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js pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.20
in repository libmoosex-undeftolerant-perl.

        at  03d31db   (tag)
   tagging  c9090cfbe509973324518188e77c96b877e770ba (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.19
 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Sat Oct 24 20:32:02 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.20
Version: GnuPG v1


Chris Andrews (4):
      Failing test showing that UndefTolerant fails with immutable classes.
      Add support for immutable classes, by adjusting the generated constructor.
      Be more careful avoiding warnings when the init_arg is undef.
      Note that you can avoid having to add this module to every class.

Cory Watson (12):
      First commit.
      release prep
      and more
      Jeez, I hate misnaming.
      Dep twiddling
      Make default work properly.
      Update MANIFEST and fix up some docs.
      Version bump and docs
      Save some work, thanks Chip.
      These are the words that I manifest.

Dave Rolsky (17):
      Use newer MetaRole API
      Changes for next release
      Code for forward compat with Moose 1.99+
      Add forward compat change
      Add release version and date
      bump version to 0.08
      Require Test::Fatal
      Changes for 0.09
      bump version to 0.09
      Dzilize this distro
      Remove Signature plugin
      Update README based on latest pod
      Changes for 0.12
      Bump version
      Need to capture new class/role after applying metaroles
      Doc use of module in roles
      Add tests for more role use cases

Jesse Luehrs (5):
      use new Moose::Exporter features
      fix module name in tests
      silence test warning
      these version checks already happen in the exporter
      make this work in roles

Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.20

Karen Etheridge (80):
      more robust testing of construction behaviour; labelled and counted tests
      new .gitignore file, stolen from Moose repo
      new tests for default behaviour, using classes in first test file
      rename t/attribute.t -> t/constructor.t -- more explanatory as to content
      comment update
      also test immutable classes using existing constructor and default 
classes --
      rename a variable, to make it more clear that we are not working with the 
Moose::Meta::Attribute object here, but the parameter name as passed to the 
      add note about current limitations of usage.
      Changes update, and add test dependency on Test::Fatal
      make defaults.t a bit more modular
      better Test::Fatal tests
      do not use Undef-Tolerant behaviour on attributes that are capable of 
handling undef
      fix whitespace
      dir to stuff my misc todo notes etc in
      remove files and dirs from old build pipeline from being ignored
      update repository info now that we are on shadowcat
      doc updates and changelog for less undef tolerance
      bump revision to 0.10
      fix timestamps - looks like the date isn't added automatically yet
      doc typo
      there could be mroe than one ternary operator
      0.11 release to fix crazy errors that somehow the tests did not catch
      bump version; be more specific with phase prereqs
      improve test by testing for explicit exception message
      use with_immutable and tighter TODO scope to run more tests after 
failure, and better diagnostics
      pulled these test cases into a separate lib so they can be shared
      better test descriptions
      strict/warnings, and explanatory comments
      changelog for changes made so far
      use with_immutable and tighter TODO scope to run more tests after 
failure, and better diagnostics
      improve wording - the bad code is actually _inline_slot_initializer
      Prevent all attribute initializers from seeing the value when we remove 
it, not just this one
      rename these tests to "basic", and test both mutable and immutable paths
      fix typo - was testing the wrong class here and missing an important test 
      Another TODO note, to go with the CAVEATS
      fixed: immutable class with undef-tolerant TC should not have its undef 
value stripped at construction time
      more tightening up of TODO test cases, for later investigation
      another TODO note, re crazy init_arg strings
      standard MANIFEST.SKIP, from not-yet-released version of 
      do not ship this content again!
      more tightening up of TODO scopes
      automatically update release version and datetime in Changes
      some more tests - because who doesnt like tests?
      added missing release dates; re-enabling these release tests
      auto versioning; git release pipeline
      changelog for 0.14
      doh, DZPTCD doesnt inject its prereqs
      dep on the plugin version that injects its prereqs
      dep on the plugin version that injects its prereqs
      add metadata, for faster diagnoses of future build issues
      pre-release tests for fixup/squash, and the correct branch
      fix [Test::CheckDeps] version specification
      add more metadata to the dist
      add more release tests
      more release-time checks and actions
      CheckFor::Fixups doesn't understand our tag format
      determine prereqs automatically
      generate the README from pod
      ensure strict and warnings is always in effect
      remove unneeded shebang
      with_immutable needs to test both mutable and immutable conditions
      do nothing at construction time for attributes with undef init_arg - 
fixes undefined warning
      oops, :early was added in 1.04, not 0.94
      the canonical repository is now
      canonicalize timestamps; drop ego lines
      switch to my plugin bundle
      keep $VERSION right in the repo
      fix the clean namespaces test
      use bullets in this pod list
      surgically weave some pod
      fix spelling tests
      canonicalize contributor names and addresses


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