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      from  878cff1   update changelog
       new  7515d88   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  244fbb4   Update debian/changelog
      adds  6574886   first guess at structured types, with proof of concept 
and first shot at the type constraint
      adds  c3abf06   more tests
      adds  218da9c   renaming to make sense
      adds  bc64165   positional and named constraints
      adds  8b276dd   proper support for parameterized constraints and Maybe[]
      adds  2794105   minor doc tweaks
      adds  9a920d2   now supporting structured types inside of structured types
      adds  9a491c8   separation of concerns is good
      adds  87aa984   removed unused base class
      adds  bc5c075   removed unused base class
      adds  740eb6a   more refactoring to a common role and related cleanup
      adds  24b86fd   doubt we need the concept file anymore
      adds  24dd1d2   doubt we need the concept file anymore
      adds  b5f77bd   more refactoring to the Structured Role, put together 
some tests to show the optional ability
      adds  6479ca3   more cleanup/refactor and tests for the optional named 
      adds  309c8a6   cleaned up and clarified docs, made the load teset work 
again, fixed Makefile.PL, updated the Changes doc
      adds  0f76647   added a more involved test mixing up different constraint 
types and optionals all together
      adds  a49ce94   first shot at some regex to parse the attribute isa option
      adds  f4c564e   minor renaming of stuff to conform to existing standards
      adds  175a503   Renamed MX::Meta::TypeConstraint distrobution to 
MX::Types::Structured since this is how people are actually going to use it
      adds  d24da8e   a start on making the structured constraints real
      adds  6c2f284   moved around the subroutines that generate constraints ;
      adds  3c73a74   renaming tests
      adds  03d0720   changed README file to reflect namespace changes
      adds  d06d64c   minor changes to the test cases
      adds  424215d   added compatibility to type constraints generated by 
      adds  13cf7c3   proper support for an Optional keyword
      adds  335d990   added some additional type unions to the tests
      adds  bfef1b3   more tying to convert my methods to real objects
      adds  011bacc   back to a regular and registered Tuple that covers most 
of the requirements
      adds  66c8463   rename postionalable to a more generic name
      adds  7e2f055   more work toward true structured types, away from the 
method based hack, some refactoring of a base class and a first go at Optional, 
or at least decent documenation for it.
      adds  2dfe3b7   because Structurable is not a word
      adds  dbd7563   just restored some bits so that tests all pass, incase 
anyone wants to play with this.
      adds  99b27cb   got the basic function for Optional, but the regex is 
still troubled, now is having trouble with Unions
      adds  67be6b6   made union tests skip for now, got start on fixing up the 
named type constraints
      adds  78f5594   rollback some stuff to reset my brain a bit
      adds  a30fa89   basic requirements complete, missing the optional and 
slurpy stuff, and waiting on the new version of MX:TL before I can release it
      adds  72a801b   Make Makefile.PL run.
      adds  48d6225   Although the dist is called MooseX::TypeLibrary the main 
module is MooseX::Types.
      adds  a2efc68   added an advanced test and a failing test for the 
inheritance issue
      adds  896f108   added missing file from the last checkin (oops)
      adds  67a8bc0   really register the types, more advanced tests, including 
an outline for structured inheritance
      adds  686da11   comment out structured subtype definition pending a real 
solution for this in Moose::Util::Constraint
      adds  a4a88fe   stub for api test, example and warnings about extending 
subtypes, fixes to the makefile, additional documentation
      adds  c81443c   stub for coercion test
      adds  f9468aa   Fixed a couple doc typos
      adds  16aea7b   news tests for API and coercions, more tests for both of 
those and additional docs.
      adds  352b6b8   adding some stuff to autobuild the README files
      adds  af1d00c   added some docs and fixed minor POD formatting issues
      adds  fe1fd33   do not know where all these dollar signs came from :)
      adds  3fa0433   removed static version string from makefile
      adds  662be91   Use a normalized version number for the required perl 
      adds  59deb85   added soe doc fixes and a new examples section, also 
changed the way pause should index these docs so that we do not find stuff that 
is deep internals.
      adds  5632ada   fixed up some meta stuff
      adds  26cf05a   Fix warning on 5.10.0.
      adds  9833698   changed version string, updated minimum required Moose 
and MooseX-Types, prepping for release
      adds  d87e8b7   changed documentation errors, added a bit more docs
      adds  fbb4333   a start at outlining Optional
      adds  1e60cae   closer to the sketch actually working
      adds  b454ba9   more debugging, I hope this wont need another moose 
      adds  968cdea   got working prototype, but relies on uncommited changes 
to Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      adds  e327145   actually create the optional TC, and a bunch fo changes 
to make sure the api test properly supports the parameterize method
      adds  190a34e   finished Optional, wrote docs and tests for it
      adds  dd8c991   changed makefile in anticipation of new version of Moose 
we need to made this work
      adds  d8547fe   updated changelog in preparation for release, added 
immutable to files that needed it, removed some pointless use of use Moose
      adds  3108fd7   updated changelog in prep for new release
      adds  22727dd   more documentation and edits to the changelog in 
preparation for new release
      adds  07a8693   new test to outline the recursion support requirement and 
lots of small documentation improvements
      adds  2f7785a   I really should spell Stevan's name correctly
      adds  15404f7   removed debug stuff from the recursion test
      adds  8885cba   updated changelog for tagging new version and minor other 
      adds  372f551   polishing up the test
      adds  574b453   pod changes
      adds  c6fece8   more pod updates and clarification
      adds  ff80114   first go at supporting callbacks in the type parameter 
list, added test for it
      adds  3b14bb9   created sugar method for merging, with examples
      adds  797510e   added some code to improve the error message and added 
test for that
      adds  c116e19   created a more introspective slurpy function, moved it to 
the tc class, and some tests
      adds  52ffe97   slurpy can only slurp type constraints that match the 
containing type (too much crazyness to do otherwise when dealing with hashrefs 
and unbalanced lengths).  Cleanedup the tests and created documentation for the 
      adds  d54624e   updated changelog and prepped for release
      adds  0e914b0   changed the recursion test to reflect subtype syntac 
      adds  7559b71   added deeper error messages, minor doc grammar fixes, 
major doc error corrected, tests and docs for all the above.  updated changelog 
to prep for releasing
      adds  d716430   fixed incorrect alway finding an error with TC->validate
      adds  179af71   fix is subtype of (sortof)
      adds  820efec   rafl's pathological test case
      adds  b5deb41   Explicitly don't inline the constructor to avoid warnings.
      adds  107df03   updated changelog and version
      adds  04d9901   fixed type on $VERSION string
      adds  aff0f2c   add changes, release date, and bump version
      adds  eabdd6a   Make the changelog a little easier to read.
      adds  c199975   Exclude git files from MANIFEST.
      adds  7490572   Add .gitignore.
      adds  c988e3f   Use a builder instead of wrapping new to set the default 
structured coercion.
      adds  a61f836   Add tests for names of types with overflow handlers.
      adds  2f8e2a4   Make overflow type constraints introspectable and the 
name of constraints using them reasonable.
      adds  aa4718f   Avoid modification of non-creatable array values.
      adds  35a21e0   Version 0.14.
      adds  ffa6bd1   updated copyright and contributor list
      adds  d0147de   updated changelog
      adds  b7bbbf1   silly typo
      adds  189dc57   Fix tests on latest MooseX::Types.
      adds  0410957   Fix test warning on latest MooseX::Types.
      adds  11714f1   Version 0.16.
      adds  7caf630   changed the way we require some dependencies to lower the 
dependency chain requirements, added some docs
      adds  d7168e2   changed makefile and bumped version in prep for release
      adds  a59fe2a   POD fix
      adds  68d0710   Fix test fails with new Devel::PartialDump
      adds  2c029e0   Tweak .gitignore so I can shove this somewhere to pull 
via http
      adds  f1288bf   Version 0.19.
      adds  0e5e997   Fix a doc typo. rjbs++
      adds  678b406   add a map type
      adds  46e0d91   clean up trailing whitespace
      adds  249d542   docs for Map
      adds  91416e9   Less trailing whitespace.
      adds  ff0781f   Add failing tests for Optional[].
      adds  cde7ce8   Check if it's optional, not if it accepts undef.
      adds  d5c6cdc   More failing tests for Tuple.
      adds  b86402a   Same Optional[] fix, but for Tuple this time.
      adds  abd193e   Properly delegate coercions for Optional[].
      adds  f42bd4d   Merge branch 'useful_optional'
      adds  8110f63   Version 0.20.
      adds  67eec8f   correct spelling errors
      adds  382af4f   remove unused "use Try::Tiny"
      adds  792cc36   removed "use Try::Tiny" to preserve compatibility with 
old Moose (but not that old)
      adds  de83bdc   fixed changelog
      adds  b30dc5b   no tabs. kthx!
      adds  ae99852   Fix tests on undoublefailed Moose versions
      adds  5bd9a68   created regression test for type constraint change in 
Moose 1.05
      adds  fd29a93   all new tests in place that must work with the (pending) 
update to Moose and MX:Types
      adds  e7d6adb   updated changelog
      adds  45ca628   Bump prereqs
      adds  b5a311d   Versio 0.22
      adds  8dbdca2   Convert from Module::Install to Dist::Zilla
      adds  c5d806b   no windows linefeeds
      adds  9eb6e8c   shut up the test eol complaints
      adds  21d0e75   toward better error messages
      adds  5ac93db   started on a real message stacker
      adds  9448ea2   all tests passing again after move to message stack
      adds  1437540   new message stack code file and bust out test
      adds  39fbe06   less noisey validation messages
      adds  fbe3dfe   more deeper scrubbing of the error output
      adds  0027a10   stubb for deep validation
      adds  ea5b55c   removed warning message
      adds  ad36c8f   minor code reformatting
      adds  51bdaa9   changes to the changes for the repo
      adds  8c59dff   update dist.ini
      adds  a4ae480   use compiled constraints instead of objects
      adds  0519d7d   fixed test warnings
      adds  2bcb44a   merged phaylons changes
      adds  8c18714   fix for bug and prep for cpan
      adds  25c705c   convert all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal.
      adds  6c95a80   merged
      adds  a092275   removed whitespace
      adds  852f8d8   typo fix
      adds  fc5995b   reduced version for test-fatal
      adds  3c0a590   hide more from PAUSE indexer
      adds  deb8b8e   fixe incorrect date;
      adds  ba2c5a1   update tests for moose error message changes
      adds  73731ed   fix for new moose
      adds  220f2fb   first go at a fix for reported bug
      adds  971c23b   added stub test for working on error messgaes0 0 )
      adds  deea722   updated meta data in prep for release
      adds  c701b29   new Dist::Zilla lets us be aggressive with unicode testing
      adds  89af195   add irc and mailing list metadata
      adds  02aebec   Moose-2.1100 deprecated the list form of enum() calls
      adds  fe5e886   convert to my pluginbundle, with extra git automation
      adds  5d2d822   canonicalize contributor names
      adds  8b810e8   doc formatting and spelling fixes
      adds  c62825a   use ISO-8601 date formats, for better machine parsing
      adds  16cab97   make version tests pass
      adds  4a74c27   the repository now lives at
      adds  66d6598   MooseX-Types-Structured-0.29
      adds  358a388   canonicalize the authors/contributors entries for 
      adds  770b323   remove pod from unindexed modules, to make metacpan 
release page a little nicer
      adds  d810c51   refresh readme for github
      adds  8ed5718   Pod::Weaver 4 now has -SingleEncoding
      adds  1d33691   changelog for switch to SurgicalPodWeaver
      adds  c4286b3   MooseX-Types-Structured-0.30
      adds  44045b1   remove these abstracts, to ensure these modules do not 
get woven pod
      adds  a55bdcd   clean up prereq list
      adds  faf6a64   weave pod by replacing embedded pod with comments - 
preserves line numbers
      adds  6e7930d   restore pod weaving to this module
      adds  bc4a22a   todo note - when Module::Metadata::is_indexable is 
      adds  fd0ef1b   ensure namespaces are set up properly
      adds  2342614   run moose-outdated in tests
      adds  2358405   coverage tests no longer pass - hitting the bug where the 
installed version would be tested ahead of the local repo?
      adds  decd219   make clean namespaces test an author test
      adds  7130438   tighten up entries
      adds  5bbbd49   remove unnecessary plugin
      adds  aa4edd9   make use of surgical_podweaver option
      adds  d7203ac   now using [Git::Contributors]
      adds  47a4b99   clean up formatting of Changes file
      adds  e11d3db   at long last, drop the use of fatal warnings in tests
      adds  97a925d   remove executable bit from tests
      adds  9116b0f   use_ok is ick; dump it
      adds  3efff0d   tighten up some imports
      adds  b4e70e7   [Test::CleanNamespaces] is now provided by my plugin 
      adds  a4a4db6   add prereqs for clean namespace test
      adds  49cdc65   ensure we do not fail from thinking we should allow 5.006
      adds  78a0f90   fix obsolete Changes entry
      adds  e1b0728   ensure namespaces really are clean
      adds  2c860f5   remove redundant option
      adds  597b65a   this test is no longer in my bundle
      adds  ce68b8c   remove redundant or unnecessary BEGIN blocks
      adds  273e256   MooseX-Types-Structured-0.31
      adds  3515b0b   increment $VERSION after release
      adds  89b9495   unimporting Moose is good enough here
      adds  482b6ee   oops, do not clean types if MooseX::Types is old
      adds  6bd41dd   MooseX-Types-Structured-0.32
      adds  18345e8   increment $VERSION after release
      adds  b558fdd   whitespace around $VERSION declarations
      adds  2f5abd6   avoid older bundle that uses [PkgVersion]
      adds  9520f12   method_installer removes the blessed state of subs being 
imported (RT#103247)
      adds  c057f58   record outstanding issue with blessed subs - we still 
need a reliable reproduction case
      adds  03cb635   MooseX-Types-Structured-0.33
      adds  12b2c21   increment $VERSION after release
      adds  e9a1a40   use a more specific link
      adds  c66576f   hardcode the distribution name in Changes, to reduce 
churn on each release
      adds  34889fa   switch to my podweaver plugin bundle
      adds  05345e3   need nc 0.19 to get the version that uses non-deprecated 
Package::Stash interfaces
      adds  d34601a   the namespace cleaning issue has been solved in 
MooseX::Types 0.44
      adds  8c4143e   customize the clean namespaces test for MooseX::Types
      adds  cc4b5ae   remove unneeded lib include
      adds  3abcc09   this is a distribution eligible for static install
      adds  58563e3   MooseX-Types-Structured-0.34
      adds  b8cddc7   Imported Upstream version 0.34
       new  140a732   Merge tag 'upstream/0.34'
       new  e8ffbfb   Update debian/changelog
       new  22ca4b4   Update years of packaging copyright, and Upstream-Contact.
       new  d7a7316   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  7aa7c62   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  67a4cc1   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  dfeb3ac   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  6bf5505   debian/rules: drop another empty manpage from the binary 
       new  caeaa70   releasing package libmoosex-types-structured-perl version 

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                                           |  149 ++-
 CONTRIBUTING                                       |   43 +-
 Changes                                            |   74 +-
 INSTALL                                            |    1 -
 LICENSE                                            |    2 +-
 MANIFEST                                           |   19 +-
 META.json                                          | 1110 ++++++++++++++------
 META.yml                                           |  857 ++++++++++-----
 Makefile.PL                                        |   97 +-
 README                                             |    4 +-                                          |  721 -------------
 debian/changelog                                   |   13 +-
 debian/control                                     |   11 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |    4 +-
 debian/rules                                       |   11 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |   10 +
 dist.ini                                           |   31 +-
 lib/MooseX/Meta/TypeCoercion/         |   55 +-
 .../Meta/TypeCoercion/Structured/       |    1 +
 lib/MooseX/Meta/TypeConstraint/       |  111 +-
 .../Meta/TypeConstraint/Structured/     |    1 +
 lib/MooseX/Types/                     |  762 +++++++++++++-
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd                             |  146 +++
 t/00-report-prereqs.t                              |  257 +++--
 t/01-basic.t                                       |    6 +-
 t/02-tuple.t                                       |   10 +-
 t/03-dict.t                                        |   10 +-
 t/04-combined.t                                    |   10 +-
 t/05-advanced.t                                    |   10 +-
 t/06-api.t                                         |    8 +-
 t/07-coerce.t                                      |    8 +-
 t/08-examples.t                                    |   15 +-
 t/09-optional.t                                    |    2 +-
 t/10-recursion.t                                   |    3 +-
 t/11-overflow.t                                    |    1 -
 t/14-fully-qualified.t                             |   14 +
 t/bug-optional.t                                   |    2 +-
 t/regressions/01-is_type_of.t                      |    8 +-
 t/zzz-check-breaks.t                               |   18 +
 weaver.ini                                         |    8 -
 xt/author/00-compile.t                             |   12 +-
 xt/author/clean-namespaces.t                       |   13 +
 xt/author/eol.t                                    |   59 ++
 xt/author/kwalitee.t                               |    9 +
 xt/author/mojibake.t                               |    9 +
 xt/author/no-tabs.t                                |   59 ++
 xt/author/pod-spell.t                              |   27 +-
 xt/{release => author}/test-version.t              |   12 +-
 xt/release/changes_has_content.t                   |    2 +-
 xt/release/distmeta.t                              |    5 +-
 xt/release/eol.t                                   |    8 -
 xt/release/kwalitee.t                              |    4 -
 xt/release/minimum-version.t                       |    2 +-
 xt/release/mojibake.t                              |   12 -
 xt/release/no-tabs.t                               |   20 -
 xt/release/pod-coverage.t                          |   13 -
 xt/release/pod-syntax.t                            |    5 +-
 xt/release/portability.t                           |    1 +
 xt/release/unused-vars.t                           |    8 -
 59 files changed, 3089 insertions(+), 1814 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/00-report-prereqs.dd
 mode change 100755 => 100644 t/09-optional.t
 create mode 100644 t/14-fully-qualified.t
 create mode 100644 t/zzz-check-breaks.t
 delete mode 100644 weaver.ini
 create mode 100644 xt/author/clean-namespaces.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/eol.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/kwalitee.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/mojibake.t
 create mode 100644 xt/author/no-tabs.t
 rename xt/{release => author}/test-version.t (54%)
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/eol.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/kwalitee.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/mojibake.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/no-tabs.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/pod-coverage.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/unused-vars.t

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