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  replaces  upstream/0.15
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Tue Oct 6 17:05:14 2015 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.16
Version: GnuPG v1


Brian T. Wightman (7):
      Create a connector for DBD::LDAP
      Add connector module
      Add contributers section
      Update Changes file
      Add test for uri to dsn mapping
      Add test for engine parameter behavior
      Add POD documentation

Brian Wightman (1):
      Update .travis.yml

David E. Wheeler (115):
      Init repo, start main files.
      Implement basics with first tests.
      Test many URI combinations.
      Add URI::postgresql.
      Add MySQL.
      Add SQLite.
      Add Oracle.
      Add Cubrid.
      Add Firebird.
      Add SQL Server
      Add DB2.
      Add Ingres.
      Add Sybase.
      Add Informix.
      Let URI load the db classes.
      Add Teradata.
      Add InterBase.
      Add Unify.
      Add MongoDB.
      Add MonetDB.
      Add MaxDB.
      Add Impala.
      Add CouchDB.
      Add Hive.
      Add Cassandra.
      Add Derby.
      Add Vertica.
      Add version.
      Convert to an opaque URI starting with "db:".
      Test handling of unrecognized engines.
      Add DBI DSN support.
      Add examples to docs and reference URI::QueryParam.
      Update email address.
      Add username to a test.
      Add aliases for PostgreSQL.
      Add MarieaDB.
      Test MariaDB and PostgreSQL alias DSNs.
      Handle full db path when host part with no host.
      Add mssql.
      Document the format in the README.
      Separate spec README from Perl readme.
      Tweak some Pod examples.
      Authority part requires host.
      Remove tests with authority part and no host.
      Fix more borked authority examples.
      Disallow relative paths after authority parts.
      Doc tweaks.
      Revert "Disallow relative paths after authority parts."
      Okay, a path part actually may not begin with a slash.
      Allow authority without host.
      Missing host implice localhost.
      Tweak figure alignment.
      Update Pod.
      Require URI.
      Allow assignment to dbname.
      Add Travis CI config.
      Make the engine mutable.
      Document mutable accessors.
      I kant spel (thanks @timbunce).
      Add missing link.
      Add URI::db::couch.
      Just have couch inherit from couchdb.
      Add maria, max, monet, mongo, and sqlite3 subclasses.
      Only check spelling in the file with Pod.
      Plan once.
      Create new base class _db.
      Turn URI::db into a wrapper around a URI::_db object.
      Fix uninitialized value warning.
      Add tests to ensure URIs without "db:" prefix work.
      Add the `uri` method to _db.
      Update docs, add fragment tests.
      Allow the engine to be changed.
      Tweak the setting of scheme and engine.
      Add new_abs() and abs() to URI::db.
      Split engine tests into their own script.
      Add new().
      Add rel().
      Add eq().
      Hard-code common accessors and methods.
      Shorten query example, add fragment.
      Add note that some implementations may recognized non-db: URIs as 
database URIs.
      Add additional fragment docs, more notes on recognizing URIs without db:.
      Do not ship .travis.yml.
      Move code to URI::Nested.
      Warning: Alpha release!
      Timestamp v0.10.
      Inrement to v0.11.
      Pod tweaks.
      Generate a proper Oracle DSN when no host or port.
      Use DBD::Sybase for SQL Sever instead of ODBC.
      Timestamp v0.11.
      Increment to v0.12.
      Eliminate "v-string in use/require non-portable" warning.
      Timestamp v0.12.
      Increment to v0.13.
      Add subclasses for Postgres-XC.
      Merge pull request #3 from MidLifeXis/add_connector_for_dbd_ldap
      Note contribution of URI::ldapdb.
      Timestamp v0.13.
      Increment to v0.14.
      Add abstract for URI::ldap.
      Use ODBC with Vertica.
      Always need the port for DSN-less ODBC.
      Add badges.
      Timestamp v0.14.
      Increment to v0.15.
      Add canonical_engine().
      Timestamp v0.15.
      Increment to v0.16.
      Switch MS SQL Server to ODBC.
      Fix dbname for URI with // but no authority.
      Timestamp v0.16.

Eric Radman (1):
      Add link to ruby-pg-url

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.16

Stefan Suciu (2):
      Cubrid default server port is 33000
      Update cubrid port in tests


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