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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.031

Andrew Rodland (4):
      Allow dots in path matchers, so that sub (/foo.html) works
      Update Changes
      Contributorize me!
      Fix match parsing with perl 5.8.8

Arthur Axel 'fREW' Schmidt (23):
      fix obvious errors in dispatchex
      fix some really basic doc
      examples, and rearrangement
      wrap tests in blocks and a failing tests for ?foo=
      Merge branch 'master' of
      super basic tests for CSS::Declare, also dep
      CSS::Declare works with arrays instead of arrayrefs
      Look how dumb I am
      better test for unimporting
      add lots of CSS properties 
      new html tag list from
      Merge branch 'css_declare'
      changes for css_declare
      switch to Syntax::Keyword::Gather
      tests for html escaping (jnareb)
      fix my silly example fails
      release 0.003
      release 0.004, hide Plack bits from PAUSE
      test POST splat
      fix silly typo
      document method name style
      add Changes

Chris Nehren (1):
      Release commit for 0.017

Christian Walde (42):
      Test::Plack returns the response, no need for gyrations
      make it easier to breakpoint into the request
      _dispatch is now more explicit about what it does
      elsif christmas tree is back, but hidden away
      removed some duplication
      added failing todo test for empty dispatch prototype
      enable matching of empty string specs
      fixed a few spaces
      more spacing fixes
      updated contributor list
      simplified synopsis and created deployment pod
      trimmed some trailing spaces
      ported tests to make use of run_test_request
      trimmed some trailing spaces
      added some documentation of DispatchNode
      NAME in the makefile needs to be a module name or it breaks in Carton
      added a test file that puts Web::Dispatch's coverage at 100%
      [sub{ }] can now be returned by a route to be used for streaming
      removed frankensteining remnant
      all query body parameters are now decoded from UTF8 to Perl's text string 
format to allow proper UTF8 processing (regexes, etc.)
      added plack server deployment example
      stopped XML::Tags from throwing bareword warnings
      allow subdispatch to apply even when the url has no trailing slash
      allow matching of empty path with the spec ~
      the ... part of '/foo...' should match ONLY empty string or something 
starting with /
      added match_true and match_false
      updated Changes
      actually pull in weaken from Scalar::Util
      fixed CGI detection under mod_cgid
      test + changes for CGI detection under mod_cgid
      test to check cached multipart bodies and arrayification
      ignore cover_db
      consolidate tests for invalid psgi responses
      add test for to_app-less object as invalid psgi response, completing 
coverage of Web::Dispatch::call
      add a test for trying to dispatch on a pair of WD::Matcher and non-sub
      allow passing either psgi app, or application object to Web::Dispatch
      refactor _construct_node to reduce code duplication
      stick DispatchNode comments to the appropiate code
      disassemble DispatchNode since can now differentiate between 
dispatch app and object
      allow dispatching to a method name as a string instead of a sub
      fix a memory leak introduced by 1f8cad5e5a1875de94d63ac91d8ded4d2282c62e
      de-proto the examples

Danijel Tasov (1):
      document [ sub {} ]

Devin Austin (2):
      added mst's fix to ParamParser for Content-type stuffs
      updated Changelog

Graham Knop (4):
      stop trying to load module that doesn't exist anymore
      clean up Web::Simple::Role pod
      remove version bumping make targets and let distar handle it
      remove realclean from Makefile.PL and let Distar handle it

Hakim Cassimally (1):

Jakub Narebski (7):
      t/tags.t: Test of automatic escaping of user data
      t/tags.t: Test that XML processing instruction (<?xml ... ?>) works
      t/tags.t: Test that Document Type Declaration (DTD or doctype) works
      t/tags.t: Test escaping of attributes more extensively
      Fix escaping of '"' in XML::Tags::to_xml_string
      t/tags.t: HTML tags which conflict with Perl built-ins ok
      t/tags.t: HTML comments ok

John Napiorkowski (20):
      $self no longer automatically in scope, fixing test
      updated testcase for new code
      correct usages of PSGI_ENV
      fixed test to use new way to init dispatch
      fixing test example case
      typo correction
      corrected filter example
      moved around history stuff so that readers get to the coder info faster
      minor tweaks
      filled out more docs
      documentation for WSA to get started
      documentation corrections and updates
      fix for response_filter regression and matching test
      changes after mst code review
      predicates are objects
      first draft of http methods, with a test case
      changed the regexp to not use perl 5.14isms and improve backward 
compatibility for the tests
      the "word" path part regex only allows singular period characters
      added a test case for various matching behaviors
      doc patch for '/foo...'

Josh McMichael (1):
      fixed url path segment match regex so that trailing slashes in 
/path/info/ + query string disptaches match properly; added tests for 
/path/info/ + query string dispatches

Justin Hunter (2):
      fix doc typo
      bump copyright

Karen Etheridge (37):
      some doc cleanup
      minor doc updates
      add header
      minor wording improvements
      ignore dist build dirs
      script to bump version, as from strictures
      clean more things with "realclean"
      doc fix - RT#96509
      changelog for next release
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.024
      give attribution for leak fix
      fix test that was planning twice
      declare minimum perl version, meta resources; add missing prereq 
      make bump
      Release commit for 0.025
      Revert "declare minimum perl version, meta resources; add missing prereq 
      re-specify minimum perl version, add some metadata
      specify prereqs in META and move them to PREREQ_PM, *_REQUIRES 
conditional on EUMM version
      Changelog for Makefile.PL fix
      add back in the prereqs from 0.025, minus bad ones
      bump version to 0.026_001
      Release commit for 0.026_001
      always specify a base prereq for EUMM
      drop mention of strict and warnings in prereqs - they are core only since 
at least 5.6
      bump version to 0.027
      Release commit for 0.027
      set minimum required version of perl to 5.6 (let's see what the smokers 
      set proper Exporter prereq; base no longer used
      remove unneeded prereqs: in core, or brought in via Moo and Plack
      make bump
      Release commit for 0.028
      changelog for metadata
      a bit more meta munging for older EUMM
      make bump
      Release commit for 0.029
      fix example typo (thanks, BooK!)

Kjetil Kjernsmo (1):
      ENV -> PSGI_ENV in docs; Bump version

Mateu X Hunter (3):
      correct POD on ** match
      Add inner ** test
      Correct syntax in synopsis

Matt Phillips (1):
      minor doc update

Matt S Trout (184):
      first cut of XML::Tags
      basic HTML tags
      make XML::Tags return scalarrefs
      add sanitize sub
      cleanup glob override
      cleanup to _set_glob function
      comment this up the arseholes
      add test files
      rename sanitize to to_xml_string, add to_html_string
      dispatch parser
      switch to + separated for sections
      first cut of Web-Simple
      sketch test showing output
      use overload::constant to escape attributes within <foo ...>
      switch to map as a collection method - thanks to jnthn (and good luck 
with rakudo vistar, mate ...)
      fix nascent bug in bloggery.cgi
      path tweaks and shebang line
      add presentation files from ipw 2009
      I R RETARD. fix 500 errors
      perl bloggery.cgi / runs get request
      add ** to capture unlimited path parts
      default default_config method
      first chunk o' docs
      switched to Web::Simple::Dispatcher
      start of dispatch strategy docs
      more dispatch strategy documentation
      add %INC entry setting to Web::Simple import() method
      add return so code doesn't explode after use
      more renaming and cleanup
      implement | dispatch combinator
      test three combination |
      implement ()
      nesting error message
      implement !
      document new dispatcher features
      /foo/*/... syntax
      explain dispatch subroutine more
      simple param parser
      first cut of query/body parsing, no body support, no tests
      working query parameter handling
      change filter_response to response_filter in the places I got it wrong
      first cut at body matching
      switch dispatch [] to dispatch {}
      implement ?:foo syntax and make ?foo positional
      amend post.t to work with new body parsing rules
      POD cleanup, extended warning and changes section
      nuke rogue Data::Dumper::Concise invocation
      dist files
      add as_psgi_app and make run_if_script return it for plackup
      update Changes
      fix to handle empty sub protos correctly
      sub {} == undef proto, sub () {} == '' proto
      remove erroneous dispatch test
      add hello-world.cgi example as file
      changes line for 0.002 and bump version in Web/
      skeleton BUILDALL support
      experimentally expose psgi $env as $_[ENV]
      rename ENV to PSGI_ENV (*ENV is forced into main::)
      don't duplicate the PSGI_ENV
      skeleton CLI support
      make Class->as_psgi_app only call ->new once
      squelch 'used only once' warnings
      pass ARGV to _run_cli to enable testing
      Support 'use Web::Simple;' to default to current package
      factor dispatch parser out
      make non-/-terminated path matches allow an extension
      factor dispatcher out into Web::Dispatch
      switch to Moo
      as_psgi_app becomes to_psgi_app, factor dispatcher sugar out into 
      document disappearance of magic $self global
      return to $self by following the upgrade instructions in the docs
      update docs
      fix config handling, finish porting bloggery, safer exporting
      hello-world.cgi works again
      change non-matching example since the old version would now match
      improve docs
      handle strings as well as prototypes
      refactor dispatch some more
      factor out match_not
      cleanup match_ usage
      factor out and simplify param parsing logic
      isolate param matching in Predicates
      0.005 release commit
      cleanup test code and support non-GET requests
      Make Web::Dispatch return [$cv] as $cv to allow subref responses
      avoid undef errors blowing out XML::Tags
      fix environment changes within subdispatch and arrange for middleware to 
uplevel correctly
      convert to Distar
      update Changes
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.006
      note in changes we need another release due to an indexing problem
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.007
      Release commit for 0.008
      add Antiquated Perl slides as POD, delete takahashi code
      change Web::Simple::Application to refer to Web::Simple for 
      tweak Antiquated Perl copyright to 'same as perl'.
      auto-fetch Distar
      add *.* and **.* dispatch patterns
      output status+headers to STDERR in CLI mode
      clean up newline handling for cli mode output
      Assume FastCGI mode if STDIN is a socket (works some places env vars fail)
      update Plack usage
      experimental upload support
      eliminate HTTP::Request::AsCGI in favour of Plack::Test
      rename things in an attempt to gain slightly more clarity
      remove the bit of doc saying we don't do uploads
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.009
      add comment to _to_try for dispatch strategy
      POD fix from gregoa of the debian team
      factor out run_test_request method
      maintain $env->{Web::Dispatch.original_env} for ParamParser to cache in
      document and changelog run_test_request
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.010
      include .pod files from lib/
      update Changes
      remove header because why did I even do that?
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.011
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.012
      bump version for release
      allow headers on CLI calls
      test fixup
      basic named path part matching
      brief docs for path matches
      better docs for the CLI code
      bump version dep on Moo because it's probably a good idea
      version bump for release
      Release commit for 0.014
      fix per-application memory leak
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.015
      changelog weaken fix
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.016
      revert to 1;
      basic authorization support for run_test_request and CLI
      clean up arg handling
      changelog dots in parameter names
      bump version
      add golf example
      Release commit for 0.018
      de-experimental uploads
      add %_ setting
      expand DispatchNode comment
      remove an extra mention of uploads being experimental
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.019
      bump version
      I'm an idiot
      Release commit for 0.020
      expand ParamParser comment so nobody breaks it again
      handle ) as last character of composite spec
      fixup changes
      missing CONTRIBUTORS entry for osfameron
      missing CONTRIBUTORS entry for ether
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.021
      changelog fix
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.022
      changelog that I fucked up a release
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.023
      remove erroneous XML::Tags prereq
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.026
      remove use of 'use base'
      make dispatch_misc.t handle Plack's MockHTTP's on error behaviour changing
      bump version
      Release commit for 0.030
      can(undef) on 5.8.x blows up, work around it
      handle empty query parameters
      mention doc changes
      bump missed version in
      Bumping version to 0.031
      Release commit for 0.031

Peter Rabbitson (2):
      Correct erroneous $^H bitsetting cargocult which originated in autobox

Robert Sedlacek (3):
      allow parameter names to contain dots
      added myself (phaylon) to contributors
      documented named argument access via %_

Robin Edwards (1):
      adapted to take dashes

Thomas Sibley (2):
      Test that (GET+/foo)|(POST+/foo) works
      Correct location of git repository, s/p5sagits/catagits/

Tomas Doran (1):
      Add .gitignore

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.031

markie (1):
      switch to using Plack, add FCGI support, use Plack::Test instead of 

nperez (2):
      Document ENV feature
      Add failing test for ENV feature


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