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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon Nov 9 20:55:09 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.20

Adrian Yee (2):
      [RT #67949] Patch: Connection closes before last flush while streaming
      [RT #67951] Patch: Keep alive connections aren't reset properly after 

Agaran (4):
      - new LOG2HANDLER which is fired after servicing request
      - missed one letter
      - random port used for testing, helped for me in few cases
      - BinGOs, dont kill me, but i like to have todo to consider

Chris 'BinGOs' Williams (14):
      Sync Changes
      Applied fixes as per Jeremy Johnson's recommendations in RT #44111
      Fix the versions
      Bump to version 2.04
      Sync changes
      Bump version
      Bumper version
      Update build requirements and dist fixes
      Bump version
      Bump to version 2.14
      Bump to version 2.16 to update included Module::Install
      Don't use MooseX::AttributeHelpers anymore
      Bump to version 2.18
      This is 2.20

Chris Williams (78):
      Initial repository layout
      Kwalitee fixes
      Added LOGHANDLER directive for general logging duties. Deprecated the 
Changes to Changes.old, added svn logging for the future Changes file.
      Added kwalitee test.
      Hacked to make the HEAP an object and added some methods
      Added avinash240's test from branch/push
      Bumped the version number
      Changes updated from release.
      Bumped the version number for release
      Added files to MANIFEST. Bumped version number for release.
      Forgot to add pod_coverage test to svn
      Added back t/3_pod_coverage.t
      Made ADDRESS parameter optional, thanks to Zach Roberts for pointing that 
out. Updated the documentation. Fixed MANIFEST
      Fixed the skipall in the tests requiring IPC::Shareable. Renumbered tests
      Changes to skip fork tests on MSWin32
      Fixed one of the test cases for MSWin32
      Refactored 05_run.t to remove fork() and use POE::Wheel::Run instead.
      Refactored all tests apart from the Prefork tests to use POE::Wheel::Run 
or equivalent instead of fork().
      Bump version for release
      Adjusted timing of the tests.
      Only make PoCo-Client-HTTP a build_prereq if explicitly requested or 
Prefork support has been requested
      Made setting an ALIAS optional
      Bump version for release
      Minor amendments prior to CPAN Release
      Fixed problem with bad requests, reported by agaran
      Bumped required version of POE to 0.9999 to fix problem with 
POE::Filter::HTTPD and bad requests
      Applied a patch from Maciej Pijanka (agaran)
      Amended the test count in 09_prefork test, reported by UltraDM.
      "Fixed" the uppercase options annoyance. Hurrah.
      Increased the requirement of PoCo-Client-HTTP to version 0.82 as per 
      Added PROXYMODE setting
      Fixed PROXYMODE setting handling
      Downstream Debian patch applied RT #38743 by Martin Ferrari
      Removed the FATAL => 'all' from use warnings. suggested by Andreas 
      Added makemaker_args() directive to Makefile.PL, thanks to Matt Trout for 
that tip
      Some code tidying
      Fix applied for RT #41780
      Fix [ #42444] reported by pravus
      Hopefully fixed mysteriously failing tests, by making the STDOUT "hot" in 
the forked process
      Houston we appear to have a refactored testsuite. Yes, it really works. 
And consistently as well. hurrah
      Give it a development version and ship for the CPAN Testers to smoke
      Forgot the dependency on Test::POE::Client::TCP for the new tests. doh.
      Ran perltidy against, fixed keepalive test
      Bump development release version
      Move testsuite to use POE::Filter::HTTP::Parser, perltidy everything, 
bump version
      ADDRESS was not being passed through to the SocketFactory as an option. 
It does now
      Fixed an issue in Prefork with SSLify reported by Hubert Lubaczewski
      Fixed problem with socket closing. Reported by Sean Pieper [RT #44111] 
but also addresses [RT #27120]
      Removed the svn-log.perl script no longer required now on git
      Moved old svn Changes file to Changes.svn. Updated dist PREOP to run git 
      Blank Changes file ready for git log output
      Fixes for running in PROXYMODE
      Moosified the connection object
      Moosified the fake HTTP::Response object. Tracked down usage in main 
module and fixed.
      Refactored to use MooseX::POE
      Minor changes to filters and the streaming code
      Add meta to Makefile.PL, debug issues with the streaming.
      Bump version for a development CPAN release
      Resolved annoying warnings.
      Minor changes prior to refactoring the streaming support
      Getting there with the refactoring, but coming to the conclusion that the 
internal logic is like a dog's breakfast
      Refactored big chunks of code including PreFork \o/
      More PreFork refactoring.
      More PreFork fixes.
      Some more PreFork fixes, mainly with the SUPER calls
      Added prefork example
      Worked out that START events are called top down.
      Added some debug code.
      Added no MooseX::POE and make_immutable to PreFork.
      Removed some debugging warnings
      Moved around the event handlers in PreFork
      Bump version for a CPAN release
      Removed PreFork subclass and tests. It will have its own distribution 
from now on.
      Prepare for a CPAN development release
      Update to Changes
      Bump to a stable release
      Merge pull request #1 from leejo/leejo/update_readme
      Merge pull request #2 from leejo/rt/73630

Ed Heil (1):
      possible issue with connections RT #64718

Eriam Schaffter (15):
      ! is_streaming can now be used to test if a response is actually in 
streaming mode
      + is_streaming needs a 1 to be initialized
      ! is_streaming
      added STREAM_SESSION to allow other POE session to register the STREAM 
      + test for streamed wheel
      sample of the streaming feature
      + pod
      + test for streaming ..
      + new api
      + new api
      ! extension name ..
      + dont_flush option
      + new api
      Added SKIP and tweaked the test that forks childs so I does not mess up 
with Test::More
      Dont flush option added in the Response object and corrected case.

Lee Johnson (2):
      add more instructions on how to build this dist
      resolve RT #73630 - fix some typos

Markus Jansen (1):
      Patch applied from Markus Jansen which adds 'sslintermediatecacert' 

Marlon Bailey (11):
      Server will now croak if it has a handler registered for the directory 
but has a problem posting to it.
      Server no longer dies if it cannot find a handler for a path, now it 
returns a response with a 404 code along with the content '404 Not Found' per 
RFC description.
      Server now handles malformed requests better.  Will not try to dispatch 
to a handler when receiving a malformed request.
      Updated POD in regards to the Log Handler session and how its arguments 
changed based on malformed client requests.
      Fixing build requirement issues for streaming tests.
      Bumping up version number.
      moving eriam's push work to a branch as it should be, til it's complete 
and we can remerge.  A bug needs to be fixed.
      Removing push branch work from trunk.  It is now under branches/push.
      Committing failing test case which illustrates issue with external Wheel 
which SimpleHTTP uses for handing off HTTP::Requests to it's Got_Input handler.
      Saved bad request test, which cannot be commited til new version of POE 
is release.
      Merging in PUSH branch, DO NOT push out to CPAN before making sure test 
cases are Prefork aware and 7_bad_request.t pass.

Philip Gwyn (4):
      Added Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection->ID
      Changed the on_close interface to 'SETCLOSEHANDLER' which is closer
      Added HTTP/1.1 keep-alive support.
      Added build_requires LWP::ConnCache

Thorsten Schwinn (1):
      Resolve crash with bad http request (1):
      RT #63575 Crash in LOG2HANDLER

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.20


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