autopkgtest: quote all filenames under 
      adds  f382969   dpt push: add '|| exit $?' to the 'git push' call, 
keeping any error exit code
      adds  47a61cd   Also output the testsuite header's value if the tag 
nonteam-testsuite-header is emitted
      adds  b2ad90f   takeover: Use "gbp-import-dscs --debsnap" instead of 
"apt-get source" + "gbp-import-dsc"
      adds  d83f004   dpt-takeover: set -u only after environment variable 
      adds  42d162e   alioth-repo: Proper error message if distribution name 
couldn't be determined
      adds  fca9d9b   alioth-repo: Read a distribution name as 1st parameter if 
none is found
      adds  7e6ba4c   add TODO about review 87ad5a7 (dpt-alioth-repo / remote 
      adds  99a8ab4   Fix a typo and add some punctuation
      adds  cfddfdc   Fix another typo
      adds  218221f   Add another idea how to fix the issue
      adds  6d2a5b3   alioth-repo: If origin already exists, check if it's the 
right one. Skip creation if so.
      adds  04c7426   Always setup the repository on alioth if it doesn't exist 
      adds  5ca838e   Drop the "|| [ $? = 128 ]", it was just there to catch 
the case of an already existing repo
      adds  5ae8ad2   Slightly reword the warning if a proper origin is already 
      adds  dc9c0b7   alioth-repo: Add "I:" and "E:" prefixes to STDERR messages
      adds  4a28b25   Release to unstable as 0.21
      adds  0945ae7   dpt-takeover: update documentation to use of 
      adds  3ff17eb   update changelog
      adds  ae554b0   Document dpt-forward in dpt commands listing
      adds  6923f37   Update debian/changelog
      adds  beb1927   gen-itp: Use 5.10 feature "say" instead of local sub "p"
      adds  625889f   gen-itp: Nicer output formatting
      adds  3dca39e   gen-itp: Whitespace cleanup
      adds  1ecbd75   gen-itp: Mention in ITP if package will be maintained by 
the Debian Perl Group
      adds  c0e561b   Add empty Makefile.PL to fool autodep8 into thinking it's 
EU::MM based
      adds  93dcb2c   Add some explanatory content to the still no-op 
      adds  de3593f   Hardcode build system in debian/rules as "Makefile"
      adds  60e36ff   Add some comment to debian/rules about the build system 
fakery, too
      adds  3a3c569   Upload to unstable as 0.22
      adds  86bca38   Fix patchedit to support $EDITOR to contain commandline 
      adds  1bd2a9a   examples/check-build: use mergechanges for sourceless 
      adds  f166f6b   examples/check-build: add stanza for running adt-run
      adds  cd2388d   update changelog
      adds  e362a1c   check-build: also support pbuilder chroot image being 
called base.tgz.
      adds  84e8f40   check-build: add pointer with ideas on how to resolve a 
      adds  7fe10b5   check-build: support running adt-run with the 
adt-virt-qemu virtualization server.
      adds  876d82a   check-build: drop obsolete `tee' in the adt-run pipeline.
      adds  1f6cbb5   check-build: redirect STDIN from /dev/tty after adt-run 
has finished.
      adds  bd39563   check-build: use dpkg-parsechangelog instead of manually 
parsing debian/changelog.
      adds  8af79d2   check-build: fix indentation.
      adds  855a1ee   check-build: warn the user if autopkgtest failed.
      adds  31a8424   Move application-not-library lintian check to lintian 
      adds  1ab6b7d   Move module-name check to lintian proper.
      adds  3315e62   Move modulebuild lintian check to lintian proper
      adds  bf4bfdc   dpt-import-orig: imporve upstream tag handling.
      adds  4fd4ca4   Merge branch 'master' into ppt-lc-mover
      adds  b3070c7   Move no-perl-modules lintian check to lintian proper
      adds  4a5a66f   Move usr-lib-perl5 lintian check to lintian proper
      adds  0535b86   Recommend lintian >= 2.5.36 for the checks which used to 
be in here
      adds  1b9238d   Upload to unstable as 0.23
      adds  3475f57   Remove checks which moved to lintian from pkg-perl 
      adds  ccf4e6d   update changelog
      adds  434b345   releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.24
      adds  3265705   check-build: Check as well for udebs when astriping 
arch:any debs
      adds  d1c5f9b   Update debian/changelog file
      adds  58a051f   Fix typo in debian/changelog file
      adds  d0068c7   checkout: fetch debcherry notes if there are any, until 
fixed gbp is available
      adds  af5b99f   more things to do
      adds  67a8b55   Add support for debian/tests/pkg-perl/env-smoke
      adds  8524a71   releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.25 to unstable
       new  2b720e6   Rename autopkgtest configuration files, with a fallback 
to the old names
       new  5d358a7   Make it possible to override the prove --merge option
       new  e085d27   Fix documentation references to smoke.t
       new  744754c   Support executing debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-setup as a 
last resort
       new  93056c1   update changelog

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Makefile.PL                                        |   6 +
 TODO                                               |   5 +
 autopkgtest/README.autopkgtest                     |  57 +++--
 autopkgtest/scripts/build-deps.d/smoke             |  72 +++++-
 .../scripts/runtime-deps-and-recommends.d/syntax.t |   7 +-
 autopkgtest/scripts/runtime-deps.d/use.t           |   5 +-
 bin/dpt                                            |   6 +-
 bin/patchedit                                      |   2 +-
 debian/changelog                                   | 245 +++++++++++++++++++++
 debian/control                                     | 138 ++++++------
 debian/copyright                                   |  26 ++-
 debian/pkg-perl-autopkgtest.lintian-overrides      |   2 +-
 debian/rules                                       |   5 +-
 examples/b                                         |   6 +-
 examples/buildpackage-pdebuild                     |  26 ++-
 examples/check-build                               |  44 +++-
 examples/mass-commit                               |   7 +-
 examples/pbuilder-hooks/C10shell                   |   2 +-
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/module-name.desc           |  12 -
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/             |  65 ------
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/modulebuild.desc           |  16 --
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/             |  60 -----
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/no-perl-modules.desc       |  11 -
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/testsuite.desc             |  22 ++
 .../pkg-perl/{ =>}  |  27 ++-
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/usr-lib-perl5.desc         |  14 --
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/           |  50 -----
 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/                  |   6 +-
 lintian/profiles/pkg-perl/main.profile             |   5 +-
 scripts/alioth-repo                                |  37 +++-
 scripts/checkout                                   |   7 +-
 scripts/forward                                    |  32 ++-
 scripts/forward-patch                              |   5 +-
 scripts/gen-itp                                    |  56 ++---
 scripts/import-orig                                |  18 +-
 scripts/missing-upstream                           |   6 +-
 scripts/push                                       |   9 +-
 scripts/rename-uploader                            |   4 +-
 scripts/takeover                                   |  23 +-
 scripts/upstream-repo                              |   2 +-
 40 files changed, 699 insertions(+), 449 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Makefile.PL
 delete mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/module-name.desc
 delete mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/
 delete mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/modulebuild.desc
 delete mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/
 delete mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/no-perl-modules.desc
 create mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/testsuite.desc
 rename lintian/checks/pkg-perl/{ =>} (61%)
 delete mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/usr-lib-perl5.desc
 delete mode 100644 lintian/checks/pkg-perl/

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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