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carnil pushed a change to branch master
in repository libnet-ssh2-perl.

      from  b16ae9d   update changelog
       new  b7d196d   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  f23bfa9   Update debian/changelog
      adds  f4643b7   Convert to Module::Install and Module::Install::CheckLib
      adds  8267624   added MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  8729c17   remove Makefile from MANIFEST
      adds  9ab6eb0   ->sock accessor, win32 support for tests, timeout on 
socket, new release
      adds  f5d83a4   fix skip count in tests
      adds  7e35e5e   some fixes for Cygwin
      adds  c088a91   minor packaging enhancements
      adds  907506e   add repository to meta.yml
      adds  0c1297b   or die semantics and Timeout option for ->connect
      adds  6f542e1   fix Timeout option (add key)
      adds  ce532cf   include patch for $chan->pty_size($w, $h) from Rubio 
      adds  7ed7ba7   fix unitialized warning, release
      adds  149b4d0   reverting a bad uncommitted release
      adds  3c0830b   Suse + 64bit patches from HMBRAND, fix breakage on 0.18 
and earlier due to pty functions, release
      adds  702dd6c   fix splice warning when connecting with a socket handle 
      adds  ee11bbf   rename symbol libssh2_error to xs_libssh2_error to avoid 
symbol clashes
      adds  4aaad18   attribute last change
      adds  6f0d325   remove eval $VERSION, release
      adds  6a79482   add trace => 1 option to ->new (RT#59292), release
      adds  07fb388   change trace option to use bitmask, so it becomes trace 
=> -1, also added ->trace method
      adds  9c9ced9   Make net_ch_write() spin on LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN
      adds  d053f28   Handle partial writes in scp_put().
      adds  241f0b8   Repo is now on GitHub.
      adds  33957df   Convert the example to strict and warnings.
      adds  b1a5891   Add a .gitignore
      adds  cbbdde7   remove trace option from XS constructor
      adds  397c8dc   check for blocking mode when spinning on EAGAIN in 
      adds  f00f219   update repo address to public address
      adds  f0de6a0   add $chan->exit_signal (patch from
      adds  c130586   add note that exit_signal support requires libssh2 1.2.8
      adds  851ce53   add block_directions and new constant exports
      adds  cd82065   release 0.34
      adds  c2fe157   fix for segfault due to auth_list() (RT#68060)
      adds  71be26d   release 0.35
      adds  37c0e1c   add /opt/local to lib search path
      adds  978e311   allow setting of $inc and $lib from the command line
      adds  c3912a5   update Changes
      adds  1dd3188   release 0.36
      adds  2541168   update ppport.h, fix libssh2 ver check, release 0.37
      adds  7d5d05a   add version check for block_directions, release 0.38
      adds  d81b0a5   fix double free in auth_password (RT#69444)
      adds  fe91baa   release 0.39
      adds  f90ed5f   added ssh-agent authentication support
      adds  7081ef7   Fix agent authentication bug in Debian (due to libssh2 
version distribted)
      adds  ab88fba   Add auth_agent to the list of methods for prioritizing 
      adds  f83fe12   Merge pull request #3 from krimdomu/master
      adds  c4b9efd   support non-blocking mode for agent auth
      adds  6ceea49   add version check for agent auth
      adds  2140df7   release 0.40
      adds  121cdf4   make sure $inc lib is prefixed with -I (RT#73659)
      adds  8963d32   release 0.41
      adds  d4fab82   reorganize and preserve order of search paths
      adds  baca24b   add LD_LIBRARY_PATH to search paths (RT#74747)
      adds  11fca8a   release 0.42
      adds  b0267ae   add BUILDING.WIN32 guide
      adds  9db7666   better fix for missing -I for inc= (RT#73659)
      adds  1c954c1   add a note about BUILDING.WIN32 to Makefile.PL msg
      adds  88e6c13   release 0.43
      adds  ff9b9a8   callback argument setup was leaking references in 
auth_password, fixes RT#76701
      adds  4c1a259   Merge pull request #5 from salva/master
      adds  1c9db23   update to latest ppport.h
      adds  0f0b98b   release 0.44
      adds  7374bb2   add 64bit instructions to BUILDING.WIN32
      adds  5731a8e   release 0.45
      adds  2f8da46   fix segfault when releasing sftp with debug
      adds  aa228d8   release 0.46
      adds  5d6d7ef   Explicitly support building against libssh2 built with 
      adds  7dfc965   Setup threading callbacks for gcrypt
      adds  19375d1   Setup threading callbacks for OpenSSL
      adds  d2fb660   Merge pull request #10 from jamessan/pu/threadsafety
      adds  1321114   Add a timeout method applying to the whole session
      adds  93780a3   Merge pull request #11 from zehkae/global_timeout
      adds  76bc07d   add note to Makefile.PL instructions for gcrypt
      adds  95997ff   Changes for 1321114, 19375d1 and 7dfc965
      adds  fa65223   release 0.47
      adds  d277821   make SSH2.xs build under non-threaded perls
      adds  4095a8a   Merge pull request #13 from mauke/fix-unthreaded
      adds  f02a771   Win32 compatibility fix
      adds  d65df1e   Merge pull request #12 from kmx/master
      adds  03a048b   update Changes with last two PRs
      adds  58bc601   release 0.48
      adds  c532508   enforce max C89 compatibility on gcc (RT#87069)
      adds  b8e87db   release 0.49
      adds  13d43f6   remove #warning (for -pedantic-errors) (RT#87398)
      adds  74cb24d   release 0.50
      adds  47c3f71   disable c89 mode on non-dev builds (and sol+mingw)
      adds  549f20b   release 0.51
      adds  a011714   return the number of bytes recive. for SCP 
acknowledgement. this will return 0 if scp is not installed on the remote 
machine. so we can deal with this error.
      adds  7ee17cf   Merge pull request #17 from krimdomu/feature/scp-error
      adds  73328eb   fixup a011714 to return # bytes/undef, changelog
      adds  10788a8   release 0.52
      adds  0644a06   env vars for lib/inc/ldargs for build (RT#88265)
      adds  6b740d1   release 0.53
      adds  1b80a40   wrap libssh2_session_flag method
      adds  17b3e3c   add LIBSSH2_FLAG_COMPRESS
      adds  5764aa6   regenerate with new constants
      adds  564ef0c   Add support for "Compress" option into method "connect"
      adds  5f359ee   document "flag" method and the new "Compress" option 
available for the "connect" method
      adds  234e0fd   Document latest changes
      adds  13f8f16   wrap libssh2_channel_window_write_ex which allows to 
query the channel write window size
      adds  e3edf6e   document Net::SSH2::Channel::window_write method
      adds  04e5e2c   update Changes file with entry for method 'window_write'
      adds  50e6d15   disable libssh2_session_flag and 
libssh2_channel_window_write_ex wrappers when libssh2 is too old to support them
      adds  92c4b75   wrap keepalive methods
      adds  0e59f34   disable keepalive_config and keepalive_send when the 
libssh2 version is too old
      adds  ee8c3f9   document keepalive_config and keepalive_send methods
      adds  7cc411e   Update Changes
      adds  cdb99ba   wrap libssh2_knownhost_* functions
      adds  0fbcfca   rename hostkey method as hostkey_hash and warn when the 
former is used
      adds  5e8fd51   wrap libssh2_session_hostkey as remote_hostkey
      adds  f42d45e   readfile returns the number of entries read on success
      adds  6008506   add new set of constants required by the new known_hosts 
      adds  dd12af9   update copyright information
      adds  271a7ce   support compiling against old libssh2 versions
      adds  aad3a6d   regenerate constant wrappers
      adds  0b99d0b   fix harmless typo
      adds  efaa88b   add entry for known_hosts to Changes file
      adds  972d7d4   call clear_error when entering Net::SSH2::KnownHosts 
"add" and "check"
      adds  00e76d5   Net::SSH::KnownHosts methods now croak on error
      adds  c94ed0e   add Net::SSH2::KnownHosts usage example
      adds  d5bcd98   wrap libssh2_knownhost_(write|read)line functions
      adds  29c1680   add window_read and receive_window_adjust wrappers
      adds  f815c46   LIBSSH2_ERROR_KNOWN_HOSTS was not defined until libssh2 
version 1.4.3
      adds  a6938d5   update Changes file with latest changes
      adds  57e8a7b   set pass-by-reference values to 0 before passing them to 
functions, otherwise, rubbish comes out
      adds  ac4887d   don't try to fill the buffer calling 
libssh2_channel_read_ex a second time when on non-blocking mode
      adds  a3b85d5   fix memory leak in auth_agent method
      adds  9356f72   accept undef as a valid ext argument without generating a 
      adds  4a4473a   Fix type warnings
      adds  2ad55cd   OS X complains about OpenSSL being deprecated
      adds  ded13bf   Merge pull request #21 from jacquesg/warnings
      adds  bc639cd   mark Net::SSH2::KnownHost API as experimental
      adds  7ee900b   Allow passing undef for public key on `auth_publickey` 
      adds  ed8c1b5   Merge pull request #23 from yunikim/publickey-null
      adds  752ea14   add constant LIBSSH2_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED
      adds  ab6d762   add method auth_password_interact and fallback option 
into auth
      adds  d63923c   use passphrase to refer to the passphrase instead of 
      adds  b762739   the public key can be extracted from the private one when 
the OpenSSL backend is used
      adds  1c63f62   Reorder the authentication rank
      adds  d23dbe3   rename password argument for hostbased authentication as 
      adds  d29af46   exit_signal was not handling correctly the no exit signal 
case, fixes #RT90332; there was also an error on the signal structure 
      adds  e63db4f   Grammar/spelling fixes
      adds  e640833   rewrite 'auth_agent' method which was leaking file 
descriptors unclosed, fixes #22
      adds  fda6cca   Make "auth" method pseudo options behave as booleans
      adds  e63f2b1   check auth arguments not just exists but are actually 
defined, otherwise they would be optional
      adds  b72e5f5   a couple of s/exists/defined/ which made more sense
      adds  d1fa634   add missing OUTPUT directive to auth_agent method
      adds  4d23f9b   Fix auth_keyboard file descriptor leaking
      adds  c0ecc52   improve callback data handling
      adds  ba64e42   rewrite auth_password using the new callback argument 
passing infrastructure
      adds  24d325a   rename cb_data to cb_args
      adds  e7746a3   add support for Travis CI
      adds  ac6955f   channel write now _correctly_ reports the EAGAIN status, 
and retries the write operation until the buffer is exhausted
      adds  c1c10b2   add MANIFEST to .gitignore
      adds  ed76bff   increase poll timeout to 2s; fixes #rt81357
      adds  cde8ae7   when doing scp set the local file handles to binmode, 
fixes #rt34342
      adds  362abed   fix edge case in channel write method
      adds  33e293c   improve tcpip docs
      adds  e855a65   add spell testing script and fix detected errors
      adds  ef18df5   do not include pod-spell.t in distribution, no need to 
test for spelling errors when installing by users
      adds  31d1c22   Use IO::Socket::IP for IPv6 support
      adds  b18e76b   Merge pull request #24 from bk/ipv6-support
      adds  92b1c59   make IO::Socket::IP dependency optional
      adds  1a082e5   improve password handling code
      adds  bf670f7   oops, reenable IO::Socket::IP
      adds  b6a0431   update Changes file with later modifications
      adds  65be3a1   update copyright notices
      adds  224a3c6   add Kitover as a valid English word
      adds  d3efacb   improve the look-also section
      adds  f1fe5ca   prepare for 0.54_01 release
      adds  b0e1c65   recommend use libssh2 v1.6.0 or later
      adds  38c298c   rearange README a little and add osx instructions
      adds  748ad12   Merge pull request #25 from jasonblewis/osx-doc-updates
      adds  bc1117a   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      adds  2786ebb   document how to run tests
      adds  1e68be4   Merge pull request #26 from jasonblewis/master
      adds  7501f93   make hostname question clearer
      adds  a408dc5   Merge pull request #27 from jasonblewis/master
      adds  935dfde   add comment about how net_ch_write should behave because 
it is not evident
      adds  0a56f5a   fix net_ch_write always ignoring errors
      adds  34577f1   remove obsolete comments; update copyright notices
      adds  39b86e8   prepare for release 0.54_02
      adds  fa7f016   add sample script to reproduce bug #rt80011
      adds  1c40073   set authentication parameters correctly in test script
      adds  60e58a7   prepare for release 0.55
      adds  ec4ff93   Imported Upstream version 0.55
       new  12fb94d   Merge tag 'upstream/0.55'
       new  7685ed0   Update debian/changelog

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .gitignore                     |  19 -
 Changes                        |  39 +++
 MANIFEST                       |   2 +-
 MANIFEST.SKIP                  |   4 +
 META.yml                       |  24 +-
 MYMETA.json                    |  47 ++-
 MYMETA.yml                     |  38 +-
 Makefile.PL                    |  37 +-
 README                         |  66 ++--
 SSH2.xs                        | 778 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 debian/changelog               |   6 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata       |   5 +
 fallback/           | 565 ++++++++++++++++++++----------
 inc/Devel/          |  16 +-
 inc/Module/          |  22 +-
 inc/Module/Install/     |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/      |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/    |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/ |   4 +-
 inc/Module/Install/ |   6 +-
 inc/Module/Install/    |   2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/ |   2 +-
 lib/Net/                | 283 ++++++++++++---
 lib/Net/SSH2/        |  30 ++
 lib/Net/SSH2/     | 204 +++++++++++
 t/Net-SSH2.t                   |  33 +-
 typemap                        |   9 +
 27 files changed, 1719 insertions(+), 528 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 .gitignore
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 lib/Net/SSH2/

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