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        on  Thu Oct 1 14:36:16 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.9810
Version: GnuPG v1


Aaron Crane (23):
      Cache AUTOLOAD-generated methods for future use
      Factor out new __with_reconnect method
      Bug fix: apply reconnect logic to KEYS and INFO
      Bug fix: forbid PING and SHUTDOWN in SUBSCRIBE mode
      Document scalar-context KEYS return
      Refactor: don't conflate subscription commands with standard commands
      Rename __try_reconnect to __throw_reconnect
      Refactor to use __run_cmd where possible
      Remove final argument in __read_response, __read_response_r
      Always call __read_response_r as a method
      Pipelining support
      Refactor __run_cmd as __queue_cmd
      Add tests for pipelined INFO and KEYS
      Factor out new __run_cmd method
      Refactor: inline __queue_cmd in its only caller
      Refactor: save one level of closure invocation
      Performance enhancement in non-reconnect mode
      Documentation for pipelining
      Make more use of Test::Deep to simplify tests
      Make tests more resilient to Redis hash-order changes
      Make tests pass under Redis 2.6
      Handle 2.6-format INFO output
      Document 2.6.x support in Changes

Alex Kapranoff (1):
      Support topic "0" in psubscribe

Andreas Koenig (2):
      localizing $? prevents interference with the use of $? within 
      introduce SKIPs for all tests that fail on redis 1.2.0

Celogeek (2):
      try to get a cnx timeout
      use Test::TCP for cnx_timeout test

Damien Krotkine (62):
      Merge pull request #54 from jbolila/patch-1
      add dams as co-maintainer
      try to make travis work
      try to make travis work
      updated Changes
      set git user name to TravisCI, hopefully will help travis to build it
      remove Test::Kwalitee for now
      Merge pull request #51 from Songmu/feature/fork-safe
      Merge pull request #48 from nightlord/master
      fix typo
      Merge branch 'rgs-doc-slowlog'
      updated Changes
      remove the encoding / decoding features
      minor tidying
      rewrite dist.ini
      updated changes
      fix typo
      add missing test require
      Merge pull request #59 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      add naive sysread / read benchmark
      select current database upon reconnection
      updated changes (fix #38)
      reuse addr
      fix #34
      updated Changes
      Merge pull request #61 from mbeijen/hset-pod
      Merge pull request #62 from mbeijen/hdel-pod
      use MBT and MMF
      remove useless install of Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::MELO
      connection, read & write timeout
      added test files to test timeout feature
      use new IO::Socket::Timeout with different API
      updated changes
      don't include logs in the release
      Merge pull request #66 from andk/compat-redis-120
      minor cleanup
      Merge pull request #67 from rgs/master
      Merge pull request #71 from celogeek/master
      Merge pull request #72 from celogeek/master
      Merge pull request #70 from vsespb/unsubscribe_docs
      skip tests that fail on some platforms
      use exists $args{server} in missing places, and do the same with sock
      fix test prereqs for travis
      Merge pull request #78 from PerlRedis/ikruglov/77_new_server_empty
      Merge pull request #75 from xtab/master
      don't use each, use foreach keys
      forgot to use exists in one place
      Merge branch 'sentinel2'
      added sentinel timeouts
      Merge pull request #84 from PerlRedis/ikruglov/optimize_try_read_sock
      Merge pull request #86 from 
      fix test
      Merge pull request #96 from vsespb/fix_the_unicode_bug
      Merge pull request #106 from kappa/zero-topic

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fixes

Dobrica Pavlinusic (73):
      module-starter --module Redis --author="Dobrica Pavlinusic"
      quit, ping
      set, get
      test non-existing key and strip cr/lf after get value
      incr, incrby
      del, small refacture into sock_result
      make _sock_result private, type
      keys, _sock_result_bulk
      rename, renamenx
      cleanup NX variants of commands
      use stable key names to have predictible results
      rpush, refactor _sock_send_bulk to expect +OK
      llen, _sock_send
      lrange, _sock_send refactor
      lset, generalize _sock_send_bulk to any number of arguments
      check type of list
      lpop, rpop
      support for set foo => undef
      Redis::List to tie perl arrays
      sadd, srem
      added link to Redis::List
      fix boilerplate texts
      REDIS enviroment variable controlls debug output
      cleanup fails on empty database
      flushdb, flushall
      Redis::Hash tie with optional prefix
      fixed Redis::Hash keys problem,
      sort keys so we get predictible order for test
      comment debug output
      comment debug output
      bgsave, lastsave, shutdown
      benchmark bindings and redis server
      update bindings for new protocol 0.08
      fix warnings
      implement same benchmarks as redis-benchmark in C
      sinter ordering of results (in insertion order?) changed with recent 
redis from git
      test that info returns HASH
      document and test redis object for issuing normal commands
      added Redis::Hash benchmarks
      version bump [0.0801]
      test contructor with server argument
      use Data::Dumper instead of Data::Dump so all our dependencies are perl 
core modules
      confess command and result
      Added support for Redis >= 1.2 bulk commands
      version bump [1.2001]
      document changes in new version
      added CPAN RT #54841 info
      added use bytes to support utf-8 encoded strings
      use Encode::_utf8_on to mark bytes from Redis socket as utf-8 chars
      added encoding notice
      notice utf-8 fix
      simple publish script for testing

Flavio Poletti (3):
      minor documentatio fixes
      minor nitpicks and completed tests for sets
      completed documentation for sets

Gregor Herrmann (1):
      Switch from Digest::SHA1 to Digest::SHA, the latter is core RT-81841

Ivan Kruglov (13):
      compare performance of readline vs sysread vs recv
      uncomment needed lines in benchmark
      PP Redis protocol parcer implementation based on sysread
      Redis->new(server=>'') does not connect to localhost:6379 #77
      Fix usage of MSG_DONTWAIT in Win32
      optimize __try_read_sock()
      test to prove bug #85
      extend tests for bug #85
      keep track of WATCH/UNWATCH/MULTI/EXEC/DISCARD and disable reconnection 
bug #85
      add Net::Emptyport to dist.ini
      Revert "add Net::Emptyport to dist.ini"
      use croak instead of die
      Merge pull request #91 from bjakubski/bjakubski/every_option_docs

Jeff Lavallee (6):
      Added super-basic test for hset/hget
      made POD coverage tests run conditionally
      added .gitignore
      added tests for all Hash Commands
      ignore dist files
      added tests for most of the zset commands

João Bolila (1):
      set syntax error (or)

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.9810

Masayuki Matsuki (1):
      fix fork safe test

Michael Klishin (1):
      Fix .travis.yml so that it is valid YAML travis can parse

Michiel Beijen (2):
      Fixed POD for hset
      hdel POD did not render correctly.

Pedro Melo (175):
      Redis GET with undef is a protocol error for 2.x and beyond
      Make sure you pass each SORT argument separate
      Make sure setting/getting an empty string works
      Add support for Redis 2.x, and other tweaks:
      Make debug prettier
      Promote all die's to confess(): more usefull information in case of errors
      Extract send command logic from AUTOLOAD; make it more robust
      Move QUIT command out of the common case
      Added tests with big values
      Rewrote response reading code, moved INFO and KEYS out of AUTOLOAD
      Cleanup comments
      Add initial support for subscriber mode:
      Run perltidy on the class
      Added __can_read_sock(): attempts to read from Redis server, non-blocking
      Fix: __is_valid_command() must deal with both upper and lower-case cmds
      Allow size of reads from socket to be tuned
      On quit(), remove our internal buffer even if we can't close the socket
      Fix __read_response() call in keys(): used wrong command
      Added support for Redis PubSub:
      Fix __read_responses() with multi-bulk replies containing $-1 responses
      Add support for nested multi-bulk responses:
      Tidy up test files
      Fix encoding parameter to new():
      Split __read_sock into __read_line and __read_len
      Replace sysread-based network code with PerlIO buffered reads:
      Merge branch 'redis2.0'
      Cleanup Changes
      Ignore redis-server dump.rdb file
      Cleanup Makefile.PL:
      Documentation tweaks:
      Tidy Redis::List and Redis::Hash
      Added Test::SpawnRedisServer for startup/cleanup of a Redis server
      Convert most tests to use the new Test::SpawnRedisServer
      Improve Redis::List
      Improve Redis::Hash
      Tidy Redis tests
      Update MANIFEST
      Fix README
      Bump version to 1.900_01, our first release candidate for the new 2.0 rel
      Rename test files, make this uniform with the others
      Prepare version 1.901
      Add special case for shutdown(): there is no response
      Make sure ping() never dies
      Prepare release 1.902
      Bump Test::More to version 0.96:
      Removed Guard dependency, replaced with the use of a END block
      Prepare version 1.903
      Deal with multi-bulk NIL responses (Case 42) RT#64040
      Prepare release 1.904
      Merge pull request #7 from polettix/master
      Merge pull request #8 from rhaen/master
      Add ACKS for recent merges
      Added ACK for Thiago tests
      Add a auto-reconnect mode:
      Added documentation to the Redis constructor
      Merge branch 'reconnect'
      Document REDIS_DEBUG env var
      Add support for UNIX domain sockets
      Test non-blocking code over UNIX sockets
      Make sure double quit() and shutdown() calls work properly
      Make sure we kill the server only once
      Make sure the server is dead before we test the failed connection timeout
      Remove private PATH settings
      Allow REDIS_SERVER ENV to be used with both tcp and unix sockets
      The read() call requires a defined data when using IO::String
      Fix copyright year
      Add missing dependencies
      Prep 1.925 release
      Use debug loglevel on the test server
      Make sure we catch dead servers and timeouts:
      Remove missing debug information from previous commit
      Do at least 5 seconds per round per benchmark case
      Fix MANIFEST with missing test files
      Prepare bugfix release 1.926
      Merge pull request #9 from arc/autoload-cache
      Merge pull request #10 from arc/pipelining
      Add deprecation of encoding constructor attribute
      Adjust documentation to use Github infrastructure for code and issues
      Add Aaron Crane to the CREDITS section
      Prepare release 1.950
      Drop vm-enabled no:
      Improve the documentation:
      dzil-ify the distribution
      Remove unused variable
      Make sure SYNOPSIS is valid Perl
      Mark multi()/exec() + pipelining as alpha
      Skip Kwalitee tests for now
      Stop using D::Z::P::RemovePrereqs, we have the same feature in @MELO
      Document Pub/Sub commands
      Remove Tie::StdHash from our dependencies, its creating probs
      Disable POD tests for now, the 404 checks fail with the Github links
      Add config file for
      Merge pull request #19 from michaelklishin/patch-1
      Remove --noquiet to debug travis-ci + Dist::Zilla powered modules
      Tweak for travis + Dist::Zilla, using mjgardner/svn-simple-hook example
      Use --notest while installing Dist::Zilla + our dependencies
      Make sure Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Authority knows who is the AUTHORITY
      Pushed default authority for @Author::Melo dzil bundle
      Add support for automatic AUTH command on connect:
      Take care of bad passwords:
      Tweak documentation for automatic authentication
      Document changes for automatic authentication
      Merge pull request #23 from arc/support-2-6
      Fix typo in Redis::Hash documentation
      Make sure REDIS_SERVER_PATH works
      Make sure our test directory is clean before starting the Redis server
      Our test redis-server can have a customizable timeout now:
      Move "is Windows32" decision to a constant
      Be more flexible when detecting Windows:
      Replace read() with sysread() in __try_read_sock() if we are running Win32
      Prepare next release, check Changes
      Fix dist.ini to work with latest @Author::MELO
      Make sure we include perl 5.16
      Tracking down a problem installing D::Z::PB::Author::MELO:
      Prepare small release to fix setup
      Merge pull request #26 from tsee/master
      Merge branch 'windows-fix-with-sysread'
      Remove left over die from script tests
      Improve script tests to check script_load() returns valid sha1 digest
      Add documentation for the new scripting commands
      Prepare next release
      Remove trailing spaces
      Skip scripting tests if redis-server found lack scripting support
      Add on_connect callback to Redis constructor
      Tidy code a bit
      Remove extra cpanm commands: installing the PluginBundle should be enough
      Make sure we have a redis-server available
      Be more precise when dealing with syswrite errors
      Make sure quit() doesn't die if we fail to send the command:
      Update Changes for new release
      Tweak Dist::Zilla config, enable some tests, disable portability for now
      Prepare release 1.957
      Disable MinimumPerl plugin for now, see RT82718
      Replace Test::Exception with Test::Fatal
      Fix Pod
      Use to test the new server connection, return redis-server 
      If redis-server cannot be started, make sure we reap the zombie
      T::SpawnRedisServer::redis() accepts requires_version => VER now
      Add tests for 2.6.9 client {set,get}name commands
      Add name parameter to new(): sets the connection name (2.6.9+)
      Updated docs with CLIENT * commands, plus name constructor parameter
      Update Changes, prepare for new release
      Merge branch 'client_set_get_name'
      Re-organize pubsub tests into a subtest
      Make reap() available to test files if requested
      Second parameter to reap() is the limit (in seconds) to wait for a child
      Allow multiple, concurrent, test redis-server's:
      Make sure only the process that created the redis test server can kill it
      The coderef that kills the test redis-server returns true if it died
      Add test case for #31: wait_for_messages() shouldn't block if sock is dead
      Check errno more thoroughly, better detection of EOF situations in 
      Tidy everything using tidyall -a; config files included now
      Make sure we kill the server before we leave
      Don't include my own tidyall and perltidyrc:
      Update ChangeLog to new release, 1.959
      Allow new() name param to be used safely with redis-server < 2.6.9
      Update Changes for 1.960
      Tweak qr{}, "fix" broken syntax highlight
      Extract wait_one_response() from wait_all_responses()
      Update Changes for 1.961
      The name parameter to new() can be a CodeRef
      Merge pull request #39 from vkroll/documentation/hashes

Rafael Garcia-Suarez (3):
      Add documentation for the slowlog command
      Work around a pod parser bug with some http links
      Remove redundant test for debug mode

Steffen Mueller (4):
      Transform multi-word commands into separate strings in Redis protocol
      WIP: Prototype Redis Sentinel implementation
      Tentatively correct "Sentinel replying IDONTKNOW" handling
      Implement other sentinel subcommands and sentinel autoupdate

Thiago Berlitz Rondon (1):
      Add test for reconnect.

U-LIFEBOOK\Administrator (2):
      add lib/Redis/* to MANIFEST so that CPAN distro contains relevant files
      add scripts/* to MANIFEST

Ulrich Habel (1):
      Fail due to missing binary looks nicer

Victor (3):
      Clarification for (p)unsubscribe commands.
      Fixing inconsistency with binary strings (called "the unicode bug").
      better exception message for the fix of inconsistency with binary strings 
(called "the unicode bug").

Volker Kroll (1):
      Added documentation for working with Redis-Hashes.

bj5004 (1):
      fix 'every' option unit documentation and examples

dams (67):
      minor dist.ini fix
      fix #60:  makemaker required version
      fix #63 (test for 2.8)
      don't include logs in git
      now we can test redis Sentinel. fixed some various typos
      use diag
      fix test
      don't use confess, use croak instead
      reimplement Sentinel support
      fixed trivial bug when using cnx_timeout
      exclude logs from release
      use Net::EmptyPort to get a free port. Some phrasing fixes
      emphasis even more
      fix tests breaking in some cases
      more doc, more sentinels options
      fix issue #76 : we need Test::TCP 1.19 or more
      fix doc for 'every' option, fix #81
      fix sentinel tests
      Merge branch 'ikruglov/sysread_implementation'
      dev release
      new version
      fix test requirement #92
      updated changelog
      back to gitversion
      back to gitversion
      fix dist ini syntax, try to make travis happy
      remove DevelopRequires as it's not supported by travis
      PR #101 : croak when reconnecting while responses are pending.
      redo the fix, instead introduce safe_reconnect
      documentation reorg
      new generated documentation
      replaced safe_reconnect into conservative_reconnect
      require IO::Socket::Timeout = 0.28 which fixes an important issue when 
using non timed out sockets along with timed out ones when using socket based 
timeout detection (meaning on OSes like windows, solaris)
      require IO::Socket::Timeout = 0.29 which fixes an important issue when 
using non timed out sockets along with timed out ones when using socket based 
timeout detection (meaning on OSes like windows, solaris)
      updated changes
      fix éseté documentation as per Emanuele Tomasi <> 
      fix éseté documentation as per Emanuele Tomasi <> 
      fix a bug where when not yet connected, pid is undef, leading to warnings

hisaichi5518 (1):
      added fork-safe

sunnavy (1):
      return undef makes @list = ( undef ), which is sad

xtab (1):
      __try_read_sock: also check errno if read returns 0

zhihong zhang (1):
      fix duplicate spop

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (1):
      Add a no_auto_connect_on_new option to ->new


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