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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.20
in repository libmoosex-daemonize-perl.

        at  c8b5460   (tag)
   tagging  7eb72521a72e3be7e66e29578b608df4050791bb (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.19
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Oct 25 17:19:42 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.20

Ash Berlin (4):
      Fix perlcritic test so it doesn't bomb if Perl::Critic isn't installed
      Fix logic in _kill
      They be paying me
      POE signal test

Brandon L Black (4):
      fix up sigint / stop() stuff.  stop() stops a different process from the 
one that is executing stop(), and sigint calls the shutdown method, which 
clears the pidfile and exits
      only remove pidfile in the stop() function on successful kill -9, let 
daemon do it otherwise, so we don't loose track of a daemon
      minor nit: add newline to pidfile contents, so "cat /var/run/" 
output is saner
      poe test pidfile fixups, and make default pidbase an absolute path

Chisel Wright (1):
      RT#85229 - wait longer for processes to die, when needed

Chris Prather (19):
      skipping tests if you don't have Test::* installed
      add Test::MooseX::Daemonize
      new Test::MX::D::Testable role for subclassing children with (see t/02)
      Adding Cogwheel, a Moose wrapped Sprocket
      got 01.filecreate.t passing ...
      change the kill sleeps to sleep just a little bit longer cause sleep(1) 
wasn't catching things
      better reporting
      fix a critic test
      add basedir attribute
      fix a critic test
      last cleanup before 0.01 release
      Add future ideas file
      remove File::Flock and File::Slurp infavor of File::Pid
      add a lab directory
      document is_daemon
      updated manifest
      patch stuff up for releasing
      remove File::Slurp as we don't need it
      clean stuff up for a 0.09 release

Dave Rolsky (1):
      s/no_plan => 1/'no_plan'/g

David Steinbrunner (1):
      spelling (RT#85351) (committed by ether)

Jonathan Sailor (1):
      empty commit to add contributor information for last patch (ether)

Karen Etheridge (63):
      MI auto_repository plugin no longer exists; set repository manually
      apply patch from RT#76523 - remove use of internal Test::Builder functions
      changelog for last patch
      apply patch from RT#79169 - missing dependency on File::Path
      changelog for last patch
      add missing dependency on Test::Exception (RT#70382)
      document the basedir attribute (defaults to /) - RT#83055
      add documentation fields for public attrs (RT#54295)
      convert uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
      remove useless shebangs from tests
      use strictures in all tests
      you gotta have a plan
      normalize dates in changelog
      prep for release
      fix version in pod
      ignore more files
      convert to Dist::Zilla, with a minimal config
      make this dist uninstallable on windows
      add some metadata
      add missing prereq
      fix pod error
      changelog for this fix
      use data in git to automate more release-time tasks
      whitespace fixes
      more tests
      CVS is dead.. or at least we can wish that it were
      canonicalize changelog entries
      put strictures before package statement
      convert to my plugin bundle
      remove extra $VERSION declaration that does not belong
      tighter entries
      add the starting copyright year
      bring back some minimum prereqs
      sqash bundle
      fix bad bugtracker URL
      fix test that is prone to failure on smokers
      keep namespaces clean
      repository moved to
      come down to a single dot in filenames
      fix unused var test
      Error retrieving 
'': 405 METHOD NOT 
      Revert addition of clean namespace test
      ignore build output from my plugin bundle
      now using [Git::Contributors]
      hardcode the distribution name in Changes, to reduce churn on each release
      add a test that runs `moose-outdated`
      constrain these imports, to be sure a new stringy type is not created
      this is a distribution eligible for static install
      add a placeholder .mailmap
      ignore build outputs
      keep $VERSION right in the repo
      fix incompatibility and bug sections in pod
      add Stevan back in to authors
      start weaving pod
      use the proper spelling for this file, matching the embedded pod
      make the clean namespace test pass for this module
      a bit more pod markup
      spelling fix
      Changes entry for this release

Michael Reddick (8):
      create pidbase directory if it doesnt exist
      add Daemon::Control to SEE ALSO
      add a warning section to the pod that this isnt recommended anymore
      Merge branch 'create-pidbase-dir'
      bump the version to 0.14
      changing all versions to 0.15
      fix version in pod
      fix day

Michael Schwern (1):
      empty commit to add contributor information for last patch (ether)

Stevan Little (32):
      Adding PidFile implementation and making Daemonize use that
      rollin, rollin, rollin on the river
      removing handles for pidfile, we need to make this into a role
      no more Proc::Daemon
      come basic changes;
      moving the Pid file stuff out into a role, and make a types module
      MooseX::Daemonize::Core i think is done
      MooseX::Daemonize::Core i think is done
      okay NOW I think Core is done
      ok,.. more tests and stuff
      removed signal handling, cause it was not very useful, and then made 
WithPidFile do Core, as it is more useful as an extension then a seperate role
      fixing changes
      withpidfile should write its pidfile :)
      okay,.. I think this is ready for release
      okay,.. I think this is ready for release
      some additional cleanup
      tweaking for FCGI stuff
      adding some overloading
      bunch of stuff
      cleaning up stuff
      cleaning up stuff
      got tall the stuff
      0.10 release
      0.11 release
      manifest skip fixed
      adding docs, updating version, updating copyright, and release engineering

Yuval Kogman (5):
      convert the usage of OK and ERROR to method calls and document them as 
such both for more flexibility and to make the pod coverage test STFU
      use tempdir, not cwd in tests
      more tempdir for robustness
      demand Module::Install 0.75

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.20


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