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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libdancer-session-cookie-perl.

      from  a3ef45d   releasing package libdancer-session-cookie-perl version 
      adds  85601d3   ignore rules and MANIFEST update
      adds  e4192ad   README update
      adds  c187803   test dir
      adds  ca6492e   meta files
      adds  87fb3ef   lib/Dancer/Session/ is clean
      adds  51609f2   Some pre-release cleanup
      adds  df2e6f3   More release-engineering
      adds  a58103d   s/::CheckManifest/::DistManifest/ because of 
      adds  cbb8285   setting() is now exported by Dancer
      adds  6e71f03   Bump version
      adds  1ea3b20   Release 0.11 -- fix 0.1 for new Dancer
      adds  cdba886   boilerplate test is not more useful
      adds  f73e1d2   Protect from warnings inside MIME::Base64
      adds  1b9891a   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  01511a7   Bump version
      adds  274d3b3   0.13, doc fixes
      adds  0000c28   Test loading session_key from config.yml
      adds  585b6cd   Mention other implementations
      adds  0944867   Use BUILD_REQUIRES from newer MakeMaker
      adds  7fd2d53   Test exceptions
      adds  b87b226   Concatenate path in a portable way
      adds  806671a   Add session_cookie_path to control the path of the cookie.
      adds  0acf103   Make Dancer::Session::Cookie honor the session_name 
setting added to Dancer::Session::Abstract
      adds  48b69ef   Add missing MYMETA.yml
      adds  b01da94   Add support for session_secure to serve https only 
      adds  ef81038   Merge remote branch 'schwern/feature/session_secure'
      adds  dd9e988   Backout wrong version check
      adds  bffe0af   0.15
      adds  a831471   Fix for Dancer > v1.3012
      adds  7c0513a   reflect Changes
      adds  cfe3054   MANIFEST updates
      adds  e2764a4   Bump version to 0.14
      adds  66eb4da   skip test 02-configfile.t if YAML is not present
      adds  828c15e   Bump version to 0.15
      adds  5a8fdb2   reflect Changes
      adds  2100b5a   Merge branch 'release/0.15'
      adds  99e66d8   FIX test plan
      adds  98628c3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  3b16ab2   Destroy sessions in the cookie not just memory
      adds  ba35ae9   Refactor cookie writing
      adds  6df131e   Delay writing cookie or flushing to after hook
      adds  b035785   Convert to use Session::Storage::Secure
      adds  d444a98   convert distribution to @DAGOLDEN style dzil
      adds  98f490c   remove release tests from t
      adds  d2b3e54   add stopwords
      adds  b1ca829   Changes
      adds  0b2f4a3   bump Changes
      adds  6c6cece   reset version numbers for re-release
      adds  0a73e44   bump Changes
      adds  ac038b9   fix localhost address used in tests
      adds  4661961   bump Changes
      adds  a526677   test forwarding
      adds  8205ce3   hack around inability to set cookies more than once
      adds  480cd74   update Changes and meta
      adds  a0a95ae   bump Changes
      adds  4aed424   fix session_expires bug and improve testing
      adds  03899df   tweak prereqs and tidy
      adds  20364d2   bump Changes
      adds  f7b8806   Add test for session stealing bug
      adds  7fcfc5b   Ensure $SESSION is unset before the route is executed
      adds  d83611c   update Changes and meta for release
      adds  6ea3cd5   bump Changes
      adds  6df50fb   test for issue#6
      adds  37aadba   Use improved Dancer hooks to fix session bugs
      adds  7e3e765   updated Changes and meta
      adds  0ced31a   bump Changes
      adds  7fb1bac   bump Session::Storage::Secure prereq
      adds  671d4ac   v0.22
      adds  3a3cc7e   bump Changes
      adds  d6bf017   let user store objects in the session
      adds  8392471   adding test
      adds  c654b2e   Merge branch 'pr/1'
      adds  2a9befd   distribution management
      adds  0c6af85   unused variable
      adds  ce62930   v0.23
      adds  963ed91   release again with right permissions
      adds  f4b3d9c   v0.24
      adds  a87fc0d   port to T:W:M:P
      adds  2585014   all test-tcp changed to test::www::mechanize::psgi
      adds  b7308f2   changelog
      adds  6325a8e   Merge branch 'test-tcp'
      adds  f0ee8ba   v0.25
      adds  3e07ef7   document 'session_expires' setting
      adds  d8b0f75   Mention max cookie size
      adds  95afc35   changelog
      adds  86bc8c6   Remove the usage of Test::WWW::Mechanize::PSGI:
      adds  f775c5c   add logs/  to .gitignore
      adds  9f8fd48   changelog
      adds  ea7cb57   merge branch 'pr/5'
      adds  a1c15df   dist.ini update
      adds  88d7b8d   v0.26
      adds  11b08bc   remove README.pod
      adds  f187997   changelog
      adds  8f2abbb   merge branch 'readme'
      adds  f4e4bdc   Build results of 0c6af85 (on master)
      adds  77dcbb7   Build results of 963ed91 (on master)
      adds  0252b15   Build results of 6325a8e (on master)
      adds  0aecc4e   Build results of a1c15df (on master)
      adds  973dc92   Build results of 8f2abbb (on master)
      adds  f3e97d5   Imported Upstream version 0.27
       new  54922ef   Merge tag 'upstream/0.27'
       new  7895223   Update debian/changelog
       new  f855cf2   debian/rules: remove overrides. README.pod is gone.
       new  ab647d2   Refresh 0001-spelling_err.patch, and drop 
       new  8cd88c3   Fix upstream email address in debian/copyright.
       new  c22cf90   releasing package libdancer-session-cookie-perl version 

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                           |  8 ++-
 MANIFEST                                          |  1 -
 META.json                                         |  4 +-
 META.yml                                          |  4 +-
 Makefile.PL                                       |  2 +-
 README.mkdn                                       |  2 +-
 README.pod                                        | 71 -----------------------
 SIGNATURE                                         | 25 ++++----
 debian/changelog                                  | 11 ++++
 debian/copyright                                  |  2 +-
 debian/patches/0001-spelling_err.patch            | 17 +-----
 debian/patches/0002-name_section_readme_man.patch | 14 -----
 debian/patches/series                             |  1 -
 debian/rules                                      | 10 ----
 dist.ini                                          |  1 +
 doap.xml                                          |  6 ++
 lib/Dancer/Session/                      |  4 +-
 17 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 134 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 README.pod
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/0002-name_section_readme_man.patch

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