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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.22+dfsg

Christopher J. Madsen (193):
      Added .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP
      Converted tabs to spaces & removed trailing whitespace
      Incremented version to 1.02 Minor documentation changes: Added 
Christopher J. Madsen as maintainer Added LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT and DISCLAIMER 
OF WARRANTY sections
      Fixed strip regexps to work under Perl 5.10
      Added my copyright to README
      Changed AUTHOR to CJM and added LICENSE
      Link to github repository
      Be compatible with old MakeMakers
      Updated Changes for 1.02 release
      Ignore generated directories
      Ignore test-results directory
      Moved to lib/PostScript/
      Use Dist::Zilla to build distribution tarballs
      Added pstr function/method
      Ignore .build directory
      Added my own POD tests instead of using PodTests
      Mark POD coverage as TODO
      Fixed new to handle the file & dir parameters correctly
      PNG output now invokes Ghostscript directly instead of through a shell
      Added file_ext parameter & {get,set}_file_ext methods
      Fixed print_file to work with older version of File::Temp
      $VERSION should be a string
      Use MatchManifest plugin instead of Manifest
      Added embed_document method
      Include resource types in %%DocumentSuppliedResources comment
      Fixed pre_pages to build PostScript_File procset before including the
      Link to PostScript::Calendar & PostScript::Report
      Import 'import' from Exporter instead of setting @ISA
      Updated Changes for October 20, 2009 release of 1.03
      Strip indentation from here docs even when strip => 'none'
      Added fi06content.t
      Allow WIDTHxHEIGHT as a paper size
      add_comment now appends to comments (RT#25786)
      Added tests 'strip comments' & 'multiple comments'
      Use Test::Differences if available
      pstr now wraps strings longer than 240 characters
      Changed pstr to make sure the result won't get stripped
      Made strip comments more aggressive
      Updated Changes for October 22, 2009 release of 1.04
      Automatically writes to /tmp/fi06content.t when 'gen'
      Added cp1252 support
      Note what versions we're being backwards compatible with
      Char 96 in Win1252Encoding should be grave, not quoteleft
      Don't use indirect object syntax in examples
      Change output (actually print_file) to return the pathname
      Ensure %%BoundingBox is integral
      Added examples &
      Name the Encoded_Fonts resource after the encoding
      Fixed bug in pstr (wasn't quoting backslashes)
      Fixed Win1252Encoding vector (/zcaron was in wrong position)
      Added examples &
      Added tests for all special characters
      Handle %%PageOrder correctly (it's not called %%Order)
      Added PostScript::Calendar & PostScript::Report to DESCRIPTION
      Updated Changes for October 29, 2009 release of 1.05
      Don't reencode Symbol
      Added example
      Added Metrics & Metrics::Loader along with get_metrics method
      Added examples/
      Added generated metrics for the standard PostScript fonts
      Added font size to Metrics
      Updated MANIFEST
      Documented get_metrics
      Use Pod::Loom to process docs
      Export encode_text from PostScript::File to PostScript::File::Metrics
      Minor doc fixes
      Documented Metrics::Loader
      Document diagnostics and use confess
      Don't use Carp (don't need it)
      Reword license to match Software::License
      Remove Christopher Willmot from author & copyright_holder
      Renamed tests
      Changed ISOLatin1Encoding to match PostScript's (\055 is /minus)
      Added font metrics tests
      Changed encode_text to handle HYPHEN, NON-BREAKING HYPHEN, & MINUS SIGN
      Document that pstr accepts nowrap ONLY when called as a method
      Added auto_hyphen attribute with get/set methods
      Preserve unmapped characters when encoding/decoding
      Added string width tests
      Added decode_text & convert_hyphens methods
      Added auto_hyphen processing to Metrics
      Added 45-hyphens.t
      Added tests for nowrap and hyphen processing
      Test that font attributes are scaled properly based on font size
      Minor documentation cleanup
      Test POD coverage for Metrics & Metrics::Loader
      Minor doc changes
      add_default now appends to defaults
      add_resource now appends to resources
      add_setup, add_page_setup, add_page_trailer, & add_trailer now append
      get_strip now returns none, space, or comments instead of RE
      Version 1.06 will be called 2.00 instead
      Added 00-load.t
      Use File::Temp instead of leaving test-results directory around
      Minor test enhancements
      Note that cp1252 chars exist in the standard PostScript fonts
      add_function is now a no-op if has_function returns true
      Fixed pre_pages so multiple calls to output don't cause duplicate listings
      Call output twice on all tests
      embed_document now handles & removes TIFF, WMF, or EPSI preview
      Include a Local Variables section for Emacs in the %%Trailer
      Changed the way test names are generated to avoid wide character warning
      In eps mode, output now returns a list of pages
      Skip loading PostScript::File::Metrics::Loader if Font::AFM not found
      Test pathname returned by output
      Don't use indirect object form of new in tests
      removed PNG output (suggests PostScript::Convert instead)
      output accepts an open filehandle as a filename alternative
      Added embed_font method
      Reencode fonts added using embed_font or add_resource
      Added example and associated UASquared font
      Fixed get_resources to return fonts like it used to
      Changed embed_document & embed_font to convert CR or CRLF to LF
      Note that not all printers support Type42 fonts
      Added need_fonts & need_resource
      Added need_fonts to examples
      Mapped some control characters as accents in Win1252Encoding
      Use unified_diff if Test::Differences supports it
      Added xt/release/perlcritic.t
      Don't load Sys::Hostname unless we're actually using it
      add_resource accepts all DSC 3.0 resource types
      Add errfont and db_font (when used) to DocumentNeededResources
      Added test for need_resource
      Changed add_function to use BeginResource instead of BeginProcSet
      Use GitVersionCheckCJM plugin
      Store an encoding object instead of the encoding name (for efficiency)
      Minor doc cleanup
      Do not permanently set the filename when output is passed a filename
      Normalized capitalization of "PostScript"
      Use undef to represent unspecified filename
      Require Perl 5.8.0 (dzil now handles perl prereq properly)
      Added testable_output method
      Added t/65-testable.t
      Updated Changes for February 26, 2010 release of 2.00
      Avoid "Use of uninitialized value in open" in Perl 5.8.9
      Fixed Encode prereq (actually need version 2.21)
      Add "# This file is part of..." comments
      Run critic on PostScript::File::Metrics::Loader
      chmod +x examples/*.pl (dzil now preserves mode)
      Minor cleanup to POD
      Updated Changes for March 3, 2010 release of 2.01
      Fixed my email address in some tests
      Switch to @CJM
      Clean up README
      Revised the rules for hyphen-minus processing
      Cleaned up POD
      Clean up use of eval and properly localize $@
      Use copyright_year in COPYRIGHT section
      Updated Changes for December 24, 2010 release of 2.02
      Doc fixes (only setting bounding box enables clipping)
      Added _def function to simplify default values
      Added newpage option to constructor
      Fixed clipping (can't clip inside gsave/grestore)
      Added get_{,page_}printable_{width,height} methods
      Updated Changes for May 5, 2011 release of 2.10
      Add set_wrap_chars method to Metrics
      Add ZERO WIDTH SPACE support to wrap method
      Add optional \%param to wrap method of Metrics
      Add chars option to Metrics wrap method
      Add warnings option to Metrics wrap method
      Require Encode 2.21 in code, not just metadata
      Capture and test warnings
      Store warnings as strings instead of regexes
      Use AutoPrereqs
      Updated Changes for October 11, 2011 release of 2.11
      Use AutoPrereqs & RecommendedPrereqs
      Add all_comments strip type
      Add optional type parameter to strip method
      Add PostScript::File::Functions
      Document PostScript::File::Functions
      Rename add_function etc. to add_procset etc.
      Add hLine & vLine
      Use loop to calculate necessary $id length
      Make use_functions return self
      Add set_min_langlevel method
      Add showLines
      Major documentation overhaul
      Fix add_preview to not strip the preview
      Fix check_tilde to accept 0 as a valid directory name
      Add *.tmp to .gitignore & MANIFEST.SKIP
      Sort methods to list related methods together
      Remove duplicated docs for constructor options
      Make formerly undocumented methods private
      Rename get_ordinal to _get_ordinal
      Make _functions use a per-class hash automatically
      Minor documentation improvements
      Updated Changes for February 11, 2012 release of 2.20
      Update to Author::CJM 4.33 & DZil 5
      Don't use Moose::Autobox
      Updated Changes for May 2, 2015 trial release of 2.21
      Bump version to 2.22 for release
      Updated Changes for May 9, 2015 release of 2.22

Christopher Willmot (13):
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.01
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.02
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.03
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.04
      CPAN release PostScript::Graph::File 0.06
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.07
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.08
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.09
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.10
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.12
      CPAN release PostScript::File 0.13
      CPAN release PostScript::File 1.00
      CPAN release PostScript::File 1.01

Florian Schlichting (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.22+dfsg


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