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      from  dab7de8   update changelog
       new  1b7e6ad   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  18b8c66   Update debian/changelog
      adds  9b95e01   Project layout
      adds  15355c9   Begin the API (upon which the sugar will be built)
      adds  b878b8e   Reify rules
      adds  9ae5730   Tweak rule a little, add matches and run methods
      adds  63fe580   Flesh out the dispatch code
      adds  b6f1824   Better test Jifty::Dispatcher compat - each rule coderef 
receives no arguments
      adds  cec06a4   Refactor the dispatcher rule, solidify the "match" method
      adds  8731388   Add more tests
      adds  a3e8de6   Keep track of $1 and friends, and populate them at the 
right time
      adds  23065d8   More rule tests
      adds  53034a7   Make sure that the dispatch thunk sets $1 etc properly
      adds  2238232   Return undef when dispatch 404s, tests for it
      adds  e241af0   Run rules in stages
      adds  cae2192   Pass the current match state to begin/end stage methods
      adds  47ea7e5   Make attributes read-only for sanity/optimization purposes
      adds  a139a61   Allow rules to be "fallthrough" or not; by default, "on" 
rules are not fallthrough, others are
      adds  8b74056   (Failing) tests for aborting the dispatch
      adds  564dc36   Implement aborting the dispatch by die-ing with a special 
      adds  95cd378   Support for arbitrary dispatch matching with coderefs (so 
we can support Jifty::Dispatcher's "when" rule type)
      adds  0907163   Begin Path::Dispatcher::Declarative
      adds  97c353f   Figure out how sugar will be distributed
      adds  2cb8eec   Add "on", more tests
      adds  9f5d228   Add (failing) tests for layering dispatcher rules across 
      adds  b9d3943   Add failing tests for having a super dispatcher
      adds  c08e23f   Support (and more tests for) "super" dispatchers
      adds  f2fdadb   Small refactor to give defer_to_super_dispatcher more 
      adds  c5cd031   Support for super dispatchers in the sugar layer
      adds  5a1b3f9   Support for named dispatchers
      adds  83b50fd   Declarative dispatchers take their name from the package 
into which they're installed
      adds  2cf2b99   Support for adding stages (plugins!) and adding rules to 
before/on/after any stage. Rename the before and after stages to first and last.
      adds  2087282   Failing tests for dispatching with arguments
      adds  82df29d   We can now pass arguments to each rule's block from "run" 
or invoking the coderef returned by "dispatch"
      adds  0e7270d   Make sure that we return no useful value, so we don't 
have to worry about backwards compatibility when we figure out how to return 
values from a dispatch/run
      adds  37d3a19   Throw an error if "use Path::Dispatcher -base" or similar 
is used
      adds  17177b7   "use MyApp::Dispatcher" should not export sugar. but "use 
MyFramework::Dispatcher -base" should
      adds  fe4152c   ignore blib
      adds  ba7771f   Reify dispatch and dispatch match, refactor super 
dispatcher to just splat its matches into the current dispatch's matches
      adds  e8b6416   Move the "invoke match" logic into match where it belongs 
(and now can be subclassed to do interesting things)
      adds  2694cc6   add_rule should not silently create new rules, because 
we'll be getting multiple rule subclasses
      adds  98a1f80   We also don't need rule_class any more
      adds  472a3e4   Add some Rule subclasses: CodeRef, Regex, Tokens. Regex 
will probably be subsumed by Tokens
      adds  d805765   Remove the logic in Rule that is controlled by subclasses
      adds  149381a   Test fixes for the API change in add_rule
      adds  4f3c0f4   Simplest implementation of tokens rule
      adds  98df5e3   Refactor out the qualifying-stage-names code
      adds  0698fe5   Always redispatch (now more extensibly), subclasses can 
disable this for efficiency if they wish
      adds  cbe46c6   Reify dispatch stage so we can have more logic in it
      adds  10dd746   Allow rules to have a stage object or name
      adds  114b4d6   Solidify when a match ends the current stage by adding a 
method to the stage class
      adds  00ec8c9   Be more helpful in "use Path::Dispatcher 'foo'"
      adds  1a757e9   Clean up some old code
      adds  f631828   Rules now belong to stages. Rules are now also 
stage-agnostic. Much cleaner code and concepts :)
      adds  d4aa3fd   Misc cleanup
      adds  5edeed7   Assign dispatcher names based on class name, instead of 
always Path::Dispatcher
      adds  d39639c   Remove another vestigial line
      adds  d536180   Remove the first and last stages. If apps want them, they 
can add them
      adds  7d36576   Finally pass all tests by asking stages if we should 
allow redispatch
      adds  bbc63cf   Remove begin_stage/end_stage, they'll be better off as 
method modifiers in a commit or two
      adds  cdf6dca   Begin refactoring the redispatch logic to instead have 
stages with match_ends_dispatch. If no stage with match_ends_dispatch has a 
rule that matched, then we'll redispatch.
      adds  ef60f66   Break up dispatch into a bunch of specialized methods
      adds  fb47b64   Add the concept of a "cleanup" stage, a stage that still 
runs after a dispatch abruptly ends in a stage
      adds  a505079   Check for, and run, cleanup stages if we abort the 
      adds  f010892   Support multiple dispatches when we redispatch (for 
plugins or MI)
      adds  dd06ca7   We need to "stop" during run, not dispatch, because if 
something calls next_rule, it's akin to $self->SUPER::method
      adds  4825e97   Eureka. Matching against the empty regex is totally 
nondeterministic because of older Perl's optimization of //
      adds  b9bac91   Support for continuing on to the next rule as if the 
current rule hadn't been matched (next_rule)
      adds  e74bf49   Did I really spell it Patch in four different places?
      adds  a4b6076   Add sugar for next/last rule
      adds  dd01604   Make sure we clear number variables if we don't do an 
empty-string match
      adds  e36b76f   Oh. Dynamic scope.
      adds  76dc010   Invoke the "outermost" dispatcher when using 
declarative's dispatch/run
      adds  7bbb64f   Here shall go the ugly match logic
      adds  3bf93ed   Clean up die handling and expected exceptions (heh).. 
halve the number of evals we wrap around rule-running code
      adds  88c58de   Tests for what the rule closures receive as input. Needs 
      adds  15c517f   Set $_ to the path we matched against
      adds  73230d6   We can't discard the invocant if run/dispatch are used as 
      adds  810ec02   todoify some tests
      adds  4589243   Remove "cleanup stage" for now
      adds  809ce9b   Minor code cleanup
      adds  3e94b45   Downgrade MI to 0.70
      adds  028a5fc   dist doc
      adds  b485651   Bump to 0.02
      adds  aa0127b   Add a synopsis which uses the API
      adds  6fea459   Add an "intersection" compound rule
      adds  91d7351   Allow regexes in the token matcher, and write tests
      adds  de5b501   Support for alternation in the tokens rules
      adds  849da73   Better intuition of rule class in 
      adds  d9d1ff0   Avoid undef warnings and possible false positives by 
bailing out if we run out of input
      adds  dbc4cde   Begin implementation of prefix matching
      adds  7a84b34   Support for prefix matches in the tokens rule, rename the 
attribute "splitter" to "delimiter"
      adds  5fde7ed   Add tests for prefix matches
      adds  1d1cf54   Regex prefix implementation and tests
      adds  b36b861   Return undef if there's no match in Intersection
      adds  ba57409   Remove intersections for now, not worth supporting them 
if they're not being used yet
      adds  e619ac5   Consistency in the test
      adds  5a3042e   Make the code black optional
      adds  6cdf949   Refactor: the rule returns the match, instead of 
returning results
      adds  c9e739b   Promote Match out of Dispatch/ (1/2)
      adds  38ca4d4   Promote Match out of Dispatch/ (2/2)
      adds  b26ae0a   Remove stages! They kind of muddy things for little 
benefit at this point
      adds  df8d8af   More explicit support for multiple matches from a rule, 
      adds  f122016   Fixes for the rules attr in Path::Dispatcher
      adds  5fd4b8c   "under" rules
      adds  0be20ce   More substantial tests for under
      adds  828d6e7   Grep out 0-length tokens
      adds  2dcf1ec   More under tests.. looking good.. :)
      adds  68dc386   Make attributes rw
      adds  2d77454   Blocks are no longer required, so don't pass block => 
undef and trip the type constraint
      adds  dd1cc68   Split the create/add phases of declarative rule creation
      adds  beab301   Misc incisions
      adds  394e5ff   Initial support for "under" but it won't compose with 
itself so we need more syntax
      adds  efc0289   Allow passing in an already-instantiated rule to _add_rule
      adds  0e0e627   Figure out a syntax for under rules that works well 
enough for v1
      adds  eb1e420   Use the empty string for no leftover instead of undef
      adds  bd62159   Require that declarative dispatchers inherit from 
Path::Dispatcher::Declarative, for sanity (and feature) reasons
      adds  2c60abe   Make the helper functions in PDD methods so we can have 
methods that subclasses override
      adds  142ea3a   Allow dispatchers to override the token delimiter
      adds  07a848c   Better error in a Rule class without _match
      adds  899d60e   Doc for the primary Path::Dispatcher module
      adds  f507c2c   Doc for Path::Dispatcher::Rule
      adds  02125ed   Rule::CodeRef doc
      adds  a8d09c2   Rule::Regex doc
      adds  db05e10   Rule::Tokens doc
      adds  5fd7065   Require that the predicate of an under rule match just a 
      adds  8b18fb0   Rule::Under doc
      adds  a92dda9   Make under rules immutable and remove their sugar
      adds  de283a0   Match doc
      adds  e225e9d   Dispatch doc, that covers all of the classes
      adds  e93351e   Changes
      adds  d9371bb   Basic doc for Declarative
      adds  408c01c   Bump to 0.03
      adds  96bbe58   Typo fixes in the doc
      adds  36a773d   Factor out (un)tokenization into methods
      adds  bad3698   Require "-base" because otherwise "use MyApp::Dispatcher" 
fails when we just want to use it
      adds  3dd1f78   Remove super dispatchers, redispatching will simply be a 
rule type
      adds  2286baf   Remove add_redispatch
      adds  f2d9a1f   Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Dispatch which is a much saner 
and more flexible "super dispatcher"
      adds  931afce   "match" is what returns the PD::Match objects, not 
      adds  4afd976   For now we need to inform the dispatcher of the super 
dispatcher, hopefully this can become automatic in the future
      adds  1d6272b   Don't settle for matching a prefix if the tokens rule 
does not want to be prefix matched
      adds  930c4d8   Rename "run" to "redispatch"
      adds  4c46dae   Add "rewrite" sugar
      adds  abfcbcb   Pass on args
      adds  1192357   Rename redispatch back to run, it's not worth having 
      adds  ce2e908   Add a rewrite example to the PDD synopsis
      adds  b7ca6b0   Changes
      adds  ce9d6bc   Prior art etc :)
      adds  dbb17cd   Bump to 0.04
      adds  4a28bcb   Oops, forgot to regenerate the signature
      adds  65e3bbb   Bump to 0.05
      adds  2eefa36   Skeleton of the Rule::Dispatch doc
      adds  1c04b1c   It's called init_arg not init_args
      adds  4a3511a   Pass through return values
      adds  62eab31   Each match gets a scalar result
      adds  7dfb078   Add tests for run returning values
      adds  c59752f   Test fixes
      adds  fb32383   Turn ends_dispatch into an attribute
      adds  5931e2f   Make tests work!
      adds  b246e86   Changes thus far
      adds  010e817   Add support for case insensitive matching in tokens rules
      adds  a9b7ab3   Plenty of tokens tests
      adds  835cc09   Allow a declarative dispatcher to decide whether it wants 
its token-rules to be case sensitive
      adds  c700252   Tests for token_delimiter and case_sensitive_tokens config
      adds  f282fd1   Include the regex in the (unlikely) error just in case
      adds  99f23a1   Fill in the blanks of the PDRD synopsis :)
      adds  721e71c   Test that "use Path::Dispatcher -base" throws a helpful 
      adds  c75d954   Ignore cover_db
      adds  9b815f1   Add an alias "has_match"
      adds  907c207   Test that the matcher returning the wrong thing throws an 
error. This will probably never come up in practice but it is a limitation for 
      adds  9285380   We require Test::Exception now
      adds  c2d7cc7   first_match
      adds  930ad4c   Test that trying to run a rule that lacks a coderef is an 
      adds  6b9026f   No need to throw an explicit error here, Perl gives an 
even better method-missing error
      adds  b49e5d6   Argh, fix the type constraint check for tokens
      adds  f01874e   Test coverage improvements
      adds  85ba810   Make the Tokens type constraint do what I actually want 
it to; TODO: make it sane
      adds  53c3909   Remove the "if length(leftover) && !prefix" check; it 
doesn't actually make sense
      adds  1565855   Ensure that token matching is by default case sensitive 
in the declarative dispatcher
      adds  40da8c8   Doc, ignore Makefile.old
      adds  17d8da1   fix test plan.
      adds  d017c83   Add redispatch_to sugar
      adds  ace2769   Begin improving the declarative tests
      adds  04f111d   declarative abort test fixes
      adds  6ee8cc8   t/103-input test fixes
      adds  e1b081f   Remove t/lib
      adds  261b57e   Make sure that redispatching directly to a dispatcher 
object works too
      adds  846c9fd   Plan fix
      adds  83e752b   Mention in the top-level doc that run passes on args to 
each codeblock
      adds  136d947   Add an Always rule
      adds  c100760   Special case on '' => sub {} to match everything
      adds  62099da   Update Changes
      adds  a70e398   Bump to 0.06
      adds  b1d8126   Add an "empty" rule
      adds  4420374   Class name fix
      adds  653ba70   Make "on ''" match only the empty path
      adds  27ee911   Change
      adds  272d752   Bump to 0.07
      adds  c4b3b2e   PD::Path class
      adds  0b41799   First cut of conversion to use path objects
      adds  799c39c   Missed a spot
      adds  bc6fc4d   Support for single string arg in new: 
      adds  25f4e79   In rule codeblocks, have $_ be the path string not the 
path object
      adds  105f4a8   Test fixes
      adds  ac712da   Factor out the "collection of rules" attribute into a role
      adds  91bf5fa   Implementation of an "intersection" rule; all its rules 
must match
      adds  d14ca8f   Tests for intersections
      adds  877ca7f   First pass at a Metadata matching rule
      adds  b5a3550   Pass in the right value
      adds  d66b8ce   Path->get_metadata (which can be overridden by 
      adds  8ff35e2   Make metadata only match a single metadata value
      adds  f22e353   Begin writing tests for metadata
      adds  ee81ec7   Simple rule: Eq, which tests: path eq $string
      adds  2b2fe70   Refactor Metadata to take a rule for matching the metadata
      adds  df0a144   Test to make sure that path + metadata matching works, as 
that'll be the most common use case for intersections
      adds  b049ec9   Let rules have an optional name, for tracing
      adds  3f8ea75   Begin implementing a debugging tracer
      adds  b8d48bc   Declarative dispatcher sets rule name
      adds  a8d1ee6   Trace running codeblocks
      adds  669bf56   Don't require under rules be named when naming subrules
      adds  cd6c4fb   Cleanup
      adds  065e51e   Add the under rule earlier so it gets a name for subrules 
to use
      adds  2693a75   Include "readable attributes" in the trace (regex, 
tokens, etc)
      adds  25b6ab7   Begin giving rules readable_attributes
      adds  3c7c4e3   Rename the metadata key from "name" to "field" because 
"name" is now used for all rules
      adds  8587929   Don't include the stringified rule if we have a name
      adds  84b119a   Slightly better rule name formatting (parent - rule 
      adds  fe94644   Trace levels; 2 turns on readable_attributes, 10 turns on 
deparsing of run blocks
      adds  36a4273   Token match tracing
      adds  97a5285   See also: HTTPx-Dispatcher
      adds  4851c30   use the Eq rule for string predicates
      adds  f588333   Prefix matching for Eq rules
      adds  9ec4071   Test fixes, this kind of sucks
      adds  945249c   Revert that; tokens are more useful
      adds  944697a   Tokens' readable_attributes
      adds  5004a0e   Doh! Forgot to include the delimiter in the non-ref 
rules. (Also case sensitivity.. whimper)
      adds  a44135e   Rename the empty rule test from its old name, "always"
      adds  143fd0e   TODO tests for under dwimming wrt path
      adds  d6c8bb2   Stringify Path::Dispatcher::Path into the path, so that 
wise users can call methods on it to get metadata etc
      adds  dd0316d   Ignore .prove
      adds  b006556   Cleanup
      adds  0f0da55   Verbiage tweaks
      adds  4efc616   Remove shebangs; no need for them
      adds  9b2801b   More cleanup
      adds  bdd28f3   Some doc for Path::Dispatcher::Path
      adds  641d782   On sufficiently high levels, dump CodeRef's matcher 
attribute too
      adds  b46c585   Test fix, since error text changed
      adds  c2b0e4b   Lots of Changes!
      adds  2fb89a2   Refactor cloning path objects but changing the path 
inside it into $path->clone_path($new_path)
      adds  4ced901   Refactor to avoid code duplication
      adds  947ece3   Begin writing overview doc for 
      adds  2921bfd   Pass $stage to rule_creators
      adds  f4c7a4e   Metadata sugar
      adds  a229f28   Tests for metadata-matching sugar
      adds  f28a470   (Failing) tests for metadata deep data structures
      adds  06b04f0   More Changes
      adds  e3c5a76   Bump to 0.08
      adds  3b76640   Inline uses of MooseX::AttributeHelpers
      adds  deff5d3   Depend on Moose::Util::TypeConstraints less
      adds  9207d08   Any::Moose-ify Path::Dispatcher
      adds  b1e6e3d   The actual error is that Mouse doesn't support custom TC 
failure messages; that's acceptable for now
      adds  eaaad67   Update Changes for Any::Moose
      adds  da344ee   Changes time
      adds  3465c8d   Bump to 0.09
      adds  6f86fc8   Avoid using method modifiers since it'd be a new dep when 
Mouse is used
      adds  5f02960   Update Changes
      adds  aea9948   Bump to 0.10
      adds  a6098d3   Update copyright year
      adds  6f75ab8   No need to futz with @- and @+, since a regex match in 
list context returns $1, $2, ...
      adds  1d4bc0e   Doc typo fix
      adds  f0fdf85   Added missing -base to use in SYNOPSIS
      adds  dbcb7b9   Eq just had Regex's doc copied over, fix.
      adds  f216c92   Doc for Path::Dispatcher::Role::Rules
      adds  7852bd2   Doc for Metadata rule
      adds  46f66f1   Amend synopsis to include "extensible" :)
      adds  06e9d85   Added slash-path-delimeter recipe w/test Added chaining 
recipe w/test (tenative) Added 'then' sugar to ::Declarative w/test & dox
      adds  9cf0fb9   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  df36c0b   Don't display 'then' dox
      adds  1f9c5de   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  a658d28   Minor fixes
      adds  0c749f2   Update the Cookbook with "then", some verbiage
      adds  e8d21f9   Uncomment "then"'s doc
      adds  2fda2e7   Use "then" in the chaining test
      adds  7e409b7   Fix spelling of delimiter :)
      adds  20a9758   It's just "abort" not "abort rule"
      adds  395937a   Added rudimentary chaining support in the form of a new 
rule and a new declaration Modified ::Under to handle chaining
      adds  a8e0cb1   Make Chain a subclass of Always
      adds  ee80012   Always use a plan
      adds  adb2b25   .gitignore
      adds  3df85e3   Created Path::Dispatcher::Builder Refactored 
Path::Dispatcher::Declarative to use ::Builder
      adds  e4e2d6c   Merge branch 'builder' of 
      adds  e137f54   Some cleanup in Builder
      adds  8b80439   Some cleanup
      adds  3251b72   Begin removing ends_dispatch and before/after
      adds  4bddecb   Some more cleanup, killing stages harder
      adds  ea2c83d   Fully remove stages, yay
      adds  b4b6fb5   Use $builder's next_rule and last_rule
      adds  c2ed0ef   Factor out the builder class
      adds  2509583   Factor out dispatcher class
      adds  c993c78   Cleanup; make the options to 
Path::Dispatcher::Declarative, such as token_delimiter, Sub::Exporter options
      adds  5496991   More simplifications
      adds  f9a8353   Restore the default of case sensitive tokens
      adds  14b2e44   Factor out populating defaults
      adds  44392e6   Make rule_creators a method
      adds  5a897c8   Unimport Any::Moose's sugar
      adds  9e77dcd   Ignore more dist crap
      adds  78b0b10   Don't stomp on any rule's existing name
      adds  5842379   Bring Cookbook up to date, add tests to make sure I'm not 
      adds  836bc37   Be way more lenient in boxing a path - anything that 
isn't a Path::Dispatcher::Path is boxed
      adds  6ec9f46   Oops, wrong class name
      adds  676f77f   Don't specify defaults more than needed
      adds  a9adcc6   0.10 changes
      adds  f804e3c   Bump to 0.11
      adds  ee8bbf3   Consistency fixes from confound
      adds  139adf2   Better example, since you should always run coderefs 
through $match->run
      adds  c70903c   The attribute name is _matches not matches
      adds  bab45d1   Another badly named key
      adds  11b3a44   clone_object was deprecated
      adds  17648c5   Ignore cover_db
      adds  5215389   0.11 Changes
      adds  64711ae   Bump to 0.12
      adds  f820221   Give dispatch rule a "rules" method
      adds  2b4ed85   Failing test for not preserving undef in 
      adds  f781f72   Handle undef number vars better
      adds  c5ff095   Anchor the regex for efficiency
      adds  1e09a16   0.12 changes
      adds  592676d   Bump to 0.13
      adds  6bcaf42   Force 0 or 1 for the set_number_vars default
      adds  7f8763f   I am a big dummy
      adds  cd15abb   Add unshift_rule method
      adds  4ab67a2   0.13 changes
      adds  d93ee06   Revert ? 1 : 0, it was just a weird symptom
      adds  358f3fb   Minimum version 5.8.1
      adds  b9f3559   Bump Module::Install
      adds  1c2b29c   Makefile.PL tweaks
      adds  9f60896   Add repository information
      adds  d45c2c8   Add dist crap to Changes
      adds  15aaf42   Bump to 0.14
      adds  bebbcd4   Add failing test for lazy dispatch
      adds  3f44b9a   Remove commented out code
      adds  eb5928a   Revert "Add failing test for lazy dispatch"
      adds  2de397d   Doc tweaks
      adds  897c175   Basic tests for completion
      adds  527dbed   Add stub complete method
      adds  db8923d   Okay this one is not simple!
      adds  6a50803   Add an actually-simple test
      adds  b4b9b27   Refactor _prefix_match out to let rules simplify their 
match logic
      adds  1c60e67   _complete for Eq rules
      adds  fc46b77   Promote complete to a public method; stub for all Rules
      adds  cd6e2c2   Test completing on an individual rule
      adds  b030e4d   When we try to complete on a dispatcher, let each rule 
have at it
      adds  d9822a3   Refactor Token matching into something with a callback
      adds  8d75531   Remove tracing from Tokens->_match for now
      adds  7365199   Ease refactoring
      adds  b413c7b   Refactor _match so complete will be able to reuse its 
      adds  e5537d5   A complete method for Tokens
      adds  7f325bb   Complete paths should not return themselves
      adds  61d055f   Kill EOL whitespace
      adds  d3c829a   More tests
      adds  7f66ddf   complete for Under rules
      adds  5178ffc   Add the prefix back in when we complete an Under
      adds  ca495a5   complete returns full paths
      adds  318997c   Remove duplicate completions
      adds  fd41e0f   A fix for, and more tests for, token matching
      adds  8bc5f74   Handle delimiters infinitesimally better
      adds  301d135   Refactor tests to use new complete_ok
      adds  e0d23b3   Another complete_ok refactor
      adds  8fe3edd   Painful delimiter tests
      adds  cb47b4b   First stab at making delimiters work better
      adds  a379380   Remove excess delimiters in untokenize
      adds  56a4516   Add ->complete to declarative dispatchers
      adds  2b1a4b0   Handle alternations better
      adds  ef5136b   More tests to make sure tokens complete properly
      adds  ed71124   Link to path-dispatcher-debugger
      adds  9e8bed8   Document Dispatcher->complete
      adds  676146e   0.14 changes (post-release and post-tag, oops :))
      adds  36e5455   Bump to 0.15
      adds  9f1931e   Rules of type dispatch forward "complete" requests
      adds  3362967   Add alternation rules
      adds  ffc53b7   Empty intersections and alternations do not match
      adds  c91a2f9   Case insensitivity for Eq rules
      adds  7fd79d2   First cut of a generic Sequence rule (like Tokens but 
      adds  69b918a   Some better error checking. Not very happy with this yet.
      adds  fbfe06c   Sequences are unlike Tokens in that delimiter is mostly 
      adds  ccaa665   Make Sequence more tokeney
      adds  5769e3d   Need to pass a path object to rule->complete
      adds  3e70110   We want to return the whole path for completion not just 
the last word
      adds  26e5df8   Tests for Sequence + custom rule
      adds  6134cc3   Add enum rule for convenience
      adds  a9dd886   Factor out path autoboxing
      adds  f53ef41   More completion tests
      adds  5da4926   By convention, ->complete does not include the path itself
      adds  74fd551   Add enum sugar to Declarative
      adds  663b353   Add tests for completing enums
      adds  6d7b67c   Remove Path::Dispatcher::Declarative
      adds  00c7e9a   No longer require Sub::Exporter
      adds  ce2846b   This doesn't actually warn til much later
      adds  49b9833   0.15 changes thus far
      adds  f27868a   unimport Any::Moose and make_immutable in Sequence
      adds  93478b4   Some doc for Sequence
      adds  d791c84   Fix Enum's doc to not be a copy of Eq's
      adds  397da8a   $2 doesn't make sense here
      adds  dca863e   More doc fixes
      adds  6de40f9   Fix Eq's handling of complete with an already-complete 
      adds  659662c   Completion for Alternation rules
      adds  81817fc   Copyright year
      adds  92f0702   Changes copyediting :)
      adds  72e497e   Bump Module::Install
      adds  e0bc619   Documentation for shell tab completion
      adds  93548a3   Use glob assignment instead of regex matching for 
populating $1 etc
      adds  6489810   Failing tests for various $1 issues
      adds  36b879c   Clear $1 etc for the block
      adds  d85bc43   TODO the stompy test
      adds  cd644ee   More tests
      adds  2f68221   Link to my P-D talk
      adds  c098714   0.16 changes
      adds  eee4d85   Remove set_number_vars option
      adds  174752c   Temporary refactoring patch
      adds  10cfbe8   Pass match object into rule blocks instead number vars 
      adds  2d9f17c   Be more specific: positional_captures not result
      adds  b14aca9   Fix up first test
      adds  153ecb5   Fix up second test file
      adds  9e9dbbb   Validate positional_captures
      adds  7bed2ae   Default positional_captures to []
      adds  be03c6f   Stronger API for returning results from matching
      adds  da1eacb   shift off the match
      adds  8f6a3be   $match->positional_captures not [$1, $2, $3]
      adds  c543bde   test is obsolete
      adds  fc25425   undef is a valid number variable value
      adds  817ee9d   Fix uses of ->result
      adds  0ddd078   Better error when the _match result is mistyped
      adds  fab0d44   More positional_captures stuff
      adds  6cd4c3b   Add a ->pos method to Match
      adds  3f2cea6   Match documentation update
      adds  114946c   Make pos 1-indexed like $1 $2..
      adds  78eb561   Add tests for the match object itself
      adds  b6b83b8   Add named capture support
      adds  4a660e0   Tests for named captures
      adds  a26160d   Enforce scalar context at the Match level not Dispatch
      adds  e48aded   Don't bother with this warning
      adds  4121fcf   Ignore .prove
      adds  8d0b049   Drop BUGS section
      adds  92d489c   Fix release year of 0.15
      adds  e91d9d6   Make all readwrite attributes readonly
      adds  a435ea3   Make _dispatch rule
      adds  aa383ce   0.16 changes
      adds  ecc47f5   Remove trace/name/readable_attributes
      adds  865df9d   Tidy
      adds  8ea24b6   Another talk :)
      adds  a9426dd   Make what you replace clearer
      adds  5c528bf   Use ->pos instead of $1 in doc
      adds  432fb42   Test cleanup
      adds  a184e65   Another change
      adds  e63ba10   Bump MI
      adds  1e967ea   Bump to 0.16
      adds  1149ef8   Add ->named($key) for named captures
      adds  b8f4b3f   More doc
      adds  418e7e9   Don't use the setter in Chain
      adds  8670721   Failing test for swallowing exceptions
      adds  64f38c3   Stop swallowing exceptions
      adds  8205699   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  f5544e0   $exception not $xcpt
      adds  c233709   Use a simpler always-match rule
      adds  6aa991a   Bump to 1.00; Changes
      adds  be91272   Factor out the named_captures eval, much faster this way
      adds  ae5124e   Ignore Makefile.old
      adds  d9c50d1   Use done_testing like Moose does
      adds  074101f   Better dep list
      adds  699ed8d   Give matches a parent match (for Under etc)
      adds  8bdc70d   Let the caller easily pass extra args to the match 
      adds  0e5f84a   Pass the parent match to the new match's constructor
      adds  05836f7   Tests for capturing Under prefix parameters
      adds  9de06cf   More tests for parent matches
      adds  cc61714   Depend on 5.10 for t/026-named-captures.t
      adds  fa0957e   A bit more documentation
      adds  2fb4b4c   Changes
      adds  79a4dd4   According to CPAN Testers you need 5.10.1 :/
      adds  e67d6b9   Bump to 1.01
      adds  9aee214   Better example class names
      adds  2e64fd3   A bit about the flexibility and extensibility
      adds  e8b6993   Justify "flexible" and "extensible" dispatch
      adds  b2257f7   Point to tab completion
      adds  a9b1fc5   HTTPx::Dispatcher is deprecated in favor of Router::Simple
      adds  c24243c   Link to miyagawa's plack-dispatching-samples
      adds  05a759f   Remove shebang from test files
      adds  4680cd1   Document why we always die unconditionally
      adds  fd2f5d7   We accidentally untokenized twice
      adds  df57888   only provide leftover if we need it.
      adds  6c76395   Default leftover to ''
      adds  6778221   1.02 Changes
      adds  7f19966   Bump to 1.02
      adds  1230d48   Add a test demonstrating custom populating of 
      adds  34ea260   Update copyright
      adds  dcd6500   Test for multiple delimiters in a row
      adds  a37ba12   Tests for the Chain rule type
      adds  32450ce   gitignore MYMETA.yml (generated by 5.14.0's toolchain)
      adds  4e500a9   Refactor to present a generic "payload" instead of 
requiring a "block"
      adds  3ea9237   Delegate match->payload to match->rule->payload
      adds  1c169ba   Test for arbitrary payloads
      adds  7a87ac9   Make sure running dispatches gives a sane error message
      adds  4cd82ed   Better toolchaining
      adds  7633d7f   Remove inc
      adds  fa23139   More gitignore
      adds  abf6e0d   1.03 and its Changes
      adds  7ae961b   Convert all tests to Test::Fatal
      adds  5d2ffe7   1.04 and its Changes
      adds  fce8a8e   Force blead to provide $' if we need it
      adds  daea424   1.05 and its Changes
      adds  174e056   Switch packaging to Dist::Zilla
      adds  c04505a   Add Dist::Zilla's build dir to .gitignore
      adds  c81b39f   Remove Module::Install from dependencies
      adds  8bd99ec   Merge pull request #1 from 
      adds  831d701   1.06 and its Changes
      adds  2a1a0d0   gitignore output files
      adds  a408943   Imported Upstream version 1.06
       new  90b7ca1   Merge tag 'upstream/1.06'
       new  0f06bde   Update debian/changelog
       new  d12f371   Update upstream copyright, drop paragraph for M::I
       new  49980b3   Update changelog / IGNORE no code changes

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                            |   5 +
 LICENSE                            | 379 +++++++++++++++++++
 MANIFEST                           |  19 +-
 META.yml                           |  24 +-
 Makefile.PL                        |  74 +++-
 debian/changelog                   |  12 +-
 debian/copyright                   |   7 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata           |   5 +
 dist.ini                           |  37 ++
 inc/Module/              | 470 ------------------------
 inc/Module/Install/ |  45 ---
 inc/Module/Install/         |  83 -----
 inc/Module/Install/          | 154 --------
 inc/Module/Install/        |  93 -----
 inc/Module/Install/   |  51 ---
 inc/Module/Install/     | 418 ---------------------
 inc/Module/Install/ |  48 ---
 inc/Module/Install/     | 722 -------------------------------------
 inc/Module/Install/        |  64 ----
 inc/Module/Install/     |  63 ----
 lib/Path/             |   2 +-
 21 files changed, 516 insertions(+), 2259 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 LICENSE
 mode change 100755 => 100644 Makefile.PL
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 dist.ini
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/

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