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   tagging  965d9fcb94b79841fc07d5e1c4c76e1a9b2e951d (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.708.4.0
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon Oct 26 22:18:58 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.0.2

Andrew Page (3):
      updated MongoClient to properly support the full Connection String URI 
Format (as defined at, minus support for 
options (which are stubbed into the regex correctly)
      somewhat more resilient regex and parsing, and properly setting the 
properties in $opts so they get propagated when we recurse to connect to 
several servers concurrently
      more tests, especially for the new parsing of Connection String URIs

Andrey Khozov (1):
      Fix small bugs in documentation.

Ashley Willis (2):
      add [Encoding] section to dist.ini for t/img.png
      PERL-264 test for closing connection when MongoClient object leaves scope.

Ask Bjørn Hansen (8):
      Make inserting double's (floats/NV's) work
      Clarify insert() documentation regarding id's
      Support for undefined/null values
      Update Changes file
      Add missing SVt_PVNV type
      Don't force i386 arch (Needed to compile on OS X with x86_64)
      Fix small documentation typo
      GridFS tests require File::Temp 0.17 or newer

Bernard Gorman (1):
      Fixes bug in idle socket check

Brendan W. McAdams (1):
      Update on installation instructions to clarify a simpler way to install

Casey Rojas (43):
      adding ssl params to
      adding ssl stuff to xs and c code
      add paths to the make file so i can compile and test some of my changes
      cleaning up some compile errors
      cleaning up more compiler bugs
      adding todo's
      adding todo's (again)
      changing a lot of the socket stuff to my 'connection' stuct (which has a 
socket in it)
      mostly starting over. i broke lots of unit tests.
      setting up the ssl/nonssl connections
      formatting and cleanup
      fixing unit tests
      finialy fixed this bug. didn't know the connection was being 'copied'
      clean up
      fixed the threading/disconnect bug
      more cleanup. cleaned up some warnings too
      adding prototypes
      changing the send/recive functions. now the mongo_link struct has 
function pointers that are set to the correct send/recv respectfully
      clean up
      fixing lots of white space
      adding #ifdef for ssl. Also updated README, the perldoc, and MakeFile.PL 
for the ssl options.
      more white space fixes
      removing commented code.
      fixing tab.
      include not needed.
      Sorry about removing this. I thought it was an addition of mine that was 
not needed.
      OID gengeration thread safe. leachiM2k just forgot to update the docs.
      Update lib/MongoDB/
      Adding the 'j' option for checking for the write to the journal for 
getLastError / last_error
      oops, forgot to add this part for safe_writes
      Only create indexes when they dont exist.
      clean up, comments, and reorganized
      this might be a bit more flexiable
      adding comments for _calc_md5. i think this is the final revision
      fixing spacing/tabs I messed up everywhere.
      adding a few last comments
      adding the ablitiy to set the 'w' parameter to a string
      Update lib/MongoDB/
      PERL-190 getting started
      Update Makefile.PL to require DateTime::Tiny for tests
      PERL-190 finished. just need to add documentation
      PERL-190 Documentation. Mostly copied from
      PERL-267 memory leak fixes. plus, making sure libson is linked when 

Christian Sturm (1):
      fixed Tutorial link

Christian Walde (1):
      check for and abort on incompatible gcc versions on windows

Colin Cyr (2):
      MongoDB::Cursor::hint() requires ordered hashes.
      Query Fields accept Tie::IxHash and Hashref..

D. Ilmari Mannsåker (13):
      Fix hash ordering bugs
      Make MongoDB::OID->new() do something useful with as single value
      Extract the OID timestamp in one go
      Handle non-ASCII keys and values properly
      Remove unused isUTF8 function
      Avoid 12 sprintf calls per insert
      Call getpid directly instead of get_sv("$")
      Eliminate repeated and costant strlen() calls
      Avoid looking up global variables again and again
      Look up relevant globals at API entry points
      Fix mangled merge of UTF-8 vs. 'local' test changes
      Drop all created collections in dbref.t
      Fix specifying index keys as an array ref

David Golden (1084):
      Remove Module::Install from prereqs
      Allow enabling SSL/SASL builds via environment vars
      document how to compile driver with SSL and SASL support
      Make find_and_modify die on error
      Cache constructor arguments for use with multiple hosts
      fix failing t/gridfs.t
      Fix types for latest libbson
      remove unused legacy custom Module::Install module
      remove Git::CommitBuild dist.ini plugin
      add abstract to MongoDB::BSON::Regexp documentation
      remove Makefile.PL cruft
      import libbson 0.6.4 source as vendored code
      import vendored yajl from libbson 0.6.4
      Configure platform-specific libbson headers
      fix chunk size test
      fix dist.ini ConfigureRequres plugin invocation
      use dropIndexes command instead of deprecated deleteIndexes
      PERL-315 require DateTime 0.78 or later
      dzil: keep Pod::Weaver from changing code line numbers
      dzil: set is_trial in dist.ini
      dzil: keep $VERSION in files in repo
      Changes: stub a section for next release
      dzil: reorganize and annotate dist.ini
      dzil: gather only git-tracked files
      dzil: add generated test to show prerequisite versions
      dzil: add extra t/ and xt/ tests and get code passing them
      ignore config.log from Config::AutoConf
      dzil: add more pre-release checks and reorder
      dzil: use custom PAUSE identity file for uploading
      dzil: remove rendundant Repository plugin
      dzil: revise generation of no_index metadata
      dzil: add comments to plugins without them
      dzil: generate 'provides' metadata
      dzil: move RunExtraTests later in dist.ini to avoid rebuilds during dzil 
test --all
      dzil: s/Config::Auto/Config::AutoConf/
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      update Makefile.PL dependency list
      fix gridfs test for unique keys
      PERL-217 improve documentation of GridFS::get
      PERL-307 fix drop_dups option for ensure_index
      refactor MongoDB version check to common test library
      PERL-298 implement parallel_scan method for collections
      Fix exception handling for internal run_command calls
      make t/dbref.t use fresh test database
      dzil: enforce strict, tuple version numbers before release
      add .travis.yml file for Github branch/PR testing
      point mongo-meta-driver submodule to public repo
      Fix travis configuration
      PERL-319 ensure Config{ccflags} are part of final CCFLAGS to MakeMaker
      add comment about MakeMaker override in Makefile.PL
      Move and rename our 64-bit-int define flag
      PERL-318 eliminate implicit function declaration warnings
      PERL-318 fix compiler warnings from xs/BSON.xs
      PERL-318 fix compiler warnings in xs/MongoClient.xs
      PERL-318 fix compiler warnings in perl_mongo.c
      Reconstruct Changes entries since 0.701
      replace t/database.t test plan with done_testing
      PERL-219 Fix JS error message test
      PERL-322 change and document return value of recv
      coverity: fix unchecked return value warnings
      updated Changes for release
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      coverity: fix missing initializer on const warning
      coverity: fix dead code warning and clarify intended logic
      remove unnecessary cruft from Makefile.PL and private Module::Install 
      change bytes_to_utf8 cast to fix compiler warnings on Perl 5.8
      add newline to configuration generated bson-stdint.h
      update ppport.h to version 3.22
      fix configuration bug
      define HeUTF8 macro for perl 5.10 and perls < 5.8.9
      Avoid making an index direction look like a string
      update Changes
      s/WITH_OID/BSON_WITH_OID/ to fix bug in libbson
      Remove hard-coded Darwin compilation flags
      use more portable minimum-perl specification
      Explicitly load re::regexp_pattern for 5.10.0
      improve test labels in t/types.t
      PERL-323 fix socket leaks
      update Changes
      PERL-323 add windows-specific socket close on error conditions
      coverity: remove dead code
      remove cargo-cult usse of WSACleanup
      properly conditionally load regexp_pattern for v5.10
      fix conditional use of re::regex_pattern using if pragma
      label a changes entry with Jira ticket number
      tidy use of Moose: clean namespaces and make classes immutable
      add namespace::clean to list of prerequisites
      fix memory corruption in Perl 5.19.1+
      remove unused _split_batch function
      remove Devel::Size from Makefile.PL and enable 5.19 travis smoking
      fix compiler error returning a value from a void function
      don't attempt SASL authentication without a connection
      Avoid fatal error in DESTROY with find_master and no server
      fix clock race in OID unit test
      add exception classes
      throw new DatabaseError exception from internal _try_run_command
      add max wire/batch size attributes to MongoClient
      add WriteResult class
      split _make_safe to allow grabbing cursor with full results
      add WriteSelector class
      add private _get_pid function for testing
      Implement most of the bulk API for version 2.6
      Implement legacy bulk operation fallback
      clean up prerequisite detection/specification
      Add write concern support to Bulk API implementation
      Add bulk API tests for --nojournal and journal write concern
      Add MongoDB::_Types to consolidate type definitions
      Add support for arrayref and IxHash docs to Bulk API implementation
      Revise and standardize error framework
      add aliases for ordered/unordered bulk constructors
      add DocumentSizeError class
      cache database/client objects in Bulk
      handle document size error from legacy batch as well
      fix more error handling under w=0 for legacy
      rename database error field 'details' to 'result'
      fix readpref.t to skip in some configurations
      skip standalone bulk QA tests against master/slave server
      strip out of date documentation and clarify a comment
      use configured max batch count for bulk splitting
      Fix parsing of nModified results
      Only raise wnote/jnote on special error strings
      add namespace::clean to more roles
      Rename Bulk & WriteSelector to BulkWrite & BulkWriteView
      Rename _Selector role to _View
      rename _OpQueue to _WriteQueue
      tidy code
      refactor BulkWriteView into roles
      Merge branch 'PERL-299-bulk-API'
      add release test to ensure Jira tickets are in Changes
      revert incomplete work on PERL-233
      updated Changes in preparation for release
      avoid generating boilerplate Pod for private packages
      PERL-341 add installation instructions document
      remove pseudo-pod directives from private packages
      PERL-317 clarify documetation about thread support
      add Changes entry for PERL-341
      PERL-320 deprecate low-level functions
      amend installation instructions
      make bulk API remove/remove_one return invocant
      make merge_result private
      document new classes for Bulk API
      ensure Pod gets right encoding directive
      Change bulk API terminals to return undef
      update authors in Makefile.PL
      actually remove commented-out hard-coded darwin ccflags, etc.
      fail configuration on OpenBSD without libpthread
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      PERL-349 mark thread join test under find_master as TODO
      remove unneeded module from t/bulk.t
      update main module and MongoClient documentation
      fix libbson bug in use of bson_mutex_init macro
      consolidated trial release change notes to stable release section
      disarm is_trial flag
      reverse author list to put more recent maintainers first
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      rearm is_trial flag
      fix typo in dist.ini additional authordep
      PERL-369 fix segfault on pure 32bit perl
      PERL-366 document bulk write initialization methods
      PERL-370 fixed bulk upserts with non OID _id
      PERL-356 split out static vs dynamic tests
      ensure master client is also in refreshed host list
      PERL-368 coerce query documents into Tie::IxHash objects
      updated Changes
      PERL-351 skip tests if database has auth enabled
      Improve bulk.t standalone server detection
      Don't test fsync locking against mongos
      replace hard coded error codes with descriptive macros
      PERL-336 don't throw exceptions on command queries
      skip parallel scan on mongos
      fix getLastError test for mongos
      skip some text search tests on 2.4 mongos
      fix bad command test
      updated Changes
      Have BulkWrite check that the master supports write commands
      PERL-356 move more orchestration tests out of main test suite
      PERL-356 move unused auth test program out of main test suite
      updated Changes
      update with compiler requirements and SSL/SASL hints
      PERL-348 report MongoDB version in test diagnostics
      PERL-357 add prototype for orchestration harness
      PERL-357 Add rudimentary replica set orchestration
      PERL-356 Simplify wire version tests
      Make C reconnection function do server attribute checks
      make thread tests skip on perls without threads
      PERL-356 fix wire protocol test on older databases
      update Changes
      add test cluster configs for 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, and update 2.6
      chmod +x devel/bin/
      add test coverage target to generated Makefile
      make orchestration test libraries a bit less verbose
      move server-attribute checks into the connect method
      add harness for all cluster configs and rename /yaml/yml/
      updated Changes
      PERL-349 fix request ID misordering when reconnecting
      have cluster harness use blib if available and report config
      refactor test connection construction
      disarm is_trial
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      rearm is_trial
      change how error subclasses are generated
      prune devel/dist/weaver from distdir
      implement sharded cluster orchestration
      rename local orchestration config for better alpha sorting
      suppress server startup warnings in local orchestration
      add orchestration version ranges and more sharded clusters
      add old-style master mode cluster to local orchestration tests
      add mixed-version replica set cluster to local orchestration
      Merge branch 'orchestrate-shards'
      Retry scanning for primary instead of failing
      Test for bulk mixed-version failover
      suppress warnings in get_master
      refactor local orchestration test RS stepdown
      add local orchestration single-server authentication
      fix testing under auth: skip tests using the eval command
      add test for bulk with mixed operations under auth
      CAP-490 user management tests
      fix Cursor to catch $err, even if not the first doc
      add private _batch_size attribute to Cursor
      validate argument to max_time_ms
      make bulk insert shallow copy document
      add enableTestCommands to local orchestration server start
      add max_time_ms.t file for maxTimeMS tests
      skip maxTimeMS tests on mongos
      add sharded+RS example to local orchstration config
      CAP-523 improve parallel_scan tests
      reorganize developer test tools
      move connection drop test to devel/t-dynamic for isolation
      PERL-355 use random test database names for parallel testing
      add 'ptest' target to Makefile for parallel testing
      clean up server version checks in tests
      check that aggregation cursor throws error if server is before 2.5
      remove use of Test::Exception in favor of Test::Fatal
      PERL-376 Reorder Moose/MongoDB module loading
      replace lives_ok in t/readpref.t
      fix t/database.t for old mongos
      CAP-420 test aggregation cursor under mixed clusters
      add -v and --nojournal to local orchestration cluster config
      CAP-501 test aggregation with allowDiskUse
      have orchestration harness search for config files in devel/clusters
      CAP-408 extend aggregation explain test to cover 2.4
      extend maxTimeMS in tests to avoid spurious fails on loaded test machines
      CAP-408 test aggregation explain failure on mixed sharded cluster
      local orchestration: start shards in predictable order
      CAP-420 test with database on different shards
      CAP-455 test that ensure_index helper uses createIndexes on 2.6+
      CAP-455 add createIndexes test for 2.6 mongos
      add additional local orchestration logging to sharded cluster start
      CAP-455 test createIndexes on mixed-version sharded cluster
      CAP-469 add simple, one-off PLAIN auth test
      local orchestration: add generic version clusters
      local orchestration: rename master-mode cluster setup file
      add list of deps for local orchestration
      local orchestration: added more diagnostics for sharded clusters
      local orchestration: don't use blib
      local orchestration: throw exception if server doesn't come up within 
timeout period
      local orchestration: wait longer and retry failures
      local orchestration: retry replica set startup and wait more aggressively 
for set to be ready
      make finding master more robust
      local orchestration: make sharded cluster start more robust
      local orchestration: allow custom log dir path via ENV
      local orchestration: wait longer for mongos to be ready to start cluster
      local orchestration: optionally keep more verbose server start
      local orchestration: test server start with ismaster before signaling 
      updated Changes
      disarm is_trial
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      rearm is_trial
      use more idiomatic first-pair syntax in BUILD
      Improve validation of URI parsed parameters.
      get DatabaseError message from $err if errmsg doesn't exist
      test parallel scan on empty collection
      fix t/regexp_obj.t to use new database for each run
      make local orchestration harness return non-zero exit on command failure
      PERL-387 amend retry logic
      fix tests for when a mongod is not running on localhost
      extend default query_timeout during testing
      add escape hatch to exclude JIRA ticket from Changes file
      disarm is_trial
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      rearm is_trial
      skip tests when mongod not running
      disarm is_trial
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      rearm is_trial
      update travis.yml to build on 5.20 and 5.21
      ignore: testing hook
      convert int/double forcing functions to pure Perl
      fix bson_decode to pass through client and inflation options
      Implement wire protocol in pure Perl
      add first draft of _Link class
      Implement pure-perl Cursor and connections
      Remove unused C and XS files
      support protocol pack/unpack back to 5.8, except on big-endian platforms
      dynamically set batch size for OP_GET_MORE with limit
      micro-optimize _legacy_insert in BulkWrite
      check for /not master/ when reading server replies
      refactor legacy index insertion into a private method
      set cursor starting number only on initial query
      check replace documents for dots in keys
      PERL-330 implement pure-Perl networking
      fix up versions in _Link and _Protocol
      PERL-410 die on BSON encoding/decoding if invalid UTF-8 is detected
      remove long-deprecated MongoDB::Connection class
      allow MongoDB::BSON to decode without a MongoClient
      remove BSON encoding from _Protocol
      add note about code to be removed later from Collection
      add _URI class
      Switch MongoClient to use _URI to build connections
      implement _Cluster, _Server and Role::_Client classes
      add cluster test files
      _Cluster: rename no_primaries to has_no_primaries
      clarify _Cluster BUILD errors are internal errors
      PERL-378 implement cluster and server model
      added v0.704.5.0 Changes entry from maint-v0 branch
      use more idiomatic perl for attribute builders
      fix cursor hint error for mongos
      bump Test::Deep prereq to 0.111 for obj_isa
      note PERL-406 in Changes
      add _Query class
      add ReadPreference class and _HasReadPreference consumer role
      add WriteConcern class
      add types and coercions; also tidy _Types file
      enhance _Server to support server selection
      enhance _Link for server selection
      improve for server selection and new protocol code
      Improve WriteResult
      add optional max size argument to encode_bson
      improve CommandResult class
      switch bson.t to subtests for output clarity
      run all test files recursively, always
      Implement new server selection logic and centralize operations
      update devel tests for new server selection code
      PERL-379 Implement server-selection and new read preferences
      PERL-146 normalize URI addresses to lower case
      PERL-146 normalize server addresses to lower case
      PERL-133 test that client can connect to RS without primary
      fix read preference formatting for mongos
      re-enable threads tests
      add write concern default values
      remove unused meta-driver submodule
      fix fallback to legacy index creation
      ensure w=0 can't be used with j=1
      clean up WriteResult assertion code
      fix maxMessageSizeBytes
      fix comment typo
      skip some bulk standalone tests against legacy master mode
      added v0.705.0.0 Changes entry from maint-v0 branch
      PERL-425 deprecate drop_dups
      fix parallel scan test for server version 2.7.x changes
      fix t/cursor.t for new explain format
      ensure error message strings always have a non-empty value
      suppress monkey patch warning when testing _Link
      fix drop dups test
      PERL-233 Implement SSL certificate support via IO::Socket::SSL options
      CAP-516 test SSL certificate presentation
      PERL-422 add read prefs support for the connection string
      update connection string documentation
      PERL-435 switch to http-style certificate name validation
      add _Credential class with support for CR, PLAIN and X509
      re-enable auth with new _Credential class
      Add GSSAPI authentication support
      add note about testing PLAIN
      make password optional for URI parsing
      add support for SERVICE_NAME; drop unimplmented CANONICALIZE_HOST_NAME
      CAP-469 test SASL PLAIN
      add GSSAPI tests
      amend XXX comments
      update copyrights for some test files
      improve documentation of deprecated 'authenticate' method
      refactor password digesting and ensure UTF-8 encoding is used
      use autoAuthorize for saslStart
      CAP-478 test X509
      document authentication mechanisms
      Implement new authentication framework
      enforce minimum versions for configuration requirements
      add as_string method to ReadPreference
      add 'error' attribute and status_string method to _Server
      add 'accepts_wire_version' method to _Link
      fix digested password bugs
      add DEFAULT auth mechanism type
      wrap GSSAPI in a try block for a better error message
      implement SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism
      minor fix to MongoDBTest testing library
      Revise socket handshake and report errors on selection failure
      tidy code
      add/update authentication tests
      PERL-408 Implement SCRAM-SHA-1 and revise handshake
      Split Cursor into new QueryResult class
      PERL-436 bump maxWireProtocolVersion
      PERL-433 use listCollections command for collection_names
      remove errant DB::single
      add devel test for PERL-433
      PERL-434 use listIndexes command
      tidy collection_names
      report git commit description if testing from a repository
      protect t/readpref.t from bad MONGOD environment variable
      PERL-409 add missing declarations for MinGW on Windows
      test JS in $where query
      split parallel scan test into separate file
      use Perl memory alloc functions instead of malloc
      fix async test skip on Windows
      update .gitignore for Windows compilation artifacts
      fix unused vars and statements before declarations
      improve test harness diagnostic output
      devel harness: only show log if non-empty
      fix warning in t/fsync.t
      remove use of File::Slurp
      remove unused auth testing script
      make devel orchestration more patient
      fix up tests when using heap1 storage
      fix storage engine detection for tests
      add Changes entries from v0.706.0.0
      fix typo in Changes
      devel: create storage engine configs with standard names
      devel: add storage engine configs for master, replica, sharded
      remove storage engine dependent code and tests
      don't expect particular error codes for duplicate keys
      devel: add large replica set cluster config
      PERL-454 don't warn creating BSON datetime at epoch
      move storage engine specific bulk nojournal test to devel directory
      devel: add test configs for wiredtiger storage engine
      update Server Discovery and Monitoring spec testing
      drop JSON module in favor of JSON::MaybeXS
      grand renaming: cluster is now deployment or topology
      remove unused legacy test files
      clean up tag set logic and usage
      PERL-429 fix tag_sets logic
      scan during selection if heartbeatFrequencyMS elapsed
      expanded exception hierarchy
      revised networking-related classes to use new exception classes
      add error class to stringfied message
      convert more _Topology confess calls to exception throws
      catch network and not master errors to update topology
      retry network errors when monitoring
      tidy _Topology code
      implement socket_check_interval_ms
      devel: try again to bring up a server that isn't responding to ismaster
      remove bcon.c and bcon.h
      devel: move wiredtiger test configs back to the right directory
      make read_preference a public attribute, not a role
      add mailmap, generate contributors section and tweak pod weaving
      document alpha status and roadmap
      rearrange mongoclient documentation in preparation for heavy editing
      add first draft of MongoDB::Upgrading document
      reorganize and document connection attributes
      Update documentation in preparation for alpha 1 release
      make ssl attribute read-only
      add topology config attributes to MongoClient
      revise MongoDB::Upgrading further
      update MongoClient documentation
      update connect/disconnect documentation
      deprecate auto_connect and make connections always lazy
      more tweaks to Upgrading docs
      devel: restrict to common configs
      devel: heap1 was renamed to inMemoryExperiment
      update documentation of deprecations
      update Changes in preparation for v1.x alpha release
      caveat connection closing
      improve prereq detection in dist.ini
      add v0.707.0.0 Changes entry
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      move socket selection out of server selection loop
      rename latency threshold to local threshold
      update use of slave_ok and $readPreference to match server selection spec
      remove _try_run_command
      make run_command take optional read preference argument
      remove abstract from _Credential so docs aren't generated
      fix mailmap for Mike Friedman
      Check for missing commands with error code constants
      fix syntax error
      devel: add test for text search
      Revise _Client API to take operation hashrefs
      rearrange Database documentation
      move Database GLE method to end of file
      rearrange Collection documentation
      simplify and deprecate last_error method
      PERL-135 set write_concern at db and collection level
      test that 'multi' is allowed as an option to update
      fix legacy index insertion
      improve check for write concern error in collection tests
      PERL-465 added support for arbitrary options on index creation
      remove Data::Types as a test dependency
      fix regression from PERL-465 cherry pick
      PERL-466 added read preference to Database and Collection classes
      change race-prone read pref test to a propagation test
      PERL-466 changed read_preference on MongoClient to be immutable
      remove unnecessary cruft from t/readpref.t
      devel: make output easier to grep for results
      updated Changes with v0.707.1.0 notes
      devel: fix bug in AUTH-SCRAM test
      devel: change 2.7 test configs to 2.8
      PERL-371 test host localhost:port handled correctly
      add v0.707.2.0 Changes entry
      support raw BSON in a MongoDB::BSON::Raw class
      add HashLike type
      load MongoDB::WriteConcern in _Types
      rename DocumentSizeError to general DocumentError
      refactor database error throwing into _LastError role
      add classes, roles and results for database ops
      use new op classes for all operations except bulk
      rename WriteResult to BulkWriteResult
      Implement bulk write with op classes
      remove old database operation code
      simplify bulk API implementation
      rename BulkWriteResult attributes to match CRUD API
      rename BulkWriteResult _parse to _parse_cmd_result
      tidy code and docs
      add assert documentation to CommandResult
      PERL-93 implemented awaitData
      PERL-259 implemented write commands for MongoDB 2.6+
      PERL-423 improved documentation of cursor snapshot mode
      PERL-401 fixed index creation to always have a non-zero write concern
      PERL-477 support cursor in list indexes/collections
      simplify aggregation and parallel scan cursor result construction
      add get_namespace/ns; add db/coll aliases
      devel: fix script; enable text indexing on 2.4 by default
      test text index with $text operator, not text command
      remove client as an attribute of the BulkWrite op
      clarify comment in BulkWriteResult about modified/matched_count 
      s/tailable_away/tailable_await/ in docs
      make conflicting multi/multiple update options fatal
      document how to disable returning _id from queries
      clarify comments about negative limits; tidy code in 'limit' method
      fix definition of DUPLICATE_KEY_UPDATE
      document DuplicateKeyError
      fix comment typo
      throw ProtocolError if string is too large to send
      fix Upgrading.pod typos
      added 'connect' function to MongoDB class for syntactic sugar
      PERL-489 fix BSON crash encoding reference to PVNV etc.
      emulate legacy update/remove successful response
      update docs for MongoDB 3.0 version bump
      ensure server addresses are coerced to lower case
      PERL-492 Implemented server selection tests
      change minHeartbeatFrequencyMS to 500,000
      updated Changes and Upgrading for next alpha release
      Additional revisions to Changes
      update alpha release documentation in main module
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      move gridfs test files into t/data/gridfs
      Update topology when server is marked unknown
      convert type system to Type::Tiny
      fix documentation of get_collection in
      revise command cursor op role
      PERL-502 implement insert_one
      Consolidate private methods towards end of file
      move _legacy_index_insert to private method section
      fix doc typo
      test insert_one for arrayref and IxHash; tidy test code
      implement insert_many and revise BulkWriteResult
      rename _InsertMany to _BatchInsert as it only is for legacy insert
      implement support for unordered insert_many
      PERL-502 implement delete_one
      PERL-502 implement delete_many
      tweak delete_one/many documentation
      test errors for delete_many
      fix warning in test file
      fix up return values in cmd/gle parsing for inserts
      fix up matched_count for upserts -- should be zero
      PERL-502 implement replace_one
      amend documentation for replace_one
      PERL-502 implement update_one
      fix documentation typos
      PERL-502 implement update_many
      move legacy update method to end of file
      PERL-502 implement bulk_write
      improve bulk_write test with ordered/unordered errors
      move legacy find_and_modify to end of file
      PERL-502 implement find_one_and_delete
      consolidate utility functions together in the Collection class
      use camelCase for all find and modify options
      PERL-502 implement find_one_and_replace
      PERL-502 implement find_one_and_update
      test errors thrown from find_one_and_replace/update
      fix CRUD test for mongod before 2.6
      remove IxHash coercion from undef
      validate update/replace docs in CRUD API
      apply type constraints/coercions to CRUD write methods
      test write concern errors for CRUD writes
      revise CRUD write documentation further
      improve find documentation
      PERL-503 check arguments to find
      reorder find methods
      rationalize argument handling between find/find_one
      PERL-503 aggregate method
      skip some find_and_* tests on servers before 2.2
      also look for error codes in a last error object in command results
      amend aggregate method documentation and Upgrading notes
      relocate count method
      fix find documentation
      PERL-503 count method
      PERL-503 distinct method and op
      improve Collection documentation
      allow any option keys for forward compatibility
      replace 'insert' with 'insert_one' in tests
      replace 'update' with CRUD methods in tests
      replace 'remove' method in tests
      replace 'batch_insert' with 'insert_many' in tests
      remove find_and_modify test from t/collection.t
      document write concern options in Upgrading.pod
      Make GridFS use CRUD methods internally
      add CRUD spec data-driven test files
      implement CRUD spec read JSON tests
      update docs for update_many
      update docs for find_one_and_delete
      update SYNOPSIS in
      make CRUD spec tests less noisy
      refactor CRUD spec test harness
      implement CRUD spec JSON write tests
      fix crud spec tests for modifiedCount before 2.6
      fix crud spec tests for 3.0 change to findAndModify return values
      fix crud spec tests for 2.6 change to _id from filters in replacement
      PERL-502, PERL-503: implement new CRUD API
      skip aggregate testing before MongoDB 2.2
      PERL-480 Fix GridFS assertion for corrupt files
      PERL-497 remove use_boolean global
      update Changes for GridFS bug fix
      PERL-464 deprecate last_error method
      add undocumented connected method for back compatibility
      fix pod typo
      add JIRA tickets closed to Changes file
      fix @MongoDB::BulkWriteResult::ISA warning
      add better-but-still-commented-out POD coverage testing to dist.ini
      PERL-510 documented MongoDB::QueryResult
      improved MongoDB::Error documentation
      document or improve docs for deprecated CRUD methods and last_error
      whitelist method that shouldn't really be public
      wip: Changes for 510
      documented deprecated legacy CRUD methods in Changes
      update Changes with minor changes since last alpha
      update docs for alpha 3
      add USAGE section with docs on errors to MongoDB::Database
      add USAGE with error handling to GridFS
      improve GridFS documentation
      improve docs further
      document how read pref and write concern are inherited from factory 
      make full_name attribute not initializable and document as a method
      make 'client' and 'database' public
      make 'full_name' a private attribute
      revise Collection docs further
      remove unused _legacy_index_insert method
      PERL-507 deprecate get_collection on Collection
      group deprecations in Upgrading.pod by module
      update Upgrading.pod with fixes and additions
      note jira ticket in Changes
      document WriteConcern and make 'is_safe' private.
      fix/reorganize documentation
      bump version to Alpha 4 due to broken CPAN upload
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      change Command::Result 'result' to 'output'
      document error handling in
      add additional error classes and reorganize
      change generic MongoDB::Error use to specific subclasses
      add UsageError class
      convert use of confess to UsageErrors or other appropriate types
      improve UsageError trace
      convert some die() to thrown errors
      remove circular load of MongoDB::GridFS
      don't retry index creation of filemd5 command fails
      expand list of typical CA locations
      devel: require updated Proc::Guard for orchestration
      devel: force shutdown with SIGKILL if SIGTERM hangs
      devel: add 3.0 orchestration config files; add rsghost config file
      devel: prefix hostname to server tempdir name
      updated Changes
      added v0.708.x Changes entries
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      fix XS ref counting memory leaks
      devel: 3.1 sharded config needs 3 config servers
      fix t/gridfs.t to work around MongoDB 3.1.2 bug
      remove some unused functions
      move includes and declarations to perl_mongo.h
      move declaration to perl_mongo.h
      remove unused functions for objects with magic
      standardize function definition style
      remove pre-libbson serializers
      remove unused header lines
      make as many functions static as possible
      add static keyword to some function definitions
      remove unused yajl library
      remove unused legacy macros for byte ordering
      remove unused legacy size defines
      remove unused legacy BSON type definitions
      remove unused PERL_MONGO_CALL_BOOT macro
      remove unused includes from header; reorder includes
      move regex flags function adjacent to related functions
      format function declaration consistently with others
      remove unused perl_mongo_call_xs function
      move Win32 conditional static functions to top of file
      rename bson_to_sv to bson_to_hv for clarity
      organize function declarations by purpose
      rename containsNullChar to assert_no_null_in_key and move for clarity
      rename perl_mongo_prep to append_oid for clarity
      rename oid_to_sv to bson_oid_to_sv for clarity
      rename bson_to_hv to bson_doc_to_hv for clarity
      rename bson_to_av to bson_array_to_av for clarity
      reorganize C functions by encoding/decoding for clarity
      rename perl_mongo_regex_flags to copy_regex_flags for clarity
      rename serialize_binary to append_binary for clarity
      remove whitespace
      update ppport.h
      rename serialize_regex_flags get_regex_flags for clarity
      consolidate regexp flag discovery
      rename regex serializer functions for clarity
      rename bson decoder functions for clarity
      rename append_sv to sv_to_bson_elem for symmetry with bson_elem_to_sv
      tidy function declarations
      document code flow for BSON encoding/decoding in comments
      Merge branch that clean up the C code.
      add vim modelines to perl_mongo.*
      set up legacy BSON bypass to keep BSON rework from breaking things
      reorganize and deprecate/remove BSON global variables
      initial implementation of BSON codec
      utf8_flag_on global option removed
      use_binary global option removed
      renames and consolidates XS call helper functions
      implement dbref callback support
      driver rewired to use new MongoDB::BSON codec
      remove legacy BSON bypass
      Merge new BSON API/codec implementation
      clean up C99-isms and some compiler warnings
      fix BSON codec changes to work with MongoDB's before write commands
      remove unused global from t/collection.t that provoked a warning
      test that binary data inflates as object
      load bson.h first, so it stops fighting perl.h over 'bool'
      turn off substr warnings in part of GridFS::File
      make bson-codec tests compatible to older perls
      fix regular expression inflation back-compatibility
      fix regex object comparison
      fix regular expression compilation on 5.8
      PERL-221 never compile native regular expressions
      make dt_type read-only in MongoClient
      update Upgrading doc for regexp changes
      remove more references to global variables
      fix Collection modeline
      implement with_codec method on Collection
      only add first_key for top-level documents
      PERL-505 don't modify inserted documents when adding _id
      PERL-531 fix bulk update/replace validation for op_char
      simplify bson_encode arg validation to workaround a bug
      turn on extra compiler warnings under AUTHOR|AUTOMATED_TESTING
      initialize various pointers to NULL
      remove temporary comment in Upgrading document
      document that added _ids do not modify original object
      remove inflate_regexps from MongoClient, not just mark deprecated
      document Changes for next release
      add JIRA tickets to Changes entries
      fix BSON tests for perls with long doubles
      update docs for Alpha 6 release
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      PERL-488 renamed WriteConcern is_safe to is_acknowledged
      PERL-486 added has_modified_count to Update/Bulk results
      PERL-524 replace legacy author emails
      PERL-467 Remove dated Indexing.pod
      fix author email typo
      implement private _run_command in Collection
      load MongoDB::ReadPreference on demand when coercing from ArrayRef
      allow bson_codec attributes to coerce from hash
      tidy element tests and improve diagnostic output formatting
      fix copyright typo in Upgrading.pod
      fix t/bson_codec/elements.t for Perls with only 32-bit integers
      fix QueryResult cursorId packing for 32-bit perls
      fix BSON_INT64 to Math::BigInt decoding for 32-bit perls
      PERL-127 encode small ints to Int32; encode BigInts to Int64
      PERL-536 GridFS: don't error if an empty file has no chunks
      add with stub methods
      added indexes method to Collection to return IndexView
      implement create_many in IndexView
      create private attributes in IndexView to cache op arguments
      protect indexview.t subtest with a collection drop
      implement list method for IndexView
      always coerce index keys to IxHash
      implement create_one for IndexView
      implement drop_one on IndexView
      implement drop_all on IndexView
      revise IndexView documentaton
      make indexes a lazy, cached attribute in Collection
      add more exception tests; fix for 2.4
      enforce ordered document constraint on index keys
      add test trying to drop a hash reference
      PERL-515 implement new IndexView API
      remove docs and relocate deprecated index-related methods
      extract some tests from t/indexes.t to t/indexview.t
      move t/indexes.t to t/deprecated
      consolidate some legacy index tests to t/indexview.t
      remove deprecated ensure_index from tests
      document deprecated index methods in Upgrading.pod
      PERL-516 deprecate legacy index management API
      skip bad index type test before MongoDB 2.4
      t/indexview.t: work around server 3.1.x sharded cluster bug
      PERL-529 ignore connection string option key case
      PERL-530 warn on unsupported connection options
      update Upgrading.pod doc to reflect the aspirational list of changes
      remove auto_connect, auto_reconnect and find_master
      deprecate timeout and query_timeout attributes
      removed authenticate method
      rename t/connection_string to t/unit/uri.t
      PERL-442 Fix options precedence and add new options
      PERL-513 add maxTimeMS tests for CRUD API methods
      PERL-413 wire up max_time_ms configuration option
      PERL-398 wire up connect_timeout_ms and socket_timeout_ms
      clean up connection.t
      skip aggregation tests in max_time_ms.t on 2.0
      wire up replica_set_name configuration option
      fix typo in connection test
      PERL-455 use connect timeout as socket timeout for topology scans
      PERL-540 fix memory leak in DateTime::Tiny inflation
      refactor BSON test functions
      add Time::Moment tests
      set Time::Moment prereq to Test-Recommends
      document support for Time::Moment
      PERL-506 add support for Time::Moment
      PERL-470 remove MongoDB::Cursor globals slave_ok and timeout
      PERL-471 make MongoDB::Cursor::snapshot require a boolean argument
      cleanup t/cursor.t fixtures
      PERL-424 deprecate count method on Cursor objects
      PERL-511 use CRUD API method names for Bulk API
      restore old bulk.t test as t/deprecated/bulk.t
      fix typo in test skip rationale
      compare gcc versions without
      move MSWin32 check for compiler compatibility
      test that direct connection can read from secondary
      PERL-490 implemented list_collections method on Database
      added Changes from v0.708.2.0
      add bson_codec attribute to GridFS
      remove count test on direct connection
      PERL-534 deprecated the 'validate' method on Collection
      further document deprecation of Collection index methods
      PERL-533 added save_one and deprecated save
      add status_struct method to _Server
      add status_struct to _Topology
      PERL-500 added 'topology_status' to MongoClient
      add test to confirm round-trip of undef from IxHash
      PERL-543 resolve magic early during serialization
      don't warn when stripping the 'u' flag when encoding regexes
      remove unneeded 'my' in t/bson.t
      add JIRA tickets fixed to Changes
      update minimum perl release test to 5.008001
      update release notice for beta status
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      fix BSON element tests for 32-bit perl
      skip fail point testing of maxTimeMS without FAILPOINT_TESTING=1
      make _Link timeout block if timeout is -1
      use monotonic clock for timeout when available
      make negative connect_timeout_ms block indefinitely
      restrict when MS options can be negative or not
      fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC bug
      update Changes with work since last release
      update beta information and version scheme explanation
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      fix MongoClient circular reference
      limit -Wall, etc. to gcc smoke testers only
      fix t/dbref.t test for new DBref error message
      PERL-546 remove 'client' and 'fetch' from DBRef
      PERL-527 Make DBRef 'db' optional; make all read-only
      fix documentation of DBRef
      update Upgrading.pod for DBRef changes
      make DBRef decoding treat $db as optional
      PERL-550 allow extra fields in DBRef documents
      update vended libbson to version 1.1.7
      fix typo in SYNOPSIS docs
      fix error handling in database_names
      document extra DBRef fields support in Upgrading.pod
      updated Changes
      update with Beta 3 notes
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      fix POD preamble formatting
      add test for count on missing collection
      BSON: use strerror instead of strerror_s on Windows for compatibility
      add strerror change for Windows to Changes
      devel: fix auth tests for 3.0+ and removal of legacy authenticate method
      fix Credential bugs not passing through bson_codec
      allow explicit undef arg wherever optional HashRef is allowed
      fix documentation typo for the distinct method
      ensure all Moose classes are immutable
      stop using IxHash for insert_one
      create OID on insertion when only _id is undef, not zero
      fix bulk inserts for MongoDB 2.4
      add v0.708.3.0 Changes entry
      devel: open handles to /dev/null rather than closing
      rewrite insert/update document pre-encoding
      Fixed configuration test for GCC atomic operations
      PERL-523 Replica set name required for replica sets
      updated SDAM tests data files
      fix tests for Sharded topology
      move fork/thread check to Topology; remove link assertions
      ensure sockets are closed on any error
      improve Topology rescans after a fork/thread split
      devel: get auto reconnect test passing under new client behavior
      fix socket reads to always read as much as possible
      gitignore nyt* profiler temp files
      optimize thread-id access in _Topology
      merge bson options more efficiently during encode/decode
      Moo-ify internal classes for insertion
      optimize wire protocl version check
      shortcut latency window selection if only one server is available
      restart interrupted select with half the timeout
      replace try/catch with eval in op execution
      Moo-ify _EncodedDoc
      convert _Link to Moo
      cache fdset for select calls in _do_timeout
      remove unnecessary wide check
      remove unused variable from MongoDB::BSON
      remove encode/decode_one argument validation for speed
      require Type::Tiny::XS
      convert _Topology to Moo
      replace 'any' with 'grep' in hot server selection paths
      convert MongoDB::OID to Moo and optimize BUILDARGS
      inline write result assertions
      super-optimize OID generation for insertion with a private constructor
      cache invariant insert op arguments
      change local_threshold_ms to correct value
      track time internally with floating point seconds
      remove extra call to time() in _selection_timeout
      cache primary server to shortcut server selection
      Type::Tiny::XS requires 5.10.1 so require it conditionally
      restore isa assertions
      convert more internal classes to private constructor
      eliminate fork/thread checks on every operation
      cache write command support calculation
      Optimized insert_one Collection method
      optimize OP_REPLY parsing
      inline can_read, can_write and _do_timeout
      optimize MongoDB::_Link::write
      optimize MongoDB::_Link::read
      micro-optimize unpack
      optimize parse_reply
      optimize InsertOne operation
      improve cursor test diagnostics
      optimize op dispatching
      Merge insert_one optimization branch
      only check 'me' field from ismaster if it exists
      remove save_one method from Collection
      restore test skipping if no mongod is available
      moo-ify MongoDB::BSON::Binary
      Stops encoding any blessed scalar-ref as BSON_BINARY
      Fixes GridFS for change to blessed scalar-ref encoding
      Adds support for additional boolean libraries
      Uses private constructor for query result objects
      Moo-ifies MongoDB::QueryResult::Filtered
      Optimizes MongoDB:_Query
      Optimizes boolean true/false decoding
      Optimizes find and find_one methods on Collection
      Caches primary server for selecting a primary to read
      Merge find_one optimization branch
      Optimizes _WriteResult assertions
      Optimizes _InsertOne op using new assertion optimization
      Optimizes update_one
      Optimizes update_many
      Optimizes replace_one
      Merges update optimizations
      Optimizes insert_many
      Optimizes insert_many further via BulkWrite op
      Caches boolean values for _Update op normalization
      Optimizes delete methods
      Throws error if update document is empty
      Restores minimal CRUD argument checking
      Revises public API argument validation
      Adds init_arg of undef to computed Collection attributes
      Prevents duplicate keys in array documents
      Fixes bug in topology_status method after change to floating-point tims
      Improves warning text when a server is down during scanning
      Devel: fixes path to configuration files for test orchestration
      Devel: fixes failover test by scanning topology to detect failover
      Changes default max_time_ms to 0
      Cautions about aggregation cursors on split 2.4/2.6 sharded clusters
      Devel: fixes create index test for new return types
      Returns MongoDB::UnacknowledgedResult for w=0
      Devel: fix auth-error test for changes in methods/results
      Devel: toggle verbose orchestration output with VERBOSE
      Devel: restrict test-all to 2.4+ and drop master config
      Devel: fixes SASL PLAIN test given lazy connections
      Fixes topology error reporting bug
      Disables topology scan warnings unless assertions are enabled
      Devel: adds support for configuring SSL-ready server
      Devel: changes name of environment var for verbose output
      Devel: adds dynamic X509 testing
      Devel: Fixes orchestration backcompat to older driver versions
      Fixes GSSAPI bug getting hostname from link object
      Devel: Fixes GSSAPI test for v1.0.0 driver changes
      Fixes Authen::SCRAM::Client version dependency declaration
      Updates prerequisites in Makefile.PL and dist.ini
      Changes IO::Socket prereq to 1.31 for Windows
      Removes DateTime::Tiny as a test prerequisite
      Removes unused Test::Warn prerequisite
      Updates installation instructions
      Updates docs in preparation for RC release
      Merges documentation improvements branch
      add Type::Tiny::XS to explicit prereqs
      Updates Changes file
      Adds documentation about failover and recovery
      Updates Upgrading.pod
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      Aborts Makefile.PL on Windows before Vista/2008
      Reduces number of threads used for testing
      Amends to clarify minimum Windows OS needed
      Replaces Moose with Moo for all clases except MongoDB::Error
      Replace Moose with Moo for MongoDB::Error
      Removes additional mentions of Moose
      Updates Changes noting Moose to Moo conversion
      Merges branch that converts from Moose to Moo
      Removes use of Syntax::Keyword::Junction
      Fixes formatting and minor typos in MongoDB::Error
      Inlines the Throwable role to minimize dependencies
      Fixes topology status string output
      Implements Unknown server cooldown between scans
      PERL-554 Implements server_selection_try_once
      Changes default connect_timeout_ms to 10,000
      Changes private connected function to use ismaster
      Updates Upgrading.pod
      PERL-556 Fixes serialization of thread-shared variables
      Fixes threads test interop with Test::More for old Perls
      Updates documentation about cursors
      Updates Changes for v1.0.0 RC 2
      Makes QueryResult attributes private
      Removes commented out sections from MongoDB::BSON
      Corrects doc error in DataTypes.pod
      Removes legacy read preference constants
      Consolidates more constants to MongoDB::_Constants
      Cleans up various XXX comments
      Loads Authen::SCRAM::Client only on demand
      Specifies type imports explicitly
      Loads DateTime from MongoDB::BSON instead of GridFS
      Updates Changes for v1.0.0 RC2
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      Fixes typo in GSSAPI authentication instructions
      Replaces deprecated query_timeout in test helper
      Improves write concern test diagnostics
      Fixes type coercions
      Numifies wtimeout during serialization
      Updated Changes for release
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      update .travis.yml
      PERL-559 Deprecates eval helper method
      Fix typo
      Improve documentation of bson_codec and MongoDB::BSON
      Remove credential details from usage error messages
      Avoid leaking credentials in error messages
      Consolidated all pre-release Changes entries
      disarm is_trial release flag
      Update .mailmap
      Remove release candidate preable from main documentation
      Fix Upgrading.pod bullet point
      Update Examples and Tutorial docs for v1.0.0 API
      Cleanup MongoClient documentation
      Cleanup tutorial documentation
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      Fix SYNOPSIS of
      Clarify tutorial
      PERL-568 Document replica set connection in and MongoClient
      PERL-567 Fix tests for a replica set on 27017
      Update Changes
      Fix typos in tutorial POD
      Add JIRA ticket numbers to Changes entries
      Fix docs of Collection and Cursor
      Commit Changes and bump $VERSION
      Fix a test when run against single-node replica set
      Update Changes
      Document need for IP::Socket::IP for IPv6
      Update Changes
      Turn on assertions in .travis.yml
      Replace term 'slave' with 'secondary' in docs
      PERL-571 Include limits.h explicitly
      Update Changes
      PERL-495 Preserve fractional seconds with dt_type raw
      Update Changes
      PERL-198 Validate MongoDB::OID
      Update Changes
      Test that _id with $ prefixed keys is an error
      Skip test of dollar-key subdoc for _id before 2.4
      Fix version number comparison for older
      PERL-575 Copy booleans rather than aliasing them
      Update Changes
      PERL-579 Require at least version 0.25 of
      PERL-475 Optimize 'all' QueryResult method
      Implement 'all' in MongoDB::QueryResult::Filtered
      PERL-532 Document loss of precision when serializing long doubles
      Update Changes

David Morrison (4):
      Add support for uninitialised AV values
      Add support for uninitialised AV values
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Add support for PVNV SV's

David Nadle (1):
      Added build artifacts to .gitignore

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fixes

David Storch (8):
      PERL-269 MongoDBTest::ReplicaSet and MongoDBTest::ShardedCluster
      PERL-262 read preference implementation
      read preference bugs
      PERL-261 use setVersion field in isMaster for replica set discovery
      PERL-260 ensure_index no longer ignores weights, default_language, and 
language_override options
      added $testdb object and other test suite cleanup
      updated  name to accommodate PERL-275
      documentation updates for Examples.pod (aggregation framework) and read 

Eric Daniels (15):
      Created test for auto_reconnect. Allow server to be started under a 
specific port
      Actually use first server in list as master when find_master = 0
      Merge pull request #102 from mongodb/ed/PERL-290
      Refactored connection string parsing in order to add tests unreliant on 
MongoDBTest. Parsing needs work
      refactor MongoDBTest to have user request a new client by default
      PERL-166 Fix tailable cursors with no results
      PERL-387 added retry logic to Database::database_names()
      PERL-130 Improve connection string support
      updated Changes
      PERL-375 Support adding cursor options to find_one
      Confess on invalid find_one options
      Updated README with instruction on how to ask for help
      Implemented cluster test harness
      PERL-406 Allow count methods to work with query hints
      PERL-131 support connect option in URI

Florian Ragwitz (128):
      Add .gitignore.
      Add Makefile.PL and some helpers for it.
      Add code to bootstrap the XS part.
      Add a few helper c functions.
      Start building a ::Connection interface.
      Attach a mongo::DBClientConnection pointer to Mongo::Connections.
      Add xs for bootstrapping other xs components.
      Add typemap for converting Mongo::Connection instances to 
mongo::DBClientConnection pointers.
      Implement connecting.
      Also load the perl components for Mongo::Connection on "use Mongo;".
      Customisable database and cursor classes for ::Connection.
      Basic ::Cursor implementation, perl side.
      Basic ::Cursor implementation, xs side.
      Bootstrap ::Cursor xs code.
      Basic querying and ::Cursor construction.
      Basic bson -> perl conversion.
      Load _database_class and _cursor_class even if they are already loaded.
      Basic perl -> bson serialisation.
      Do queries with real data structures, not just json strings.
      Implement a basic find_one xs interface.
      Add basic Database class. Doesn't do anything yet.
      Implement listing all databases.
      Implement getting a database from a connection.
      Take ownership of the cursor objects.
      Implement Mongo::OID and map object ids to it.
      Implement inserting objects, xs side.
      Add convenience method to get all objects from a cursor at once.
      Don't return anything from connect. Error are thrown as exceptions.
      Implement connection query and insert. Make the query for find_one 
      Delegate query, find_one and insert to the connection, with the namespace 
set according to the database name.
      Add a convenience method to run commands on a database.
      Implement database_names using run_command.
      Add a basic collection class.
      Implement listing collection names of databases.
      Allow creating collection instances from databases.
      Add basic connection tests.
      Add basic database tests.
      Generate OID when none is given.
      perl_mongo_construct_instance argument list is NULL-terminated. oops!
      Serialize Mongo::OID instances to mongo::OIDs.
      Bootstrap the OID xs parts.
      Implement the xs part of remove and update.
      Implement $database->drop.
      Implement the perl-side of update().
      Return the id of inserted objects. Generate an id before inserting, if 
none is present already.
      Test that insert() is returning the right id.
      Implement validating collections.
      Add very basic collection tests.
      Tests for $collection->remove.
      Implement remove().
      Tests for $collection->count($query).
      Implement $collection->count($query).
      Fix the refcount of the oid_class attribute.
      Allow the top-level structure of queries to be an array reference.
      Don't leak memory on connections.
      Don't leak memory on queries.
      Bind DBClientConnection::ensureIndex to perl space.
      Implement $collection->ensure_index.
      Implement inspecting and removing collection indexes.
      Implement $collection->drop.
      Add tests for indexes.
      Implement authentication.
      Use Any::Moose instead of Mouse.
      Tests for $collection->validate.
      Test that failed commands throw an exception.
      Start writing some docs.
      Moar docs.
      Add dist.ini.
      Add install instructions.
      Use the MongoDB namespace instead of Mongo::.
      Recompile all c code if perl_mongo.h changed.
      Stop the headers of debugging perls to generate gcc brace groups.
      Set the right stack mark.
      Indenting fixes.
      Fix a typo.
      Add tests for storing nested references.
      Be smarter about what an reference is.
      Deserialize arrays as arrays, not hashes with funny keys.
      Threat PVIVs and unblessed PVMGs as strings when serializing.
      Output some debugging information if converting a value failed.
      Add tests for binary and character data.
      Rountrip binary data safely.
      Specify all dependencies in Makefile.PL.
      Revert "add non-mt boost libraries to lib path"
      use style;
      Enable test for find_one returning undef if nothing is found.
      Make find_one return undef if no object was found.
      I recommend using C::M::M instead of ::Fast. If you're going for speed 
you should have Moose installed anyway.
      Make index names default to an empty string instead of NULL.
      Adopt tests to the new implicit _id_ index.
      Error out if MONGO_SDK isn't set.
      Don't include the version in the pod.
      Update .gitignore.
      Add changelog.
      Also fail if MONGO_SDK doesn't exist.
      Specify license and repository url in META.yml.
      Adapt to new header file locations.
      Undef VERSION to not fail on new mongodb versions.
      Fix a ton of compilation warnings
      A note on regex serialisation issues
      Update author metadata
      Remove dist.ini
      Update the MANIFEST
      Identify scalar magic using vtables
      Very basic threadsafety for connections
      Basic sanity tests for connection thread safety
      More stressful thread tests
      Basic thread safety for cursors
      Basic tests for cursor thread safety
      Add a more stressful variant of the cursor join test
      Add a more stressful variant of the cursor cloning test
      Copy as much as possible at once
      Clarify connection cloning a little
      Allow destructors to be inlined
      Move releasing of c-level resources into the vtbl
      Eliminate useless temporaries
      Remove more useless temporaries
      More portability through Devel::PPPort
      Bump the minimum required perl version to 5.8.7
      Stop using old memory management APIs
      Update the MANIFEST
      Tidy up a bunch of initialisations
      Don't silently ignore invalid OID values
      Lock around the incrementing part of OID generation
      Add tests for OID generation
      Use a stable machine identifier for OID generation
      Fix a typo in failing test diagnostics
      perl_mutex isn't available on unthreaded perls

Gerard Goossen (1):
      Make threads tests more stressful under AUTOMATED_TESTING

Glenn Fowler (1):
      Upgrading docs typo fix

Graham Barr (8):
      documentation fixes
      add a couple of see also links
      fix background option to ensure_index
      Add MongoDB::read_documents for decoding documents in a op_reply
      Only perform reconnect on send and use new connection
      Mark connection disconnected if we fail to read a header
      Support auto_connect => 0 for replica sets
      Avoid Use of uninitialized value in open at IO/ warning

J. Stewart (1):
      Fixed regex in old ensure_index check

Jason Carey (2):
      Integrated libbson for perl_mongo_*_to_sv
      Migrated to libbson's bson_append_*

Jason Toffaletti (2):
      add encode_bson and decode_bson to BSON.xs
      add missing header include

Johann Rolschewski (3):
      add test for projection
      fix doc for projection
      PERL-557 Fixes typo in method call _limit

Joseph Harnish (2):
      added rename to Collection
      fixed collections with . and added tests.

Josh Juran (5):
      Use angle brackets for URL in README
      Protect MAX_OBJ_SIZE expansion in perl_mongo.h
      Note that you can disconnect immediately via undef  Fix grammatical arity in comment
      Add full stop after read_documents() description

Joshua Juran (1):

Kamil Slowikowski (1):
      Duplicate line.

Ken Williams (5):
      Fix tyop in 'Changes' file
      Fix a test failure when connecting to db version v2.4.3
      Add support for explicit type conversion to double & int
      The code was mistakenly subtracting 1 minute from all DateTime::Tiny 
objects.  Fixed.
      Update docs to talk about DateTime::Tiny

Kristina (122):
      removed c++ deps, mm
      Much better cursor
      add Timestamp to autoloaded packages PERL-119
      added warning for floating timezones PERL-116
      stop next() from re-querying db
      BUMP 0.40
      make sure index gets saved
      check for 64-bit big-endian, too
      Merge branch 'threads'
      debugging index test
      doc fix
      fix tie::ixhash int serialization
      Revert "debugging index test"
      windows compile
      disconnect on "not master" error
      add missing buf size checks and fix regression
      a few more buffer checks
      BUMP 0.41
      initialize mutex on windows
      remove META.yml from vc
      store inc in big-endian order
      Revert "Allow destructors to be inlined" - this causes bus errors on ppc
      initialize mutex on all platforms
      correct number of tests MINOR
      compile for ppc arch
      err msg changed MINOR
      don't convert strings to ints if they're publicly strings
      test for semi-type change
      required package list
      more includes
      byte alignment fixes
      extra paren
      perl 5.8 type hack
      actually changed in 5.10.1
      BUMP 0.42
      Added safe write change to Changes
      added cursor info method
      fix oid typo
      fix indentation
      make it clearer that these are Perl datatypes, not the main docs
      fix pod
      add link to client-side timeout in immortal docs
      Merge pull request #14 from cpan-mila/master
      add pod files to .gitignore
      support for 5.14 regexes PERL-136
      sql to mongo mapping table
      detect max bson size PERL-124
      add partial flag
      croak on keys perl can't hash PERL-137
      whitespace + docs
      BUMP 0.43
      query should pass through sort correctly to cursor
      group example
      find-and-modify example
      only create gridfs indexes on writes
      fix db command doc
      set slave_okay properly from global slave_okay setting
      fix example
      fix _id double free
      don't use lazy build because Mouse is buggy
      clean up dbs used by make test PERL-142
      fix $or example
      Merge pull request #16 from leachiM2k/master
      add looks_like_number option for serialization
      add MongoDB::BSON::String type
      BUMP 0.44
      tutorial typos
      Merge pull request #17 from uwe/master
      fix makemaker args for 5.14
      fix refs to makemaker
      fix Windows compile PERL-144
      better connection code
      catch select errors
      fix max key/min key parsing PERL-148
      better connection timeout logic PERL-147
      gettimeofday is already defined by Perl
      Merge pull request #18 from slowkow/master
      change min Perl version required
      BUMP 0.45
      example of how to discover commands using the shell
      Fix broken link
      Merge pull request #20 from reezer/master
      Fix "uninitialized value $error[0]" error
      Set socket timeout PERL-157
      Merge pull request #22 from bwmcadams/master
      Add a little extra description to SSL option
      Credit Casey Rojas for SSL support
      Remove db-version-dependent magic string test
      Merge pull request #23 from jjuran/master
      Fix auth connections PERL-149 (Olly Stephens)
      Fix typo
      Fix dup connection port weirdness PERL-158
      Merge pull request #25 from jjuran/parenthesized-macros
      Added Binary type
      Actually add
      Version-proof auth check PERL-155 (Olly Stephens)
      Remove extra POD tag
      Add sparse index option PERL-156
      Require inc::Module::Install package
      Merge pull request #30 from jjuran/grammar/read_documents-full-stop
      Merge pull request #27 from jjuran/immediate-disconnect
      Merge pull request #29 from jjuran/grammar/strict-warnings-arity
      Merge pull request #26 from jjuran/angle-bracket-urls
      Merge pull request #31 from rojasc/patch-1
      Fix test for Jenkins
      Deubgging master/slave test
      Remove drop db test until server bug is fixed
      Merge pull request #32 from bdold/master
      Merge pull request #33 from Harnish/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add dot notation example to docs
      Merge pull request #35 from matts134/master
      Update field names
      Merge pull request #38 from matts134/PERL-150

Kristina Chodorow (252):
      OS X build
      OS X build MINOR
      use oid overload fallback MINOR
      Fixed getmore
      mac os x compile MINOR
      Perl 5.8 regex compatibility
      fix signature MINOR
      fixed file io test for windows MINOR
      tests check for mongo server before running
      count doesn't take fields
      Tutorial for CPAN
      BUMP 0.25
      BUMP 0.26
      close connections in dtor
      assertion text change MINOR
      the db spells "assertion" wrong MINOR
      _ensure_special for cursor
      don't make return vals mortal MINOR
      cleanup after tests PERL-39
      finish moving over tutorial MINOR
      Perl 5.8.7-compatible memory allocation by Peter (Stig) Edwards, PERL-44
      $ customizable
      don't run multiple update with old versions of the db
      much better ensure_index w/dropDups
      get rid of Perl::Version dependency
      Merge branch 'master' of
      safe insert & start of perl-level cmds
      unused var MINOR
      safe insert tests
      doc MINOR
      fixed undefined behavior (
      compile warning MINOR
      annocpan doc MINOR
      check if string is already utf-8 before encoding
      remove the _-prefix funcs
      big endian support PERL-29
      update tests, doc
      cleanup, warnings MINOR
      docs MINOR
      croak if obj size > 4 MB
      BUMP 0.27
      added more OID tests & doc MINOR
      try including makemaker_args' module
      Revert "try including makemaker_args' module"
      have Mongo actually build for big-endian on big-endian systems
      remove inc dir
      doc fixes MINOR
      fix batch insert doc
      fix md5 hash gen
      chunkSize and uploadDate
      ensure correct indexes for gridfs PERL-51
      include stdint.h for strawberry int64_t PERL-53
      added gridfs test credit
      undef fix PERL-54
      Only have version in one place PERL-50
      use File::Temp for gridfs test
      fix serialization for Tie::IxHash created with tie PERL-47
      added doc & test about reading a string into gridfs PERL-49
      declare sv at beginning of scope MINOR
      compiler warnings
      use ppi_version for dev version
      BUMP 0.28
      gridfs safe insert PERL-46
      fix find_one doc PERL-56 MINOR
      stupid windows MINOR
      safe remove, update, and ensure_index PERL-57
      set utf8 flag on strings PERL-59
      added dochub links
      added save PERL-61
      err msg varies by db version MINOR
      more forward-durable regex handling MINOR
      define regex macros for perl 5.8 MINOR
      avoid void*->int64_t* casting
      windows compile MINOR
      some internals doc
      POD typo MINOR
      fix non-blessed ties PERL-62
      instant connect fix
      compiler warnings MINOR
      BUMP 0.29
      string ref creates bindata PERL-65
      error codes not given for old db versions PERL-64
      credit & sanity check PERL-66
      define RX_* symbols MINOR
      Added doc on fields PERL-63
      more robust RX_* defs
      doc example MINOR
      encoding support for 64-bit ints PERL-67
      actually work with the test case in the bug PERL-67
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      test too big int PERL-67
      doc PERL-67
      64-bit w/out BigInt
      64-bit int credit, docs
      some perls complain about Int being redefined
      int64 patch (Ryan Olson)
      don't assume fields in tests MINOR
      test plan MINOR
      BUMP 0.30
      unmix decl & code PERL-68
      version MINOR
      check timeout is pos in C PERL-69
      return failure code, don't croak in mongo_say PERL-70
      version MINOR
      windows keeps trying to make int64_t into int
      separate indexing pod
      ensure_index name option
      generalize link struct PERL-71
      added MongoDB::Cursor::timeout
      windows doesn't know what a uint is MINOR
      connection format PERL-71
      comment MINOR
      add symbol decode PERL-72
      MongoDB::Code PERL-60
      authentication on connection PERL-71
      extra code test MINOR
      auth fix
      useful tests MINOR
      check for auth error
      fixed paired failover
      fix deprecated failover
      BUMP 0.31
      forgot a -1 MINOR
      doc MINOR
      moose inline warnings
      dev version MINOR
      tutorial mistake MINOR
      increase max response size PERL-76
      croak on failed safe insert/remove/update/ensure_index
      credit eric for patch MINOR
      Revert "moose inline warnings": causes dtor segfault
      dtor warning fix
      eval doc MINOR
      added w
      get, put, delete PERL-74
      alias query as find
      die on count errors PERL-77
      slow up count test a bit MINOR
      added getlasterror options
      perl 5.12 regex serialize
      perl 5.12 regex deserialization
      regex ifdefs
      skip count test
      BUMP 0.32
      compat with 1.4- versions of the db
      BUMP 0.33
      improved utf8 doc
      int doc improvement MINOR
      updated tutorial PERL-84
      safe save PERL-85
      doc MINOR
      typo MINOR (Stefan Völkel)
      TO_JSON PERL-86
      fix clone/thread safety PERL-82
      hook up immortal (and tailable) PERL-90
      fix timeout PERL-88
      handle PVMG as an int
      don't require Moose MINOR
      -Wall doesn't exist on some compilers MINOR
      MongoDB::Connection::query_timeout PERL-89
      added binary type 0
      find is default MINOR
      take out pointless test MINOR
      move collection methods to MongoDB::Collection
      autoloading coolness for $conn->foo->bar->baz
      Revert "added binary type 0" - will break md5 commands for older mongodbs
      speed up oid serialization
      fix master check
      decode 3x faster
      fixed getmore
      inherit query timeout
      try this for timeout
      skip timeout test
      BUMP 0.34
      reference loop detection CPAN #58500
      Merge branch 'master' of
      mem leak
      edited commit batch
      fixed test num MINOR
      BUMP 0.35
      added timestamp type
      correct ts order
      timestamp doc MINOR
      fix slurp tests (Josh Rabinowitz) PERL-94
      prevent dots in key names PERL-96
      don't allow empty keys PERL-95
      doc, rm backup file MINOR
      credit MINOR
      better query_timeout doc MINOR
      improved error msgs MINOR
      compile for correct arch on OS X
      windows clean sock close
      OS X compile
      OS X compile
      Revert "compile for correct arch on OS X"
      fix everyone down at start
      sample program
      fix list of non-rs servers
      better, faster host store
      Merge branch 'feature/rs' into develop
      handle cursor not found flag PERL-93
      deserialize bools as bools PERL-98
      make use_boolean option PERL-98
      fix 5.8.3 build
      BUMP 0.36
      Merge branch 'release/0.36'
      Merge branch 'release/0.36' into develop
      Fix C89 compile (Taro Nishino) PERL-100
      add timestamp type to manifest MINOR
      Merge branch 'develop'
      fix tests for --master db PERL-102
      pick up unusual file behavior PERL-94
      fix cursor not found condition PERL-103
      BUMP 0.37
      fix BSON import and refs PERL-104
      applied dsp patch PERL-105
      fix gridfs prefixes (Olly Stephens) PERL-106
      added example of using int for time MINOR
      allow dots in index names PERL-107
      fix floating point tests
      array and hash docs MINOR
      BUMP 0.38
      memory leak
      CLONE_SKIP doc PERL-82
      BUMP 0.39
      add last_error doc PERL-109
      update safe doc PERL-110
      make safe option return hash for update & remove PERL-111
      add File::Temp MINOR
      sp (Stefan Hornburg) MINOR
      sp (Stefan Hornburg) MINOR
      added more doc on last_error PERL-109
      oops MINOR
      added distinct example
      describe err & errmsg PERL-109
      fix ensure_index doc
      doc for sql programmers on data types
      better explain reset & doc
      croak on unrecognized obj insert PERL-115
      Add Try::Tiny to requirements
      update tutorial
      Add Windows gitignores
      Windows compile

Matthew Shopsin (4):
      Adds Functionality to cursor so that tailable can be set via a method
      Moved immortal back to orginal position
      Mostly Changes to Testing to Allow for testing that a real cursor is 
      PERL-150 This commit prevents the insertion of keys  that contain a null

Michael Langner (1):
      'use IO::File' before using it.

Michael Rotmanov (1):
      The use of bareword 'done_testing' in strict subs leads to compilation 

Mike Dirolf (5):
      add non-mt boost libraries to lib path
      add a list of the modules needed to install and run tests
      some more tests. make count on a non-existent collection return 0 instead 
of dying
      Merge branch 'master' of
      some tests for cursors

Mike Friedman (372):
      only support regex flags /imsx and warn if others are present
      add Test::Warn to test deps
      test for regex flags
      PERL-168 new function to portably extract regex flags
      PERL-168 use new code to extract flags and rm old stuff
      PERL-168 update test for better warning message
      PERL-171 expose isUTF8 for testing
      PERL-171 test script for isUTF8 (modified from supplied test attached to 
ticket to use the actual isUTF8 function in perl_mongo.c)
      PERL-171 patched isUTF8(); passes supplied tests.
      New version of isUTF8() from Jan A. Slightly hairier but also faster! :) 
      bumping version number for 0.46 RC1
      resyncing version numbers for next release candidate
      PERL-181 setting up ini file for dzil
      PERL-181 deleted readme
      PERL-181 deleted manifest and install docs
      PERL-181 removing $VERSION lines from individual modules
      PERL-181 rm cruft
      PERL-181 deleting Makefile.PL
      PERL-181 adding to dist.ini
      PERL-181 re-adding Makefile.PL since doing customizations via dzil will 
be difficult for now
      PERL-181 updating dist.ini for git checks, etc
      PERL-181 fix git build branch format
      setting up PodWeaver config PERL-181
      dzil metadata config PERL-181
      bumping version for 0.46 RC 5
      Merge pull request #40 from rojasc/patch-1
      fix no_index dirs for metadata
      bumping version for 0.46 prod release
      fix broken regex test for pre-5.14 perls. PERL-183
      bump version for new 0.47 branch
      adding deprecation warning to AUTOLOAD. PERL-108
      update code and tests to use get_database instead of AUTOLOAD. PERL-108
      adding deprecation warning to AUTOLOAD. PERL-108
      update code and tests to use get_collection instead of AUTOLOAD. PERL-108
      adding deprecation warning to AUTOLOAD. PERL-108
      POD cleanup
      POD cleanup
      setting up docs for PodWeaver
      fix connection tests for compatibility with repsets. PERL-152
      merging pull req. 42 for adding Str type to w param. PERL-184
      add datetime type property for connections and extract it in Cursor 
object XS.
      propagate dt_type attribute to BSON deserialization code
      handle undef dt_type
      added support for raw epoch datetimes
      working code for alternate datetime options
      documented dt_type Connection attribute
      exception for invalid dt_types
      fixing merge conflicts
      docs update
      declaring minimum dependency on Perl 5.10.0
      bumping minor version
      merging changes to 0.46 branch into 0.47
      bumping version because I broke cpan
      Merge pull request #49 from rojasc/version-0.47
      Merge pull request #48 from rojasc/patch-2
      bump version for new dev branch
      PERL-191 create from old Connection class
      removing XS for old Connection object
      PERL-191 creating Connection object wrapper for MongoClient
      get rid of Any::Moose
      PERL-191 move deprecated AUTOLOAD to MongoClient
      PERL-191 moving XS code for new MongoClient
      PERL-191 fix syntax error
      removing obsolete paired tests
      PERL-191 fix duped AUTOLOAD code
      PERL-191 fix type constraint
      PERL-191 removing deprecated paired host attrs
      PERL-191 removing paired host pool accessor
      PERL-191 updating tests with new class name
      PERL-191 updating client classname for Database constructor
      PERL-191 removing obsolete runtime class load
      is github broken?
      PERL-191 fix _connection nomenclature
      PERL-191 fix connection nomenclature in C/XS
      PERL-191 add deprecation warning for
      PERL-191 update top-level docs for $conn -> $client
      PERL-191 docs cleanup for new MongoClient class
      PERL-191 updating tutorial docs
      updating Examples POD to remove AUTOLOAD methods and misc. cleanup
      merging branch version-0.502 to master
      make delegation slightly more sane so we can keep AUTOLOAD in
      update tests and add tests to exercise old Connection object
      fixing PODNAME indexer hints
      fixing dependencies and bumping version
      Merge pull request #50 from cheese/master
      bumping version
      PERL-90 roundtrip support for DateTime::Tiny
      PERL-197 fix MongoClient delegation for constructor params
      style cleanup
      bump release
      fix Module::Install include
      PERL-189 add contribs file
      fix installer hack
      PERL-199 find_and_modify helper
      PERL-199 tests for find_and_modify
      PERL-199 docs for find_and_modify
      PERL-199 additional tests
      Merge git:// into version-0.503
      PERL-200 aggregate method
      tests for aggregate method
      PERL-202 lame hack to replace non-portable timegm()
      version bump
      PERL-201 eliminate Any::Moose dependency in tests
      Merge pull request #53 from Stevie-O/bug202fix
      bump version
      fix docs formatting for write concerns
      merging docs fixes
      Merge pull request #56 from SailingYYC/patch-1
      merging Cursor changes accidentally committed to master
      merging changes into current version branch
      merging pull req into version-0.503 branch
      fix docs bug regarding "n" return val
      updated Changes file for the first time in forever
      initial sketch for native DBRef object
      fix type coercion syntax
      add test file for dbrefs
      make the type constraints actually do stuff
      update toplevel module loads
      type constraint tests for DBRefs
      make client attr writeable
      tests for fetch method
      skip aggregation tests on MongoDB < 2.2. PERL-215
      skip aggregation tests on MongoDB < 2.2. PERL-215
      supply ordered DBRef hash for serialization
      serialization support for DBRefs
      deserialization support for DBRefs
      Merge branch 'version-0.503' of into 
      roundtrip tests for DBRefs
      new inflate_dbrefs attribute to control dbref processing
      simplify handling of NULL dt_type
      persist inflate_dbrefs flag and client object through BSON parser
      pass client object to DBRef constructor during parsing
      test DBRef fetch on retrieved document
      update docs
      respect inflate_dbrefs flag
      test inflate_dbrefs flag
      docs for DBRef fetch method
      hacking in support for 5.8 regexes
      re-organized regex code in order to restore 5.8 support
      bumping version for new release
      Merge pull request #61 from kenahoo/patch-1
      Merge pull request #60 from drtz/master
      Merge branch 'version-0.503'
      Merge pull request #62 from kenahoo/patch-1
      remove inc dir from ignore
      ensure MI compiler support is in the repo
      Makefile cmdline opts for SASL
      SASL authentication code
      SASL libs for header
      version bump for SASL
      Merge pull request #65 from kenahoo/date-docs
      Merge pull request #63 from kenahoo/master
      Merge pull request #64 from ilmari/fix-hash-ordering
      turn on GSSAPI for libgsasl
      mongo protocol auth helpers
      Merge branch 'master' into sasl
      version bump
      Merge pull request #68 from ilmari/oid-fixes
      Merge pull request #67 from ilmari/utf8-fixes
      manual merge of ilmari speedup changes
      Merge pull request #66 from ilmari/speedup
      fix syntax errors in test
      turning off some broken tests temporarily
      merge test fixes
      Merge pull request #52 from sanbeg/master
      remove unneeded GSASL flag
      ordered args for SASL commands
      propagate client object to SASL auth
      fix header for new client arg to perl_mongo_connect
      move SASL conversation logic to Perl client
      re-architect SASL step/continue flow
      refactor gsasl step64 code into separate function
      turn off some debugging output
      fix result propagation from saslContinue
      use gsasl_decode
      fix SASL loop logic (thanks @behackett)
      minor version bump
      oops, we're at .3 now
      get some insight into our build environment
      fix segfault when there are no kerb credentials
      add sasl boolean so we can make sasl auth optional
      make sasl auth turn-offable
      move declarations to top of scope
      remove sasl_do_step and fix memory bugs
      nicer formatting for SASL exceptions
      added some more error checking
      IV is not a pointer, although it probably doesn't matter
      handle $res from server if SASL conversation does not return a document
      better method for defaulting safe-mode
      tests for w values
      better w=>1 logic
      spelling fix
      fix collection_names method to filter out indexes. PERL-230
      fix tests for new collection_names method PERL-230
      misc test fixes for index exceptions
      Merging sasl branch
      version 0.701.4 for public release
      updated Changes file for release
      Merge pull request #71 from ilmari/dbref-t-cleanup
      factor out test boilerplate to a module
      rm test boilerplate
      factor out test boilerplate to a module
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      rm test boilerplate
      update collection docs to eliminate deprecated AUTOLOAD methods
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'sasl'
      subcollection example
      update sasl attr documentation
      docs for sasl_mechanism attr
      factor out SASL auth mechanism
      add sasl_mechanism attribute and validation logic
      we can do SASL PLAIN in Perl
      SASL PLAIN implementation
      prevent legacy auth when we have a defined user/pass but are in SASL mode
      Merge pull request #72 from ilmari/index-key-array
      re-organizing docs for
      cleanup up docs for PodWeaver
      updating old dochub links in docs
      cleaning docs for PodWeaver
      fix some internal links
      make Weaver put deprecation sections at the top
      clean up docs
      adding license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      adding license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      adding license info
      updating license info
      adding license info
      updating license info
      adding license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      updating license info
      adding license info
      adding LICENSE to repo
      adding meta driver as submodule
      merging set_timeout fix for PERL-162
      Merge pull request #74 from dagolden/topic/cleanup-MakefilePL
      Merge pull request #75 from dagolden/topic/enable-ssl-sasl-via-env-vars
      remove [License] since we now have to have that file in the repo
      PERL-245 fix fractional seconds in BSON datetime deserialization
      version bump
      Merge pull request #58 from SailingYYC/Tie--IxHash
      Merge pull request #76 from mapbuh/patch-1
      bumping minor version
      Merge pull request #78 from cheese/master
      Copyright 10gen -> MongoDB for generated docs
      Copyright 10gen -> MongoDB for Perl modules
      Copyright 10gen -> MongoDB for XS files
      Copyright 10gen -> MongoDB for C files
      Copyright 10gen -> MongoDB for test files
      update email info
      version bump
      PERL-251 support opts in aggregate
      PERL-251 cursor attrs for agg batch handling
      disable JS err report test for now
      fix test error caused by inconsistent gridfs index options
      PERL-251 add pseudo-cursor construction for aggregation helper
      PERL-251 beginning of tests for agg cursors
      rm debugging code
      PERL-251 add first batch count for agg cursor
      PERL-251 update test for agg cursor batch count
      PERL-251 make agg batch count mutable
      PERL-251 initialize cursor object magic
      PERL-251 add tests for iterating agg cursor
      PERL-251 add first batch fetch logic to cursors
      fix test plan due to merge wierdness
      PERL-251 init cursor struct with returned cursor ID
      PERL-251 make aggregation cursors go back to the DB for more
      PERL-251 test aggregation cursor retrieval of subsequent batches
      update skip count for new tests
      PERL-258 support aggregation resultNs for $out
      PERL-258 tests for aggregation resultNs
      updated docs for new aggregation features
      Merge pull request #81 from mapbuh/patch-2
      Merge pull request #80 from 
      Merge pull request #83 from dagolden/topic/fix-gridfs-test
      Merge pull request #82 from 
      Merge pull request #84 from hanumantmk/libbson_integration
      tweaking build system for libbson integration
      PERL-285 add wire protocol check
      PERL-285 tests for wire protocol check
      Merge pull request #85 from rojasc/master
      remove libbson from @cc_lib_links
      Merge branch 'master' of
      PERL-285 skip wire proto check in tests on older drivers
      PERL-258 remove resultNs logic for $out results
      PERL-258 update tests for $out results to manually grab collection
      PERL-278 added explain support for aggregate
      PERL-278 tests for aggregation explain
      PERL-221 created MongoDB::BSON::Regexp class
      preload other datatype support modules
      Merge pull request #86 from ashleywillis/eval-nolock
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fix syntax error for nolock support
      PERL-221 regex flags must be in sorted order
      PERL-221 basic tests for regexp object
      PERL-221 serializer function for abstract regexp objects
      PERL-221 rm buffer logic for flags since libbson does that
      Merge pull request #87 from ashleywillis/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      PERL-221 inflate_regexps attribute for client
      PERL-221 propagate inflate_regexps flag to BSON parser
      PERL-221 add inflate_regexps flag helper to Cursor object
      PERL-221 fix type issues and constructor call for regexps
      PERL-221 finished tests for regexp objects
      PERL-259 partially re-implemented write command logic
      Merge pull request #89 from morungos/variable-fixes
      PERL-299 basic framework for bulk API
      PERL-299 Collection object constructor for bulk API ops
      PERL-299 moving bulk API result aggregation to Bulk class.
      PERL-278 fixed aggregation explain tests because they changed 
"serverPipeline" to "stages"
      fix hint tests since the error message output has changed in 2.5.4+
      PERL-299 fixed attr definitions for array delegation
      PERL-299 fleshout out tests for bulk API
      PERL-287 updated "j" option docs in MongoClient
      PERL-287 updated "j" and "fsync" option docs in Database object
      PERL-252 support $maxTimeMS for cursors
      PERL-296 use createIndexes command if available
      fix build on Solaris
      PERL-259 change names of legacy write methods for easier refactoring
      PERL-108 murdering AUTOLOAD once and for all.
      bumping version for next RC
      PERL-311 fix legacy docs authentication link
      symlink readme
      Merge pull request #90 from dagolden/topic/fix-for-recent-libbson
      PERL-312 default GridFS chunk size 1mb -> 255kb
      Merge pull request #91 from mongodb/topic/vendor-libbson
      fix createIndexes format
      fix createIndexes command format
      fix remaining index test issues
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #92 from mongodb/topic/PERL-298-parallel-scan
      PERL-233 merging in SSL cert validation code to master
      PERL-233 re-merging forgotten commit for SSL cert validation
      PERL-336 createIndexes fix for additional error code
      Merge pull request #100 from edaniels/ed/PERL-344

Nuno Carvalho (1):
      Fix POD typo

Orlando Vazquez (2):
      update docs for $collection->update
      allow sorting of query results by passing in a $sortby hashref to query 

Othello Maurer (2):
      made connection timeout configurable
      consider connection timeout in find_master

Robin Lee (4):
      Relax a string test pattern; Use like instead of ok.
      fix test plans in connection.t and delegation.t
      set BSON_MINKEY to 255 if char is unsigned
      Don't make a redundant copy when getting double from buffer, that may 
cause alignment issue on ARM platform

Roman Yerin (2):
      UTF-8 support for hash keys.
      Added hash keys UTF-8 criteria: please use existing

Ronald J Kimball (1):
      doc fix

Ryan Chipman (35):
      Fix a small typo
      Fix a subject-verb case agreement issue
      Improve clarity by avoiding gerundive
      Add missing comma
      Fix tense error
      Fix issues with hyphenated modifiers
      Replace 'aka' with 'i.e.'
      Replace colon with semicolon
      Fix small typo
      Remove unnecessary non-content words
      Fix case agreement error
      Fix small grammar error
      Remove non-content words
      Remove conditional for clarity
      Fixed case issue
      Proper use of subordinating conjunction
      Split up long sentence for readability.
      Use active voice for readability
      Use proper pluralization of 'hash'
      Fix case agreement error
      Fix idiom usage
      Edit sentence for clarity
      Split up long sentence for readability
      Maintain consistency with other example explanations
      Use adjectival phrase, not infinitive
      Replace pronoun with noun for case agreement with antecedents
      Add comma to set off nonrestrictive clause
      Fix small typo
      Work around unnecessary pronoun use
      Remove 'of' in appositive
      Fix subject-verb case agreement
      Fix parallelism issue
      Remove end-of-line whitespace
      Replace 'thus' with 'next'
      Fix verb mood agreement

Stephen Oberholtzer (4):
      Revert "PERL-202 lame hack to replace non-portable timegm()"
      Allow fsync.t to pass on systems that do not support async flush
      Some tests are using old obsolete AUTOLOAD magic.  Update them to use 
get_database() to prevent warnings from being generated.
      Change "warn on floating timezone" test into a genuine test and suppress 
warning output.

Steve Sanbeg (1):
      Add MongoDB::Collection::get_collection method, to replace deprecated 
AUTOLOAD functionality

Stuart Watt (1):
      Fixed a few variable references

Uwe Voelker (1):
      fix typo

Whitney.Jackson (2):
      fix bug where PVMGs w/ both IV and NV set are incorrectly stored as a 
longs instead of floats
      fix bug where PVMGs w/ both IV and NV set are incorrectly stored as a 
longs instead of floats

Xtreak (1):
      Fixed the code markup

ashley willis (1):
      added nolock support to eval in MongoDB::Database

chansen (1):
      Implemented support for Time::Moment

danny (2):
      add support for expireAfterSeconds option to ensureIndex for TTL 
      remove tabbed indentation

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.0.2

kristina (107):
      Added non-unique ensure_index
      server-146 fix MINOR
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update drop and run_command MINOR
      overloaded stringify
      OID->new($hexString) works
      Looks for mongo libs/.h files in standard locations
      added $MONGO_INC, $MONGO_LIB for compile MINOR
      convert strings to utf8 before saving
      encode non-utf8 keys MINOR
      more extensible cursor
      Cursor::snapshot() and Cursor::sort()
      connects independently
      some decoding work
      paired connection
      oid generation
      basic decoding, connection checks
      better oid, generic method caller
      oid fixes
      fixed ensure_index
      ensure_index boolean hack
      all tests pass!
      paired connections
      limit & skip
      ordered index fix
      added regex type
      improved _id serialization MINOR
      decode dates MINOR
      Collection:count(query, fields)
      link cleanup
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fixed test errors
      regexes work for Perl 5.8
      Cursor::explain, Cursor::reset
      explain uses hard limit MINOR
      some more tests MINOR
      fixed replica pair connection failover
      oops, doc MINOR
      kill cursors MINOR
      better slave_okay and link refs MINOR
      Start of GridFS
      file funcs MINOR
      typo MINOR
      GridFS::file length and offset MINOR
      cleanup MINOR
      batch insert
      cleanup for 0.22 BUMP
      fixed doc for cpan MINOR
      datetime encoding MINOR
      added date type: DateTime
      find_one takes fields
      remove takes $just_one optional parameter
      use boolean for true/false
      regex deserialization
      int64s MINOR
      Merge branch 'master' of
      5.10 compile MINOR
      &&, not || MINOR
      Tie::IxHash can be passed to anything
      more test dependencies MINOR
      skip 5.8 test MINOR
      Doubles encoded as doubles, not strings
      docs MINOR
      invalid POD MINOR
      doc MINOR
      credits MINOR
      big endian serialization support
      Merge branch 'master' of
      better email
      win32 tests MINOR
      $c->remove implies $c->remove({})
      oid uses pid MINOR
      doc MINOR
      more tests MINOR
      Merge branch 'master' of git:// into 
      doc BUMP 0.24
      updated cpan package stuff MINOR
      cpan build MINOR sigh...
      version inc MINOR
      remove ifdef MINOR
      better MINOR
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      patches for compilation using MSVC, and test fix under MSWIN32
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Cursor->sort can take Tie::IxHash arg
      check types MINOR
      oops MINOR
      update multiple
      leak fixes
      removed fields filter tests MINOR
      fixed binary type 2 MINOR
      cursor leaks
      mem fixes
      regex deserialization fix MINOR
      windows compile MINOR

mapbuh (2):
      Fix for gridfs and creation of indexes
      Prevent calculation on MD5 when 'safe' is not set

nightlord (2):
      Socket timeout set incorrectly PERL-196
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

nightsailer (1):
      re-fork from upstream. Applied my utf8 hack, findandmodify,gridfs::slurp 

rahuldhodapkar (2):
      fsync test skips on inMemory storage engine
      PERL-526 Detect stale primaries by election_id

vagrant (1):
      PERL-305 check for connection before attempting SASL auth


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