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fsfs pushed a change to branch master
in repository libtest-aggregate-perl.

      from  da2ab25   releasing package libtest-aggregate-perl version 0.372-2 
to unstable
      adds  06959d5   - Put this into its own repository. - Just added 
Perl::Tidy support. - Make the 'verbose' switch work.
      adds  7070d6a   - Removed.
      adds  a366d80   - Fixed bug where DDS not installed would cause failures 
if 'dump' was not   set.
      adds  0c02aef   Update to 0.31 version from CPAN (created at work)
      adds  f6440d8   Oops.  Forgot a file.
      adds  3925d8a   - Finished splitting out the Test::Builder overrides.
      adds  d410e00   - Added line directives so that Test::Aggregate::Builder 
can now report the   correct line number.
      adds  ef9dfd7   Late commit.  Added Test::Aggregate::Builder to MANIFEST 
and removed dump.t from it.  Having the latter was causing tests to fail.
      adds  0b16a25   Version 0.33.
      adds  7ec0bff   Add testcase for FindBin::again().
      adds  3f78482   Implement findbin.
      adds  06f58ec   Document findbin.
      adds  00c6e1a   Set a plan in the pod-coverage test.
      adds  a976618   Don't load the builder overrides at compiletime.
      adds  2deacd5   Add the findbin test to MANIFEST.
      adds  bf6bfa8   Version 0.34_01.
      adds  3b26a27   Changelogging.
      adds  49dc903   Add .gitignore.
      adds  70aa017   Allow 'skip_all' for tests.
      adds  f3ebb7f   We now allow 'skip_all' tests.
      adds  50b259c   Tired of seeing that darned 'dump.t' file in git status.
      adds  e3e8544   Reworked 'skip_all' to be far more robust by not relying 
on Test::Builder::ok being called.
      adds  9008920   Fix regression.  Show X out of Y count. Add --dry switch.
      adds  e4e4c2d   Primarily an internal refactor to make debugging dump 
files easier.
      adds  3861ec6   Changed two 'or die' statements to 'or warn' (tests only) 
to prevent some unecessary CPAN tester failures.
      adds  5c6328d   Skipped the FindBin tests if FindBin is too old.
      adds  178df24   Move POD tests to author tests.
      adds  245a3a6   Update to match emergency CPAN release. lost history :(
      adds  2f4730a   Fix a doc typo.  Update version.
      adds  1e367f2   Make it work with Test::Builder 0.88. See Changes.
      adds  9777806   Add deprecation warning to the docs.
      adds  4448ee5   Bump up version number. Unlink dump files in tests.
      adds  6d341a7   Bump up version number again.
      adds  ee95ddb   Don't link to personal development library.
      adds  5b300b5   Bump up version number. Removed spurious test file.
      adds  3d2463a   Add nested TAP handling for aggregated tests.
      adds  56f5ed0   Full initial support for nested TAP, with some docs.
      adds  449b5f7   Remove some debugging code.
      adds  35146d0   Clean up Test::More version number.
      adds  d80b52f   Bump up version number. Add missing files to manifest.
      adds  ed91ffc   Rebuilt META.yml to include rev.
      adds  ad3f1c6   Make ready for production release.
      adds  38b5258   Bump up version number.
      adds  91a3cbd   Keep makefile in synch.
      adds  4f044c3   Make sure 'no_plan' and 'done_testing' are handled 
      adds  6599ca2   Remove broken 'check_plan' and allow verbose 'nested' 
      adds  ddd2b87   Add date of release.
      adds  4626122   Bump up version number.
      adds  d0ab75a   Make test filename argument to setup/teardown methods.
      adds  f3e03e5   Add filename to setup/teardown in nested tests.
      adds  fe1242b   Failing test for plan skip_all => $reason
      adds  8a17a06   Allow plan(skip_all => $reason) to happen at runtime
      adds  7d5c679   Version 0.364
      adds  2c302d3   Test that exceptions are not hidden by aggregation
      adds  39fab5e   Try harder to diag() errors from 'do $file'
      adds  e441c83   Check if $@ is a ref before comparing it to our ref
      adds  b1815b2   Clean up some cruft from the new test script
      adds  f566912   Add the repository to the META.yml.
      adds  6e8779d   Made the output less noisy.
      adds  4ff4d87   Correct a typo - "implementation".
      adds  8bcf4bb   Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh-shlomif/master' into 
      adds  112eb08   Call ok(0) for errors even if verbose is 0
      adds  125e8ee   Use ok(0) for errors instead of diag in Nested
      adds  33de0d1   Update exception test to find ok(0) instead of diag
      adds  6494ecf   Ignore MYMETA files
      adds  aa39989   Bump version
      adds  a8c470a   Add pod encoding directive (utf-8)
      adds  23cd032   Simplify pod SUPPORT sections
      adds  e4945ee   Update repository link
      adds  6599ee9   Add x_contributors meta
      adds  244da2b   Configure git mailmap for cpan address
      adds  7eac269   Update files generated by Module::Build
      adds  98eaea1   Update change log
      adds  85268b8   Bump version
      adds  a7b0b8d   Insert Ovid at the top of x_contributors
      adds  b5571f3   Update change log (just release metadata)
      adds  5f653fa   Test that __DATA__ handles work with
      adds  0246d40   Ignore builds
      adds  4d6ab4b   Remove execute permission from a few test files
      adds  6b04987   Be more precise in exception test; move logic to lib
      adds  ae25b4f   Add a test for aggregating a script that skips to the end
      adds  2a8e91e   Don't diagnose undef as error, let subtest() do that
      adds  7dc3fc7   Test how 'skip to end' is handled by Nested
      adds  a0bf3ea   Test how classes handle a read failure
      adds  b3100d7   Bump version
      adds  eb99b27   UPDATE THE MANIFEST!
      adds  34deb0d   Update change log
      adds  36c2c4c   Ensure test accuracy by requiring diags to match
      adds  5c62ffa   Explicitly check if tests have run before printing warning
      adds  d317753   Compare read failure to skip (which counts as a test)
      adds  10361cc   Test our usage of Test::Builder to count tests
      adds  cb4e91f   Update release date in change log
      adds  26820be   Escape test file name in regexp
      adds  fb48c09   Bump version and update change log
      adds  da99679   Reformat dates in change log to appease CPAN::Changes
      adds  f6fa373   Export catfile in test lib for extra laziness
      adds  2de6251   Load our modules from test lib for even more laziness
      adds  34eb649   Don't warn at exit() if it's a child process
      adds  32d42e9   Test that fork/exit passes and doesn't warn
      adds  dd0d6d3   Mention change to exit warning in change log
      adds  db5529c   Bump version
      adds  b18a4a7   Update built files for 0.369
      adds  1b8fbfb   Fix 'Unrecognized escape' warning on Windows.
      adds  f17129a   Skip nested fork test on Windows.
      adds  eb483cf   Bump version
      adds  5ab1cef   Fix string so test is actually skipped on windows
      adds  cfc67e3   Count additional diag when run in verbose mode
      adds  19d9c23   Bump version
      adds  9343457   Fix dates in last two Change log entries
      adds  cbe5d58   Add build comments for git tag and push
      adds  e7300a4   Add new no_generate_plan option
      adds  00059a0   Put the subtest example back in the docs
      adds  5cf9e16   Add no_generate_plan to Changes and attribute to flimm
      adds  536b384   Bump version for release
      adds  67fc71a   Regenerate dist files
      adds  11b85e4   Configure travis ci
      adds  e2408d2   Tell pod-coverage test to ignore run_this_test_program
      adds  43b25d5   Use alternate travis helpers until pr is merged
      adds  3afdcc5   Bail out if Test::Builder is too recent.
      adds  b0e354b   Switch back to main travis helpers repo
      adds  fe97805   Use newer travis infrastructure
      adds  0e55578   Document bail out in changelog
      adds  dbd710d   Bump version for release and rebuild
      adds  1b87346   Imported Upstream version 0.373
       new  4f1fb9e   Merge tag 'upstream/0.373'
       new  614b112   Update debian/changelog / IGNORE no code changes

The 2 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .travis.yml                   | 15 +++++++++++++++
 Build.PL                      |  1 +
 Changes                       |  4 ++++
 MANIFEST                      |  1 +
 META.json                     | 15 ++++++++-------
 META.yml                      | 13 +++++++------
 Makefile.PL                   |  2 +-
 debian/changelog              |  9 +++++++++
 lib/Test/         |  4 ++--
 lib/Test/Aggregate/    |  4 ++--
 lib/Test/Aggregate/ |  4 ++--
 lib/Test/Aggregate/  |  4 ++--
 t/00-load.t                   |  8 +++++++-
 xt/author/pod-coverage.t      |  2 +-
 14 files changed, 62 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .travis.yml

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