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        at  130cef9   (tag)
   tagging  9d879afbe99809010923bea578b18b4649ded6f5 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.001
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Oct 31 18:02:16 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.004

Dagfinn Ilmari MannsÄker (1):
      Silence "used only once" warnings for BUILD and DEMOLISH

David Golden (121):
      initial import
      Initial crude implementation
      add mro/MRO::Compat
      add META and README
      validate accessors across superclasses
      croak instead of die if accessors can't be set up
      write initial documentation
      allow custom accessors without 'redefined' warnings
      add support for BUILD methods
      add support for DEMOLISH
      make import a NOP for subclasses
      tidy up code
      updated documentation and meta
      improve documentation and fix up perl critic complaints
      more tidying
      only avoid accessor generation if sub is defined in class, not superclass
      doc tweaks
      remove test prerequisites
      minor optimization
      bump Changes
      update Changes and META
      affirm core prereqs against v5.18
      bump Changes
      updated Changes and meta
      bump Changes
      update OnlyCorePrereqs to 0.003 and use 'current' as target
      split out base class into Class::Tiny::Object
      pass global destruction flag to DEMOLISH methods
      pass constructor arguments to BUILD
      add attribute introspection
      pod coverage stopword
      validate args after BUILD; allow BUILD to hide args
      relax argument validation and use heuristic instead
      fix documentation around use of Class::Tiny::Object
      refactored import() into prepare_class and create_attributes
      drop a non-core test dep and fix docs
      optimize global destruction check
      updated Changes
      document prepare_class and create_attributes
      set up mailmap for contributors
      typo fix
      bump Changes
      implement lazy defaults
      improved documentation
      update Changes and meta; fixed typos
      golf SLOCCOUNT under 100 again
      bump Changes
      bump @DAGOLDEN prereq and restore Test::Compile
      fixed TOBYINK email address in mailmap
      add introspection for attribute defaults
      fix and test introspection for attribute overrides
      revised Class::Tiny vs other modules rationale in docs
      Minor optimization of import()
      add .local.vimrc to tidy code on write
      revise rationale text further
      more rationale revisions
      bump Changes
      optimize accessors without defaults
      optimize constructors/destructors
      cache a lot of @ISA and method checks
      update dist.ini and support files
      document internal caching
      shut up Perl::Critic
      bump Changes
      update CONTRIBUTING
      refactor optimization code into a single precaching method
      updated Changes
      add perltidyrc
      make precache method a private sub instead
      require newer dzil bundle that fixes META.yml encoding
      bump Changes
      fix won't stay shared bug
      bump Changes
      Suppress used once warnings
      bump Changes
      update cpanfile and Changes
      update support files
      bump Changes
      document issues related to multiple inheritance and subclassing
      update cpanfile for different dzil plugin dependencies
      updated Changes
      bump Changes
      add .travis.yml
      fix Gelu's name/email in .mailmap
      update cpanfile with develop prereqs
      expanded comparison to Object::Tiny and Class::Accessor
      remove no warnings 'once'
      bump Changes
      updated Changes
      bump Changes
      bump Changes
      simplify travis setup
      another attempt at getting travis working on 5.6.2
      add more prereq to travis setup
      fix .travis.yml for change to travis helper
      Add support for __no_BUILD__ constructor argument
      Change constructor behavior: permissive and non-polluting
      updated Changes with Incompatible Changes note
      Document using BUILD for required attribute checks
      updated cpanfile
      bump Changes
      modernize repo files; add VERSION assignments and Makefile.PL
      add support for BUILDALL and BUILDARGS
      update Makefile.PL in repo
      Update Makefile.PL
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      Allow subclasses of Class::Tiny to override sub generation
      updated Makefile.PL
      Update .travis.yml
      Update Makefile.PL
      After release: bump $VERSION and timestamp Changes
      Drop 5.6.2 from .travis.yml
      Update Changes

Gelu Lupas (1):
      Added tests for multiple inheritance.

Karen Etheridge (1):
      Affirm there are no non-core prereqs

Matt S Trout (1):
      add mst as contributor

Olivier Mengué (1):
      optimization: reduce memory usage of %CLASS_ATTRIBUTES

Toby Inkster (3):
      DWIM on `use Class::Tiny "foo"; use Class::Tiny "bar"`
      s/use 5.008001/use 5.006/g
      use haarg's perl-travis-helper

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.004


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