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  replaces  upstream/0.15
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Oct 25 18:46:28 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.18

Aaron Moses (1):
      clean up gets and correct timestamp coercion behaviour

Dave Lambley (59):
      Apparently, the number of hours is optional.
      A time containing only seconds, which we currently disallow.
      Correct time duration string.
      According to the ISO 8601:2004(E) any zero component can be omitted with 
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      You *must* specify at least one component.
      Make sure that at least one component is specified for time durations.
      Date durations should not begin "PT".
      Zero fields can be omitted.
      Check that null dates aren't valid.
      Be nice to fix this.
      Commas are also allowed as decimal seperators.
      Zero fields absent.
      Support comma decimal fraction seperators.
      Date durations begin with "P", not "PT".
      Allow all but one date component to be missing.
      Fix bad date durations.
      Test that month field is not smashed.
      %d expands to the number of days.
      A plain number with no formatting is always assumed to a number of 
      A datetime structure can have a date, a time, or both.
      A datetime structure can have a date, a time, or both.
      Something with only time elements can be a time, but when it has date 
      Datetime fields can omit elements.
      We now use Scalar::Util.
      Bump changelog.
      Handle fractional seconds.
      Expand on comment.
      Avoid auto_install pain.
      Comment on commas.
      New version.
      Basic format is not currently supported.
      Assert UTC offsets, unsupported.
      Coercion to a DateTime objects.
      DateTimes must now be in UTC, so a correct timezone may be passed to 
      You must have a timezone to make a ISO8601DateTimeStr.
      Datetimes with no zulu are not accepted.
      Weird magic that we now use.
      Update from Perldoc.
      New version.
      Observe that we cannot now coerce a datetime from a number.
      Unbreak casting from a number.
      Pull in Debian packaging.
      Bump version.
      Missing dependency.
      Yikes, last version string was bad.
      Generate the readme file in Markdown.
      Replace readme file with markdown.
      Fix white space.
      Add some white space that I can follow this.
      DateTime strings with a full timezone.
      Update authors.
      Document the new stuff.
      Regenerate from pod.
      Update changelog for new version.
      Support more than two digits of hours in durations.
      Hope with the minutes being too long too.

Gregory Oschwald (1):
      Allow Z offset with ISO8601DateTimeTZStr

Karen Etheridge (89):
      fix warning re use of qw()
      be quiet during `prove`
      regenerate from pod
      notes on improving these tests
      new .gitignore entries
      use Test::Requires for optional dependencies
      convert use of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
      loop, to optionally use timezone "Z" in time
      also test the timezone
      Z is now optional, to match DateTime::Format::ISO8601 and official spec
      changelog for RT#78753
      use Class::Load instead of Class::MOP to load optional modules
      convert dist to Dist::Zilla
      fixes for new release tests
      prettify the changelog
      combine the two SEE ALSO sections; add L<> tags
      document coerce DateTime from $strtype
      todo comment re parsing of datetime strings
      RT#81262 - spelling fixes
      reduce boilerplate by combining these tests
      test counts, and a warning test
      add missing lib includes
      explain why we use an alias here
      add ABSTRACT line
      no longer rewrite xt/* to t/*_ - but "dzil test --release" still works as 
      use new bail_out_on_fail feature (no-op if plugin version is too old)
      include -TRIAL in regexp when examining tag names
      Refer to metacpan in homepage, not github
      this is a release check, not a test
      put these regexps next to each other for easy comparison...
      we are missing some bits of the spec - see RT#83524
      New strict types
      Merge branch 'topic/strict_types'
      add optional module to recommendation list
      fix formatting in changelog
      spelling and formatting of older changelog entries
      fix grammar
      more pod markup
      fix testing of coercion with and without "Z" (test fix was incomplete in 
      use unique strings to better diagnose failure reports
      canonicalize timestamps; drop ego lines
      ensure namespaces are set up properly
      run moose-outdated in tests
      tighten up entries
      switch to my pluginbundle; fixes various encoding issues
      these files are not being kept up to date - best to delete until we find 
what will update them
      add irc and mailing list info to metadata
      make timezones distinct, for easier deciphering of failing test reports
      canonical repository moved to
      canonicalize contributors
      fix email mappings
      Merge pull request #1 from oschwald/allow-z-offset-for-tz
      add two more tests for the same timestamps without Z
      changelog for RT#102870, PR#1
      make this an author test, not release
      now using [Git::Contributors]
      [Test::CleanNamespaces] is now provided by my plugin bundle
      at long last, drop the use of fatal warnings in tests
      add missing prereqs for author tests
      ensure we have the right version for done_testing()
      add more warnings tests, and use just one module for it
      just use eval require and save a prereq
      add Dave Lambley to authors data, to match pod
      clean up pod, removing redundant sections that podweaver will add
      minor whitespace cleanup
      add a TODO file
      ensure we do not fail from thinking we should allow 5.006
      increment $VERSION after release
      whitespace around $VERSION declarations
      use a more specific link
      hardcode the distribution name in Changes, to reduce churn on each release
      replace List::MoreUtils::zip with a hash slice
      disable 404 tests temporarily (?) - appears offline
      increment $VERSION after release
      keep namespaces clean, and use a test customized for MooseX::Types
      declare correct authority for these modules
      switch to my podweaver plugin bundle
      this is redundant with the ABSTRACT comment in the main module
      use the proper spelling for this file
      this is a distribution eligible for static install
      Changes entry for this release

Tomas Doran (14):
      Update durations and docs
      Update changes
      Refactoring to be able to coerce to DateTime
      And almost get coercion to DateTime working
      Fix bugs. Code horrible, but works better
      Additional docs, Changelog
      Version 0.03
      Fix RT#60356
      Fix MANIFEST.SKIP to ignore dists
      Version 0.04
      Support MX::T::DateTime::MySQL
      Version 0.05
      Version 0.06
      Version 0.07

Tomas Doran (t0m) (11):
      Initial commit
      Basic tests, add more deps, fix code
      Add version number and basic POD for what I have so far
      Basic POD test to ensure I've not screwed up, add list of missing features
      Bump Test::More dep for done_testing, add repos meta
      Add failing tests for coercions I want
      And all done
      Bump versions, changelog
      Add built dists to .gitignore
      Add README

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.18

t0m (5):
      Add additional types and coercions, rename types.
      Add tests and fixes for other duration formats
      Rename test
      Add extra tests, update docs
      Bump version and changelog for release

zebardy (4):
      Add coercions for non expanded string representations of date, time, and 
      POD document Str coercions
      POD tidy up
      Add tests for Str coercions


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