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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Oct 17 21:31:51 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.92

Dave Rolsky (53):
      Add new repo to Changes
      Add META.yml resources
      Update .shipit for hg
      Modernize MANIFEST.SKIP
      Basic .hgignore
      Updated LDML code to follow inheritance in the proper path, including 
<fallback> tag.
      Fill in era names from parents just like months, days, etc.
      just add all of cldr 1.7.1 for test data
      remove debugging cruft
      More ridiculous recursion workarounds for weird cases like nb/nn
      Add a test to make sure fill from parent really works
      Ignore generated files
      Test days for en_US
      simple is it an xml file check
      Always generate data for a file, even if it has no calendar data itself, 
we want to get data from parents.
      uncomment important pieces
      All locales should inherit from Base
      Make pod generation an option that can be turned off via the CLI
      Always expect a calendar node
      Get latest CLDR data and put it in top level of repo
      Script for getting latest cldr data that we use into the repo
      post hg conversion tweaks
      post hg conversion tweaks
      Test ->datetime_formats method (and add it so it exists)
      Check for generated files when run from a checkout
      Fix typos
      Ignore DateTime/Locale/
      Fix path to check for locale files
      Revert to files from 0.45 tarball
      Make Changes file UTF-8 (was ISO-8859-1)
      Don't ignore generated files
      Ignore .tidyall.d dir
      Switch to dzil and add all locale files to repo
      Add generated cpanfile
      Don't use $language as an id guess if it's not set
      Add $NEXT to Changes
      Special case C.* locales in DateTime::Locale and test that they're 
handled sanely
      Add .travis.yml
      Add more spelling words to stoplist
      Skip Test::Version for now
      Bump version after release
      Fix typo in Changes
      Add 5.22 to build targets and use Travis containers
      Add dev to perl list, allow blead failures, add coverage, use travis-perl 
      Add aspell package
      Add Test::Output to DevelopRequires list
      Include aspell-en package for .travis.yml
      Quote Perl versions so 5.20 is not interpreted as 5.2
      Changes for 0.92
      Set version to 0.92
      Remove Git::CheckFor::CorrectBranch plugin

autarch (312):
      DT::Locale files, whee!
      *** empty log message ***
      change XML location
      latest ICU XML data has a locale with just one time format for all lengths
      XML has changed!
      fa_IN is no longer in ICU XML
      *** empty log message ***
      add in docs
      test ISO639-2 alias module
      don't alias root (eek, makes for a mess)
      don't allow aliasing an id to itself
      remove implicit $_
      default... => default...length
      distinguish between default format and default format length
      *** empty log message ***
      don't include undef keys in catalog data
      no warnings, just die
      separate out guessing id bits
      fix recursive lookup
      don't assume user has DateTime installed when running tests!
      allow aliases to "pure" aliases, because this is handled properly in 
      one test now, for alias loops, can use more
      bare return so caller gets undef/empty list
      more tests of alias functionality
      don't make pure aliases out of anything for which there is a 
corresponding ICU file
      include hard-coded aliases in POD
      don't use aliases for locales that have different
      more doc tweaks
      remove extra spaces
      no need to store complete names, since this can easily be generated
      add test for invalid name to load()
      don't require complete names for registering a locale since this can be 
      skip old african locales (not todo) because invalid name to load now 
causes exception
      expect exception from trying to load invalid locale name/id
      more stuff
      don't include undef pieces
      this actually works with 5.6.1 (and presumably 5.6.0)
      don't eval open
      add else to if/else clause (duh)
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      add some minimal docs
      *** empty log message ***
      a license
      manifest updates
      tweaks to generated locale code
      make default date and time format length an attribute of each locale
      remove format length bits
      formats are no longer stored in arrays
      more tests
      date_time => datetime
      make validation regex more correct
      remove stubs
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      no need to load
      *** empty log message ***
      more on default formats
      *** empty log message ***
      cache results of load()
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      fix docs
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      new version
      pod tests
      not being used
      more tests
      turn on warnings for all tests (and make sure there are none)
      *** empty log message ***
      add new tests
      make code & docs sync up!
      move docs
      make datetime_format_pattern_order private
      doc all locale object methods
      *** empty log message ***
      new spot to report ICU bugs
      this isn't being kept up to date and I'm not sure how it differs from the 
Changes file
      *** empty log message ***
      actually add handling for file option
      *** empty log message ***
      test the "guess id" bits
      new versions of the ICU XML data have the full English names in the en 
locale, not root
      fix _guess_id to actually work, and don't call non-existent method once 
we have one
      *** empty log message ***
      sign releases
      remove generated file from CVS
      add storable hooks
      doc bug fixes from Jean Forget
      *** empty log message ***
      updated to most recent ICU XML files (august, 2004)
      new tests
      update ICU license file
      more updates
      fix type in filename
      update for release
      fix era() for year 0
      new release to fix era buglet
      add return $self
      allow dashes in locale ids
      fix custom classes passed to register
      update version #
      use traditional Makefile.PL
      all changes
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      fix patcher's name
      add M::B to build_requires
      should be dist_author
      add missing "use strict"
      Rename this tool since the new data source will be the CLDR
      Lots of updates to get the generator working with the latest CLDR
      Get all the tests passing.
      Remove unneeded entries.
      Incorporate the ISO639-2 aliases into the catalog directly. This makes
      Add a test for the eras() method to make sure it does what we expect.
      Add ignore prop
      This is a locale, not a tz.
      Add a STORABLE_attach method to cooperate with newer versions of STORABLE.
      Fix the generator to get the narrow day/month properly.
      Fix has_data() func in generator.
      ignore .svn dirs
      Remove .cvsignore file.
      Add release date.
      Doh, forgot to add the methods would need to get the new
      Load File::Spec, since the tests uses it. Not sure how this passed,
      Update changes.
      Make sure to not try to run tests which need if we know we
      Preparing a new release since 0.31 will fail its tests if
      Do validation on the name passed to load() in order to catch undef
      Per the Storable docs, return false if STORABLE_freeze is doing
      Update version # and changes file
      These are locales, not time zones.
      Add dclone test, though this doesn't tickle the bug I saw when using
      Fix handling of multiple am/pm values.
      Remove STORABLE_attach entirely. It seems to be causing weird bugs
      Fix bug when $opts{name} is passed.
      Make --name actually do something.
      Adjustments to deal with the latest changes to the XML formats in CLDR 
      Increase generator version.
      The formerly incomplete locales have now been completed, but a new
      When skipping known bad locales, only skip them if the XML file's
      The short date format for the root locale has changed in CLDR 1.5.
      The "ii" locale has the same day abbreviation for two days. Go figure.
      Increase version #
      Ignore more generated files.
      Changes for 0.35.
      Ignore generated files and put this property in the right dir.
      Fix speling
      Updated to latest license (just changes copyright year).
      Capitalize forcearray
      Fix a typo in the synopsis code
      Some minor reformatting
      Split up some big subs
      modernize pod tests
      Split up some more overly long subs
      XML::Simple was spitting out warnings in many cases, because there
      Document need for quarter_names() and quarter_abbreviations() in 
      Add various datetime formats to generated data.
      Require Perl 5.6.0+ and tweak code to use its features.
      Fix typo in var name
      Sort keys for datetime formats
      more work on handling formats, including tests for this data
      lots of doc updates
      A reimplementation of the generator as LibXML-based consumer of the
      extract more data
      Get rid of the real class hack, we'll just generate mostly empty .pm
      Add some optimizations to avoid resolving unneeded aliases.
      Add source_file attribute
      Add source_file
      Handle case of an XML file with no calendar data and add tests for it
      Remove is_complete attribute, since ssy actually does have enough data
      add default_date_format_length and default_time_format_length
      Handle incomplete sets of days, months, etc properly
      generate the various datetime formats
      Implemented {en,native}_{language,script,territory,variant}, which
      handle no datetime_format for the locale cleanly
      more test data files
      Fix typo in module name
      backwards compatibility hack to convert CLDR patterns to strftime
      update ignore list
      new generation script
      Remove debugging hack
      add first_day_of_week attribute
      add another test data file
      handle int attributes
      Need to make default date & time format accessors private
      Make this just point to Locale::Catalog
      Lots of doc updates
      strftime becomes format_cldr
      generate datetime formats at runtime, which makes inheritance simpler
      sort keys in hashref
      Make sure all locales have an en_language
      enable and test hack data fixes
      If the strings are quotemeta'd, they need to be put in double quotes
      The stand_alone subs should all "inherit" from the format subs if they 
don't provide any data.
      More 'inheritance' madness. I am kind of guessing at this point, since
      Rewrote it to work with the new data.
      update ignore list
      tests almost all passing with new generation code
      a few more test updates for the latest data
      POD fix
      POD fixlet
      more manifest updates
      rename am_pm -> am_pm_abbreviated since am_pm was used in the old api
      am_pm was renamed to am_pm_abbreviated
      am_pm renamed to am_pm_abbreviated
      Don't try to make an alias if the $to method doesn't exist
      A whole bunch more backwards compat
      Even more backwards compatibility junk
      More methods needed for subclasses
      Update changes
      more changes
      Add prefers_24_hour_time method and test it
      Require 5.006 first
      finally came up with an aliasing algorithm that seems to be correct
      Make tests pass
      Actually add POD to generate locale files
      Add license bits
      Add footer to Catalog
      Escape @urth
      remove the old generation code
      small doc tweaks
      update manifest base
      Just check pod coverage for non-generated files
      Make some undocumented methods private
      Don't expect coverage for Storable hooks
      add tests for first_day_of_week
      lots of doc updates
      Handle no calendar data a little differently, so that we still look at
      Oops, this is hashref, not an arrayref
      more test data
      fix test count
      update manifest
      Fix POD generation for new data
      Add available formats and some misc info to the generated POD.
      updated Changes
      More changes
      More changes
      Remove doubled __END__
      Add date
      add .shipit file
      Use fq name for uniq to shut up warning with 5.6.x
      Made some minor changes for 5.6.x
      Load an xml catalog (may reduce net access)
      Add CLDR version to catalog and generated files so it can warn on a 
      update ignore list
      bump for version 0.41
      update tests for CLDR 1.6 data
      Add release date
      Add new test to manifest.base
      Add a DONATIONS section
      Fix alias generation to include the old hard-coded aliases.
      Added a test for some selected aliases
      just put these tests in 02...
      Add tests for some other aliases
      No need for all this caching junk, just turn off external dtd loading
      Update our 3-to-2 language code mapping from the latest ISO639
      bump version and update changes for release
      Make sure one of the example times is after 12pm to demonstrate
      Use non-deprecated CMOP method
      medium date format for root has changed in CLDR 1.7.1
      Test changes to accomodate latest data in CLDR 1.7.1
      Update CLDR license
      Changes for 0.43
      Bump version to 0.43
      Add a missing close paren.
      Add deprecation notice for all old methods
      convert to unix line endings
      require P::V 0.91
      bump version and update Changes
      Add release date
      Pod fixlets
      Fix docs to show correct usage
      Lots of doc fixes, particularly on subclassing
      Changes entry for doc updates
      updated test data from latest cldr
      Get interval format data and test this
      run all code through perltidy
      Run code through perltidy
      Update ISO-639 data
      Handle Maybe types
      First stab at handling interval formats (but will not go in next release)
      get field name data from LDML
      More formatting fixes
      merge available formats in rather than doing it in DT::L::Base
      The hack for the az locale is no longer needed in the current CLDR data
      build merged field names in
      Handle merged available formats when generating locales.
      Changes for available_formats
      No need for a special sub for available formats
      Add field names to generation output
      add tests for field names
      Doc field_name and relative_field_name for subclassers
      Clarify docs for field names a bit
      Copy docs from
      Add changes note for field names
      Mark old methods as deprecated and don't call them in 01basic.t
      No need for FQ sub
      Add tests for deprecation and improve deprecation warning
      Doc deprecation warning in changes
      bump version to 0.45
      Fix indentation
      Add new deprecation warning tests to manifest
      Sort available formats for POD

convert-repo (1):
      update tags

fiji (1):
      Added the date_parts_order() sub to the locales and changed the

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.92

jhoblitt (2):
      copied from
      fix example typos

koschei (1):
      - POD nits.

unknown (1):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.


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