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js pushed a change to branch master
in repository libmoosex-undeftolerant-perl.

      from  83ca5c5   update changelog
      adds  5447ee4   First commit.
      adds  e92df8d   use new Moose::Exporter features
      adds  c4dea95   fix module name in tests
      adds  5895f74   silence test warning
      adds  1925805   POD
      adds  1151098   release prep
      adds  006c550   and more
      adds  670193c   Jeez, I hate misnaming.
      adds  efcfddb   Fix.
      adds  c3476f3   Dep twiddling
      adds  779ca48   Make default work properly.
      adds  faddd0f   Use newer MetaRole API
      adds  46ca011   Changes for next release
      adds  46e1f0a   Failing test showing that UndefTolerant fails with 
immutable classes.
      adds  2d1c57b   Add support for immutable classes, by adjusting the 
generated constructor.
      adds  d10a4d7   Be more careful avoiding warnings when the init_arg is 
      adds  d0abfb4   Note that you can avoid having to add this module to 
every class.
      adds  1cbb963   Update MANIFEST and fix up some docs.
      adds  ae05f07   Version bump and docs
      adds  81d4422   Save some work, thanks Chip.
      adds  5cc8d5b   more robust testing of construction behaviour; labelled 
and counted tests
      adds  c9d30d7   new .gitignore file, stolen from Moose repo
      adds  36bf5c4   new tests for default behaviour, using classes in first 
test file
      adds  5fa7971   rename t/attribute.t -> t/constructor.t -- more 
explanatory as to content
      adds  4635347   comment update
      adds  8055a64   also test immutable classes using existing constructor 
and default classes -- these currently fail.  the check for if all tests were 
succesfully run can be removed when TODO label comes off.
      adds  8e67fa0   rename a variable, to make it more clear that we are not 
working with the Moose::Meta::Attribute object here, but the parameter name as 
passed to the constructor
      adds  94f9d19   add note about current limitations of usage.
      adds  38a6d1e   Changes update, and add test dependency on Test::Fatal
      adds  4f4692f   These are the words that I manifest.
      adds  d6ce838   Code for forward compat with Moose 1.99+
      adds  550e9d3   Add forward compat change
      adds  5e9d97e   Add release version and date
      adds  e572136   bump version to 0.08
      adds  6376e42   Require Test::Fatal
      adds  94a727f   Changes for 0.09
      adds  7e9c113   bump version to 0.09
      adds  b2c5b43   Dzilize this distro
      adds  f1073e3   Remove Signature plugin
      adds  033dc18   Update README based on latest pod
      adds  581c4a1   make defaults.t a bit more modular
      adds  015b916   better Test::Fatal tests
      adds  3991a5d   do not use Undef-Tolerant behaviour on attributes that 
are capable of handling undef
      adds  2dca5fc   fix whitespace
      adds  5670e8d   dir to stuff my misc todo notes etc in
      adds  e4d1ca6   remove files and dirs from old build pipeline from being 
      adds  0a6c3e2   update repository info now that we are on shadowcat
      adds  793ea91   doc updates and changelog for less undef tolerance
      adds  b460562   bump revision to 0.10
      adds  38ebd3e   fix timestamps - looks like the date isn't added 
automatically yet
      adds  1686337   doc typo
      adds  c5dd383   there could be mroe than one ternary operator
      adds  0dd9c65   0.11 release to fix crazy errors that somehow the tests 
did not catch
      adds  e5d1b64   these version checks already happen in the exporter
      adds  fff0a09   make this work in roles
      adds  42398dd   Changes for 0.12
      adds  bb7d104   Bump version
      adds  6095de2   Need to capture new class/role after applying metaroles
      adds  2b46c48   Doc use of module in roles
      adds  b4fdbd0   Add tests for more role use cases
      adds  64c5128   bump version; be more specific with phase prereqs
      adds  64c572f   improve test by testing for explicit exception message
      adds  9ee7367   use with_immutable and tighter TODO scope to run more 
tests after failure, and better diagnostics
      adds  37acc77   pulled these test cases into a separate lib so they can 
be shared
      adds  4f5c4e4   better test descriptions
      adds  02e25b0   strict/warnings, and explanatory comments
      adds  3e28584   whitespace
      adds  477b93e   changelog for changes made so far
      adds  29506df   use with_immutable and tighter TODO scope to run more 
tests after failure, and better diagnostics
      adds  0796f93   improve wording - the bad code is actually 
      adds  95f9197   Prevent all attribute initializers from seeing the value 
when we remove it, not just this one
      adds  cd954cc   rename these tests to "basic", and test both mutable and 
immutable paths
      adds  aeb5761   fix typo - was testing the wrong class here and missing 
an important test case
      adds  dc3621b   Another TODO note, to go with the CAVEATS
      adds  f6bb95b   fixed: immutable class with undef-tolerant TC should not 
have its undef value stripped at construction time
      adds  19b920a   more tightening up of TODO test cases, for later 
      adds  72f76bd   another TODO note, re crazy init_arg strings
      adds  2082bd1   standard MANIFEST.SKIP, from not-yet-released version of 
      adds  e56ed5d   do not ship this content again!
      adds  377fd47   more tightening up of TODO scopes
      adds  d51609f   automatically update release version and datetime in 
      adds  defa27b   some more tests - because who doesnt like tests?
      adds  07c4369   added missing release dates; re-enabling these release 
      adds  8718c71   auto versioning; git release pipeline
      adds  920bc71   changelog for 0.14
      adds  855205d   v0.14
      adds  0833a4a   doh, DZPTCD doesnt inject its prereqs
      adds  92b9c0b   v0.15
      adds  e5396bb   dep on the plugin version that injects its prereqs
      adds  965592f   dep on the plugin version that injects its prereqs
      adds  6600925   v0.16
      adds  9536389   add metadata, for faster diagnoses of future build issues
      adds  10ff87b   pre-release tests for fixup/squash, and the correct branch
      adds  387bfd4   fix [Test::CheckDeps] version specification
      adds  e476628   v0.17
      adds  58a62ad   add more metadata to the dist
      adds  52357da   add more release tests
      adds  3a39372   more release-time checks and actions
      adds  f9f1fdc   CheckFor::Fixups doesn't understand our tag format
      adds  bd7aab0   determine prereqs automatically
      adds  50d5752   generate the README from pod
      adds  4fbe5d7   ensure strict and warnings is always in effect
      adds  26dd75e   remove unneeded shebang
      adds  d2392ff   with_immutable needs to test both mutable and immutable 
      adds  0601096   do nothing at construction time for attributes with undef 
init_arg - fixes undefined warning
      adds  74effc7   MooseX-UndefTolerant-0.18
      adds  0dc4600   oops, :early was added in 1.04, not 0.94
      adds  76237e3   MooseX-UndefTolerant-0.19
      adds  4a7e89b   the canonical repository is now
      adds  c14a44c   canonicalize timestamps; drop ego lines
      adds  a74d820   switch to my plugin bundle
      adds  a024170   keep $VERSION right in the repo
      adds  aba485c   fix the clean namespaces test
      adds  16d0832   use bullets in this pod list
      adds  4bb2b3c   surgically weave some pod
      adds  f3314d4   fix spelling tests
      adds  bec8e8b   canonicalize contributor names and addresses
      adds  688f191   MooseX-UndefTolerant-0.20
      adds  c9090cf   Imported Upstream version 0.20
       new  c1c42dc   Merge tag 'upstream/0.20'
       new  b5cda57   Upstream has reorganized source: Update upstream 
homepage, and add alternate git source URL.
       new  dda6891   Update copyright info: List issue tracker as preferred 
upstream contact.
       new  cbb1778   Stop track md5sum of upstream tarball: Compare against 
VCS instead.
       new  263460a   Update copyright info: Use License-Grant and 
License-Reference fields. Thanks to Ben Finney.
       new  997f266   Add lintian override regarding license in 
License-Reference field. See bug#786450.
       new  cdc6036   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  2641796   Tidy rules file: Suppress versioned debhelper 
       new  860a9ba   Add lintian override regarding debhelper 9.
       new  02fab28   Sync with control: Update Vcs-* fields.
       new  91d1601   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  3ee4e71   Update copyright info: Extend coverage of packaging, and 
tighten packaging license to GPL-3+.
       new  12d1ecc   Include CDBS snippet (not
       new  a71862a   (Build-)depend on libnamespace-autoclean-perl.
       new  6564eb7   Remove empty manpages.
       new  e8179e3   Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and 
copyright hints.

The 16 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                                           |  128 +++
 CONTRIBUTING                                       |  100 ++
 Changes                                            |   15 +-
 INSTALL                                            |    9 +-
 LICENSE => LICENCE                                 |    2 +-
 MANIFEST                                           |   35 +-
 MANIFEST.SKIP                                      |   61 --
 META.json                                          | 1150 +++++++++++++++++---
 META.yml                                           |  897 ++++++++++++---
 Makefile.PL                                        |  119 +-
 README                                             |  120 +-
 debian/changelog                                   |   30 +-
 debian/compat                                      |    2 +-
 debian/control                                     |    8 +-
 debian/                                  |    8 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |   53 +-
 debian/copyright_hints                             |   70 +-
 debian/rules                                       |   17 +-
 debian/source/lintian-overrides                    |    8 +
 dist.ini                                           |   87 +-
 lib/MooseX/                        |   56 +-
 lib/MooseX/UndefTolerant/     |    6 +-
 lib/MooseX/UndefTolerant/      |    6 +-
 lib/MooseX/UndefTolerant/              |   17 +-
 lib/MooseX/UndefTolerant/                  |    5 +-
 lib/MooseX/UndefTolerant/              |    6 +-
 lib/MooseX/UndefTolerant/            |    5 +-
 lib/MooseX/UndefTolerant/                   |    6 +-
 t/00-check-deps.t                                  |   11 -
 t/00-compile.t                                     |   73 --
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd                             |  131 +++
 t/00-report-prereqs.t                              |  183 ++++
 t/release-cpan-changes.t                           |   15 -
 t/release-dist-manifest.t                          |   16 -
 t/release-distmeta.t                               |   15 -
 t/release-eol.t                                    |   16 -
 t/release-no-tabs.t                                |   16 -
 t/release-pod-linkcheck.t                          |   28 -
 t/release-pod-syntax.t                             |   15 -
 t/release-test-version.t                           |   30 -
 t/zzz-check-breaks.t                               |   18 +
 xt/author/00-compile.t                             |   61 ++
 xt/author/clean-namespaces.t                       |   11 +
 xt/author/eol.t                                    |   45 +
 xt/author/kwalitee.t                               |    9 +
 xt/author/mojibake.t                               |    9 +
 xt/author/no-tabs.t                                |   45 +
 xt/author/pod-spell.t                              |   39 +
 .../release/changes_has_content.t                  |   11 +-
 xt/release/cpan-changes.t                          |   11 +
 xt/release/distmeta.t                              |    6 +
 xt/release/minimum-version.t                       |    8 +
 t/release-pod-no404s.t => xt/release/pod-no404s.t  |    8 -
 xt/release/pod-syntax.t                            |    6 +
 xt/release/portability.t                           |   12 +
 55 files changed, 2854 insertions(+), 1020 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Build.PL
 create mode 100644 CONTRIBUTING
 rename LICENSE => LICENCE (99%)
 delete mode 100644 MANIFEST.SKIP
 create mode 100644 debian/source/lintian-overrides
 delete mode 100644 t/00-check-deps.t
 delete mode 100644 t/00-compile.t
 create mode 100644 t/00-report-prereqs.dd
 create mode 100644 t/00-report-prereqs.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-cpan-changes.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-dist-manifest.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-distmeta.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-eol.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-no-tabs.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-pod-linkcheck.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-pod-syntax.t
 delete mode 100644 t/release-test-version.t
 create mode 100644 t/zzz-check-breaks.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/00-compile.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/clean-namespaces.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/eol.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/kwalitee.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/mojibake.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/no-tabs.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/pod-spell.t
 rename t/release-changes_has_content.t => xt/release/changes_has_content.t 
 create mode 100644 xt/release/cpan-changes.t
 create mode 100644 xt/release/distmeta.t
 create mode 100644 xt/release/minimum-version.t
 rename t/release-pod-no404s.t => xt/release/pod-no404s.t (68%)
 create mode 100644 xt/release/pod-syntax.t
 create mode 100644 xt/release/portability.t

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