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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libhtml-formhandler-perl.

      from  c644d3b   releasing package libhtml-formhandler-perl version 
       new  85b6483   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  0989992   Update debian/changelog
      adds  3542706   import FormHandler source tree
      adds  ad3baec   Update readme
      adds  f82d1cb   Update README
      adds  27e8592   added requires
      adds  49ac3b5   Rendering and fixup example
      adds  46f1da0   Change =item to =head2 in pod Add summaries to NAME Fix 
wrong name in Manual.pod and base Model
      adds  017a994   Removed has_many multiple support Created errors test, 
and added form->errors
      adds  cfc64b7   update inc fix META.yml
      adds  3e102f4   Fix manual pod, rem failing tests in htmlarea
      adds  f7c02b4   Fixups
      adds  494d080   Create META.yml
      adds  c5a9a18   Updated lots of stuff
      adds  6d25a99   Update rendering routine, doc tweaks, unique fixup
      adds  3ba5f7b   Add tests for controller
      adds  d159ae9   Move example to test directory
      adds  6fe8678   More unique cleanup. Add 'use' for HashRefInflator.
      adds  2579773   htmlarea test
      adds  d714fac   Add widget directory, a couple of attributes
      adds  c482b80   Make book controller chained
      adds  dbdabf5   Clean up makefile, add checks for modules to controller 
      adds  60efcb4   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  65b3ffa   Increment version
      adds  f8c2a68   Allow empty rows (update_or_insert) in DBIC
      adds  33de01d   Work around bug with empty row and many_to_many
      adds  5b08a71   Change label build.
      adds  e04d46c   Remove damn htmlarea test
      adds  8f71d8f   Doc cleanup, prereq DateTime
      adds  80d14a0   Fix bug with name_prefix, get example to work
      adds  1c8d76b   db
      adds  381ef05   Move writeonly to model code
      adds  48fcf28   Refactor new/update/process and clear for persistent forms
      adds  f30696b   Remove controllers
      adds  36bcaaa   After 08...
      adds  7cd4631   has_field working
      adds  8896fd4   has_field and documentation updates
      adds  bc14c43   Check for existing field of same name, order fields in 
      adds  18fe9df   Add fields
      adds  596af35   has_field updates
      adds  08de906   What's up?
      adds  f55efa1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0af4ddd   has_field works with subclasses
      adds  49e6e48   Add test form
      adds  03a211c   version 10
      adds  22ec134   Change to use BEGIN block
      adds  e6e15b9   Fix dump_fields, add more verbose messages. Changes so 
validate doesn't require 'clear' for persistent forms.
      adds  eb26e31   Cleanup verbose
      adds  d6a1bb1   Fix params. Cleanup.
      adds  9d7adcf   Don't validate if empty params
      adds  d9291c8   Tweak changes
      adds  dee1ba4   Fix fif with password field. Ver 14.
      adds  9d875e5   Fix has_field inheritance
      adds  6c29842   now add new mult inh forms
      adds  06b3b7f   Add db_validate, execute validate_meth
      adds  a8c1f23   Use Util::MetaRole in H::F::Moose; support has_field in 
      adds  f69eb97   New files for role
      adds  a387eae   Change validate_field clearing of values. Don't update db 
fields not in params
      adds  ea73dd3   add values method, fix to work with validate
      adds  dc6dd50   cleanup
      adds  423340a   Don't remember
      adds  40f8190   sub_form
      adds  2d52fa9   Up to Version 17
      adds  9c86604   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  d4c5fdd   More user
      adds  c145d6e   Add user
      adds  a18efd5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2e37dea   Controller for validate (non-db form)
      adds  edb3186   Add database accessor to
      adds  6191afc   Add values, accessor, cleanup field tests
      adds  4e4ccc6   Remove clear_params from update_model, handle hashref for 
$field->fif (from fif_format) in $form->fif
      adds  bd0fdff   Cleanup chained uri_for. Add render_textarea
      adds  8698ee2   Compound Fields. Add params massager. Textarea for 
rendering. Chained uris.
      adds  049f0a0   TT rendering
      adds  2fc5be1   Compound more
      adds  035d864   Compound fields. Refactor select validation. Remove 
      adds  8506efe   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  9774905   Fix empty value bug. Released.
      adds  f3f7ed0   Generator - first upload
      adds  dee9a84   Hidden field added
      adds  6d1b842   full_name recursive
      adds  93dcc26   Hidden field
      adds  f3a2c92   Factor out field processing so Field::Compound can use it
      adds  6f184d3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  9a4b977   tests for Hidden
      adds  b1efb39   Add TODO list
      adds  f25ce58   Minor fixes
      adds  cba1766   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  c01ec20   compound fields and fields_validate
      adds  5723964   countries as lookup
      adds  dc8b453   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  5f8b9d4   fix for init_value from a belongs_to relationship that 
has accessor different from column name
      adds  9c6ac2c   Add .perltidyrc to root dir
      adds  ddd82fe   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e20a456   Fix unselected checkbox
      adds  5b9f311   Fixes and tests for checkbox and Boolean
      adds  80e15d7   tests for options without item
      adds  4b0dfe3   preparing for recursive options lookup
      adds  e0c3668   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  895cb13   Render compound field, use full_name in field()
      adds  09d2d21   BookWithOwner
      adds  d0d934c   Added form_options.t
      adds  bd9eaf8   Fix inc
      adds  9f1e1e1   Uncomment install_script
      adds  2ab9654   recursive options lookup
      adds  d2074b1   checking if field is a direct child instead of checking 
if we are top level
      adds  180636a   recursive loading values to options
      adds  ac6ae32   Deleting debuging stuff
      adds  a00d97c   constraints
      adds  cf67ddd   Allow calling _validate, _init, and _options on field 
      adds  cd2e8a4   resolving conflicts
      adds  623fe7c   constraints checked in validate_field
      adds  898a502   make constraints a Collection::Array, named_constraints a 
      adds  db22f1a   Add named_constraints to meta
      adds  756f37c   merge conflict
      adds  d16fe10   positional declarations for constraints
      adds  b043512   _check_constraint after inner() in validate_field
      adds  329a31a   filters
      adds  0807452   Initial 'has_constraint' implementationn
      adds  d48069d   Moose Types instead of named constraints and filters
      adds  8102c3e   Generator fixes
      adds  6c3ccd2   Remove has_constraints
      adds  25ff073   Compound field with separate declaration
      adds  897defc   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  f25d508   Change 'validate_field' to 'process', finish removing
      adds  9f11747   docs for field actions
      adds  1cf25e3   process method documenation for Compound field
      adds  bbea73b   Fix values for compound fields, fif for compound fields. 
Doc cleanup.
      adds  999fb9e   actions operate on value instead of input
      adds  30ac374   Rename 'actions' to 'apply'; change some fields to 
transform to value instead of input; remove 'sprint_value', 'input_to_value'
      adds  6bdcc67   debugging stuff cleaned
      adds  3e64576   Add message for no message... Add test for failed DateTime
      adds  4055d3a   Added sigwarn handler in apply_actions. Tweaked message 
handling. Improved money testcase.
      adds  7844711   Added ability to use '+fieldname' to redefine field 
      adds  422ac8b   Update docs, remove input_to_value from WeekdayStr
      adds  fb90974   Refactor build_fields, switch to array of hashrefs
      adds  526631e   test for fif loaded from a DateTime column in DB
      adds  999228a   deflators
      adds  3fecea5   Additional test for deflation
      adds  88f23bb   db creator
      adds  3e5b977   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  cd10b2c   Refactored creations of child fields, field names
      adds  cb9b4c6   Clean up usage of name/full_name. Add compound field 
      adds  59d866e   error rendering
      adds  652ad97   New Moose seems to require a "where" for a constraint to 
be executed
      adds  061d232   Add types module
      adds  8fa7297   Added 'apply' role to allow adding actions onto base 
Field class actions
      adds  51508fc   remove podcoverage test, add skip for generator.t for 
      adds  d67acfe   fix conflict in Makefile.PL
      adds  92ea393   test for clearnig fif in clear_state
      adds  2a14f9d   Move clear_fif and clear_values to, make 
      adds  408e32c   Testcase for single related compound field
      adds  a2b4f32   Actually add the testcase
      adds  7f1279c   MooseX::Types is used by FH::Types
      adds  cc86a29   testing lazy computing of fif
      adds  c45da61   Revert "testing lazy computing of fif" This was a mistake.
      adds  6ee09b7   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  18b43dc   MooseX::Types::Common::String to dependencies
      adds  bc440e9   not clearing input in validate
      adds  612aedc   Switched to use RecursiveUpdate (failing test 
dbic_accessor.t) Created 'trim' transform and switched to using it Expanded 
'apply' documentation. Allow setting message for Moose types.
      adds  a916387   Create MANIFEST.SKIP rollback for release. update 
Changes & TODO
      adds  d357464   Add 'to_fif' to apply_actions. Update Module::Install. 
Add skip to dump.t.
      adds  3ccb608   OK
      adds  773b979   Types
      adds  907b637   Update field subclasses to use actions
      adds  a1f5a33   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  14842b4   Cleanup
      adds  e5a169f   Initial reformat of HTML::FormHandler pod
      adds  b51e2b9   Add missing module install file
      adds  65b87e2   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  a9eb977   Re-format more documentation
      adds  e0c160e   Un-document features we don't want people to use Add 
field_list array, remove doc for other field_list syntax Update tests to use 
field_list array
      adds  a6dba8d   Refactor redefined field processing, make_field
      adds  896db4c   Refactor to remove 'validate' and 'update' methods 
leaving only 'process'
      adds  9c281f1   Fix set_item_id to reset item when item_id changes
      adds  5f0dec1   Update documentation and test cases to use only 'process'
      adds  98fa3cb   Test for duplicate address in related row create
      adds  3f626b1   Reorganized Field documentation
      adds  6044726   Clear item_id when item has no id
      adds  a5e7d92   More documentation updates. Fix clearing of item in 
      adds  964cb3e   Add cross_validate to tweak doc for HFH
      adds  96a5279   lazy building of fif
      adds  a09f76a   No intermediate flattening in fif
      adds  7eae3cd   test for fif deflation of value created from params
      adds  8a9492b   fif deflation of value created from params
      adds  20292d6   Update HFH doc, tweak tests
      adds  9769c18   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  cfbd10c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  535f86d   Updated doc
      adds  71f02a6   update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  3974917   Use TypeDecorator types in apply_actions
      adds  36cf8e7   Added email, state & zip types, and some tests.
      adds  9c80eac   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  a3daa91   some Compound exposure
      adds  86de9e8   Clear processed flag in clear
      adds  498892a   test for bug in RecursiveUpdate with belongs_to where 
column name and relation name are different
      adds  96aadb3   Fix testcase for right error
      adds  0702007   Checkbox working, sub fif => has_fif, re-do tests
      adds  5e91076   Add
      adds  94d7523   IPAddress type
      adds  a187653   singular deflation
      adds  002ada3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  55438af   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  43dab33   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  b2ece99   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ba46120   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6607b67   Initial multiple rows
      adds  f42f1e1   More repeated fields
      adds  d7eee24   Cleanup, hasmany tweaks
      adds  4cb5719   HasMany load instances from params
      adds  5360c4a   HasMany database
      adds  b74a7ae   Fix related test
      adds  0e08ea8   Only call field_list method once
      adds  4124024   More HasMany
      adds  e447f26   Some rendering fixes for Instant
      adds  e0470b5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  9e944c4   text for rendering hidden field fixed
      adds  11d0752   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ac4208d   Rename HasMany to Repeatable, initial refactoring for 
options processing
      adds  1f0fbc5   Rendering fieldsets
      adds  cdd3059   Revert "Rendering fieldsets"
      adds  d75313c   auto_fieldset
      adds  b517fc3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  646fd0a   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  37db1cc   More Repeatable, refactor load_options
      adds  7ff9ebd   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  902fb31   Added test for options in Repeatable
      adds  1e2ee9f   Miscellaneous cleanup and documntation
      adds  91ca982   Add 'on_empty' to field process routine. test in 
      adds  126c5cd   Ensure that init_object is run to get init_values. Add 
      adds  444e050   generating date fields
      adds  a2c750f   minor clean up
      adds  65f52a6   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  c22a39e   Changed Password field, updated test. removed on_empty.
      adds  d339e24   to_fif removed
      adds  acedf4f   Starting deprecation for methods clashing between form 
and field (cleaning up for full recursion)
      adds  5b6c164   Test for Repeatable in user/1/edit, tweak password, add 
password render
      adds  19c00e6   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ac84d62   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  20a5457   Updated Module::Install
      adds  57650d7   Add List field and tests. Stub for add_field improvements.
      adds  74dcb6e   Misc
      adds  3fa81d4   Reintegrate list to repeatable
      adds  ec609a3   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e631a22   Clean up repeatable, prep for release
      adds  feff39a   Todo for missing array elements
      adds  a07e8be   fully recursive
      adds  a6f6cab   recursion to the root
      adds  e0f650c   No default apply list actions in Password
      adds  83ebd90   Repeatable values always array. Doc in Password field. 
Add password types.
      adds  41104e3   Cleanup types
      adds  16fc665   input_defined for arrays with empty elements
      adds  a781346   Fix missing array elements
      adds  d2081a4   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  bddb806   Misc cleanup
      adds  43595c1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  1327876   Update TODO
      adds  e258b42   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  9999b16   Single element in Repeatable
      adds  071eb23   test for after 'validate', Date field
      adds  aa1e408   regression test
      adds  b00e41d   labels for fieldsets
      adds  4b723b5   render test fixed
      adds  1af8614   clearing form value
      adds  4f16f76   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  4e79727   Update docs. Fix noupdate and writeonly flags, add tests
      adds  e487ddf   no checks run for empty non required compound fields
      adds  1abf2a5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  07ba3c9   has_value defined
      adds  e2f434b   no_render widget
      adds  a883cea   Label rendering refactored
      adds  a817da8   Rendering '0'
      adds  d4851a6   SQLite auto columns
      adds  4a2ef78   fif tests updated
      adds  0cb9f22   Misc
      adds  eff5186   Deprecate field_list => {/[ fields syntax
      adds  089c6a1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  0c12a8b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  8e85c4f   Misc, add test (failing) for single multiple select
      adds  23bd98b   Have Field/Select force value to array if multiple
      adds  a098df9   merge conflict resolved
      adds  fe26fac   Remove extraneous quote from Render::Simple Remove dead 
method from Field::Select
      adds  e4e492c   Spurious '"' deleted
      adds  b377e02   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  d24a03e   Use size when rendering select
      adds  86476f6   Add Submit field type, use form.render for borrower form
      adds  87c3ae2   Fix noupdate flag and test, add noupdate to Field::Submit
      adds  edb7ab7   Add Captcha field, role, and test
      adds  c0cd509   test for clearing repeatable fields when no params 
      adds  673f87f   Fix radio_group rendering, more captcha work
      adds  1d62647   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  7f0681d   fix for tests count
      adds  cdad2cf   Test for loading DateTime field from db
      adds  ea8632d   Check for existence of options in _load_options
      adds  e235b95   Clean up some of the clear routines (dead code in mostly)
      adds  15041c2   Check for objects in has_some_value
      adds  f37858f   Patch Render::Simple to correct label
      adds  d45ddcb   getting rid of clear_state
      adds  36ed99b   fif_from_value read only
      adds  b204a84   a doc passage on "clear" fixed
      adds  6fd18c4   Tweak render_radio_group
      adds  881c315   Fix to not load from object if params exist
      adds  15965c9   Remove test for init_value
      adds  ced930f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  48e7e3c   Init_value method defined not true, add attr to select 
for options source
      adds  87c3098   Todo test for init_value with params
      adds  ff997ee   Required checkox fields
      adds  8196709   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  f63bbff   fix test
      adds  ecc5147   Fix for init_value on select field
      adds  a699906   Change init_obj again, clear Repeatable if no input, 
clear value in clear_other
      adds  0c84225   Remove duplicate field from BookDB book form
      adds  b854333   Fix filters.t for Win test fail
      adds  70b0b3d   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  dcccb6c   remove unneeded dep
      adds  cd95337   Remove todo from init.t
      adds  7e7034e   Instantiate set_validate, set_init, set_options at build 
time Copy errors up the chain in fields_validate Increment errors in form using 
      adds  ef3316d   is_submitted - to be used instead of has_params
      adds  7942db4   removed no_render (too much complication)
      adds  35f8e47   Spurious quote deleted
      adds  dde5d47   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  da300b5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  9c23916   Refactor error messages. Add error_fields array to Fields 
Recursively collect error_fields after all validation
      adds  9f0cab2   [] as Repeatable value when no params
      adds  7e7ee17   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  990d325   refactoring for easier location where value is set 
      adds  1faff1c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  1f14bfd   Much cleanup of Field classes, reformatting, etc.
      adds  df9a076   More cleanup. HFH, Field mainly. remove fif_value
      adds  8556530   Doc cleanup
      adds  3d26a21   Update Changes
      adds  cda47f4   HTML::FormHandler::Model as Role
      adds  fe8a00b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  513e022   dev_notes update
      adds  aba0fd2   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e898409   adding name attribute to form tag (in Render::Simple)
      adds  d6f2344   structured rendering in Render::Simple
      adds  64c9cec   no_render widget
      adds  b6bd68b   table rendering into separate role
      adds  388a498   fix tr and tds for labels
      adds  02d8eec   no use version in generator
      adds  632c134   Cleanup for release to fix dependencies
      adds  623e6f2   Some doc for generator
      adds  30d2d14   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  b579a98   Initial test cleanup, including combining field tests 
into one test
      adds  d75b3e5   Move $field->_validate to TransformAndCheck from Fields
      adds  8571566   Document that validate_<field_name> is not called for 
empty fields
      adds  8f7bd0e   add DateTime::Format::SQLite dependency
      adds  0014427   update dev notes
      adds  89bdd7c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  f1b4cc7   Fix manifest
      adds  a3e6d6e   Doc tweaks
      adds  ebc1d65   Fix changes
      adds  4d5dfaf   eliminate error msg for authors
      adds  0c14236   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  cb45524   Reorganize to allow installing without DBIx::Class
      adds  8f7ac42   More test cleanup. Create xt test directory for developer 
      adds  4b55bfe   Use html_name for default field id, add sample templates.
      adds  2a7251f   Change the way the Makefile.PL recognizes developer
      adds  63f6b10   fix for checking uniqueness with composed primary key 
(when item_id is an array ref)
      adds  3a2d2eb   PasswordConf field
      adds  4a1aa22   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  3596aa4   Add Catalyst documentation file
      adds  3d545ba   text widget by default only for fields derived from Text; 
size split into size and maxlength
      adds  9b09f8d   minlength instead of min_length for consistency with 
      adds  e467368   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  088993e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  5e3de8d   Remove inc/ directory, this is meant to be generated - 
ergo issues with author side detection
      adds  16a3f25   This isn't needed any more after I deleted inc/
      adds  d0214eb   These should also be generated files
      adds  e1743b8   Add .gitignore
      adds  ed7af0b   Update Makefile.PL with native M::I author detection
      adds  5088a0e   Strip trailing whitespace
      adds  bfe17f5   Strip trailing whitespace
      adds  221df8a   Remove inc/ directory, this is meant to be generated - 
ergo issues with author side detection
      adds  6ca8e73   Use rafls Module::Install::AuthorRequires, but it doesn't 
work for me here. Pushing so I can get someone to test
      adds  36cd1df   This isn't needed any more after I deleted inc/
      adds  268dd43   Remove .developer from MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  fce1ce0   These should also be generated files
      adds  1041ade   Add .gitignore
      adds  b90a2a4   Merge
      adds  0fbcf20   Changes to satisfy Perl::Critic
      adds  888a446   Fix DateMDY
      adds  890cade   upload file field
      adds  0a74453   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  f78d5a4   Merge commit 'gshank/master' into makefile_special_moves
      adds  d3acc93   You need Module::Install::AuthorTests, or it all goes 
pear shaped
      adds  df8e64f   Update skip files
      adds  55a96b2   Deprecation scanner added
      adds  3158c36   Merge branch 'master' of into makefile_special_moves
      adds  b6b8f7f   Merge
      adds  179e566   skip for perl critic deprection tests
      adds  d04162e   Remove deprecated field format
      adds  ec08878   Remove a few deprecations
      adds  47d4013   DateMDY inherits from Text
      adds  b2e3957   deprecated cross_validate removed
      adds  f4a19bf   checking fif of Submit fields
      adds  6cb6099   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  3e9b51b   has_error is deprecated
      adds  f6930ce   has_error -> has_errors
      adds  9c10196   No default minlength for the Password field
      adds  e1c8f17   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  18e59db   Improve DateMDY
      adds  6ffddb4   Split Model::DBIC
      adds  f80ea4a   _build_fif sets processed flag in form to force clear
      adds  07408c5   Doc updates
      adds  6ca8616   remove DBIC tests
      adds  54053e3   Module::Install::AuthorRequires no longer needed
      adds  a4b0c41   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  d590285   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  9856f0d   typo
      adds  73af76c   Add example/test for adding custom field attributes
      adds  331ddc9   Rename build_node process_node
      adds  a063eea   Inactive fields, plus update pod
      adds  8172e52   Remove name from form (fails XHTML validation)
      adds  bddd884   Doc checkbox, rm
      adds  efdc892   rm leftover Generator::DBIC
      adds  68c962d   remove form name from render test
      adds  24f4db4   Remove non-functional field clear attribute
      adds  591f520   Doc cleanup in HFH
      adds  f4db587   Doc updates
      adds  8c9295b   Cleanup for release
      adds  bb2bf52   Post release doc cleanup
      adds  d178232   Switch $field->fif to method from attribute
      adds  9a9d7ed   Tweak render_field
      adds  4c38586   Add Catalyst manual to manual index
      adds  2c4bb83   Change field attribute test to use after BUILDARGS
      adds  f4dab67   Update custom field attr doc
      adds  22e98a6   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  7600d5c   Doc tweaks
      adds  cdc7f8a   misc doc
      adds  ea015a9   Remove min_length from doc
      adds  dc6f045   deflation for DateMDY when loading from db
      adds  3299ba1   Add Datepicker field
      adds  811a347   Replace with Datepicker
      adds  299c112   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2fa66d0   Add 'with H::FH::Render::Simple' to sample code.
      adds  5dea89d   Simple typo (missing :) breaks link in Pod
      adds  8ac1403   Note is part of the DBIC package
      adds  a2d4d1e   Add required MooseX::Types import to synopsis
      adds  4a21f77   Missing opening quote ' before Submit
      adds  2eaa117   Include an action, else the form isn't submitable.
      adds  785f03e   Fix example of adding a submit button
      adds  f701f3f   Fix examples of accessing submit button field
      adds  469e2b9   Move 'use Moose' outside BEGIN blocks
      adds  43c343b   Merge branch 'master' of 
git:// into minty/master
      adds  5ba9869   typo in field
      adds  0a61a5e   Change DateMDY to inherit from Date
      adds  2a8d61c   Cleanup
      adds  b84ce37   Fix name of Date package
      adds  7e22950   Copy field_list before processing. Warn optional/required 
      adds  bc5b93e   [pod] put the 'a' in the right place (cherry picked from 
commit 47f22cbd8b000a8c7e9a9b99bdceb4f636c249df)
      adds  906a108   [pod] link to widget section of HFH::Field pod (cherry 
picked from commit ce8cfeecb8f5fb6ee15a197af7b819baea2353ce)
      adds  7e44de9   Missing words in tutorial  Please enter the commit 
message for your changes. Lines starting
      adds  20586a4   Cleanup apply role to field
      adds  46ba649   Fix Date dependency on Strptime, bump version
      adds  4af053f   Add version to Date (pause indexing)
      adds  9ea3df0   Bump Test::More to 0.88 to use done_testing
      adds  f995841   Removed one DBIC asssumption in docs
      adds  d7e003f   Fix examples in Date field
      adds  574efbf   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  b286ceb   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  cbabc41   evaling parsing dates
      adds  dd141c1   MX::Types is unnecessary
      adds  7aeb1db   Make example a little easier to cargo cult
      adds  0300793   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ebdea2c   Use 'render' method in field
      adds  58d2bd0   Changed perltidy formatting
      adds  a04802d   fix mistake in Render::Simple synopsis
      adds  fc17cb8   add text widget to Date field
      adds  c85ddc9   Date needs to inherit from text
      adds  d7ff512   Load options when no init_obj
      adds  f15501a   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  438955c   Correct fix for reload options
      adds  40c6add   Attempt to reload from item after update
      adds  30f36a5   Fix loading values from compound fields
      adds  9282d2c   Merge branch 'master' into reload
      adds  5ec73c9   Update changes
      adds  f2c4f67   Bump version to 0.27004
      adds  3fe3ebf   fix Changes file
      adds  2e213e9   More doc for compound/repeatable fields
      adds  ae01660   Re-arrange date test to avoid Strptime dep
      adds  0d967db   Switch tests to use done_testing
      adds  d04bdc8   Allow easy customisation of a forms param class and its 
constructor arguments.
      adds  2a11d86   Bump release & Changes
      adds  53047e4   processing image type fields
      adds  36bd0af   deeper test for image input
      adds  77d6160   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  160bed1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6879677   first pass at separating out non-static data. failing 
      adds  c0bf884   add FieldData
      adds  0fd52f4   remove left behind reference to file
      adds  a9d9b32   rename to, add State attr to Form, tests pass
      adds  a22f317   fill_state at end of process, add sub result
      adds  c029b0b   Tests and tweaks for separating out state
      adds  8a82d9a   minor cleanup
      adds  d8dd532   made input & value read only, repeatable field state
      adds  dae9e8c   rename state to result
      adds  b0ff01d   refactor initialization of results from fields and input
      adds  03a6b98   working on select obj init
      adds  69b79a8   refactor intializing results
      adds  3f8e527   minor cleanup
      adds  c087fc4   Merge branch 'separate_static'
      adds  06d9873   make result in field a weak_ref
      adds  ebfb1f5   tweak stuff
      adds  7a7f0bb   add field reference to result
      adds  83119c2   result rendering
      adds  37f7721   fix fif to use result (mostly) instead of field
      adds  71f55b7   add failing test to result_render.t
      adds  1f07281   add temporary result renderer
      adds  49793dd   bug in select list because of auto_deref
      adds  e5b9444   minor cleanup of result rendering
      adds  fa74f65   make result->form weak ref, update todo
      adds  82745c5   another todo
      adds  8d0515a   Fix up submit field, start refactor of result render
      adds  a12ca96   weak_ref on parent in field result
      adds  42e51dd   remove auto_deref from options
      adds  3bb5637   tweak submit field. again.
      adds  05b0d4a   pin result for testing fields
      adds  c1c2fe3   allow pre-built options returned from 
options_<field_name> method
      adds  9639f0d   Added missing '. Update Form and Controller example to a 
working state.
      adds  426216d   new base field for submit field
      adds  89d5f5c   Adding the form ($self->form) to the stash.
      adds  5435712   Fixed the missing closing " on the css_class in 
      adds  a9eb264   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  bc8dce7   Better handling css_class in case of error.
      adds  e3bcd74   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  2477959   Update changes
      adds  5cbd62e   fix missing options on repeatable, add num_options to 
select, add test
      adds  02a7c7b   propagate css_class quote fix to render result
      adds  ba06630   remove options_loaded flag, add do_not_reload flag
      adds  400a7f6   minor doc corrections
      adds  22ceb20   fix captcha test
      adds  0e42d79   add clear_input/value for compat
      adds  52ce4ce   remove render method from
      adds  82038bf   submit field has input, add store_in_field
      adds  a032376   update cookbook set inactive
      adds  7ead9b1   check has_fields instead of class
      adds  3cefc9c   tweak fif
      adds  8371132   Added output of "enctype" attribute for forms
      adds  af89c41   Bugfix for css_class
      adds  9665fe7   Added new element: Reset (for reset form button)
      adds  2b9052f   move error_fields to error_results, make method wrappers
      adds  822dbae   move validation and ran_validation into result
      adds  80e30aa   tweak clearing to work for result/user clear/process
      adds  b08b4cd   Conflicts:        lib/HTML/         
lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/    lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/    
lib/HTML/FormHandler/  t/xt/submit.t
      adds  13d38e2   clean up table rendering
      adds  7ac7795   Added output of "enctype" attribute for forms
      adds  beb1931   Bugfix for css_class
      adds  490985e   reset field
      adds  6dd53e0   upload field, None wrapper, css_class rendering
      adds  51798b0   add missing packages, tweak rendering of labels
      adds  9863ae9   Expand widget documentation
      adds  7b689b1   change field widgets to call $result->fif, field 
      adds  b9e5053   clear tweak
      adds  6812974   remove unnecessary with from Result
      adds  aae6353   temporary fix for roles
      adds  9039936   fix test using 'Div' instead of 'Simple'
      adds  cd4d089   fix result.t
      adds  badc2fc   Rename get_result to run.
      adds  64473b8   Be more strict about what setup_form accepts.
      adds  1968e2d   run doesn't call process
      adds  e0e1d3f   create results in sorted order
      adds  f126391   connect display only fields to result (submit)
      adds  5ecb4db   loop through results instead of fields when rendering
      adds  cf3a48e   die with message if widget not found
      adds  ddbd907   table rendering; don't load rendering role if render 
method exists
      adds  036df44   render fail
      adds  3be61d9   add enctype to renderers, fix tests
      adds  35dae3b   tweak rendering doc
      adds  107fd77   more rendering doc corrections
      adds  288d333   split Fields into Fields & BuildFields. move fif from HFH 
to Fields
      adds  2f2f115   fif works with results
      adds  35b869e   bump version
      adds  56080db   misc cleanup
      adds  43fee8c   massive reformatting of source to make more standard
      adds  bd3a5c9   use Class::Load in ApplyRole
      adds  f981581   not_nullable flag; empty strings not converted to nulls
      adds  446f107   add coercions to Types, add test to filters.t
      adds  cab5dcb   switch Result to native traits
      adds  139b627   switch fields to native traits and remove auto_deref
      adds  e59e5a6   convert params to native traits
      adds  fac432c   remove more AttributeHelpers
      adds  5ba1ae6   Merge branch 'gshank-master'
      adds  5c9f75f   remove last auto dereferencing
      adds  a85e2da   add html_tags for wrapper
      adds  9ea7df3   get form widget_wrapper & name_space in field
      adds  ccd5ce6   dev notes
      adds  fc2e7b1   misc cleanup
      adds  ceb5e64   different html tags in wrapper
      adds  66d2506   html_tags attribute and wrapper test
      adds  09dc95e   fix set_init_<field_name> doc
      adds  7292761   use namespace::autoclean instead of 'no Moose' etc
      adds  7d1ed3b   remove unnecessary mutabilization
      adds  23a043a   change html_tags to widget_tags
      adds  0f42224   doc tweaks. add HFH init_object test
      adds  266f3e6   kludge to prevent empty arrays in fif
      adds  5c25c2a   add back in auto_deref for compatibility
      adds  85e6ea6   namespace::autoclean added to prereqs
      adds  fe25944   add experimental warnings to result and widgets
      adds  5accc1e   doc Widgets and Result experimental
      adds  2480c92   add default attribute to field
      adds  2230a1c   swap item/init_object
      adds  482c90e   change behavior of init_value/default. no longer called 
for db object
      adds  64ead5b   Allow init_value & default for non-db fields with item
      adds  349664a   remove dup n:ac
      adds  8718b94   use parens with blessed
      adds  32e12a6   sprinkle in MooseX::Traits
      adds  a09cfaf   do not set method defaults for set_init, set_validate, 
      adds  286ef39   start testcase for file upload
      adds  69c3c6d   change upload field, add doc, test. minor cleanup
      adds  94725c6   use POST in upload field
      adds  9fb3480   switch from init_value_<fieldname> to default_<fieldname>
      adds  9690da2   Add HTML escaping to ::Render::Simple, and a test
      adds  cc767c9   Merge branch 'master' of 
git:// into godders/master
      adds  e056ebe   add encode_entities to rendering widgets
      adds  31d3c4c   add 'active' to form and '_active' to fields
      adds  c1bbc9d   add no-template example to cookbook
      adds  da81ba9   apply rendering roles with MooseX::Traits
      adds  2517552   remove incorrect authors bits
      adds  32109dc   bug when options lists from db are empty
      adds  410546f   move errors into result 'errors' array
      adds  83e1bd5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  117ee94   allow specifying traits for fields. add html attribute to 
display field
      adds  f6e171a   add per-field widget_tags test
      adds  c90f523   use [0-9] for integer instead of \d
      adds  68e8e98   better wording for deflation plus a fix for deflation 
example (thanks to augensalat)
      adds  785bf0b   add add_activie
      adds  acca930   put test in set_inactive to allow before after item is set
      adds  0d2935f   don't check item_id when initializing result from object
      adds  55fcd89   use with_meta instead of with_caller
      adds  534414e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6f8698e   use checkbox_group and radio_group in Select field
      adds  f41ebbb   rebuild value after $form->validate
      adds  0180bcc   move deprecations to test
      adds  66f6745   clear result before building from params
      adds  62be20b   label with builder
      adds  3dc51ab   do the build_label right and update tests
      adds  2df8bdb   type in apply doc
      adds  613174d   use defaults with an initial object
      adds  a1b3fda   Merge commit 'gshark/master'
      adds  e52916d   add checkbox group widget
      adds  fb1453c   catch errors in DateTime field, save hash if DateTime 
construction fails
      adds  86e3746   switch to special test method for compound fields
      adds  692089a   when fields change to (in)active, sometimes results are 
not cleared and get garbage-collected
      adds  6b1947b   Bump required M::I version. Remove useless BEGIN block 
and author mode checking, this will just work without the magic. Add IO::All as 
a test requires
      adds  b1b0d8f   Remove unneeded dependency
      adds  96f4164   tweak documentation on default values
      adds  8ff9a0d   rendering docs; set_active after clear; update version
      adds  caa30c5   remove IO::All from chbox_group & Makefile
      adds  83b2c42   update Changes; add _add_html_attributes to Render::Simple
      adds  dfbf4d0   add date to Changes
      adds  aa5573c   add example of around update_model and transaction
      adds  6cc3005   add  to schema call
      adds  6933e28   another tweak to around update_model example
      adds  a2ec289   field_traits in
      adds  ea72f0a   add locale test & German translation provided by Wolfgang 
      adds  bb8404e   add setting LANG to tests
      adds  f73e0db   tweak German translation file
      adds  8539076   correct regex transforming select methods
      adds  7e51363   also fix methods for defaults and validate
      adds  dff5c11   remove max_array from params
      adds  86bf416   fix use form's widget_wrapper in fields
      adds  ffe7a34   bump version, changes
      adds  576f598   check if form exists setting widget_wrapper for field 
      adds  329fcca   refactor _localize to I18N
      adds  f7df1c8   proper fetching of language handle
      adds  81cff41   refactor _localize to I18N
      adds  c96cbb0   don't ship locale.t until issues solved
      adds  540907a   proper fetching of language handle
      adds  e4f9ae5   remove skip of locale test
      adds  58246c1   Merge branch 'master' into translate_labels
      adds  ce22eb8   Refactor I18N stuff
      adds  f44ea19   as recommended, mv to TraitFor/
      adds  93b1272   move / add documentation
      adds  4b113ff   load HTML::FormHandler::I18N
      adds  6547864   change // to ||
      adds  54e328b   display empty repeatable element if no values from object
      adds  8e5e3f5   allow changing some field attributes at runtime
      adds  0d52d1f   add minlength_message & maxlength_message
      adds  bb55a9f   format message properly, and test
      adds  3f7b14d   add field label as arg to min/maxlength messages
      adds  da92669   add 'empty_select' to Select field; default action => "."
      adds  16b9401   test for temporary solution checkbox group multiple select
      adds  7361bd8   add Turkish message file
      adds  8005dfd   add testcase
      adds  1b2fd7d   allow options_<field_name> attributes in form
      adds  5d56c15   remove action="."
      adds  1a6fc55   add dynamic form example
      adds  ba41a43   add documentation for dynamic form creation
      adds  4b15f50   add trim doc
      adds  c8daaa4   remove submit warning; add requires to WithTT
      adds  42245c4   allow passing hashref to constructor
      adds  c0c8cb9   typo in WithTT
      adds  9eff3a2   make 'html' attribute of Display field rw
      adds  550ccb9   add share directory for tt
      adds  fd708e6   work on tt rendering
      adds  e14d86e   pass value to deflate
      adds  bca5452   some tt widget cleanup
      adds  2106d85   template widgets
      adds  ef4f361   Fixing bugs and oddities in HFH::Types.
      adds  ec375d4   Adding tests for Lower and Upper coercion.
      adds  4074b73   reset widget. update widget docs
      adds  951eb30   more flexible ways of setting Display fields
      adds  7778b4f   release prep
      adds  da12ef0   Merge remote branch 'gshark/master'
      adds  658ffe3   Added Russian and Ukrainian message files
      adds  847ffba   Make conditions consistent with requirements from error 
      adds  a1bc129   Added translations author and email for notifications
      adds  d4088ec   Test for default values
      adds  afced55   Merge commit 'd4088ec49fe7649d97279fe6edc476c33b299c2d'
      adds  a4aa4d9   bug with default => 0
      adds  3c7cb66   typo
      adds  094e8e2   allow arrayref field_name_space and look in 
      adds  51beb66   remove use IO::All
      adds  3c33f90   add HTML::FormHandlerX::Widget namespace
      adds  0e21645   bump version to 0.30001
      adds  00e4e24   use no_render widget in Captcha field
      adds  3670d1d   tweak old captcha
      adds  f3e20fc   tweak Captcha tests
      adds  5f1c8b3   cleanup
      adds  29c7fbe   make field default rw
      adds  c340ab9   polish doc & test for init_object
      adds  9a38fb7   changed HTML::FormHander->BUILDARGS to allow Hashref 
args, as to be compatible with the expectation of other Moose classes.  test 
for this as well
      adds  8a8b600   updated changelog and VERSION to reflect previous change
      adds  c25850f   add documentation for dynamic form creation
      adds  1e81e93   add trim doc
      adds  2e71748   remove submit warning; add requires to WithTT
      adds  718eeb8   typo in WithTT
      adds  0b00aad   make 'html' attribute of Display field rw
      adds  a23627c   add share directory for tt
      adds  2a468c7   work on tt rendering
      adds  dbf1298   pass value to deflate
      adds  d733198   some tt widget cleanup
      adds  ead6ba2   template widgets
      adds  3a7874e   Fixing bugs and oddities in HFH::Types.
      adds  243c93a   Adding tests for Lower and Upper coercion.
      adds  aa48f12   reset widget. update widget docs
      adds  ca6d657   more flexible ways of setting Display fields
      adds  38fbebb   Added Russian and Ukrainian message files
      adds  d8288ba   Make conditions consistent with requirements from error 
      adds  e247b35   Added translations author and email for notifications
      adds  eb42dd0   Test for default values
      adds  7fd937e   bug with default => 0
      adds  168456d   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  4c20fdd   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  63da0dd   added field attribute to allow you to use an input 
parameter that is different from the field name has declared
      adds  52dda87   test for last
      adds  baefbcb   fixed the way InitResult sets the field name and maps to 
an input
      adds  40bbb6a   make field default rw
      adds  2485bf9   polish doc & test for init_object
      adds  ded0655   Merge branch 'master' of into jnap/master
      adds  b646839   clean up BUILDARGS
      adds  89f5435   don't build
      adds  f3e109f   cleanup test
      adds  0a42cb3   htmlformhandlerx: field/widget extensions
      adds  8126572   pre-release (0.30001) cleanup
      adds  071d50e   add testcase for custom fields
      adds  a460bad   rename ::Role::Captcha TraitFor::Captcha
      adds  7f61711   use eq instead of == building multiple select
      adds  028675b   use defaults for compound fields
      adds  a71286e   remove deprecated auto syntax
      adds  cfa98bc   pre-release (0.30003) cleanup
      adds  1be91d9   more release prep
      adds  06c6f72   pre-rel, test clean
      adds  6248488   move deflation from fif to get_value called by 
      adds  a8e6007   trap maketext errors
      adds  3ac56b5   add widget with attr to field_traits test
      adds  9388b86   die on maketext errors
      adds  9ca206f   added support for arrayref names to "has_field", just 
like Moose has for "has"
      adds  333bed2   fixed for previous mistype and test for the new arrayref 
option in has_field
      adds  9be8a7f   add missing contributors
      adds  3fb132a   fix for non-required select field in a repeatable field
      adds  f473ca4   Since Catalyst-Manual-5.8, the Catalyst tutorial creates 
a resultset called 'Book', not 'Books'. Change the tutorial to match.
      adds  c116e7c   Another doc fix: link to field classes by their proper 
      adds  e066f98   Spelling fix in docs
      adds  329ad19   Documentation to explain BuildFields' interface to the 
rest of the code.
      adds  af6d7b9   More comments on the initial field object creation 
      adds  30fc039   Merge remote branch 'ijw/master'
      adds  47f22cb   [pod] put the 'a' in the right place
      adds  af3ae42   [pod] Expand the 'apply' / Actions section
      adds  ce8cfee   [pod] link to widget section of HFH::Field pod
      adds  fbc2def   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  0598227   [pod] fix name of render_field
      adds  b6c4ce1   Merge remote branch 'minty/master'
      adds  bbd1f83   remove traitspec changes
      adds  89afa4b   missing eq in checkboxgroup
      adds  295ff77   add no wrapper testcase
      adds  b73f2a0   wreis's selected options patch
      adds  a04a4dd   more of wreis's selected options
      adds  2cdaf3e   add testcase for external coderef validation
      adds  de9fc69   selected option testcase
      adds  2e37514   tweak validate coderef example
      adds  8c2a84b   tweak validate_coderef, add cookbook entry
      adds  8a67be2   use _add_html_attribute in select fields in Render::Simple
      adds  45dfacf   wreis selected_option 3
      adds  ea7194a   save result_from_object item
      adds  45a85b4   test for field_item
      adds  5365a35   settings for checkbox_group in the widget
      adds  9ef9c28   fix for field_name_space array
      adds  f013e20   added render_upload to Render::Simple
      adds  51ebc39   Fix a bug in example code (thanks: ugexe)
      adds  c09e015   translate default message for required
      adds  6719491   better handling of default messages, dereferencing []
      adds  232e16e   'has_attributes' doesn't work in subclasses; select bug
      adds  724d225   _add_html_attributes in widgets; expand locale testcase
      adds  a1871b8   new render_filter coderef in field; replaces html_entities
      adds  9acc4de   remove use of HTML::Entities
      adds  36aefee   fix typos, add missing transform message in pod
      adds  d7cc3b1   San Francisco typo fix
      adds  efc319c   missing comma
      adds  cc4fcb7   add doc to HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::I18N
      adds  0a37768   pre-release update of version & Changes
      adds  76a2d4d   Updated translations for HTML::FormHandler::Validate: 
ru_RU and ua_UA
      adds  46a639b   add Hungarian messages
      adds  5cbfe5e   updated ru & ua message files; tweak messages in 
      adds  9ec1f7d   bump version & update Changes for release
      adds  1df06fa   remove HTML::Entities from Simple form widget; move 
locale.t to xt
      adds  766834a   bump version to 0.31002 & update Changes
      adds  b196fff   add loc_label method to Field; don't localize in 
      adds  214ba05   Distinguish cases when widget don't exists and other 
      adds  b8f5cf3   fix widget_name_space initialization in compound fields
      adds  637c24d   add form widget_name_space to fileds
      adds  6ec4557   localize labels in rendered fieldsets
      adds  742f010   improve Select field doc
      adds  71916b0   error in Duration field doc
      adds  c24a6a1   Fixing double HTML escaping in Textarea widget renderer + 
      adds  585ce03   Fixing typos in widget rendering manual.
      adds  6c7ce06   Setting locale to en_US before testing.
      adds  1bb696a   Adding missing German translations.
      adds  322cb29   Adding html_filter() where it belongs...
      adds  f03c09c   Peephole optimization: Cache constant method results.
      adds  e7e694c   Enable empty strings for widget_tags->{wrapper_start} and 
      adds  3341afc   use loc_label in error messages that use label
      adds  5cebb2d   deflate default values loaded in result_from_object
      adds  8ee835e   flip the precedence of defaults over item/init_object
      adds  b0d24b5   pre-release bump version & update changes
      adds  9492490   make + unnecessary in front of field name space types
      adds  bcdceb6   tweak deflation for Date field
      adds  bc0191f   localize value of submit button
      adds  f273b81   update TODO
      adds  c839438   delete empty primary key input keys to avoid issues with 
db updates
      adds  76e1f4d   strip empty pks and empty elements from repeatable values
      adds  8e0af0b   return _result_from_input to original state, leaving 
cleaning in around 'value'
      adds  923764c   added 'peek' diag function; fixed extra results in 
      adds  c932cfa   use correct fields for contains peek
      adds  90c1d1e   I don't see why this needs use base Locale::Maketext
      adds  b4743c4   use duck_type here
      adds  77792d7   add a test that uses Data::Localize instead
      adds  2d9c53b   use next::method instead of SUPER; pass values to Display 
fields; doc updates
      adds  2c22bbe   add test for display fields
      adds  4790bc6   allow Upload field to be passed a file handle
      adds  2df2b3c   check that value passed to upload filed is filehandle
      adds  695a1d8   remove min_length
      adds  a75e9f1   add form_errors for non-field errors
      adds  496bf49   error in t/lib/BookDB/root/user/
      adds  be9803e   example of custom db interface
      adds  f9c1ad5   use has_some_value method in _set_dependency
      adds  78fbbb4   typo in dependency.t
      adds  d23c829   add doc to Submit field about testing which submit clicked
      adds  2268368   resultset form example
      adds  be5dc15   add resultset example to cookbook
      adds  a43bb6c   typo in Submit field doc
      adds  81d58e6   select field defaults to input_without_param
      adds  06216e5   doc for select field change, remove attributes from 
      adds  c9ee1d7   add testcase for deflating from init_object
      adds  0f0f38a   allow deflation in fif
      adds  e5d5172   add input_class for rendering a class attribute on input 
      adds  fc8ad16   use $ENV{LANGUAGE_HANDLE} instead of $ENV{LANG}
      adds  73aeb1e   incorrect error message in duration field
      adds  8fef241   add 'update_fields' method & 'update_field_list' attribute
      adds  de65ae6   move resultset.t to dbic model
      adds  7239770   localize empty_select
      adds  3453dcb   add 'posted' option for forms with no successful field; 
fix Checkbox error message
      adds  a5dbb96   add flag to localize select labels in renderers
      adds  4ed06b0   add fieldset wrapper
      adds  1cfeeea   handle arrayref messages in add_error
      adds  7dd16da   pre-release version bump; update Changes
      adds  887943b   fix missing prereqs for tests
      adds  5208dd4   add Copyright date and LICENSE header
      adds  1121344   remove has not been updated in a while
      adds  15408cc   add hyphen and description to NAME sections
      adds  6a172e8   minor cleanup
      adds  bfab68a   more language handles for tests
      adds  ccea81a   tweak inactive_fields test
      adds  6aee621   allow customizing form tag attributes
      adds  ef226be   test for form tag attributes
      adds  4b4a54d   initial Dist::Zilla setup
      adds  7b9ab6e   dzil
      adds  a5c1ca0   dzil updates
      adds  34ce23b   remove trailing whitespace
      adds  75a8d92   tweak dist.ini
      adds  5ee6345   add "title" attribute
      adds  357d0ab   work with new moose w/o emitting warnings
      adds  7c8ac62   pre-release Changes & version bump
      adds  701854b   bump version in dist.ini
      adds  80822d4   Allow rendering of an empty Repeatable field based on 
num_when_empty Change the default widget for Repeatable from Compound to 
      adds  397f78a   Test the labels for defined instead of truth so that 
labels for things like the first item of a Repeatable doesn't get skipped.
      adds  1146e51   Check for length instead of defined so fields with an 
empty string as a label doesn't get ": " as the label
      adds  48bcd42   return in render_filter if string is not defined
      adds  07b9327   update contributors
      adds  a6bb2bb   allow undefining min_size & max_size in upload field
      adds  62d78ed   tweak doc for Upload
      adds  1e9a494   correct update_model $orig call
      adds  cf7631a   labels rendered with widgets not using html_filter
      adds  d12a754   change regex for removing repeatable arrays instances 
from method names
      adds  cf9e406   coderef action messages; passed field and value
      adds  ad8a104   change order of params to message sub; add $self to other 
action subs
      adds  07c8ec0   add check sub to t/constraints.t
      adds  9d9c4e2   create example of setting field attributes
      adds  82dfa95   correct comment in t/build_id.t
      adds  ef61e14   add rows & cols to TextArea rendering tests
      adds  b8c2d9b   Check definedness, not value, when setting selected 
      adds  8b393d5   Fix mistake in documentation.
      adds  5b6ed72   add is_active and is_inactive
      adds  4a4b531   credit for Repeatable
      adds  2c34d59   add more tests in t/update_fields, and new doc section in 
      adds  6f02667   use real labels in radio groups
      adds  fc8972c   incorrect 'excludes' in Render::Table
      adds  ff28543   pre-release version bump; Changes update
      adds  ef9934e   minor release cleanup
      adds  4134d83   minor release cleanup
      adds  0c930cf   change use of traits to cache composed classes; name more 
      adds  1f66bbf   new_with_traits in case somebody was using it
      adds  16d990c   doc cleanup
      adds  c1ecb10   pre-release cleanup
      adds  40add70   bump version again
      adds  9d6ae39   fix possible install problem with HTML::TreeBuilder
      adds  c949555   check defined empty_select (not truth)
      adds  bea96b3   add button field + widget + template
      adds  09e69f1   add testcase for check_selected_option, fix widget 
      adds  66bafb5   check definedness instead of truth for form attributes
      adds  e4c076d   add ability to set fields inactive on new & process
      adds  9484c48   move 'no_render_label' into field; use form 
language_handle in fields
      adds  b84867e   Improve PrimaryKey doc
      adds  9b0b830   use parens for Dumper
      adds  f24aa56   fix incorrect dump of field errors
      adds  545ecdc   have form return empty hashref instead of undef for no 
      adds  b38bfd9   update Turkish message file
      adds  f027fa2   render disabled select options
      adds  d797d47   initial code for wizard
      adds  b23c6c1   page_list working
      adds  be47e75   renders pages, increments page_num
      adds  2cf1ede   save values to stash
      adds  20e80e6   misc
      adds  ac34a58   Merge branch 'master' into wizard
      adds  3903cb1   missing semi
      adds  df1d2f9   Merge branch 'wizard'
      adds  73f9091   cleaned up merge of wizard branch
      adds  b81e46b   apply widget role to auto_id PrimaryKey field
      adds  51a8f47   repeatable contains was skipping empty elements; 
rendering wrong
      adds  d61d408   render form_errors
      adds  7469d61   allow specifying full class for widget with '+'
      adds  adb9d49   document removing wrapping div from Simple wrapper
      adds  660b53a   Squashed commit of the following:
      adds  1ed1d5e   fix eol spaces; set multiple input to arrayref
      adds  0454050   german translation updated
      adds  9795651   german translation updated
      adds  32dc0ca   Updated translations for: ru_RU and ua_UA
      adds  1646dc5   Merge branch 'master' of into cub-uanic/master
      adds  0f8b09c   minor messages cleanup
      adds  90548d0   fix setting render_filter coderef
      adds  f78e903   coderef from form. incompatible with previous form 
      adds  f813a2c   render_filter to function; _localize to coderef; update 
I18N files
      adds  66ff127   pre-release cleanup
      adds  543d447   eol; rm $DB::single
      adds  133a1b2   Remove unneeded with of Validate::Actions; bump version
      adds  306aeae   put back in compatibility with older required_message 
      adds  0d38425   add language handle to t/errors.t
      adds  104e4f1   allow limited use of has_many multiple select
      adds  bc44b7c   add SimpleInline & TableInline widgets to not wrap 
compound fields
      adds  df2765c   add test and doc for dynamic field id
      adds  e33ce63   add test with roles in field/form and nested repeatables
      adds  6cf5b93   add Repeatable field subclass test
      adds  0b69b55   localize the value of a button when rendering
      adds  2aa7393   Fix memory cyles causing leaks
      adds  b45072c   add memory cycle test and minor code cleanup
      adds  7071386   pre-release version bump, minor cleanup
      adds  e95858f   avoid creating results if input/value accessed with no 
      adds  1fb6635   don't access result directly in Select before 'value' 
method modifier
      adds  f3f07db   pre-release (0.34001)
      adds  816fbd9   Remove check for Moose version >= 1.09 since we're 
prereqing higher version
      adds  b947005   add tabindex attribute
      adds  d84f682   add 'html_attr' to field for arbitrary html attributes; 
expand test
      adds  2f897ff   Stop comparing references to strings This fixes failures 
caused by using fields inflating to DateTime::Duration within repeatable 
fields. DateTime::Duration overloads comparison to be fatal.
      adds  9187261   Add failing test for using compounds in repeatables
      adds  657f45c   check length in Repeatable before value method modifier, 
not ref
      adds  32ffe4d   don't apply field widgets if 'no_widgets'
      adds  19eed54   fix for garbage-collected results stemming from sub BUILD 
      adds  14d2f29   doc updates; use class messages for 2 messages skipped in 
      adds  4645aaf   pre-release version bump, Changes update
      adds  6440376   Add Swedish messages
      adds  4302954   use 'is_active' in sorted_fields
      adds  c27c702   causing trouble
      adds  0106f18   Improve handling of field_traits; add apply_traits
      adds  81d7eaf   Failing test from RT#68988
      adds  23405c2   Link the bug tracker
      adds  43d73fd   Merge commit '23405c2b7ac4f95065d2'
      adds  7e6946a   Typo fixed in cookbook
      adds  fcc7765   remove test for not lowercasing email address
      adds  0797b1e   allow widget_name_space to take a string in addition to 
      adds  1ee1147   remove moose metarole constant; no longer needed
      adds  a6c012b   Un-do setting process flag in BUILD; bump version for 
      adds  f510ce9   Change to use Class::Load due to speed.
      adds  d0322f8   pre-release version bump; add 
MooseX::Types::LoadableClass to prereqs
      adds  2a86a9a   fix bug calling Class::Load with empty name_space; bump 
      adds  6ce1be4   use Moose type for field_name_space and widget_name_space
      adds  d9c7b92   add 'html_attr' to form to allow arbitrary html 
attributes on form tag
      adds  b09a83b   fix bug setting multiple select using init_object
      adds  e3ff691   bump version; update Changes
      adds  85b8d74   Add Japanese messages.
      adds  c7e14c0   Merge pull request #22 from bokutin/master
      adds  f1854ed   prevent undefined string warnings in select rendering
      adds  af06fcf   allow html attributes on radio group
      adds  c65d1e8   Cookbook update for field_traits/apply_traits
      adds  9c39273   propagate required flag from repeatable to instances
      adds  f63864d   nested compound fields don't build correctly
      adds  7eddab7   fix bug with no results for 'num_when_empty' repeatable
      adds  557ead3   bump version; update Changes for 0.35005
      adds  5e49da0   Field::TextArea extends Field::Text to reuse its 
validations (min/max length)
      adds  cb26e8c   typo in doc
      adds  aedf15a   added basic html5 attributes and type
      adds  9449880   Changelog
      adds  c0f0289   remove || '' in TextArea widget
      adds  ea822dc   add example of setting the language handle from Catalyst
      adds  d367cd2   die if using HTML::FormHandler::Moose with no HFH
      adds  855328c   add flag is_contains, move full_accessor code from 
R::Instance to Field
      adds  0cc639e   misc trivial
      adds  3647221   handle selected or checked hash key in options for 
      adds  1bcdbc0   add 'Array' trait to field_name_space and 
      adds  19b2655   array trait for form's widget_name_space; 
      adds  65eb469   add wrapper_attr and label_attr
      adds  ba0889d   concatenate error to class in wrapper base
      adds  f9bcd82   update constraints test; add lazy to 'html' attribute in 
Display field
      adds  bf2b216   many updates to rendering
      adds  8309729   dist.ini prefs; wrapper (temporary)
      adds  883ee7d   add test to t/deflate.t
      adds  f154295   template updates; some doc additions
      adds  3b47d97   update Turkish message file; add Float field
      adds  7e7f365   add 'num_extra'; defaults cleanup - new flags, 
      adds  9da3dec   doc updates
      adds  2bd2398   fix a couple of typos
      adds  68b6260   minor cleanup
      adds  8cefb75   Float field => tweak messages, add tests
      adds  c982b40   update templates and t/render_withtt.t
      adds  e28b800   various rendering tweaks
      adds  e46c199   handle rendering result errors
      adds  f80ddca   require TreeBuilder for tests; doc cleanup; tweak 
attribute methods
      adds  7dccb7a   add 'label_no_colon' widget tag
      adds  c615e04   use builders for html attributes in Field
      adds  f9a68d4   version bump; cleanup; Changes
      adds  07e6363   more release cleanup
      adds  2197702   modify gitignore for dzil release
      adds  c5043ba   skip config.t if no Template toolkit
      adds  c970e8a   integrate Lukas Thiemeier's captcha updates, plus 
rendering improvements
      adds  66fbe26   remove automatic 'class="label"' on labels
      adds  955a176   update tests for not auto 'class="label"'; doc tweaks
      adds  c346f9e   'no_compound_wrapper' widget tag
      adds  6eb8441   version bump, Changes, dist.ini for release
      adds  ba50cf3   remove tabs
      adds  2734716   update captcha2 test
      adds  442127e   reorganize tests
      adds  f53f32d   rename 'no_auto_fieldset' => 'no_form_wrapper'. add 
      adds  2b27b49   simplifying rendering and breaking compatibility
      adds  67a3e5f   remove auto colons from labels; add 'label_after' 
      adds  fab6304   allow setting contains attributes with 'init_contains' in 
rep. field
      adds  b5fcb9f   try to make repeatable rendering more reasonable. lots of 
flag changes, change Render::Simple to look more like the widgets. don't double 
wrap compound fields. Check for untrue 'wrapper_tag' to skip wrapping tags (but 
do labels)
      adds  2823168   allow specifying args for instances with 'init_contains' 
add is_html test module;
      adds  4c478e0   change interface of field_html_attributes to return a 
      adds  2fb82fc   get first bootstrap test working; various rendering 
      adds  e6a3cfe   fix up tests from previous commit
      adds  e377fb2   t/bootstrap/search.t, update Changes
      adds  30cad5d   make camelcase widget and wrapper names standard.
      adds  5a2bb24   many changes to rendering; bootstrap tests
      adds  6d679a1   add type_attr to file fields
      adds  6e1889f   fix a couple of install prereq errors
      adds  f995e9f   various _attr and _class attributes; use clone in 
      adds  3836f79   tweak merging
      adds  cf63a7f   fix up xt tests
      adds  d9e2038   updated Changes; bumped version for test install; doc 
      adds  5b5c3d1   decode in Test; fix args in repeatable test; 
      adds  375c378   add 'options_method' to provide options to select fields
      adds  f1767a4   re-do field default and validate method construction
      adds  75dc5de   don't reload simple form widget in BUILD
      adds  1c34e83   cleanup rendering methods
      adds  83a435d   rename form's html_attr to form_element_attr; update 
field html_attr
      adds  ae2b20e   Fix for RT #74664 
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::RadioGroup didn't localize labels
      adds  a13cd95   Merge pull request #25 from rainboxx/patch-1
      adds  d733639   remove default <br /> for radio groups
      adds  bd650ca   rename some form tags so they start with 'form_'
      adds  5ca4eb5   immutable check; update some rendering tests
      adds  29dc422   switch to use form_element_class & form_wrapper_class
      adds  cb14ee0   t/bootstrap/control_states.t
      adds  3996a2b   switch to using 'by_flag' widget_tags in form, and 
wrapper => in fields
      adds  bce06d4   add ability to render blocks
      adds  5b281f8   add t/render/compound.t
      adds  3c56dd8   stupid t/render/compound.t test; use block file in blocks
      adds  bae9951   blocks load from type
      adds  ad75688   switch to using deflate_method from simple sub in fields
      adds  d2a0c1b   add blocks test
      adds  30b70cc   comment Bootstrap renderer; adjust second checkbox label 
      adds  6ffa561   minor cleanup Bootstrap wrapper
      adds  bc6fd57   add Bootstrap form theme; move build_render_list to Base
      adds  ce6ef5b   tweak names; widget_tags from coderef or block; move 
Blocks in HFH
      adds  ca316cd   lots of rendering changes
      adds  b66e109   Add BoolSelect field and test
      adds  16f469a   don't render label for hiddenfields
      adds  9b47cc9   add success_message and error_message to form
      adds  55e384a   tweak form messages behavior
      adds  895eedb   sprinkle newlines around the rendering; use btn-primary
      adds  8825587   more newline fixups; remove br from checkboxgroup, add 
wrapping labels
      adds  3b0f91b   rename render_label to do_label and render_wrapper to 
do_wrapper because of difficult to handle breakage of old code
      adds  e8fcd46   add old render_label method
      adds  e2ad4ec   more checkboxes and radiogroups
      adds  214fb5b   rename render_form_wrapper to match rename of 
render_label & render_wrapper
      adds  48b9f0a   allow loading miscellaneous blocks
      adds  6bfb75a   test 'use' of field with options_method
      adds  9ffb4f1   doesn't make sense to have duplicate labels on checkboxes
      adds  359e898   re-organize checkbox rendering
      adds  3b43233   fix set methods for repeatable instances; empty select 
      adds  7e47836   add back widget_tags for compat
      adds  76c546c   for backward compat, copy widget_tags in Field.
      adds  10773d3   Localize the value of the reset button
      adds  a239ba6   Merge pull request #26 from rainboxx/patch-2
      adds  3767474   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  706cc49   update Changes file
      adds  87bb110   doc updates
      adds  30fc38d   update reference
      adds  917b786   only need one 'html_attributes'. rm 
      adds  e2f591a   more Manual::Reference updates
      adds  98a17f2   'id_method'. do own hash merging to use Data::Clone
      adds  e274ed8   add merge file
      adds  9830caa   doc updates; rename id_method to build_id_method
      adds  35ce602   add test for compound errors. check 'no_errors' tag in 
Bootstrap wrapper
      adds  7a8872c   Missing localization of $self->value in 
      adds  f84b0f7   Merge pull request #27 from rainboxx/patch-1
      adds  143fd80   add error to compound wrappers
      adds  3c9da40   add another test for compound wrapper
      adds  9bbbca8   more doc changes; 2 test updates.
      adds  2cc4c26   add inflate_method
      adds  effe3fd   use inflate_method
      adds  5e94907   Change inflate/deflate processing; update a lot of 
      adds  8f6cca8   Validation documentation; add a few validation tests
      adds  7eebc12   doc updates
      adds  e79dbe0   doc updates; avoid uninitialized warning in float field
      adds  cb6c6e9   add no_update flag to skip update_model
      adds  828f950   remove extraneous use 5.10 in Foo
      adds  ba7f0d2   bump version; update date in Changes
      adds  694647b   use inflate_default_method in DateTime field instead of 
      adds  4b34b10   remove \K from ucc_widget; only works 5.10+
      adds  c672e4c   update Changes & dist.ini
      adds  12e678b   documentation typos
      adds  a9f6fd9   Honour Email-Valid fixups
      adds  ba8b12a   typo in Intro manual
      adds  d84c437   add cheatsheet for Data::FormValidator
      adds  4f63693   add test for using DFV constraint
      adds  7ad6bca   minor pod errors
      adds  7001f50   add language handle to t/render/compound2.t
      adds  76c91e9   Add doc on converting from FormFu
      adds  dc381a7   Patch HTMLAttributes to work for both form and fields
      adds  18896d8   Add NonEditable field and Span widget, plus tests
      adds  4f6dab0   move fieldset rendering inside form tag; doc updates
      adds  940e5cf   bump version; tweak docs; update Changes.
      adds  65fd0bc   move dfv validation test
      adds  02423e7   Another version
      adds  f5a3d13   use default methods for repeatables
      adds  54db3bb   add block_list as a source of blocks
      adds  1cea84b   give package name for die without extending
      adds  634f768   defaults on compound fields handled by _result_from_object
      adds  9956b02   make render_list lazy
      adds  8dcc1b7   no element attributes in selection options; 'label_after' 
in bootstrap
      adds  f0ebbab   bump version to 0.40004; Changes, dist.ini
      adds  9a52099   add wrap_label method
      adds  e561e0b   expand use of 'posted' flag to check false values
      adds  483d9d1   add test for posted
      adds  4544666   prevent undef from being passed to maketext
      adds  9ef9f0c   bump version, update Changes for 0.40005
      adds  ed36b4a   Render::Table incorrect render_start
      adds  5821ff3   minor doc cleanup, blocks; doc for repeatable contains
      adds  959754c   add 'build_label_method' plus doc
      adds  7bbfb9f   re-do merging of widget_tags; add doc.
      adds  d015f57   implement an include list for forms/compound fields. 
      adds  5db23f4   tweak posted test
      adds  a5f3eec   put clone back in array_fields
      adds  378e78b   refactor update_subfields processing to handle contains 
      adds  c4b88cf   add 'by_type' to merge_updates, doc
      adds  4478526   bump version to 0.40006; update Changes
      adds  d9406c5   fix uninitialized warning in test
      adds  e4d0a3b   add label rendering doc; update subfields test to show 
      adds  a6b95fa   move 'by_flag' processing into _merge_updates
      adds  53fab0a   doc updates
      adds  ab96a0d   minor rendering doc updates
      adds  0c3d3f2   Refactor widget to provide 'render_element'. Doc updates.
      adds  9025e82   handle disabled fields better; result_from_fields when no 
      adds  144e4af   use 'element' instead of 'input' when calling 
      adds  3bfd895   fix dox on inflate_method/deflate_method
      adds  6e8cd29   handle disabled compound fields
      adds  6ddf43d   bump version to 0.40007
      adds  e5bf8c6   remove stray DB::single
      adds  5dfa465   add 'missing' method to field
      adds  4100ce6   use result from self in bootstrap them 
      adds  37d78e9   typo in Float field
      adds  9cd5cdc   fix Render::Table
      adds  d9a15d9   update repeatable list.t test_
      adds  3a48af3   propagate errors when they're added
      adds  461dc82   use 'do_render_label' in bootstrap wrapper
      adds  150ff41   cleanup checkboxgroup/select widgets; add 'subfield' 
convenience method
      adds  177ac1a   remove 'reload_after_update'; bug => duplicated results.
      adds  9e8a80e   update Changes
      adds  0081d44   refactor RadioGroup widget to allow rendering indiv 
      adds  580f727   minor cleanup
      adds  67dd0f5   support options groups for select fields
      adds  9136c79   bump version to 0.40008
      adds  4c81df9   re-implement re-loading repeatables from database after 
      adds  2a0053a   typo
      adds  46b4067   add test for reloading repeatables
      adds  b389a51   bump version to 0.40009
      adds  fbe8c93   add test for compound field with field_list
      adds  64db798   implement 'when' for apply actions
      adds  cdbc1ae   initial attempt for 'validate_when_empty'
      adds  c8c63db   Fix memory leak, stop closing over $self
      adds  9d8719b   fix same leak in validate_<field_name>
      adds  9abae1b   bump version to 0.40010
      adds  8bd288d   make reference to from in Block weak
      adds  4bb895c   remove builder for field result, update field tests
      adds  161dc17   fix bug finding nested fields with same names as 
top-level fields
      adds  07a83f4   minor doc update
      adds  f37f4b0   cleanup Select doc
      adds  8345fa2   add 'required_when' attribute on field
      adds  297bed5   add Bulgarian message file
      adds  ba163b4   tweak Bootstrap input_append/prepend. Add 
      adds  daea94c   Camel-caseify widget names
      adds  a55cdcd   Merge pull request #30 from littlesavage/camelCase
      adds  d3c2dd3   value_when_empty for multiple select
      adds  c457599   SelectCSV field
      adds  8cb6f42   update Changes
      adds  1929f9f   switch to use 'sort_options_method' for multiple select 
      adds  95c729f   bump version to 0.40011
      adds  e1ca20a   has_form returns 1 but the field->form can be undefined 
with Repeatable::Instances
      adds  49b0cd9   Merge pull request #32 from amiri/master
      adds  1e003d5   Fix typos in code and template examples in manual.
      adds  5c61fb3   Change =pod to =cut at end of Validation.pod
      adds  feab35b   Fix typos in manual
      adds  391db31   Merge pull request #31 from tamias/master
      adds  92a1ed6   don't don't merge form reference
      adds  b1005b6   bump version to 0.40012
      adds  5ab6e17   add test for repeatable with form clone method
      adds  13dd3ce   add test for repeatable from hash, tweak
      adds  64f948a   re-write elimination of PrimaryKey field from repeatable 
      adds  8aebb57   don't change '0' labels to ''
      adds  819d5c8   change 'missing' to attribute and document
      adds  6014e29   Submit field html5_type_attr => 'submit'
      adds  d64166e   Fix typo in example code in Field::Select
      adds  1216175   Fix typos, grammar in HTML::FormHandler
      adds  7128ef5   Fix typos in HTML::FormHandler::Field
      adds  6f3948c   Merge pull request #33 from tamias/doc-fixes
      adds  211459a   add html5_type_attr to Hidden, Password, and Reset fields
      adds  b811bc6   compound fields with 'not_nullable' now returns hashref 
with empty subfields instead of undef
      adds  f2111a2   bump version to 0.40013
      adds  761b380   actually add t/compound/empty.t
      adds  74a4dd9   add useful message and die in field widgets with no result
      adds  1f061a0   remove diag from inactive test
      adds  6d7af78   minor cleanup
      adds  055a33d   use string instead of object for LANGUAGE_HANDLE in ENV
      adds  01197a5   expand tags doc in simple wrapper
      adds  0dde88b   handle blessed init_object with multiple arrayref
      adds  089f610   fix bug in required_when when field value is 0
      adds  c785bad   allow using arrayref for sort_column
      adds  e6b3d74   select field as_label for multiple select
      adds  6cf088b   add cookbook recipe for accessing DB item for other 
fields default value
      adds  35f4643   Merge pull request #36 from davewood/master
      adds  23f43c0   fix undefined value warning
      adds  2674a0a   Merge pull request #29 from dionys/master
      adds  2fc4044   pod fix. 
      adds  e5a1270   Merge pull request #34 from bokutin/people/bokutin/pod_fix
      adds  ba7ff48   Failing test cases for option group attribues in 
CheckboxGroup and RadioGroup widgets
      adds  fb501d5   Process option group label attributes in CheckboxGroup an 
RadioGroup widgets
      adds  2f8e4c2   Merge pull request #35 from 
      adds  f7eb42b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  244fdc8   add info_message to form
      adds  9aca6bd   add flag 'use_fields_for_input_without_param'
      adds  56c1c2b   call inflate_default on repeatable elements
      adds  407b1ec   bump version to 0.40014; update Changes, dist.ini
      adds  62fbf92   release-eol
      adds  10e4ba2   bump version to 0.40015; remove unnecessary dependency
      adds  b571402   fix bug interfacing with HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC
      adds  36ad09e   bump version to 0.40016
      adds  949fc2c   HTML::FH::Widget::Field::Span - fixed starting tag
      adds  5534a31   Merge pull request #37 from cgx/patch-1
      adds  44918fe   fix unintialized warning processing has_field with '+'
      adds  64aa97e   use get_default_value in Submit/Reset fields
      adds  92146ad   Bootstrap theme doc & actually use BootstrapFormMessages 
      adds  6f6ab09   add lazy to render_filter for random failures on 5.17.6
      adds  81edf1f   bump version to 0.40017, update Changes
      adds  3b4bfea   don't put 'control-group' on Bootstrap hidden field div
      adds  5461917   add 'setup_for_js' flag to Field::Repeatable add 
HTML::FormHandler::Render::RepeatableJs add 
HTML::FormHandler::Field::AddElement add before_wrapper and after_wrapper tags 
add 'id' to wrappers of compound fields update Display field to use 
'render_method' allow applying wrapper widget even if field has render method
      adds  b261929   get before_element in same relative position to element 
as after_element
      adds  6b8d29a   bump version to 0.40018, update Changes, dist.ini
      adds  0ec7e7b   move back 'before_element' tag; bump version to 0.40019
      adds  ccf26a0   Bootstrap wrapper: check do_wrapper instead of do_label 
for controls div rendering
      adds  61b5d12   update testcase & Repeatable setup_for_js doc
      adds  edf55ec   add 'control_div' tag to Simple wrapper
      adds  5fa7391   add RmElement example field; adjust t/repeatable/js.t
      adds  733228a   use 'controls_div' name instead of 'control_div'
      adds  2055ad6   bump version to 0.40020
      adds  14069a4   Update lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Validation.pod
      adds  bd7b20b   Merge pull request #38 from jmacdotorg/master
      adds  64535af   don't validate disabled fields
      adds  71c896b   check for existence of field in match_when before getting 
      adds  a50e5ae   add type_attr to Select field; update t/render/ff.t to 
use it
      adds  236f4af   cleanup select field options_method building
      adds  86bf0df   tweak rendering doc
      adds  7c015ad   don't retrieve item values if 'writeonly' flag is set
      adds  a768d49   bump version to 0.40021, update dist.ini & Changes
      adds  7c95cb3   Update Catalyst.pod
      adds  bca7e58   Update Intro.pod
      adds  0367cf6   Update Validation.pod
      adds  ad142e2   Merge pull request #39 from jmacdotorg/master
      adds  ca1ba8a   switch to using github issues instead of cpan
      adds  f403eac   remove writeonly flag from Display field, so that it can 
hold item values
      adds  a3e877f   bump version to 0.40022, update Changes
      adds  8ca1267   add RenderingCookbook manual section
      adds  643d0c0   add TextCSV field, for multiple values displayed in a 
text field
      adds  6caa05f   use right inflate/deflate with TextCSV
      adds  bb6412f   add dynamic form building test with block_list
      adds  1a2904d   fix block_list.t test
      adds  2728dcc   call init_state when reloading repeatables
      adds  36e9997   add Brazilian Portuguese translation file
      adds  acda583   bump version to 0.40033, update Changes/dist.ini
      adds  59c6400   remove HtmlArea field; change use of GD::SecurityImage to 
require in Captcha field
      adds  a01729f   add 'no_option_validation' flag to select field
      adds  e5d569c   update field manual page
      adds  3d4db77   bump version to 0.40023 for release
      adds  02c0c66   check for installation of YAML::Syck in 
      adds  dbe5cce   bump version to 0.40025
      adds  e09cbc0   fixed error in documentation
      adds  01a2017   Merge pull request #46 from davewood/master
      adds  95a121c   add 'errors_by_id' form method
      adds  4694b5f   errors_by_name
      adds  2c9e6a9   add italian translation file
      adds  119d8de   add Italian message and message correction
      adds  7f2b236   bump version to 0.40026, update Changes, dist.ini
      adds  c025b60   remove unused form clasee
      adds  1812376   update maketext die message, add test for escaped brackets
      adds  0270756   add unique messages to field messages hash
      adds  37f6fa5   test case for PasswordConf required message
      adds  1887fe5   add 'options_ref' method to 
      adds  b1b3563   bump version to 0.40027
      adds  c9f67a8   fixed bug when rendering blocks with 'run' (results)
      adds  10264cc   sort the deflated values of SelectCSV field
      adds  da84d66   handle weird case where select option value is undef
      adds  d8ae8b6   allow passing Email::Valid params to Email field
      adds  0c7795c   typo fix
      adds  2e136eb   typo fix
      adds  60d1379   typo fix
      adds  0c0ae37   typo fix
      adds  217237b   typo fix
      adds  89d26f0   typo fix
      adds  cdb24d0   typo fix
      adds  f9122da   typo fix
      adds  51f53ae   typo fix
      adds  6f125ed   typo fix
      adds  501d001   typo fix
      adds  eda6475   typo fixes
      adds  c5e857f   typo fix
      adds  68dbb44   typo fix
      adds  cb4bcf3   typo fix
      adds  f4265bc   Merge pull request #53 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  46cd0b8   typo
      adds  5032221   add 'use_init_obj_when_no_accessor_in_item' flag for 
dual-purpose init_obj
      adds  e6039db   bump version to 0.40028
      adds  fb8fddc   initial pass at Bootstrap3 wrapper
      adds  b057fde   Document the new 'email_valid_params' attribute
      adds  8f92269   Ensure validation checks the specified address
      adds  7dfda6e   Merge pull request #54 from tomhukins/email_valid
      adds  0d9a5a6   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  b8e9b2d   add 'preserve_case' attribute to Email field
      adds  9420af7   bump version to 0.40050
      adds  4031cbc   Italian message file changes
      adds  068eeb9   Update Rendering.pod
      adds  de188cc   Merge pull request #55 from tommybutler/patch-1
      adds  8284ae7   add a bit of documentation on 'when'
      adds  3ad944f   add errors_by_name and errors_by_id to result
      adds  e338f29   add Bootstrap3 theme for those using the Bootstrap theme
      adds  69f74aa   better form-horizontal Bootstrap 3.0 support
      adds  912befe   provide method in result to return form and field errors.
      adds  c563eba   bump version to 0.40051
      adds  79ba146   allow overriding layout_classes
      adds  f08f41a   allow passing in value to 'as_label' method in Select 
      adds  ad7cfa9   version to 0.40052
      adds  9e77b28   v0.40052
      adds  f8db589   List::AllUtils version number fix
      adds  8f1917e   Merge pull request #59 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  59c34c2   to version 0.40053
      adds  b88d9be   check for old unimplemented parameter to wrap_checkbox, 
and check for existence of option_wrapper
      adds  3b3fac2   add language handle to bootstrap3 tests
      adds  d87e8f2   pass event to repeatable js click handler
      adds  d75fc6f   stop forcing undefined Checkbox fields to 0; didn't allow 
undef for value
      adds  3c9d010   different inline class for Bootstrap3 for checkboxes and 
      adds  94b9e6e   select options: add coercion of arrayref of hashrefs from 
arrayref of strings
      adds  533fa17   allow Date field to use DateTime subclasses
      adds  4db3b55   bump version to 0.40054
      adds  56fc32e   eol cleanup
      adds  baaf6c1   handle SelectCSV field in as_label method of Select field
      adds  a19ac82   link to Select field documentation in widget doc
      adds  555f460   bug in t/compound/basic.t test (rt91793)
      adds  b99157f   bump version to 0.40055
      adds  ece8074   use sorted_fields in 'dump_validated'
      adds  5e02a28   Use alert-danger rather than alert-error with in 
      adds  d4cdcb9   Merge pull request #63 from 
      adds  50f1778   added Type::Tiny support
      adds  f7ae8b2   Merge pull request #62 from 
      adds  585b22a   Fixes RT#91966 (deprecated way to call enum warning)
      adds  32f80a9   Merge pull request #64 from zoffixznet/fix/RT/91966
      adds  b5a4692   bug in reloading repeatable fields; skip inactive fields
      adds  0eb5246   bump version to 0.40056
      adds  573bb70   end of line spaces
      adds  a220b38   add test for prefilled with init_object form reuse
      adds  bffb633   clear item and init_object which are required for form 
      adds  8825c39   add failing test for element_class override through 
      adds  e07fe5e   test for fix in b5a4692
      adds  a024c02   add a bit of doc about handling DBIC new results & 
      adds  02b8444   added support for tag 'inline' in bootstrap3 wrapper
      adds  c6346e4   add test for inline-checkboxes
      adds  1204528   Merge pull request #66 from BlangTech/master
      adds  5ecf905   typo fix
      adds  ed68ea3   Merge pull request #67 from 
      adds  d2c299d   =encoding utf-8 in Manual/Rendering.pod
      adds  562295e   fix t/repeatable/has_many.t test after bffb6339f
      adds  dc4f26c   remove deprecated css_class and input_class attributes
      adds  3baf477   add param_to_values method to convert parameters to 
init_object-like hashref
      adds  130740e   Fix an inaccurate abstract
      adds  fdf2cd5   Merge pull request #71 from tomhukins/abstract_fix
      adds  cab1419   fix bootstrap3 input_append_button
      adds  9dcd84a   Merge pull request #73 from markwellis/master
      adds  4b0e11e   Respect label_no_filter on checkboxes.
      adds  0163bab   Merge pull request #72 from 
      adds  301eb1f   add Arabic translations
      adds  718e8c2   Merge pull request #74 from alhashemi/artrans
      adds  e8e4b65   use time_zone and locale options in Date field
      adds  2f09b3c   minor translation correction
      adds  f474bbf   add note about use()ing utf8 for non-latin1 encodings
      adds  201166f   Merge pull request #75 from alhashemi/artrans
      adds  d042e16   update Changes and bump version to 4.0057
      adds  399681d   eol spaces, tabs
      adds  e49e553   do $class->meta->make_immutable after new_with_traits
      adds  6545e2d   failing test for Bootstrap3 widget theme
      adds  43dc1ab   s/Bootstrap/Bootstrap3/
      adds  d154649   use BS3 theme
      adds  cf2d04a   checkbox group not rendered correctly
      adds  8f02ad3   fixed expected HTML structure
      adds  35e0e7d   BS3 uses alert-danger
      adds  51e35e3   Merge pull request #80 from davewood/master
      adds  be3d550   $Cookbook.pod =~ s/model_update/update_model/
      adds  a7133e9   Merge pull request #81 from minty/patch-1
      adds  6ffceac   s/=head1/=head2/ for value_when_empty
      adds  a6c916c   Merge pull request #82 from minty/master
      adds  8093d76   Create
      adds  ed96f78   Merge pull request #85 from valy23/master
      adds  160ac2f   'get_errors' synonym for 'errors' on form
      adds  4ba2c84   'get_errors' synonym for 'errors' on form; clear_item_id 
on clear
      adds  1d2cd5e   add repeatable_element_wrapper
      adds  d060e8f   add HorizCheckboxGroup widget
      adds  014e61b   bump version to 0.40058
      adds  2b416c0   remove diag from t/render/rep_wrapper.t
      adds  67d6d33   pass repeatable field name to wrap_repeatable_element
      adds  7fcaedb   remove change that sneaked in via merge error
      adds  26ee4ac   bump version to 0.40059
      adds  3956c07   switch from List::AllUtils+List::MoreUtils to List::Util 
(in core)
      adds  bfc0d36   Merge pull request #95 from karenetheridge/topic/no_lmu
      adds  e74afc4   it is HTML::FormHandler::Manual::InflationDeflation, not 
      adds  53bcbd3   Merge pull request #92 from 
      adds  88bf7ea   replace deprecated Dist::Zilla::Plugin::EOLTests
      adds  7ec83cd   replace deprecated Dist::Zilla::Plugin:NoTabsTests
      adds  1c4e752   remove spurious tabs, to pass NoTabs release test
      adds  74e73a8   use perl regexps in MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  48ac6a8   Merge pull request #93 from Zhtwn/cleanup
      adds  8bfbad4   factor out type constraint detection
      adds  183de20   use Type::Tiny subtypes
      adds  cb747d5   Merge pull request #94 from Zhtwn/validation
      adds  f64f4db   add render_elementx and renderx methods to allow setting 
attributes at render time
      adds  465d3e9   Changing the HTML5 tag-next of Integer fields to "tel".
      adds  f9208f4   Merge pull request #91 from jmacdotorg/use-tel-in-html5
      adds  8d8537e   Before rendering the date field, check whether it's 
within an HTML5 form -- and if so, make sure its date format is ISO format.
      adds  9c00014   Correcting one of the new tests.
      adds  ea326b5   Merge pull request #90 from 
      adds  9060eb4   allow non-display of BootstrapFormMessages div if tag 
      adds  4424380   make non-ISO Date with HTML5 a warning instead of a die
      adds  fc68da2   bump version to 4.00060, Changes, dist.ini
      adds  7784eea   Revert "Changing the HTML5 tag-next of Integer fields to 
      adds  9962bea   change t/render/html5_attributes.t change to demonstrate 
setting html5_type_attr
      adds  a76c920   modify Changes for 0.40060
      adds  2450c02   add example of rendering with render_elementx
      adds  67c5839   vertion to 0.40061; skip t/validation/types.t test for no 
      adds  aa542e5   separate out test with Type::Tiny::Enum to skip_all
      adds  66415a0   bump version to 0.40062
      adds  3624cf1   version to 0.40063
      adds  2e542e3   select field invalid value message: encode the select 
      adds  4f88bb0   Don't warn about date format unless set to `date`
      adds  353ec33   Merge pull request #98 from cngarrison/master
      adds  bdf6fc1   Wrap checkbox in CheckboxGroup, if requested
      adds  8b9490a   Fix test for checkbox styling
      adds  4634c09   Merge pull request #99 from 
      adds  26da596   Create
      adds  8a51ba3   Create
      adds  9c353d6   Some test result are locale dependant
      adds  577f152   Merge pull request #103 from jluis/cpanpr
      adds  d788d39   typo in link to the example app
      adds  c06e2a7   remove css_class from Captcha field
      adds  faeafab   bump version to 0.40063
      adds  8ab6926   Imported Upstream version 0.40064
       new  bb96538   Merge tag 'upstream/0.40064'
       new  d754946   Update debian/changelog
       new  3183277   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  cc95e54   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  25c88b1   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  69bc8de   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  adbf8a4   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  ee4ce15   Add optional modules to Recommends.
       new  e1c7500   releasing package libhtml-formhandler-perl version 

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |  37 +++
 MANIFEST                                           |  12 +-
 META.json                                          |  13 +-
 META.yml                                           |   8 +-
 Makefile.PL                                        |  16 +-
 README                                             |   2 +-
 SIGNATURE                                          | 354 +++++++++++----------
 debian/changelog                                   |  13 +
 debian/compat                                      |   2 +-
 debian/control                                     |  25 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |   2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |   7 +
 dist.ini                                           |  13 +-
 lib/HTML/                            |   5 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                       |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                |   3 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   4 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                 |  39 ++-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/            |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/          |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/         |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/Repeatable/  |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/            |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   9 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/            |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                        |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                       |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 | 151 +++++++++
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 | 145 +++++++++
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 | 151 +++++++++
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual.pod                    |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Catalyst.pod           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Cookbook.pod           |   4 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Database.pod           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Defaults.pod           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Errors.pod             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Fields.pod             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/FromDFV.pod            |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/FromFF.pod             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/InflationDeflation.pod |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Intro.pod              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Reference.pod          |   6 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Rendering.pod          |  15 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/RenderingCookbook.pod  |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Templates.pod          |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Testing.pod            |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Tutorial.pod           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Validation.pod         |   4 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Meta/                  |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Model/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Model/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Moose/                 |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                       |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Page/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Render/        |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Render/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Render/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Render/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Render/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Result/                |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                       |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/TraitFor/           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/TraitFor/              |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/TraitFor/             |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                   |  12 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/           |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/               |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Block/     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/        |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/       |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/ |   7 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/        |   2 +-
 .../{ =>}    |  33 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/    |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/    |  16 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/         |   2 +-
 .../Widget/Field/Role/            |   2 +-
 .../Widget/Field/Role/            |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/        |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/          |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/        |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/          |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/      |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/        |   2 +-
 .../FormHandler/Widget/Form/Role/ |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Form/         |  16 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Form/          |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Theme/     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Theme/    |  20 +-
 .../Widget/Theme/          |   4 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/        |  30 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/   |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/  |   4 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/    |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/        |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/      |   2 +-
 .../FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/     |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/       |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Wrapper/ |   2 +-
 lib/HTML/FormHandler/                     |   2 +-
 share/templates/form/                     |  15 +
 t/{release-no-tabs.t => author-eol.t}              | 183 ++++++++++-
 t/basic.t                                          |   1 -
 t/bootstrap/control_states.t                       |   1 +
 t/bootstrap3/controls.t                            |  12 +-
 t/bootstrap3/horiz.t                               |  14 +-
 t/bootstrap3/horiz_checkboxgroup.t                 |  73 +++++
 t/bootstrap3/inlinecheckboxes.t                    |  58 ++--
 t/fields/dates.t                                   |  43 +++
 t/release-eol.t                                    |  16 -
 t/release-no-tabs.t                                |   6 +-
 t/render/html5_attributes.t                        |   4 +-
 t/render/noneditable.t                             |   2 +
 t/render/{repeatable.t => rep_wrapper.t}           |  22 +-
 t/render/tt_render_elementx.t                      |  63 ++++
 t/render/with_class.t                              |  54 ++++
 t/validation/type_tiny.t                           |  76 +++++
 t/validation/types.t                               |  20 +-
 186 files changed, 1636 insertions(+), 477 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/
 create mode 100644 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/
 create mode 100644 lib/HTML/FormHandler/I18N/
 copy lib/HTML/FormHandler/Widget/Field/{ =>} (78%)
 create mode 100644 share/templates/form/
 copy t/{release-no-tabs.t => author-eol.t} (57%)
 create mode 100644 t/bootstrap3/horiz_checkboxgroup.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-eol.t
 copy t/render/{repeatable.t => rep_wrapper.t} (81%)
 create mode 100644 t/render/tt_render_elementx.t
 create mode 100644 t/render/with_class.t
 create mode 100644 t/validation/type_tiny.t

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