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 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Sat Oct 31 16:24:32 2015 -0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.60
Version: GnuPG v1


Jan Henning Thorsen (288):
      Add petstore.json and .yaml
      Add load() to Swagger2
      Add pod()
      Add to_string($format)
      Add test for yaml
      Improved API and error handling
      Tidy up code
      Improved content detection for load()
      Add Makefile.PL, README and dependencies
      Improved documentation
      Released version 0.01
      Modified Swagger2::SchemaValidator
      Add expand()
      Keeping schema "properties" on expand()
      Add Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 with output validation
      Add note about both yaml and json
      Add input validation to Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2
      Removed limitations in Swagger2 plugin
      Will skip failing tests on win32
      Released version 0.02
      Improved documentation
      Change SWAGGER2_YAML_MODULE environment variable
      Add Swagger 2.0 schema
      Rewrote Swagger2::SchemaValidator
      Add cache for
      Add Swagger2::validate() method
      Fix expand()
      Fix "required" in Swagger2::POD
      Fix SchemaValidator: required and properties in items
      Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 use new validation API
      Released version 0.03
      _validate_required() is not in use
      autovivification module is not required
      Fix POD
      Add "formats" to Swagger2::SchemaValidator
      Released version 0.04
      Released version 0.05
      Fix: Label not found for "last SKIP"
      Fix: Label not found for "last SKIP"
      Released version 0.06
      Fix test for negative integers
      Add more formats: date, double, float, int32 and int64
      Released version 0.07
      Change "floats" and "double" formats are not tested.
      Add support for "byte" format
      Released version 0.08
      Fix load($file) on windows
      Disable "int64" format test if Perl does not support 64 bit
      Add .travis.yml
      Fix Undefined subroutine &Swagger2::__Missing__::Load called
      Improved path parameter regex #1
      Fix "Resource URL" in generated POD
      Add "Type" to "Parameters" POD table
      Released version 0.09
      Disable "int64" format test if Perl does not support 64 bit
      Fix load()ing files on windows
      Released version 0.10
      Add "mojo swagger2" command
      Change POD output to follow standard formatting
      Add "mojo swagger2 validate" command
      Released version 0.11
      Add missing Swagger2::POD::_schema_boolean_to_string() method
      Fix printing "Resource URL" when generating POD
      Fix parameters references
      Add Swagger2::parse()
      Add ace javascript editor for "mojo swagger2 edit" command
      Add "mojo swagger2 edit" command
      Fix expanding bare $refs
      Test editor
      Editor only allocate one localStorage key
      Better error message in editor
      Refactored parse()
      Fix failing windows test
      Fix expanding $ref inside $ref
      "not" logic is not working
      Better usage for "mojo swagger2 edit"
      Default to YAML. Detect JSON.
      Do not print Parameters table on empty parameters list.
      Released version 0.12
      Fix "not" logic in SchemaValidator
      Released version 0.13
      Add both "summary" and "description" to POD
      Reordered VERSION and DESCRIPTION
      Fix detecting yaml/json mode in editor
      Add print styling for editor
      Can resize editor
      Released version 0.14
      Fix parse() will set tree() attribute
      Allow starting editor without file
      Allow starting editor without file
      Need to do ace.resize() as well
      Released version 0.15
      Fix failing windows test #4
      Released version 0.16
      Fix failing Windows test where the Mojo::URL path part is invalid
      Released version 0.17
      Fix bodytest.t: YAML is not a required dependency
      Released version 0.18
      Move public editor files
      Move editor code from Mojolicious::Command::swagger2 to Swagger2::Editor
      Released version 0.19
      Can load $SWAGGER_API_FILE on Windows in Swagger2::Editor, fixes #4
      Released version 0.20
      Fix order of headings in generated POD
      Made text in editor easier to read
      Released version 0.21
      Allow "number" type when generating POD
      Editor will also render "Table of contents"
      Fix scrolling to #section in editor
      Forgot to update editor.t
      Change default href to #toc
      Released version 0.22
      Fix scrolling to the right position after rendering POD
      Will include description in POD, instead of just "required"
      Remove shortcut CTRL+L. Add shortcut CTRL+F
      Fix loading ace.js from relative url
      Can load API from same domain, using "#/path/to/api.json" fragment
      Released version 0.23
      Add support for x-mojo-controller in swagger spec
      HTTP method is not used in method name looked any more
      Released version 0.24
      Documented custom route for Swagger2 Mojolicious plugin
      Fix rendering "not implemented"
      Fix parsing true/false in URL
      Cleaned up definition files
      Fix validating against empty rule set
      Fix validating against "body", #3
      Rendering "body" parameters in POD, fixes #5
      Released version 0.25
      Fix validating body and form data
      Add support for custom placeholder types
      Released version 0.26
      Fix validation "required" on a property
      Fix "path" in errors response when posting JSON or form data
      Fix validating output
      Need to default to "object" when type is not defined, but has "properties"
      Released version 0.27
      Will not construct Swagger2::Editor object when MOJO_APP_LOADER
      Mojolicious::Routes::Route::bridge is DEPRECATED
      Allow setting specification_file when constructing Swagger2::Editor
      Compatible with Mojolicious 6.0
      Released version 0.28
      Fix _schema_to_string_dispatch() can only be called with reference
      Add POD rendering of anyOf, allOf and oneOf, fixes #7
      Add support for raw text/binary data, fixes #6
      Released version 0.29
      Update basic repo files
      Fix failing test with YAML 1.15, closes #12
      Test support for "type:[...]" as an alternative to "anyOf" #10
      Released version 0.30
      Change required Mojolicious verision to 5.54, closes #14
      Released version 0.31
      Allowing {n,no,false,off} as boolean false, fixes #15
      Fix warning about undefined value, closes #16
      Released version 0.32
      Add "x-mojo-controller": "t::Api" to all example files
      Fixed Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 can use default values from schema, 
closes #18
      Started deprecating "controller" as plugin config
      Add Swagger2::Client #8
      Released version 0.33
      Will test all YAML modules
      Released version 0.34
      Add "mojo swagger2 client" command
      Add experimental support for SWAGGER_COERCE_VALUES
      Add EXPERIMENTAL "coerce" attribute to Swagger2::SchemaValidator
      Fix getting error message from Swagger2::Client
      Fix Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at Pod/ 
line 267, <DATA> line 2231.
      Forgot to use Mojo::UserAgent
      Released version 0.35
      Updated swagger2 schema.json: Allow empty arrays for parameters
      Fix POST JSON data with Swagger2::Client
      Fix POST JSON data with Swagger2::Client
      Add tests for Swagger2::Client with placeholders in path
      Will use croak() in Swagger2::Client
      Fix path to error location
      Copy/paste blog example from
      Add Swagger API to blog example
      Remove EXPERIMENTAL from main Swagger2 module
      Mentioned code generators
      Released version 0.36
      Released version 0.37
      Ignoring more cached files
      Will use "basePath" in root API route
      Avoid making a new cache file each time the tests are run
      Will not go through delay on invalid input
      Improved documentation
      Swagger2::Editor can load specifications over HTTP
      Released version 0.38
      Allow negative integers in query string
      Released version 0.39
      Fix "&Digest::MD5::md5_hex function called with reference argument"
      Released version 0.40
      Fix loading swagger spec from editor on Windows
      Bump Mojolicous requirement to 6.00
      Released version 0.41
      Fix parsing formData
      Add test for 201 responses
      Add support for no content
      Released version 0.42
      Released version 0.43
      Updated schema.json from
      Released version 0.44
      Add support for x-mojo-around-action (EXPERIMENTAL)
      Released version 0.45
      This feature is EXPERIMENTAL and can change without notice.
      Add support for giving an Swagger2 object to the plugin
      Deprecated passing "controller" as argument to plugin
      Remove warning about helpers defined twice, closes #21
      Add support for "collectionFormat" (PARTIAL), closes #17
      Released version 0.46
      Fixed reference to issue #17 in Changes
      Fixed copyright year
      Add "swagger" as default stash() value
      Add link to
      Released version 0.47
      Core validation functionality is moved to JSON::Validator #25
      Released version 0.48
      Remove naming or routes to fix unique problem, closes #23
      Released version 0.49
      Should not use Swagger2::SchemaValidator #25
      Released version 0.50
      Merge pull request #26 from leejo/leejo/skip_x_keys_in_route_creation
      Fix dumper() in client command
      Change "index" to "list" in blog demo
      Add /editor to demo
      Add 2015-yapc-eu-slides.pdf
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Released version 0.51
      Will also log the operationId not implemented
      Updated swagger spec
      Deprecated "tree" and "specification"
      Fix validate(): Need to expand, as well as depend on fixes in 
      Released version 0.52
      Allow x-mojo-around-action and x-mojo-controller to be inherited
      Swagger2::SchemaValidator is back because JSON::Validator cannot be 
Swagger specific
      Add "swagger_operation_spec" to route defaults, fixes #30
      Add EXPERIMENTAL naming of swagger routes, fixes #27
      Released version 0.53
      Merge pull request #28 from stephan48/test-blog-app-template-list-fix-01
      Add EXPERIMENTAL support for lite apps
      Revert "Add EXPERIMENTAL support for lite apps"
      Converted YAML examples to JSON
      Merge pull request #35 from KohaSuomi/master
      Fix invalid formdata.json
      Resolved schemas in JSON::Validator are cached
      Compatible with Mojolicious 6.22
      Released version 0.54
      Will build JSON::Validator from master on github
      Split Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 into guides
      Add Swagger2::Guides::Render
      Released version 0.55
      Add Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 will validate spec on load
      Released version 0.56
      JSON::Validator 0.56 can validate YAML booleans, closes #39
      Add support for passing "coerce" to register()
      Released version 0.57
      Remove "valid" from standard error structure since it was redundant
      Documented how to include
      Add support for using operationId instead of x-mojo-controller #36 #37
      Fix typo in Tutorial.pod
      Cancel out By|For|In|Of|To|With in operationId #36
      Merge pull request #40 from kberov/master
      Add TODO test for headers #41
      Better documentation for operationId and parsing rules #36
      Add "listUsers" example and fix "searchForPets" example #36
      Released version 0.58
      Rename variable config => op_spec
      Add "basePath" resource can be used to download expanded API spec
      Can call Swagger operations over WebSocket using dispatch_to_swagger()
      Need to replace all \W
      Trying to keep the same spec path for all perl versions
      Cannnot seem to create the same md5 sum on Perl 5.16
      Add before_render hook to make sure we reply with JSON
      Fix validating required body
      Released version 0.59
      Fix pass on $app to WebSocket controller
      Merge pull request #44 from mrenvoize/single-item-array
      Fix "collectionFormat" is not part of "items"
      Merge pull request #46 from mrenvoize/single-item-array
      Add support for collectionFormat: multi
      Fix support for "collectionFormat" for both "parameters" and "items" #46
      Released version 0.60

Krasimir Berov (1):
      some more explanations

Lee Johnson (2):
      skip methods that look like swagger extension keys
      skip methods that look like swagger extension keys

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.60

Martin Renvoize (2):
      Test for single item array in query
      Further test case for multi-level arrays

Olli-Antti Kivilahti (1):
      Add Path Objects to Mojolicious in lenghtwise order from shortest to 
longest path.

Stephan Jauernick (1):
      Blog App: Rename index.html.ep to list.html.ep to be consistent with the 

Zak B. Elep (5):
      Support '/path/{parameter}' paths
      Don't clobber `in` and `name` fields in body/form parameters
      Copy to parameters to `$p`, instead of aliasing to it
      Add Test::Warnings
      Add test for body parameters


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