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  replaces  upstream/0.29
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Oct 25 17:43:01 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.31

Dave Rolsky (2):
      no more get_method_map
      Use the modern MetaRole API to avoid warnings from the next Moose

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fix

Florian Ragwitz (70):
      Add .gitignore.
      Add basic tests.
      Add a meta class role to store attributes keyed by the address of the CVs.
      Add role to capture attributes in the metaclass.
      Add a method meta role with an attributes attribute, fetching values from 
the assciated metaclass.
      Add sugar to set up the meta madness.
      More tests.
      Make attributes_for private.
      Add some basic docs.
      Add a DESCRIPTION.
      Ignore init_meta for pod coverage tests.
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::Meta::Class.
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::Meta::Method.
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::AttrContainer.
      Rename _attributes_for to _method_attribute_map.
      Provide methods to access _method_attribute_map.
      Use the metaclass methods to access _method_attribute_map.
      Update documentation.
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::AttrContainer.
      Update .gitignore.
      Doc fix.
      Add dist.ini.
      Add changelog.
      Ignore a cpants generated file.
      Test for getting attributes for wrapped methods.
      Apply a role to the wrapped method metaclass to support getting 
attributes of wrapped methods.
      Add tests for a way to apply all roles without explicitly using 
MooseX::MethodAttributes in every class.
      Add a role that creates a metaclass for the caller and initializes it 
      Add a baseclass that allows inheriting the attribute handler and 
metaclass stuff.
      Make inheritance tests saner.
      Test inheriting attribute handlers if the baseclass already has a 
      Apply our meta roles if the caller already has a metaclass without our 
role applied.
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::AttrContainer::Inheritable.
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Inheritable.
      Consistent capitalisation in package abstracts.
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::Meta::Method::Wrapped.
      Depend on Moose 0.70 for wrapped_method_metaclass_roles.
      Add a MaybeWrapped method meta role that will apply the real meta role 
only if the original method had the attribute meta role.
      Apply MaybeWrapped instead of Wrapped to the consumers wrapped method 
      Docs for MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::Meta::Method::MaybeWrapped.
      Version 0.02.
      Make all attributed meta methods implement _get_attributed_coderef.
      Add and use a _method_attribute_list attribute to maintain the order of 
registered attribute methods.
      Add get_method_with_attributes_list and get_all_methods_with_attributes.
      Add tests for get_all_methods_with_attributes.
      Docs for the new methods.
      Meta methods that don't implement _get_attributed_coderef can't have 
      Version 0.03
      Add tests for behaviour of get_all_methods_with_attributes and method 
      Depend on an MX::Types with support for parameterisation.
      Version 0.04.
      Add t0m to authors.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Fix docs.
      Merge commit 'bobtfish/master'
      Depend on latest Moose to prevent metaclass incompatibility fail.
      Version 0.11.
      Revert "Merge branch 'master' of"
      Merge commit 'autarch/master'
      Stop using the broken PodWeaver for now.
      Version 0.16.
      Add testcase for late metaclass reinitialisation losing methods.
      Ref defaults need to be wrapped in subs.
      Adapt to Moose changes turning composition_class_roles into a plain 
      Moose::Exporter already gives us strictures and warnings.
      Port to @FLORA.
      Version 0.21.
      use English;
      Merge remote branch 'autarch/master'
      Version 0.24

Karen Etheridge (53):
      switch to non-deprecated Prereqs plugin
      copy (most) missing dzil configs from MooseX-Method-Signatures
      Test Changes file; fix dates in changelog so they validate
      RT#79385: import Carp::croak into the right package
      fix repository metadata
      this plugin is still broken
      Merge pull request #1 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      why use inheritance when we can use composition??!
      use namespace::autoclean instead of clean
      convert all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
      remove unneeded use of FindBin
      remove unneeded shebangs
      the repository now lives at
      add moose irc and mailing list to metadata
      eliminate these uses of eval
      convert to my plugin bundle for more automation of release bits
      canonicalize dates in Changes file
      add missing prereqs and remove unneeded ones
      make author, release tests pass
      canonicalize contributor data
      add starting copyright year
      metacpan renders bullets better with -
      document new podweaver options that include commented-out pod in situ
      Pod::Weaver 4 now uses [-SingleEncoding]
      tighten up entries
      remove unnecessary plugin
      now using [Git::Contributors]
      add a test that runs `moose-outdated`
      ignore more dotfiles
      report the installed version of Catalyst when testing
      keep $VERSION right in the repo
      ensure namespaces are clean
      remove unneeded entry
      custom plugin name is not needed
      hardcode the distribution name in Changes, to reduce churn on each release
      use a more specific link
      this Changes entry is silly and useless
      capitalize abstract
      switch to my podweaver plugin bundle
      affirm that we work as far back as Moose itself does
      this option is the default
      this plugin is no longer in my bundle
      use AutoPrereqs
      this is a distribution eligible for static install
      shorten these entries
      weave pod surgically
      Changes entry for this release
      increment $VERSION after 0.30 release
      resolve issues with boolean overload handling in 5.8.x

Marcus Ramberg (2):
      Failing test for attrs
      Failing test for attrs

Peter E Karman (1):
      tests showing fail for overriding methods with no attributes.

Tomas Doran (49):
      That was added
      Factor all the metaclass twiddling logic back into the init_meta method. 
Step 1
      More refacoring, fix bug in original
      Add more debugging in anon class test
      Stubs for combination
      A bit more working
      Add empty application roles for the other type of application - most of 
the role meta role functionality to move into these. or
      All working. Ugly as sin, but working nontheless
      Fix parameterized roles
      Make a generic role application role and use it, hopefully I can factor 
some crap out into this. This is going to painful as I need to support -traits 
=> 'MethodAttributes'
      Add notes to tests
      Merge branch 'master' into role_combination2
      Fix test for retarded reason
      Better test name
      Small doc tweaks
      Use the generic application role so that I can get rid of the disgusting 
cross package method insanity.
      Move the _copy_attributes method into the apropriate role, kill the full 
package spec and check for it doing the right roles, not if it supports the 
      Nuke another explicit call by moving code
      Remove the useless classes. We have to support everything on the basis of 
just being a metarole trait so I can't split things up more than this
      Same modifier, abstract
      Write a more sensible test
      Factor out apply modifier into common code
      Bump versions
      Additional POD
      New dev release for ::SimpleLogin
      Bump version
      Fix bugs
      Add test for conflict detection working
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Deal correctly with both old and new Moose
      Remove obsolete TODO
      Bump versions
      Remove my hideous hack after autarch++ fixed Moose in cf600c8
      Bump required Moose version
      Bump versions
      Fix issue with role composition onto subclasses.
      use style;
      Version 0.22
      Bump dep to fix RT#58406
      Trim whitespace
      Version 0.23
      create classes, rather than just initializing metaclasses. Fixes test 
      Note that this test passes on newer Moose
      Version 0.25
      Add explicit return true
      Version 0.26

Tomas Doran (t0m) (23):
      Failing test from register_actions smokes
      And fix test
      Make the two sub classes not the same, still enough to cause fail
      Clean up
      Fix tests, moose seemingly doesn't inherit your method metaclass from the 
parent class. This is fairly shit, and probably needs fixing in Moose, but this 
change makes shit work now :)
      Changelogging, needs real testing before release
      Finish changelog
      Test for crappy error message if you get immutable wrong from maros
      Add test for role composition behavior when unattributed method is 
already present on the class you are composing into
      Method exclusion and aliasing don't work. I don't care about this right 
now for controllers, so I've made it die, and there are tests there for when 
someone wants to make it work right ;)
      Changelog and bump version, this is good enough to release IMO
      Document that excluding and aliasing methods doesn't work
      Passing test for composing 2 roles onto a class individually
      And compose those roles together, and oh - look, it fails...
      Fix test in some cases, and check MRO is as we expect
      Changelog, release
      New release time. I'm happy role combination stuff works for all my crap, 
and we need the dep bump
      TODO out test
      Bump dependencies to be more correct
      Clean up test
      Hopefully fix the issue
      Version 0.27

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.31

t0m (69):
      Fix normal inherited test by doing the metarole before the extends, at 
compile time, as the docs for metarole say you should
      Prep for release
      Trivial test functions work. modifier tests, and calling via ->body to 
      Rename this, it was stupidly named and confused the hell out of me
      More passing tests for calling stuff
      Make the test pass. This is more correct, but I have no idea if this 
solves the real problem, or not
      I think thats what we want for Catalyst...
      Bump version
      I'm a little more happy with that method name, but not much.
      Helps if you do the rename everywhere
      Changelogging fail, idiot
      This is what catalyst does when you use the new method, which fails..
      That stops everything exploding
      Tests showing how its all borked
      There is the proof that we have to force the metaclasses everywhere, it 
just doen't work otherwise
      Fix get_nearest_methods_with_attributes to do what I really meant
      EPIC FAIL unless you directly apply the metastuff yourself
      Bump version for a release, this at least fixes some bugs and can be used 
in trunk..
      Add crap which nearly passes
      Remove all the crapola and warnings, make tests not TODO
      Rename test to make more sense
      Bump version, but don't release yet till I've tested
      Eeek, not having the right metaclass in the right place makes it explode
      Yay! More horrific apply the roles all the bloody time style hacking, and 
it works in cases where you have only modifiers in a subclass
      Remove crap
      More tests, this doesn't seem to work in Cat, but does work here
      Changelog for release, I don't have any more tuits right now,and this is 
better than it was
      Fix having a meta method in a use base subclass.
      Bump version for release
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Factor the map out, and make a start on a role meta role for doing the 
appropriate thing with attributes
      Add some fail showing that applying the role to a plain class doesn't 
give you the right metaclass and etc
      Make things a little less fail. Methods now get into the role with the 
right metaclass, and they're copied out of the role with the right metaclass
      Make the tests pass when role is composed onto a class, woo - this may 
actually be enough to make Catalyst work..
      Clean up tests
      Merge tests
      modifiers are fairly borked..
      Additional tests for role support
      No need to meddle unless we have to
      And make all of the role tests pass.
      Fix so that you don't have to explicitly apply the attrcontainer role in 
a BEGIN block yourself
      Clean up test suite, fix incorrectly failing test
      Add some basic POD
      TODO file - needs more tests before Role support can be considered 100% 
      Going to do a dev release of this.
      Fix warning from test
      Kinda got roles consuming other roles working, a bit..
      Refactor and expand text
      Fix bugs in tests
      Test that our class gains the appropriate magic to introspect the methods 
with attributes by dint of composing the role
      Remove debug warnings
      Changelogging - role into role composition now appears to work, although 
it could do with more tests
      Add support for use Moose::Role -traits => 'MethodAttributes'; which is, 
at least in my view, acceptably nice syntax.
      Changelog for another dev release
      Add failing tests from aCiD2 who actually tried to use the new roles crap 
in real code..
      Fix tests. Over enthusiasm with 
Moose::Util::MetaRole::apply_metaclass_roles breaks shit, film at 11
      Heh, I broke it if your class didn't already know about method 
attributes. That's what I get for not even reading the entire body of the 
method I'm patching, and/or not having small enough methods..
      Changelog and update dist.ini
      Add Test::More and Test::Exception for RT#4639[56]
      Bump version and changelog
      Add failing tests
      Fix bugs
      Documentation and comment tweaks
      Merge branch 'master' of
      More tests and correctly skipping/todo tests for multiple roles
      Adjust the way that we were handing the application hook to be slightly 
more elegant, but also add horrific hackery for anon classes. Win some, lose 
some. EPIC block comment about the fail and lose
      Changelog, bump versions as I'm about to release 0.14_01


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