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  replaces  upstream/1.86
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Nov 1 17:52:43 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.88

Joerg Linge (1):
      don´t print credentials to stdout

Sven Nierlein (129):
      initial import with webinject 1.41
      fixed indention
      added possibility to set variables via command line
      added initial lib and test folder
      added basic tests
      added ignore file
      changed meta data
      fixed meta data
      moved functionality to
      Merge branch 'lithium'
      files have been moved
      added readme
      fixed some Perl::Critic errors
      added more testcases and fixed Perl::Critics
      splitted core and gui
      added some test xml files
      added string verification tests
      code cleanup
      moved gui part to new module
      removed windows linefeeds
      fixed path of gnuplot
      added Changelog
      fixed restart
      fixed displaying the config.xml
      code cleanup
      code cleanup
      reporttype is configurable by commandline now
      added tests for report types
      removed some more global variables
      removed more global vars
      moved xml output to single sub
      moved html reports to single sub
      code cleanup
      added timeout option
      moved test webserver to extra module
      added warning and critical thresholds
      removed useless file
      Merge branch 'master' of into github
      made max_redirect configurable
      fixed output
      fixed user agent and cookie store
      added labels for performance data
      fixed filename for cookies
      moved all output to single sub
      die on errors
      added reporttype and new make target
      added url to output
      code cleanup
      added timeout test
      added warning test
      added new option break_on_errors
      added test for global timeout
      updated meta data
      fixed meta data
      added epn support for check_webinject
      fixed pod
      no long output as long as the check is ok
      fixed verifylater and added new full test case
      fixed http authentication
      fixed http.log with custom report types
      fixed perfdata
      code cleanup, fixed setting output_dir from config.xml
      fixed redirects
      added make target for
      added make target for
      fixed meta data (Makefile.PL was missing)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fixed problem with error output && fixed problem with specifying 
testcases in the config.xml
      fixed problem with "Return code of 13 for check of service ... on host 
... was out of bounds"
      fixed error message
      fixed problem with escaping form types
      fixed problem with xml post checks (thanks Frédéric Gicquel)
      added testcase for -s
      added more test cases
      added test case file
      webinject now exits with rc = 1 in case of failed tests ( not in 
reportmode nagios )
      do not set repeat to < 0
      added support for verifypositive|negative1-9999
      fixed error message when trying to start with invalid test files
      added lable to test case output when supplied
      fixed problem with regular expression using whitespace (thanks Olivier 
      really fixed problem with regular expression using whitespace (thanks 
Benoit Baron)
      fixed typo in help
      fixed ssl proxy support
      fixed cpan package installation
      fixed cpan package installation
      fixed manifest
      META.yml was missing too
      fixed file upload
      fixed setting httpauth with -s
      added fileupload test for png
      make parsed respones available in the errormessage
      test case will fail if parsed result does not match
      made overwriting default options in check_webinject possible
      changed parseresult errors to warning
      fixed performance data for nagios report type
      better error message when LWP::protocol::https is missing
      added META.yml to dist package
      fixed display of passed testcases
      read break_on_errors setting from config file too
      added reportmode 'nagios2'
      released 1.69
      cleaned output
      variables with -s varname= are now case-insensitive
      fixed pod
      fixed nagios epn support or check_webinject
      fixed using parsedresponses (fixes rt #74629)
      bumped version
      started new version
      changed html output into tables (Karsten Sievert)
      support gzipped content (Simone Tiraboschi)
      keepalive is needed for ntlm auth
      added new case option: parsewarning
      replace parsedresult in xml input file
      added fallback timeout
      Merge pull request #1 from titilambert/master
      remove temporary cookie file after test
      fixed test case to match new perf data
      released 1.80
      Merge pull request #6 from mdklapwijk/patch-realserver-support
      remove temporary files also in nagios ePN mode
      removed mymeta files (fixes #7)
      updated changelog
      fix perl critics
      add support for ssl proxy and proxy auth
      use keep alive as long as we don't use https over a proxy
      version bump
      fix problem with tempfile in perl 5.20

Thibault Cohen (1):
      Add unit in perfdata

cgoldberg (240):
      Initial revision
      minor bugfix
      fixed html output format
      added timers
      minor output adjustment
      added verifynext parameter - verification from string passed in previous 
test case
      added timestamp variable parsing
      fixed timestamping bug and other minor issues
      added verifynextpositive and verifynextnegative
      added baseurl constant
      first version of Tk GUI
      renamed reference to logo graphic
      changed buttons to compound images for resizing and added progress bar
      created status window and changed engine to use it
      labeled UI windows and adjusted logo
      disable UI run button during execution, and clear windows before running
      UI uses icon instead of default tk icon
      cleaned up UI output and fixed GUI size
      added http useragent identifier
      UI goes to front on startup
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      README for 0.90 release
      first version after decoupling gui from engine, added F5 key binding and 
button focus
      decoupled engine from gui, output added for stdout, commandline parameter 
to pass filename added, cleaned up a huge chunk of duplicate code, cleaned up 
ampersand conversion stuff
      ignores logo.gif and icon.gif if they dont exist in directory
      bugfix for failed case output to gui
      added 0.91 release notes
      added new case to sample file
      fixed comment
      added status indicator canvas
      dulled colors for status indicator canvas
      commented out data::dumper since it is for debugging only
      fixed run button width
      bugfix for response logging
      fixed http logging again
      changed double pipes to or
      added error handling when engine file is missing
      added proxy support
      fixed code style
      added .92 release notes
      added version number to title and repositioned logo
      new readme for 0.92 release
      added error handling for when engien cant load
      added flag for webinject.exe so it can run as a standalone exe on windows
      updated version number for next release
      support for dynamic parsing from requests
      added option to force url encoding for all nonalphanumeric on parsed value
      removed comment left from fixing session id parsing
      added .93 release notes
      release notes for .94
      bugfix for http post content type
      color added to pass fail in status window
      added restart button and gui positioning tweaks
      release notes for .95
      added additional parsing parameters and variables
      added httplog subroutine and removed logging from GET and POST subroutines
      added version number for 1.10
      added xml formatted output (results.xml), redefined criteria for 
pass/pail (test case fails if any verification fails), html report pass/fail 
formatting tweaks, additional test case pass/fail stats added to html report, 
minor code refactoring
      additional test case pass/fail stats added to GUI
      added config parameter (<globalhttplog>) for global http logging (when 
set to yes) and global http logging on error (when set to onerror)
      renamed onerror to onfail for global http logging mode
      added results summary and additional formatting to stdout
      added globalhttplog onfail to default config
      release notes for 1.10
      release notes for 1.10
      codebase for 2.0 engine - massive code changes here - multiprocessing 
support, forking, piping, refactoring, RT output, testcase file repetition, 
user vars and data files, stdout changes for load mode, etc, etc
      codebase for 2.0 GUI - load options, CollapsableFrame frame added, 
beginning of RT monitor
      codebase update - fixes
      codebase updates - fixes
      forking code - trial 2.x codebase update - last checkin was bogus
      reverting back to 1.1 codebase
      minor formatting changes
      added XPath Node selection when testcase file is passed from commandline 
and changed STDOUT mode when called this way
      added test case file parameter for repeat
      fixes for xpath passing
      changed PASS and FAIL to pass and fail for xpath stdout so its compatible 
with MRW
      commented out a debug line that was left in last checkin
      added checkboxes to turn on verbose and timer output, changed text colors 
to white for readability
      code for verbose and timer output
      changed checkbox option from verbose output to minimal output
      adjusted checkbutton positioning so it looks OK on X and older versions 
of Tk on win32
      updated version number for 1.12 release
      added parameter to define a User-Agent via config.xml
      fixed a bug in the restart button
      release notes for 1.12
      fix for release notes
      support for response time plotting, gnuplot call, write perf log, write 
gnuplot config plt file
      added support for response time monitoring, added tabs, real time plot 
update, resized main window, changed run button name
      added support for Stop button
      added Stop button (with Run button flip)
      removed disabling of status checkboxes while running
      fix for timer displays (elapsed time)
      fixes, moved checkboxes to a tab
      turn on/off graphs dynamically with radio buttons and choose 
lines/impulses style
      turn on/off graphs dynamically and create gnuplot config based on 
      code to clear graph when requested
      clear graph functionality, menu to replace restart and exit buttons
      removed underline letters from menus (since key bindings dont work), 
added About window
      added view config.xml window - open from menu
      support for No Grpah option
      added No Graph option to suppress rendering and graph display when 
      support for option to shut off graph/monitor from gui
      checkbutton to disable graph/monitor tab and underlying functionality
      adjusted clear graph button size so it looks ok on linux
      enable monitor renamed to disable monitor.  monitor defaults to on
      added new testcase parameter - sleep - to throttle execution
      added min/max/avg response timers.  display min/max/avg timers on html 
report.  cleanup correctly when user clicks stop
      cleanup correctly when user clicks stop
      added real time response time stats (min/max/avg) to monitor
      changed email address for corey
      changed email address for corey in header
      removed HTML tags from STDOUT printing
      renamed call to gui_updatemonstats sub
      added real-time runtime counts to monitor tab
      fix for checking icon to display
      fix for trying to update monitor display when its turned off
      changed monitor stats and counts to Label widgets instead of ROText
      changed image format to PNG for plot graph
      added config param to define gnuplot path, refactored config file parsing
      added check for situation when gnuplot is not specified
      added notification for situation when gnuplot is not specified
      added repeat attribute to sample file
      added 1.20 release notes.  still needs release date
      added config option standaloneplot to turn on plotting in standalone 
mode, cleaned up logic for calling plotter and creating associated files
      cleaned up code formatting
      removed item from 1.20 release
      changed email address in header
      tweak to About text
      trimmed source file header
      added error handling when no http response can be returned
      added release date for 1.20
      use strict pragma, and scoped variables appropriately
      http basic authentication support, bugfix for proxy support, bugfix for 
erroneous errors when running from command line, bugfix so no warnings occur 
when running perl in -w mode, can run engine from a different directory using 
the config.xml in that directory
      fixed an issue with plot log that i broke in last checkin
      read config.xml even when taking testcase file as commandline arg, fixed 
bug with xpath output, fixed bugs with erroneous errors when running from 
      removed comment I left in
      added config.xml option to change response delay timeout, added 
separators to http.log for readability, bugfix for sending a parsed value in a 
POST body
      fix for http log separators so we only print them when we are actually 
      unquoted timeout
      quoted timeout and proxy args
      no longer forced to have test cases in strict incremental numbered order
      updated versioning for 1.30
      fix for statusbar
      source reformatting, fix for statusbar
      refactored nasty code for populating vars from test hash, fixed issue 
with single case and dummy case
      ability to handle reserved xml character "<" within test cases by 
escaping it with a backslash "\<"
      changed output when using XPath, added infrastructure for "nooutput" 
      comments allowed in config file using <commment></comment> tags
      added global timeout option, added GetOpts module and refactored command 
line options, added ability to specify alternate config file on command line
      removed erroneous space in output
      added "s" modifier to regexes so verifications can span multiple lines
      fix for stdout printing with nooutput
      added feature/fix list for 1.30
      added comment
      added -w to shebang (this is always parsed by perl)
      updated copyright
      change for stdout when nooutput is used so summary is still printed
      clarification for http basic authentication
      change in comments and http basic authentication credentials
      add max_redirect since we switched from LWP simple_request() to request()
      added line break after end of STDOUT output summary
      updated release date for 1.30
      get pathname of current dir so we can launch engine from alternate 
      new errormsg options, update to code for pathnames using alternate 
      fix for default testcase file path that broke in last checkin
      fix errormessage parameter so its gets read from test case file
      updated release date for 1.30 and added one item to release history
      tiny fix to release history that should have been included in 1.30
      small fix for erroneous usage of convertbackxml function
      release notes for 1.31
      added var for bugfix for errors and broken status bar in GUI
      bugfix for errors and broken status bar
      removed erroneous space
      1.32 release notes
      updated versioning
      Bugfix for erroneous dummy test case printing in GUI status, updated 
version for 1.32
      minor change to nagios response messages
      nagios related - fixed OK return code so it prints even when 
globaltimeout is not defined
      fixed .html output so it is valid xhtml
      updated version number for 1.33
      added support for multipart/form-data POSTs (file uploads)
      fixed cookies/POSTs (which i broke in last checkin)
      minor update to inline css for html test output
      1.33 release notes
      added comment regarding crypt module
      bugfix to handle single line comment blocks in config file
      updated version number for 1.34
      suppress logging when running in plugin mode, changed default standalone 
plot mode to OFF
      added mrtg reporttype (mode to run as an MRTG plugin)
      1.34 release notes
      fix to release notes
      added verifyresponsecode parameter for http response code verifications, 
updated version to 1.35
      added V command line switch to also print version info (needed this to 
run with Moodss)
      updated version number for 1.35
      allows multiple httpauth elements in config files, added baseurl1 and 
baseurl2 elements for the config file, added test case params for 
verifypositive1, verifypositive2, verifypositive3, verifynegative1, 
verifynegative2, and verifynegative
      using a temp file for preprocessing so original test case files are never 
      added Nagios plugin performance data support.  Now returns performance 
data back to Nagios with plugin output, in accordance with plugin spec
      Changed some regex match and substitution delimiters to avoid possible 
confusion on variable substitutions that may contain the slash delimiter.  Also 
added subroutine to get directory name we are running in... needed since adding 
dirname to wackoldfiles subroutine
      added command line switch to specify output location for http.log, 
results.html, and results.xml
      added PID to tmp file name so multiple copies of WebInject can run out of 
the same directory without clobbering each others tmp files
      changed some regex match delimiters
      changed more regex match delimiters
      added release notes for 1.35
      fix to changelog
      commented out a debug statement that was left in
      start changelog for 1.36
      added additional info to XML output
      updated version number for 1.36
      added variable support in testcase files via xml-simple
      web services support and text/xml post type
      fixes for web services support (added application/soap+xml post type)
      added new "addheader" testcase parameter so you can specify an additional 
HTTP Header Field for requests.  Also using regex to add more flexibility to 
post types
      web services - added XML parser for parsing and verification of XML 
      updated version number for 1.40
      major code refactoring to reduce duplicate code
      change to use new hashes to match changes in
      added ability to call generic external plugins
      fix for loading config params that was broke in the refactoring
      removed useless comment
      changelog for 1.40
      fixed typo in parseresponse that slipped into 1.40
      update version number and copyright
      fixed some display issues for high dpi
      update version number - last checkin fixed errormessage
      fix for verifyresponsecode
      addheader now works with all request types
      can add multiple headers with addheader, using a pipe delimeter
      changelog for 1.41
      fixed size of About window
      added fix for soap using application/soap+xml header
      removed erroneous comment
      fixed typo in error message
      added decription2 to runtime window.  updated version to 1.42
      ability to use parsed results in posted xml file

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.88

hpejakle (2):
      added support for tempfiles, which are created in /tmp or c:\\ (in case 
of windows)
      updated README file to represent latest changes

mdklapwijk (1):

svennierlein (11):
      added initial empty directories
      Merge branch 'github'
      added more testcases and fixed Perl::Critics
      splitted into gui and core
      added MANIFEST.SKIP
      create temp files with File::Temp
      Merge branch 'github'
      Merge branch 'github'
      Merge branch 'github'
      removed useless file


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