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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libmoosex-attributeshortcuts-perl.

      from  5edacd6   update changelog
       new  717550b   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  20e2b62   Update debian/changelog
      adds  f3480c3   initial commit
      adds  3536073   Initial working commit
      adds  56fa063   Initial tests
      adds  0140cf1   Add README.pod
      adds  cf209e0   Add synopsis testing
      adds  88ce3bf   cause POD coverage tests to skip init_meta()
      adds  299222b   POD updates, etc
      adds  617612f   README.pod -- update for github
      adds  4a82d8e   tweak .gitignore
      adds  cbafeb5   v0.001
      adds  0876622   Convert our trait to a parameterized role
      adds  21c2cfa   Make the trait params passing more robust
      adds  2243c27   Document usage options
      adds  d01bae3   Refactor test function out into its own file
      adds  19c721e   initial is => 'lazy' support
      adds  d6871df   lazy doc fixup
      adds  e684d9f   Change the default writer prefix from _ to _set_
      adds  b4e9758   v0.002
      adds  fcc2490   Changes for 0.002
      adds  3bb5253   additional tests for predicate/clearer
      adds  e4c8478   Support clearer/predicate shortcuts as for builder
      adds  39bd1ed   document predicate and clearer shortcuts
      adds  f5fb8e1   ignore more vim swap files
      adds  73a0386   switch to @RSRCHBOY bundle
      adds  353b3d5   v0.003
      adds  e07512f   provide a "Shortcuts" trait alias as well
      adds  da3217e   test for shortcut behaviour on attribute extension
      adds  ba3c716   be lazy during clone/extends, as well.
      adds  b3d980b   v0.004
      adds  0b74b53   correctly apply trait via roles
      adds  7c23515   Additional attribute tests
      adds  160afae   skip more prereq false positives
      adds  efcbb4d   handle attribute clone/extension, for realz
      adds  c261e7b   v0.005
      adds  d11e67a   remove conflicting 00-load.t
      adds  94d5378   Add trigger => 1 support
      adds  4afb301   document trigger => 1
      adds  483b26d   wrap all our tests in Test::Moose::with_immutable
      adds  347fb8b   v0.006
      adds  568a411   Document traits shortcut
      adds  82bc532   Tests for new "is => 'lazy'" behaviour
      adds  0beb99c   Allow "is => 'lazy'" to handle default, as well
      adds  a267b9a   v0.007
      adds  c363a39   Documentation is good
      adds  304d300   Apply pre-built roles
      adds  5ccc02e   v0.008
      adds  ba186ae   drop "init_arg => undef" from "is => 'lazy'"
      adds  f15513e   POD tweaks
      adds  536eba2   v0.009
      adds  7007b92   POD tweaks
      adds  3e48a2a   v0.010
      adds  3688ee9   Make sure we have a metaclass before applying metaroles 
in init_meta()
      adds  6f79eee   v0.011-TRIAL
      adds  7f3b8f3   revert most of 3688ee9
      adds  15e0f8a   misc cleanups
      adds  b65107d   v0.012
      adds  1cc9a70   revert t/01-basic.t breakage from d11e67a
      adds  c9cfe64   v0.013
      adds  bc423e0   Add a "test" and a fix for defaults that evaluate to false
      adds  dec4f1c   v0.014
      adds  3174988   add "builder => sub { ... }" shortcut -- closes #4
      adds  a32a990   v0.015
      adds  b26da2b   drop init_arg tweak in lazy_build => 'private' (gh #1)
      adds  7cca83a   add LICENSE (closes #3)
      adds  70f9dd5   new shortcut requests should also cite Moo/Mouse if 
      adds  7a5fae4   Add support for inverted accessor name building
      adds  c52d5d3   v0.016
      adds  f66fb28   Actually make test classes immutable
      adds  ed9cd92   add TODO tests for anon builder method creation in roles
      adds  ca04bd9   nit! note about trait placement
      adds  1a36cd7   initial inline subtyping support
      adds  ac45079   v0.017
      adds  4b997f8   rearrange how we handle "constraint"
      adds  3447a57   Copy parent's type coercions over if coercion is requested
      adds  cbc8b4f   a couple additional "did it actually die?" tests for 
inline subtyping
      adds  86213df   test coercion retention
      adds  a73ce63   better document the constraint option
      adds  26cd73c   doc spelling corrections...
      adds  81af20a   v0.018
      adds  29097c3   add Git::Describe dzil plugin
      adds  1e435dc   add initial Travis-CI config
      adds  10e4ee4   update travis config
      adds  f1c9275   Add t/constraint.t that should serve as a model for TMM
      adds  fa96025   Add and document CoercePerAttribute usage for coerce 
      adds  d7438c2   add SUBTYPING to :stopwords
      adds  dc99f4b   README.pod => README.mkdn
      adds  ac4d021   v0.019
      adds  7a2c2d5   autoadd
      adds  7fdd318   bump MX::CoercePerAttribute req version; update pod to 
      adds  34639c9   v0.020
      adds  eb52e67   add initial tests for coercion per attribute
      adds  80a8db2   evil, evil, evil hack...
      adds  daa1a57   v0.020_01
      adds  1d0cf7d   explicitly ensure that coerce is *not* a reference to 
      adds  fe62b52   move CoercePerAttribute functionality over directly
      adds  9f820bc   v0.021
      adds  68240ea   v0.022
      adds  be17685   typo fixes
      adds  3e4d112   Merge pull request #13 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  dc3c0e9   configure git && .email globally
      adds  c57fc96   Add 'isa_instance_of' attribute option
      adds  312e8ce   Add tests for isa_instance_of
      adds  ded4d82   update travis config
      adds  4a1fc05   Semi-embarrassing POD fix
      adds  4ef71a1   v0.023
      adds  e863480   "Bad use does not preclude proper usage."
      adds  8ad8389   Make the undocumented isa_* options "deprecated"
      adds  b50fb3e   ...and test for the deprecation warnings
      adds  ec75ca3   ....aaaaand update cpanfile to reflect our current 
      adds  ff63e05   move our Latin down a touch.
      adds  758f63f   v0.024
      adds  74299da   mark coerce => { ... } as going away sometime after the 
new year
      adds  39f50c2   nit! comments
      adds  4c13c19   initial _make_delegation_method() wrapping
      adds  d13c204   ....or this.  hm.
      adds  ea850a7   ...or with additional helper coderefs?
      adds  6fe0615   Nope, let's do it plain. let people construct their own 
      adds  7817b55   Document: handles => { foo => sub { ... } }
      adds  8de35d9   Add basic handles/coderef tests
      adds  bc092c7   v0.025
      adds  aeff45b   remove debugging cruft
      adds  5cce875   v0.026
      adds  21edaf3   stop using autobox
      adds  fe370d5   remove debugging cruft
      adds  e29a95a   Merge pull request #14 from haarg/master
      adds  9655ffa   Push depreciation date back a year
      adds  1d08f06   v0.027
      adds  4345ace   Group builder shortcut docs together
      adds  bdf0cd8   Group type constraint related options together
      adds  615d735   Break out $_process_options into smaller methods
      adds  ee15c4c   break out: _mxas_builder()
      adds  c4285ea   add tests for Moo-ish isa coderefs
      adds  94ba5af   Initial Moo-style 'isa => sub { ... }' support
      adds  96a9bd9   Add 'isa => sub { ... }' docs
      adds  a758ad6   Merge branch 'topic/mooish-isa'
      adds  78dcc28   nit! fix an errant line ending
      adds  2aa995b   v0.027_01
      adds  e44c93e   Make Moose 1.14 the minimum
      adds  8e66785   v0.027_02
      adds  cad8a61   v0.028
      adds  f18beab   Imported Upstream version 0.028
       new  252c506   Merge tag 'upstream/0.028'
       new  c980ef8   Update debian/changelog
       new  8873629   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  cc5fbf6   update changelog

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                |  24 ++
 INSTALL                                |  44 ---
 LICENSE                                |   2 +-
 MANIFEST                               |   9 +-
 META.json                              | 421 +++++++++++++++++--------
 META.yml                               | 445 +++++++++++++++++----------
 Makefile.PL                            |  40 +--
 README                                 | 306 ++++++++++++-------
 SIGNATURE                              |  61 ++--
 cpanfile                               |  14 +-
 debian/changelog                       |  12 +-
 debian/control                         |  16 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata               |   7 +
 lib/MooseX/       | 542 ++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 t/00-compile.t                         |   9 +-
 t/000-report-versions-tiny.t           |   9 +-
 t/deprecated/inline_typing.t           |   2 +-
 t/handles-coderef.t                    |  44 +++
 t/inline_coercion-back-compat.t        |  29 +-
 t/{inline_subtyping.t => isa-mooish.t} |  18 +-
 xt/author/eol.t                        |  36 +++
 xt/author/no-tabs.t                    |  36 +++
 xt/author/pod-spell.t                  |   5 +-
 xt/release/eol.t                       |   8 -
 xt/release/no-smart-comments.t         |   1 +
 xt/release/no-tabs.t                   |  14 -
 26 files changed, 1426 insertions(+), 728 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 INSTALL
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/handles-coderef.t
 copy t/{inline_subtyping.t => isa-mooish.t} (76%)
 create mode 100644 xt/author/eol.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/no-tabs.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/eol.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/no-tabs.t

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