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      from  5c785a5   update changelog
       new  d7b5622   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  81f6bda   Update debian/changelog
      adds  32cfc23   Bootstrap of CVS from DBD-mysql-2.1026
      adds  21cf176   - Added attribute to turn off auto reocnnect - Added 
statistics attribute to count the number of   times auto reconnect succeeded  
and the number of   times auto reconnect failed. - Fixed bug whereby strings 
that were used in numeric   context were not getting quoted on execute(). Now 
all   parameters are bound as varchar by default. - in dbd_db_STORE_attrib: 
changed "newval" to "bool_val"
      adds  6c5c577   changes to imp_dbh for auto_reconnect and stats.
      adds  a12ae8a   - Added Tim's column_info function - Added Stub - Added stub quote_identifier that does not break tests when 
get_info returns   returns a quoting character for identifiers.
      adds  a91145a   - Removed stub quote_identifier so that DBD's works, and 
updated tests to use   quoted table names.
      adds  2e941a6   The C part of get_info() -- still needs more testing.
      adds  9c21851   Adding a TODO file.
      adds  e4129e6   updated type_info() to be more inline with what DBD::ODBC 
      adds  383fd62   fix test breakage
      adds  5ae50c7   add _1 to version.
      adds  58fc6e0 not D'oh.  -- removed the _1 from the 
      adds  aeb0ba7   bumped version number
      adds  8eb3361   minor doc tweak for stat attribs.
      adds  9f6f3e6   Provided more informations on changes, and corrected 
attribution for get_info/column_info.
      adds  2f49a22   bumped version number.
      adds  689803b   Changed the default of mysql_auto_reconnect to false. And 
have it turn on if we detect a CGI enviornment.
      adds  414d54e   changed a default connect option to CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS so 
that the rows() method works as it should.
      adds  f2aa689   Added nofoundrows to Makefile.PL. Updated dbdimp.c to 
Default to mysql_client_found_rows=1 Added note to install docs about compiling 
with Red Hat 8 || 9
      adds  6e15053   Moved pod documentation into
      adds  d99583c   bumped version to 2.9001
      adds  f6e515e   bumped version number
      adds  66e190b   Just a few small updates to the changelog for 2.9001. 
Spelling correction, update version header and add a ', for example, '.
      adds  df651f8   changed failed_auto_reconnects to auto_reconnects_failed 
and changed auto_reconnects to auto_reconnects_ok.
      adds  c172c06   fix a typo in the changelog where mysql_auto_reconnects 
was written as auto_reconnects.
      adds  e0e9a73   Changed faild_auto_reconnects & auto_reconnects to 
auto_reconnects_failed & auto_reconnects
      adds  35035e5   applied patch from 'Jochen Wiedmann <>' 
for INSTALL.pod
      adds  67dbc4e   1. patch from 'Jochen Wiedmann <>': > It 
is the same than in the patch I sent you a while ago. It mainly moves > the 
variable $contents outside of the "if" clause, so that it can be > seen in an 
error message.
      adds  3de9443   fix for a memory leak
      adds  3921e6b   removed define for dbd_discon_all to keep us from 
lowering perl destruct level.. Assuming everthing continues to work remove 
dbd_discon_all from dbdimp.c
      adds  65a3883   Thow an error when passed an unknown param.
      adds  50e6ee0   made 'skipping transactions tests' message a little 
      adds  4ee0bd8   Made DBI_DSN & friends work -- they were in there but 
being ignored.
      adds  c22bc1a   Added Proc::ProcessTable  to reasons why leak tests might 
not be run
      adds  9f7a36a   Changed attributions to reflect new maintainership.
      adds  e2d248d   Patch from Alexey Stroganov to  dbdadmin.t so that it 
respects username and password
      adds  d0cae93   change have_innobase to have_innodb so that transaction 
tests are run if innodb is present
      adds  5e81809   Changes :)
      adds  ff818ff   Applied patch from  Jochen Wiedmann.
      adds  aea17cb   Patch from Aaron and Chuck  [Aaron Ross 
      adds  4f7e319   add a use DBI qw(:sql_types) to the right package.
      adds  524d25e   Changelog changes for next release.
      adds  f01e877   Bump version number
      adds  6fb8120   Fix to documentation from Paul DuBois.
      adds  12609d5   Patch for api change in newer versions of mysql.
      adds  c77ddef   exit with $retret val if $retval is != 0 instead of 
exiting with 1.
      adds  e42dc7c   Applied error message fix from 3_0 branch
      adds  47fb822   Getting ready for 2.9004 release
      adds  c3e5878   `s with  tablenames that had ? was throwing off 
placeholder counting
      adds  36777f5   bumped version number
      adds  5d8c1d9   Changed mind -- releasing beta today
      adds  c1f2e96   missed a case of the '`'.
      adds  d6f9b16   Update version for release
      adds  ef25fa0   Change version number for release
      adds  101642d   quick hack around broken test on macos10, maybe?
      adds  383ad39   remove link to non-existant known-bugs section of pod
      adds  5983212   attempted Fix for redhat anoyance with perl 5.8.0 and its 
default LANG of UTF-8.
      adds  571acd0   fixed typo in pod and clarified description of 
      adds  e7988db   Dev-2_9 branch, containing embedded and prepare statement 
      adds  9d27f95   Backing out changes that were intended for 2_9-Dev!
      adds  16ce1f3   myld, 40listfields.t, akmisc.t - fix for Mac OS X 
Makefile.PL - fix for mysql_config dbdimp.c, dbdimp.h compile warnings
      adds  4d7eb5f   Added $dbh->{unsafe_bind_type_guessing} which brings back 
the old behaviour of bind type guessing.
      adds  4ca65ba   Just the header file changes for the 
      adds  2d54aa1   Use Config to get the path to perl for the reexecing 
      adds  f56f88b   Merge last_inert_id from 3.0
      adds  d2543b6   bind_type_guessing levels, maybe.
      adds  d0c0a04   bind type guessing level-II patch from  dragonchild.
      adds  a445152   column info patch from tim.
      adds  fe92110   Updating for release
      adds  96bdc27   last_insert_id() requires DBI 1.43 to work. Update 
Makfile to note this
      adds  0d88ef7   1. Getting ready to spin up 2.9005_2. 2. expurgated 
t/mysql.mtest from the repository to silence annoying diffs.
      adds  15d9e69   1. Killed mysql.mtest from the manifest and removed the 
check in Makefile.PL 2. get ready to sping up distribution
      adds  9c273cd   Committed changes to MAIN that are in 2.9003_4
      adds  3b1901a   Committed changes that are in 2.9005_4 mysql.xs - fix to 
rows dbdimp.h - fix to rows and insert id Makefile.PL - make sure DBI 
requirement is 1.08 Changelog - these entries
      adds  fb4daf2   Various comparison (cast) issue compile warnings fixed.
      adds  49f9545   Fixed bug where autocommit would not work on a server 
started with init-connect = 'set autocommit=0' (reported by Johan, customer 
issue). Using client API calls (where version > 40103) to set commit values, 
literal sql queries for versions < 40103 (as before).
      adds  966f598    * Fixed a bug with AutoCommit that manifested itself 
when you would start the database with autocommit turned off (with my.cnf 
init-connect    = 'set autocommit=0'), setting AutoCommit in connect with { 
AutoConnect => 1 } would not work, nor setting it via $dbh->{AutoCommit}=1 
work. Also added logic which uses the mysql client API functions for rollback 
and commit if the server version is 4.1.0 and above, old version logic cleaned 
up as well and still functional. *  [...]
      adds  a652b21   dbdimp.c  - Fix to dbd_st_execute to return -1 if 
imp_sth->row_num is (my_ulonglong)    -1 t/ak-dbd.t t/akmist.t  - Added Drop 
table statements to ak-dbd and akmisc tests prior to table    creation
      adds  09051be   Working fix for issues with a error handling bug (proper 
error value when a $sth->execute fails on a select of a 8-gig table):
      adds  bcda999   maybe fix for auto_reconnect bug whereby autoreconnct 
would only work the first time -- after that the auto reconnects would fail 
because the attribute was not being preserved.
      adds  486f289   Make inclusion of last_insert_id  optional rather than 
requireing a later version of DBI.
      adds  c2fe3c4   Getting ready for release.
      adds  c87fb15   * Fix to for old API call for numfields that 
caused   warnings on 40numrows and akmisc tests * Fix to bind_ph to throw an 
error if trying to bind a non-numeric   value as numeric * Better fix for 
dealing with error condition in $sth->rows()
      adds  8ae2c59   more changes to dbdimp.c - see Changelog
      adds  4bf0e3d   new version # in, 2.9007
      adds  77d4db1   Documentation modifications
      adds  1f1b7b8   One more small fix to rows found during testing of 
release -  - When there's an error with syntax, the value of imp_sth->row_num 
is    (my_ulonglong) -2  - When the error is due to a memory error, the value 
of imp-sth->row_num is    (my_ulonglong) -1
      adds  e702e67   removed -E<gt>-> escapse from the pod
      adds  5b5720b   reset errorno before a fetch to prevent it from showing 
up on the wrong sth.
      adds  557deaa   Changelog updates.
      adds  0417e5e   Getting ready for 2.9008 release.
      adds  7b75f80   Moving mysql-3_0000 to trunk prior to release
      adds  84c3098   removing copied directory
      adds  7e37731   Committing Changes for DBD::mysql 3.000
      adds  969048a   Fixes to Makefile.PL and dbdimp.c for windows (Thanks to 
Steve Hay)
      adds  c482fd4   More changes prior to 3.0001 release, including Changelog
      adds  8f6f546   Removed //-comments from mysql.xs and dbdimp.c
      adds  31de89e   Fix for the runtime error when inserting single and 
double quotes in emulated prepared statements
      adds  8a0f12f   Added notes to Changelog
      adds  09118a7   Added test to MANIFEST
      adds  eef68e8   Small fix to make sure MYSQL_BIND is only defined for >= 
      adds  551a202   Changelog update and version in module file increment 
      adds  e234672   small change to Changelog
      adds  7a2cce4   Making sure everything is up to date in trunk
      adds  c725874   1. Fixed problem with mysql_stmt_execute failure not 
being cleared 2. Added test from Martin Evans to test #1 3. Added eg dir 4. 
Removed old driver code See Changelog for full changes info
      adds  883213c   More fixes to deal with new syntax. See changelog
      adds  8a0e1b5   Added Martin Evan's patch for for skipping a test 
if a variable is set
      adds  6147474   Many changes in preparation for 3.0003 and 3.0003_1
      adds  aa530e7   Removed unused SV variable
      adds  6832c2b   Updated pod documentation for both trunk and dev 3.0 
      adds  5825f26   Various clean-ups
      adds  34be048   documentation changes
      adds  1c3fe8a   Added 35prepare test to MANIFEST
      adds  5f19aaa   commit prior to tag
      adds  f598240   Committing changes for DBD::mysql release 3.0007 and 
      adds  6949e5d   Fixes for 3.0007_2 release.
      adds  35cdeb0   Comitting:
      adds  b1a0fee   Added fixes to dbd_st_describe that fix segfault on 
mod_perl (fbind and bind were not allocated)
      adds  e45922d   Changed dev branch to have prepared statements off by 
      adds  2a99d4c   This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 
      adds  0f17274   For 3.0 Development branch: ran 'indent -kr -i8' on 
dbdimp.c & dbimp.h. Next step: apply server-side prepare patch from Patrick 
Galbraith to original dbdimp.c and dbdimp.h & run indent on that & check in. 
This way we get everything using kr style before doing any other development on 
this branch instead of having n (>= 3) different bracing styles in dbdimp.c & 
      adds  9a159c4   Patch from atrick Galbraith <> which adds 
support for server-side prepare when using later version of mysql
      adds  ae60934   Part of the server-side prepare patch.
      adds  f2f116a   credit server-side prepare patch.
      adds  4d53edf   suppress duplicate funcion detected warnings.
      adds  d0131b9   Pull version numbvers from CVS tags
      adds  7d6f839   added t/35* test files
      adds  24d96fd   That was too easy a fix. I knew it that should not have 
worked :). Now how to silance those pesky warnings?
      adds  2edb9eb   Tell mysql client libraries to read my.cnf.
      adds  4ee6b6e   Log changees.
      adds  d74b0b6   Make DBD::mysql 3.0 require DBI 1.41
      adds  abe3677   stop dbdimp.h from getting sucked in more than once.
      adds  461827c   Start of code re-org.
      adds  5a65183   And early implementation of the script that will be used 
to generate type_info.c
      adds  fff0bb7   moved placement of the definition of client_flags to the 
head of the function so as to be able to remove a bare block that was almost 
the entire function, and removed one level of indent.
      adds  ab634cd   Added support for named place holders. This probably 
breaks server-side prepare but this is a good stopping place. This also breaks 
the LIMIT placeholder detection code thereby breaking some tests in the limit.t.
      adds  ef26946   1. Broke out commit functions from dbdimp.c to simplify 
some of the large case    statements. -- This needs to be cleaned up a bit... 
2. cleaned up several case statements a little, but they still need a few    
more passes to be made 'clean'
      adds  896678e   Update changelong and TODO.
      adds  73e02dc   Just some more code compression -- Most of it will need 
to be refactored away, but this is still  a step close to where I want to be.
      adds  34471f8   rough draft of primary_key_info & versioning change  -- 
sucks the date of the build into the version number now.
      adds  7a96d54   A little more code compression... Good ci point.
      adds  f388568   fix typo: primarky_key_info --> primary_key_info
      adds  606f0ff   More things TODO
      adds  2a67e69   Added $sth->{ParamValues}
      adds  200043b   More stuff todo
      adds  fca3d43   starting to decouple protocol41 support from prepared 
statement support
      adds  6ca80ff   first pass at cleaning up prepare.
      adds  f9c816b   fix a bit of backward logic
      adds  19460ac   Got this to work with rewriteing underlying sql statement 
to ? instead of $1s This needs more testing and stuff. But it passes test 
      adds  1e52754   more stuff todo
      adds  ceafff4   simplified bind_ph a tad.
      adds  5d948d0   real_prepare instead of protocol41 change.
      adds  a08bdba   you know, a pointer rarely goes false... deref point 
before checking for \0
      adds  9d0e7bf   Got server-side prepare hacked to work again.
      adds  fb33a02   Made quote use pointers to functions on a type by type 
      adds  91f0f03   ran though indent to fix up some cut & paste formatting 
      adds  1e95ce8   Restructured the code some more. Among other things: - 
removed exta lines in function header comments. - removed preallocation of bind 
structures in prepare..   This can be done in bind_ph - prepare gets metadata 
and stores it to imp_sth. (although the phs should have   a pointer into the 
metadata array so there is no need to index into to it from   any other 
function. just phs->metadata.member; - made bind_ph look much nicer. Of course, 
at some point this will need  [...]
      adds  95ca153   added a bind pointer to the phs struct and a metadata 
pointer to the imp_dbh strict. also removed the need to pass in bind to 
      adds  d961630   Clean up prototype & call for rewrite_placeholders. Have 
rewrite_plcaholders update imp_sth->phc instead of making the caller do it Have 
the phs->bind index into imp_sth->bind[]
      adds  2a44b33   Added support for bein_work() Changed some of the way 
memory was allocated/freed. changed place_holder_count to phc in 
prescan_statement added comments moved code around. &c., &c., &c.
      adds  0a6c0f3   Removed legacy imp_dbh->has_transactions as this driver 
no longer supports msql
      adds  96f721f   cleaned up some formatting in dbdimp.h, removed some 
unused structs  & changed a function call so that it no longer passed in unused 
      adds  d77c261   removed dbd_st_FETCH_internal. removed ST_FETCH_AV macro 
& replaced it with the ST_BUILD_AV marro which does the work of both. Not too 
happy with the macro/this route... Revist later.
      adds  3f5b0cc   was moved to type_info.c not needed in here anymore
      adds  e2a5f1f   Some code reorg. and get prepared statemets to work 
again... Still needs to be cleaned up wrt malloc/free & execute warnings need 
to be cleaned up.
      adds  88a6fdc   more todo
      adds  7198125   added support for 
      adds  9007d89   wordos noticed by: "Decker, Gero" <>.
      adds  905cbc4   fix a typo in the option decoding, and fix last_insert_id 
to work with fixed versions of DBI
      adds  38f6046   fix defn of last_insert_id so that it works with later 
verson of DBI
      adds  22d1cfe   Added undocumented --ikwiad option.
      adds  f42a686   1. remove includde of 2. add 
      adds  69a5ce1   updated to work with new prepared statement api names
      adds  72d21d1   updates
      adds  19d6742   Remove test that were re-written to use Test::More.
      adds  6af6f20   This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 
      adds  80031c9   Commit to Dev-2_9 prepared statements and mysql embedded 
server support
      adds  2fdf466   Manifest needed to have dirs removed changed insertid 
from unsigned long to my_ulonglong per support issue 3477 added missing 
      adds  2d97fce   working on merging 2.9005 and Ranger's fixes
      adds  c79ca83   SvPv changed to correct SvPV
      adds  cbcf54d   entries in changelog needed for announcement for Dev-2_9 
and 2.9005_x
      adds  4c83bbe   Cleaned up formatting changes so that this can be merged 
      adds  6007b05   Merged changes from last release version
      adds  1f35f75   removed mtest.
      adds  97eff05   expurgated the t/mysql.mtest line
      adds  6cc9adc   fixed typo & warning. *testchar should have been testchar 
-- and now it is.
      adds  a3d183c   Getting ready to spin up a release.
      adds  b4fcc91   Updates to prepared statement code - Hand-merged fixes 
from 2.900x - Fix to turn of mysql_server_prepare if the SQL statement is a 
SHOW command   (SHOW commands not supported in prepared statement API), added 
test to     35prepare.t - Added test to 35limit to test if malicious SQL can be 
inserted in a   placeholder - Various cleanup, fixes to Makefile for embedded 
and prepared options
      adds  654cbf2   Changed version number
      adds  4fbb685   See Changelog: - modified Stas Beckman patch for 
take_imp_data - new test for take_imp_data - only runs if DBI >= 1.49 - removed 
mysql test for obvious reasons
      adds  7162cfe   typo bugs fixed, initialised 'rows' with 0
      adds  63f4755   * Added patch from Stas Beckman for new DBI feature 
take_imp_data, needed   for DBI::Pool * Fix to for old API call 
for numfields that caused   warnings on 40numrows and akmisc tests * Fix to 
bind_ph to throw an error if trying to bind a non-numeric   value as numeric * 
Better fix for dealing with error condition in $sth->rows()
      adds  c87dd8c    * Added patch from Stas Beckman for new DBI feature 
take_imp_data, needed    for DBI::Pool   * Fix to for old API call 
for numfields that caused     warnings on 40numrows and akmisc tests   * Fix to 
bind_ph to throw an error if trying to bind a non-numeric     value as numeric  
 * Better fix for dealing with error condition in $sth->rows()   * Fix to 
bind_param to throw error when trying to bind a non-numeric as     numeric
      adds  159e842   Preparation for beta release
      adds  290cbdc   Testing commit with a small copyright change
      adds  59fbe6c   Added fixes from 2.9008
      adds  af87432   Copying Dev-2_9 to Dev-3_0
      adds  e4e7b3d   Changes for 3.0000_0 release, windows issues fixed 
(Thanks to Steve Hay for windows fixes)
      adds  0937d8c   More fixes to Makefile.PL
      adds  fca5e80   More changes prior to 3.0001_0 release, including 
      adds  a7367c2   Removed //-comments from mysql.xs
      adds  39926df   Removed //-comments from dbdimp.c
      adds  fa0288e   Fixed the runtime bug (inserting ' and ")
      adds  9d01f60   Adding test that tests the runtime bug
      adds  f108c5c   small style tweak
      adds  8fd145b   Small fix to Changelog
      adds  83e02f2   Added fix to make sure MYSQL_BIND is not defined if 
client <= 4.1
      adds  0f30f42   Committing work to ready for 3.0002_1
      adds  9184ae0   Saving work in order to tag 3.0002_2
      adds  46c5671   3.0002_4. Better handling of statement handle by 
determining whether it's a dbh or sth.
      adds  fa2f274   Added Guy Harrison's patch for multiple result sets
      adds  a91d335   More work on multiple result sets
      adds  a6637c2   See changelog... pending 3.0002_4 release
      adds  dde0d7c   More changes prior to 3.0002_4 release
      adds  09d0729   1. Fixed problem with mysql_stmt_execute failure not 
being cleared 2. Added test from Martin Evans to test #1 3. Added eg dir 4. 
Removed old driver code See Changelog for full changes info
      adds  8754881   More fixes to deal with new syntax. See changelog
      adds  084e318   Small fix to prepare test to make sure the test doesn't 
run against version 4.x
      adds  ae5e45b   Added Martin Evan's patch for for skipping a test 
if a variable is set
      adds  6bbbeee   Many changes in preparation for 3.0003 and 3.0003_1
      adds  314493f   Updated the version to 3.0003_1
      adds  0c978a9   Updated pod documentation for both trunk and dev 3.0 
      adds  cded75c   2006-05-17 Patrick Galbraith < (3.0003_2)  
 * Fix dbd_st_finish which closed the handle prematurely (Martin Evans)   * 
Compile issues (Martin Evans)   * Small change to get utf8 data returned. One 
still has to:       $dbh->do("set character set utf8");       $dbh->do("set 
names utf8");
      adds  9dc60fd   Various clean-ups
      adds  a504be3   documentation changes
      adds  0fd2781   commit prior to tag
      adds  0e4c8f7   Bug #20153: Fetching all data from a statement handle 
does not mark it as finished
      adds  03604d5   Various edits to dbdimp.c,.h, Makefile.PL, test changes
      adds  a19a466   Committing changes for DBD::mysql release 3.0007 and 
      adds  9ab72e9   Fix typos in Makefile.PL (RT#16178, reported by Gavin 
      adds  40caec0   Mention in POD that 'localhost' always means to connect 
via UNIX socket, and must be used for TCP/IP to localhost (RT #14942, 
reported by Alessandro Ranellucci)
      adds  d5fab64   Fix typo in example (missing quote). (RT #15086)
      adds  a6fee2d   Fix documentation for _ListDBs to remove incorrect 
information about limitations of data_sources(). (RT #20843, patch by Ann 
      adds  5f8b609   UTF8 Patch
      adds  d0cf6cc   Fixes for 3.0007_2 release.
      adds  6da5981   Comitting:
      adds  29fa069   fixed cast error to col_type
      adds  44a6900   Added fixes to dbd_st_describe that fix segfault on 
mod_perl (fbind and bind were not allocated)
      adds  db4df56   Changed dev branch to have prepared statements off by 
      adds  99106b7   changed mysql_emulated_prepare to mysql_server_prepare in 
      adds  1d0d8cb   Clarify that to connect to a local server via TCP, you 
must specify the loopback address. (RT#23915)
      adds  75cadc1   Dev-3.0 now trunk
      adds  b147643   * Fixes for sqlstate to work with MySQL 4.0 * Other MySQL 
4.0 fixes * Versioning change * Addition of 4.1 dev
      adds  744fc74   Clarification on version - 4.00
      adds  cd3d04f   * Fixed commented out lines in 80procs.t that called 
procedure * Updated changelog
      adds  b45992a   More fixes from Alexey
      adds  950b3e3   Added missing files (to subversion repo)
      adds  2aca8d5   Fix Bundle::DBD::mysql to only include modules required 
for using DBD::mysql, not the old Mysql package. [ #24096]
      adds  a58d82c   Add support for the primary_key_info method. [ 
      adds  8db8a60   Fix handling of negative integers bound to a column 
marked as SQL_INTEGER. [ #18976], patch from Mike Schilli.
      adds  1bfa553   Remove bogus check for wildcards in the table name given 
to the column_info method. (Bug #22005, reported by Philip Stoev)
      adds  9caf45d   Return a statement handle with an error when column_info 
is called on a table that does not exist. (Bug #23974, patch by Philip Stoev)
      adds  21104d3   Fix t/40bindparam.t to work when ANSI_QUOTES SQL_MODE is 
set. [ #21521], reported by David Wheeler
      adds  fcf8d31   Don't be wishy-washy about reporting why we skipped the 
leaks test.
      adds  d6709cc   Report correct type for decimal columns from MySQL 5.0 
and later [ #18294], reported by Ray Zimmerman
      adds  ecd7133   Removed redundant warnings when commit or rollback is 
called while AutoCommit is enabled. [ #15802], reported by Tyler 
      adds  1545e57   Fix warning when no connection attributes are passed to 
the connect method (Bug #17323, reported by Chris Radcliff and Phil Randal)
      adds  72c2f97   Explicitly initialize the MySQL client library to avoid 
possible race conditions in a multithreaded application. (Bug #21792)
      adds  33af728   Update the hints about what to do when zlib is found 
missing while linking. (Bug #13803, reported by Philip Stoev)
      adds  24cbae4   Make sure to handle "magical" values in a couple of 
places. (Bug #20104)
      adds  0301583   Add regression test for Bug #23936.
      adds  2241894   Fix next version number to be 4.001 instead of 4.01.
      adds  920a18d   Add regression test for Bug #24256.
      adds  3e9cfb8   Fix double-free of bound parameters when freeing 
statements. (Bug #20559)
      adds  4be1734   Do not tell Perl that the contents of binary fields are 
UTF-8. [ #22123], original patch by Joost Diepenmaat
      adds  3abbbac   Add regression test for [ #19212] Mysql 
Unsigned Integer Fields
      adds  466bcee   Make warnings when calling free_*() on NULL be more 
explicit, and only go to the trace log (not stderr).
      adds  fb9331b   Fix handling of signed integer values when using 
server-side prepared statements (they were being forced to unsigned values).
      adds  a76980a   Fix typo in type names (s/middleint/mediumint/)
      adds  27ede83   Fix handling of unsigned integer values in result sets 
when using server-side prepared statements (they were not retrieved at all).
      adds  478feb3   Fix t/42bindparam.t to clean up after itself, and don't 
enable tracing in t/75supported_sql.t (use $ENV{DBI_TRACE} to enable tracing!)
      adds  59101ce   Fix first argument to mysql_server_init() when using 
regular client library.
      adds  32a30ce   * Fixed call in st_fetch to dbd_st_finish that blew away 
subsequent result sets * Cleaned up ISO C warning in mysql.xs * Cleaned up and 
made strict stored proc examples * Added entries to Changelog
      adds  5875501   git-svn-id: 
      adds  d85e31a   Remove commented-out code and spurious line of code that 
doesn't do anything.
      adds  fd2d0b8   Fix (and simplify) version check in t/40types.t
      adds  3aa79dc   Bump version number to 4.002
      adds  304ee97   Add implementation of foreign_key_info(), based on an 
initial implementation by Dave Rolsky and the code to implement similar 
functionalit in Connector/J. Requires versions of MySQL after 5.0.6, since the 
implementation makes use of INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
      adds  6a9e082   Remove unused (and incorrect) list of field names in 
      adds  94a2b88   Return the correct table type for both tables and views 
from the table_info() method. (Bug #26603, based on a patch from Dave Rolsky)
      adds  2d64848   Add mysql_is_auto_increment to results of column_info(). 
(Bug #26603, original patch from Dave Rolsky)
      adds  e547192   * Fixed version to be a string, which was previously a 
float, which caused problems   for certain locales * Fixed bug #23974. 
$dbh->column_info now returns empty arrayref upon table not existing.   Much 
thanks to Tim Bunce for help fixing the probelem in vs. dbdimp.c * 
Removed #ifdefs for do error (sqlstate being passed as last arg depending on 
version) * Fixed insertid test to work with auto_increment_increment 
replication setup. * Patch from Tim Bunce fixi [...]
      adds  d7e8545   Added t/40catalog.t to MANIFEST for 'make dist' to include
      adds  c7fe75b   Fix test for presence of InnoDB (needed for foreign key 
      adds  d6a302f   Rewrite table_info method to support all arguments 
(previously it would only ever return all of the tables in the current 
database, no matter what was specified).
      adds  77f1d38   Fix re-exec of Makefile.PL when forcing $ENV{LANG} to 
'C'. (RT #25233, reported by Slaven Rezic)
      adds  ddd664a   Remove duplicated part of ChangeLog
      adds  b105ab1   * Fix to 40catalog.t changed 77 tests to 75 due to test 
complaining that
      adds  6bbe025   * One can delete a file from CPAN, so no need to bump 
      adds  ac8d8b0   Fix inclusion of non-primary keys in primary_key_info. 
(Bug #26786, reported and patch by Dave Rolsky)
      adds  0c1e9da   Restore tests that Patrick accidently dropped from 
      adds  7548f45   Add support for mysql_multi_statements connection option. 
(RT #12322, based on patch from Doug Morris)
      adds  6c3c0c3   Add new test to MANIFEST, and fix version number in 
documentation for new option (thanks to Paul DuBois).
      adds  bd7939d   Remove redundant debug message, and move remaining one 
out from between a function call and it's error checking so it is more apparent 
what is going on.
      adds  a995719   Add support for mysql_warning_count statement handle 
attribute.  (Bug #25457, patch from Philip Stoev)
      adds  cb31deb   Work around a bug in old 3.23 servers by specifying NOT 
NULL for fields used as a primary key in tests. (Bug #20325, reported by Julian 
      adds  53c003b   Fix tests that require post-4.0 features to get skipped 
when running against earlier servers.
      adds  5b22b20    UTF8-Flag not set with flag mysql_enable_utf8 and column 
collation utf8_bin patch,    Joost Diepenmaat, (RT #24738)
      adds  6622cb0   * Converted tests to Test::More
      adds  175ea42   * Changelog entry
      adds  0b8e070   * Fix to dbdimp.h do_error definition
      adds  a5c0d5f   35limit.t converted to Test::More
      adds  f3d3d71   More last-minute fixes prior to release of 4.004 also 
removed dsnlist test, which made no sense and replaced with simple connect test
      adds  11e8d4f   fix to 35limit.t, set # of tests to correct #
      adds  39ee21c   * Removed all dbis->debug replaced with DBIc_TRACE_LEVEL 
* Test cleanups * Removed execess debug code * Changed version
      adds  5481709   * Modification to Rainer Waikusat's patch to 
      adds  9a5d26a   * Removed all 'FindNewTable' calls in the tests. The 
problem with this is that it   #1 makes it hard to debug tests with all the 
calls to find a new table in the db,   #2 often litters the test db with tons 
of randomly named dbs.
      adds  95fe307   * Added Changelog entries
      adds  70dd73f   * Small clean-up
      adds  6f5093d   Preparations for 4.006
      adds  b6c7d0e   Made sure MANIFEST is up to date Updated ChangeLog
      adds  936dd48   Removed trace log
      adds  b247fc9   Took out mysql_server_init call in #else block when 
EMBEDDED SERVER is not compiled in
      adds  33a34f7   Update to changelog
      adds  5632351   Added 71impdata test, - changing tests to error our if 
can't connect - took out code that loops through to include when simple 
use lib/require suffices
      adds  62db2af   Still in the process of converting tests to Test::More
      adds  5e318ac   In process of re-writing test suit to use Test::More
      adds  61c5fd9   More tests - renamed
      adds  564e961   Converted utf8 test to Test::More. One more test to go
      adds  e539708   warnings.t cleaned up - was already using Test::More
      adds  6f65180   Entire test suit now re-written to use Test::More!
      adds  9b3d707   Updated ChangeLog, changed Makefile.PL to use current 
user as default user when running 'make test'
      adds  7ea6e82   Final tweaks
      adds  7925557   Changelog update
      adds  1bc10cd   Disabled TAKE_IMP_DATA for now.
      adds  ae93afc   Added test for segfault - TAKE_IMP_DATA code causes 
segfaults for DBI versions < 1.607. Disabled now until better solution can be 
      adds  c418103   Multi statement patch from Chris Heath 
      adds  0b33341   Added changelog entry
      adds  11a6c1c   Cleanups to make mysqlEmb work under Cygwin - Thanks to 
Chris Rodgers <> !
      adds  fc6e84d   Disabled and modified tests for < 4.1
      adds  7058ca7   Trying to re-enable TAKE_IMP* functionality
      adds  35f35d4   Making sure codebase is up to date
      adds  47c2ccf   Committing 4.009
      adds  e4c7dc7   Version 4.010, fix to dbd_bind_ph() unitialized 
buffer_length -
      adds  1596478   Fixes for bugs 43822 and 42723
      adds  cd24042   Changed version , 4.011 ;)
      adds  c0c7845   Added missing files
      adds  775da62   'false' not defined on all platforms
      adds  ef87e45   Added test scripts
      adds  711117a   Last minute changes
      adds  02e27f1   2009-06-18 Patrick Galbraith <> (4.012)
      adds  1537f52   Updating README
      adds  6a18c6b   Tagging existing trunk
      adds  ea1fb8e   Added patch for null handling server-side prepared 
statements bug 49719
      adds  d199a7f   Fixed handling of comments using emulated prepared 
      adds  b179a26   Bug 53844, Fix for memory leak in stats. Patch from 
Gregory Burmistrov
      adds  cc723bc   Bumped version from 4.012 to 4.013
      adds  2625287   Fixed bugs 53844, 49484, 55627
      adds  4b46910   BUG 51784, Fix for mysqladmin on Windows in Makefile 
(Zeeshan Muhammad)
      adds  557b0a2   * BUG 41630, Typo in Makefile
      adds  2fe22fd   Had to define "true" and "false" for Linux.
      adds  a82a5dd   Updated changelog for true/false addition
      adds  6e296ab   Added back missing subversion changes for 4.013
      adds  4f3ba7c   BUG #56665 fixed t/40blobs.t when no DB present
      adds  006c19c   BUG #57253 Fixed iteration past end of string (crash)
      adds  c9b8b9a   Added plan to else block upon connection success (BUG 
      adds  1474dcb   Readying Release 4.015
      adds  e0251b6   Modifications to MANIFEST for 4.015 release
      adds  5e9b062   Release 4.016: Turned off mysql_bind_type_guessing
      adds  fc9c636   Release of 4.017
      adds  5c51b4e   Add async tests (incomplete)
      adds  3601522   Implement async functionality
      adds  f15f99c   Fix bug (sth, not dbh)
      adds  881f77c   Remove fprintf statement
      adds  7ae2276   Refactor mysql_async_ready
      adds  fff084f   Refactor mysql_async_result
      adds  6b255d3   Make mysql_async_result + fetch safe
      adds  172a512   Set a statement as active in an async query
      adds  f3d7ce0   Remove async check from disconnect
      adds  2076df1   Remove disconnect test
      adds  09b2446   Use async helper function in finish impl
      adds  5c50e02   Add async check before fetchall_hashref
      adds  93a9c27   Add async handling behavior to rows
      adds  fbf228e   Fixed up some error messages
      adds  1714aca   Clean up sth in test script
      adds  737bca6   Test mysql_async_result error message
      adds  38fa6cf   Remove diag message in test
      adds  debc566   Test common methods on statements
      adds  ba970c2   Check sth execute during async dbh do
      adds  7eba176   Add async check to dbd_st_execute
      adds  b4e43fd   Check dbh async do during sth async op
      adds  1659369   Remove comment about something we've already done
      adds  be81690   Check truthiness of mysql_async_result output
      adds  1a0aa8d   Correctly output truthiness in mysql_async_result
      adds  25d49e2   Add tests for statement destruction
      adds  2f5ab6a   Change test sleep time to 2 seconds
      adds  1415138   Add _async_check to DBD::mysql::st
      adds  f0a2562   Test unsafe statement methods
      adds  ce57a6c   Add async check in column binding
      adds  7ba0df6   Add async checks to other statement methods
      adds  758a293   Add statement attribute tests
      adds  6a49d14   Test fetch methods
      adds  a7ef1db   Add documentation for the async interface
      adds  13ce272   Don't store mysql_send_query's return value
      adds  1ad5613   Do a little refactoring
      adds  009a4cb   Move async check out of conditionally compiled section
      adds  8e81923   work in progress
      adds  e66fa61   Fixed an issue with version check on foreign_key_info
      adds  c1d24c8   Slight modifications for the async patch, as well as 
fixes for the catalogue test
      adds  5d5a302   Hand-editing in the changes that didn't get pushed for 
      adds  9faab41   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  8243c22   Fixed compile warnings for picky compiler, merge with 
async patch
      adds  2babbad   Updated version to 4.019, updated Changelog
      adds  a0cef8f   Enable environment variables for installation options, 
add docs to POD.
      adds  7690483   Merge branch 'amiri'
      adds  538953a   Merged in Amiri Barksdale's patch for enviroment 
variables for Makefile.PL
      adds  d1e52ae   fixed t/40catalog.t fail
      adds  92e432b   Merge pull request #6 from nihen/t40catalog_test_fail
      adds  7130b5f   leak test fail at first assinment $prev_size over paging
      adds  ac7cb34   Merge pull request #7 from nihen/t60leaks_test_fail
      adds  44a9a49   fixed mysql_server_prepare=1 prepare execute execute fail
      adds  a2da3a3   Merge pull request #8 from 
      adds  f7383ea   mysql_server_prepare do fail reconnect
      adds  ccc9c57   fixed mysql_server_prepare do fail reconnect
      adds  ce03906   Merge pull request #9 from 
      adds  b1b72de   add Out of memory fail test
      adds  85bca2e   memory alloc from max_length
      adds  8e6f5e1   oops max_length %lu miss insert
      adds  b5e5f5e   Merge pull request #10 from 
      adds  85a524b   add mysql_server_prepare utf8 fail test
      adds  3901c2c   fixed mysql_server_prepare utf8 fail test
      adds  acc7dd0   oops, incorrect mysql_server_prepare arg
      adds  3d9959f   remove original decode
      adds  3d0a2c9   Merge branch 'mysql_server_prepare_big_memory_alloc' into 
      adds  3da1e93   Merge pull request #11 from 
      adds  dee64cf   add mysql_server_prepare chopblanks fail test
      adds  bcc451f   fixed mysql_server_prepare chopblanks fail
      adds  585022e   better performance
      adds  b247f34   Merge branch 'mysql_server_prepare_decode_utf8_text' into 
      adds  00ac81f   Merge pull request #12 from 
      adds  1158786   updated changelog, small compiler warning fix
      adds  0f4f587   no poll.h on Windows
      adds  7813254   declare minimum required perl version for DBD::mysql
      adds  4d0dd7b   better variable to check for Windows
      adds  94595e8   better metadata
      adds  519ddd0   Merge pull request #4 from chorny/master
      adds  aae097e   Finalize version
      adds  2c7cc6a   Update lib/DBD/
      adds  f7dff4d   Merge pull request #18 from Perlover/patch-1
      adds  0a7cb88   Eliminate most cases of DBIS usage
      adds  e0ef3b2   Eliminate most cases of DBILOGFP usage
      adds  4786464   Eliminate more dbis and DBILOGFP uses
      adds  85c3b7c   Merge pull request #22 from ilmari/eliminate-dbis
      adds  dd04b9d   Apply patch from RT #68112. Fixes #23.
      adds  7cc3666   Merge pull request #24 from bluefeet/master
      adds  41c2a0e   Fix missprint in doc of DBD::mysql of 
      adds  ec74ef4   Merge pull request #19 from Perlover/patch-2
      adds  14afb12   Separate ldflags from libs
      adds  a14f7af   Fix spurious error message saying AutoCommit is not 
supported when MySQL error occurs
      adds  7cc440c   declar mysql_st_next_results() before use
      adds  d9bf647   do not try to printf "%d" an SV*
      adds  fd02489   Merge pull request #25 from chipdude/master
      adds  2903e7a   data is null, allocate big memory bug.
      adds  9d7d4e8   Merge pull request #13 from nihen/blob_null_fail
      adds  d34212f   server_preapre can't bind placeholder on comment.
      adds  de3fe54   Merge pull request #14 from 
      adds  e9fbb0a   Fix AutoCommit comparison logic to avoid spurious 
commands to mysql
      adds  75d2143   Merge pull request #27 from wolfsage/fix-autocommit
      adds  5acbdcb   Version 4.022
      adds  0bd2d36   Fixed column_info's return value order.
      adds  3a972fe   Merge pull request #28 from 
      adds  67a8c89   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  1b54e79   Updated docs with info on building on OSX, updated META 
file with correct vers.
      adds  9b80b87   version check for ExtUtils::MakeMaker fails because of 
lack of 'eval' when defining VERSION in ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.57_05
      adds  6e75c2e   Merge pull request #31 from 9re/master
      adds  6044f7e   Debug to solve why prepared statements converts -1 into 
      adds  95d3301   Fixed more_results, unit-test by Alexey Melezhik, code by Andrey Zapariy
      adds  3d12449   Merge pull request #33 from zhurs/master
      adds  728392d   Removed debug not needed
      adds  9a2f3c3   allow compilation with msvc
      adds  9b87735   Merge branch 'msvc-fix' of into wchristian-msvc-fix
      adds  5cf1d33   just to set MYSQL_OPT_WRITE_TIMEOUT and 
      adds  2d4c820   Merge pull request #36 from 
      adds  4a44739   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  36431d2   Found call to trace needed to be removed for public 
      adds  2ff0f35   Fix primary_key_info result ordering
      adds  b6038db   Merge pull request #39 from ilmari/primary_key_info_order
      adds  6d3b1e6   Updated changelog with various pull requests!
      adds  bf237c0   Issue with sprintf in Makefile.PL on Windows.
      adds  6370c64   Merge pull request #40 from mbeijen/RT82768
      adds  33be99b   POD fixes.
      adds  9c751db   Merge pull request #41 from mbeijen/RT77043
      adds  e0104a1   Minor spelling fixes.
      adds  aefa5ac   Merge pull request #42 from mbeijen/RT77044
      adds  1916749   Fix memory leak if mysql_server_prepare is enabled.
      adds  e9749be   Merge pull request #43 from mbeijen/RT76462
      adds  cc37a67   Changed docs to point to new repo at
      adds  a104d01   Clarified documentation and bumped version for next 
      adds  1b8d4e0   Clarified documentation
      adds  ffbd3d8   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  57c998d   Fixed permissions on files.
      adds  876d240   Merge pull request #1 from mbeijen/fix-file-permissions
      adds  9338b00   Update support information.
      adds  181fff7   Merge pull request #4 from mbeijen/update-lists
      adds  22d7b64   Update github location.
      adds  29bb37d   Merge pull request #5 from mbeijen/git-location
      adds  0e91093   Fixed some typos.
      adds  09ee6b3   Merge pull request #2 from mbeijen/dsteinbrunner-typos
      adds  7d6cbb8   Fixed test 70takeimp warning.
      adds  9f9ea0d   Merge pull request #10 from mbeijen/70takeimp
      adds  dbeb2e7   Better diagnostics for 80procs.t
      adds  327695d   Merge pull request #9 from 
      adds  31209e3   Fix #64013: INSTALL.pod is shown with 'man install'
      adds  b4db76a   Merge pull request #8 from mbeijen/RT64013-INSTALL-pod
      adds  113e932   Added 'testport' to keys in Makefile.PL
      adds  fff5b1d   Merge pull request #7 from mbeijen/RT83492
      adds  596b9e2   Made test t/87async.t not stop on Win32.
      adds  a247abd   Merge pull request #6 from mbeijen/fix-87-async-win32
      adds  eea6ba0   Dist related improvements.
      adds  0fcdf34   Merge pull request #3 from mbeijen/make-improvements
      adds  bac59bd   Fixed the chopblanks test. Prepared statement API 
changed, not officially supported
      adds  80e88e0   Move query cleanup/error reporting out of conditional #if
      adds  73329a3   Merge pull request #11 from 
      adds  f2db9bb   Small dist improvements: Added pod.t etc.
      adds  422164a   Merge pull request #12 from mbeijen/small-improvements
      adds  b32c068   Updated ChangeLog with changes per git
      adds  feaf555   Added .travis.yml file.
      adds  7b190f5   Merge pull request #13 from mbeijen/travis
      adds  c8f23b7   Added test file for rt85919.
      adds  69ff03f   Merge pull request #15 from mbeijen/fetch-lost-connection
      adds  f10fd2d   Change environment variables for extended tests.
      adds  95abdb9   Merge pull request #14 from mbeijen/lancaster
      adds  3aebc4e   Added test dependency
      adds  a5c7ca2   Merge branch 'ProcProcessTable' of into mbeijen-ProcProcessTable
      adds  a81744e   Bumped version for inevitable next release.
      adds  ced859f   Removed duplicate links, format URLs as link.
      adds  33707ab   Reformat copyright list, split LICENSE to separate 
      adds  5fee7fc   Improved cpan client instructions, removed 
Data::ShowTable, which is not a dependency.
      adds  b0b9739   Removed obsolete info.
      adds  17b77d1   Merge pull request #17 from mbeijen/doc-improvements
      adds  f9511b9   Corrected Travis deps.
      adds  5c390cc   Corrected POD.
      adds  c9422d2   Fix example in POD doc for NUM_OF_FIELDS - RT36730
      adds  22d10f4   Fixed examples.
      adds  7208ce4   Merge pull request #18 from mbeijen/RT36730-num-of-fields
      adds  434205d   Added test for RT83494
      adds  6422bba   No temp files or build files in MANIFEST.
      adds  4a2d029   skip stored procedure tests unless we have the correct 
      adds  e948a94   Updated changes for RT83348; small change to patch
      adds  d73eaa5   Fix POD for the mysql_init_command
      adds  6fbe04d   Added ChangeLog entry for mysql_init_command doc fix.
      adds  1acbf94   Removed version from example
      adds  72a8748   Synced version in Bundle with DBD
      adds  8d92fbe   Fixed name in POD.
      adds  d9c30b1   Moved OSX instructions to INSTALL.pod.
      adds  508e53d   Removed INSTALL.html, moved installation info from README 
to POD.
      adds  13c64f3   This is still needed in Makefile.PL
      adds  b92e2a6   Render link as link, not as code example.
      adds  ce34653   eval $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION requires because old 
ExtUtils::MakeMaker does not eval by itself
      adds  6e9f3b5   Use 'localhost' if testport is set and no testhost
      adds  3c50975   Set auto_increment_offset explicitly in tests.
      adds  3f697d0   Return warning count also on DBH.
      adds  991e53a   Merge pull request #20 from 
      adds  7d90e71   Fix to 
Tests next on my list.
      adds  13de380   Added .mailmap file.
      adds  e61fbed   Fix manifest.
      adds  e250d6b   Improve documentation.
      adds  83cd6ff   Improved Bundle description, it does not "include all 
that is needed."
      adds  b30979c   Skip correct number of tests if server does not do 
      adds  86e875b   Improved database version check so tests run correctly on 
MariaDB 10.
      adds  cca32f1   Added test for RT45684.
      adds  a7aa5bd   Minimum perl version is now 5.8.1, just as for DBI.
      adds  e1514f6   Added test for RT29363.
      adds  99212e0   Use 'use strict; use warnings;' everywhere.
      adds  c58a118   Remove redundant 'require 5.008_001' and 'use vars' 
      adds  5548a97   Require perl 5.8.1 in Makefile.PL too
      adds  964e5a1   Merge pull request #22 from ilmari/misc-cleanups
      adds  2fce093   Fix method redefinition warnings in threads on Perl >= 
      adds  c27c943   Merge pull request #21 from ilmari/thread-driver-warning
      adds  e9f5b8d   Fixed issue with non-lexical variable in base test, as 
well as uninitialized variable in catalog test
      adds  01cbb45   Test for memory fix for RT86153, cleanups to indentation 
      adds  aabdf28   Added test for
      adds  0f426de   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  580d8de   Bail if connect fails early on, per suggestion RT31823
      adds  dce6916   Updates prior to release in documentation
      adds  c48bf29   updated test deps for travis.
      adds  e47472e   Removed references to mSQL.
      adds  4a2f3bc   Added test for MANIFEST.
      adds  4382efc   Better env settings for travis
      adds  aa6b66f   Added test for rt50304 - column_info and ().
      adds  007cb38   Removed obsolete sections, modified statements for ppm.
      adds  e3e1c2c   Extended instructions.
      adds  c36bc9f   Fixed typo.
      adds  25152b2   English improvements, thanks to @mjegh for noticing!
      adds  e6c50a6   Removed installation information from DBD::mysql
      adds  43d1e6f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  521c4d0   Fixed conflict that I thought was resolved
      adds  1b1e5f3   fix whatis entry of README.pod
      adds  ca867f8   Added change, upped version number for next release.
      adds  7dd8c59   Improved test code.
      adds  7cb6007   Updated manifest files.
      adds  90acd3e   Commented out failing test on MySQL 5.1.x. RT91202.
      adds  1c5894f   Fix for rt91202 to work with 5.1
      adds  a4fbbed   Fix and test for RT91715
      adds  8507172   Feature from Jacob Gelbman at cPanel
      adds  ebfb52c   Updated ChangeLog for release
      adds  bfad6d2   Revert "fix whatis entry of README.pod"
      adds  c76f9d9   Updated changelog, upped version number to 4.027.
      adds  f4c7980   Skip tests if test database is not present-RT92330
      adds  0f6c48c   Added changelog for Zefram's fix. Working on release.
      adds  c58a383   Added more info on OS X issues, fixed warnings with OS X 
pedantic compiler settings
      adds  78bf28f   Updated ChangeLog
      adds  a29c0a0   find mysql.h for MariaDB on Win32
      adds  8c207be   Merge pull request #24 from plicease/mariadb
      adds  4044c65   RT #97570: fix wrong salloc free in 
      adds  c570f90   Fix RT #97625 use-after-free in mysql_dr_error, and #86153
      adds  135260e   Merge pull request #25 from rurban/master
      adds  426fdfc   Update
      adds  dea4fb6   Merge pull request #23 from katyavoid/patch-1
      adds  4b66f8a   Fix RT #97625 use-after-free in mysql_dr_error, and #86153
      adds  a179896   Merge pull request #26 from rurban/rt-97625
      adds  47a7427   Various pull requests merged and a fix to mysql.xs
      adds  3e09017   Changes to Changelog
      adds  a56ae87   fix use-after-free crash in RT #97625
      adds  f551659   Merge pull request #28 from bigio/master
      adds  fc64cd8   WIP testcase fb fb109733
      adds  49e7f10   add testcase for use-after-free crash in RT #97625
      adds  df58d60   fix use-after-free crash in RT #97625
      adds  283c5df   Merge branch 'fb109733' of into rurban-fb109733
      adds  c5e4ddc   Merge branch 'rurban-fb109733'
      adds  fd6161c   Added patch from Milan Ĺ orm <> for work on 
      adds  05258df   Use local variable consistently
      adds  aaf5afd   First stab at exposing libmysql's Fabric support to Perl
      adds  42d6306   Merge pull request #29 from tsee/master
      adds  6d85a16   Added a fix to create the test database if not exists
      adds  94a67a6   Updated changelog
      adds  24880ed   Cleanup of create table db handle
      adds  a7adc4c   Needed to take the disconnect out of a test
      adds  6e2c015   Trying to get Travis to be happy.
      adds  e7b29c8   another stab at "create if not exists test"
      adds  ec78ce5   Realized there is no need for connecting to test schema. 
I_S works fine.
      adds  0424f3b   Trying schema creation before connect test
      adds  fd6f5b4   Realized MANIFEST was missing new test
      adds  484d1f0   'use DBI;' instead of 'use DBI();' in POD.
      adds  d7bf9bd   No shebangs in tests.
      adds  090dc7b   Added more info resources to dist.
      adds  253a8e7   Added dep to Test::Simple 0.90 just as DBI has.
      adds  7744fad   No extended testing on travis.
      adds  6e65808   Remove OLD installation instructions for win32
      adds  721723f   Modified tests to handle connection problems better
      adds  5eb348a   Prepared statement version check changes
      adds  dadca83   Fix MYSQL_DATA_TRUNCATED processing in server side 
prepared statements
      adds  f89047f   Fix catalog tests for mysql 5.6+
      adds  ff67b2c   Prevent undef warning in DbiError
      adds  41c87e2   Correct old style DBILOGFP entries
      adds  f5e2535   Made t/05dbcreate.t test work on remote databases
      adds  78736dd   Made sure tests can be run in parallel
      adds  8dcd325   Fix for Windows and bug 68374 (bit type)
      adds  d5fe102   Merge pull request #32 from perl5-dbi/bugs/68374
      adds  32823eb   Fix build under Visual Studio
      adds  704f6cf   Merge pull request #33 from stevenh/master
      adds  99b8e35   Bit type test added
      adds  67a5b02   Updated MANIFEST, ChangeLog
      adds  5186f75   Fix t/90no-async.t after test file changes
      adds  454e09f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  a8f6635   Only use mysql_config to determine certain params
      adds  c9c0777   Test case for mysql_server_prepare & bit type
      adds  c83c90c   Added test for Username and Password as attributes
      adds  602d5cd   Added Travis badge
      adds  09b2e7e   Test suite improvements
      adds  b8e8798   Makefile.PL ignores environment variables on Win32
      adds  c697d29   Fixed env variable DBD_MYSQL_CONFIG
      adds  0574a79   Removed unused subs in Makefile.PL
      adds  c007f10   We *know* we have File::Spec
      adds  a724aef   We already "used" File::Copy
      adds  fad38c2   Bump version number, update ChangeLog
      adds  0e7ad6d   SQL_DRIVER_VER did not handle test versions well
      adds  f4fcb9f   no execute bit on tests
      adds  f2e76e1   Connect to database without db in DSN in dbcreate
      adds  0181787   Allow bracketed IPv6 address in connection string
      adds  ba73144   Update changelog
      adds  2e7830a   Updated POD documentation
      adds  2d0e765   Remove temp code from test file
      adds  64362ef   Remove Data::Dumper from test suite
      adds  5fb6dd0   Added release date for 4.030_02.
      adds  ac81af2   Added LICENSE file.
      adds  f3cf143   merged in LICENSE and added Michiel.
      adds  eb53161   Bumped version, made sure entry in Changelog.
      adds  c33e4cd   Nabbed remaining version corrections
      adds  82d61b9   Determine order for the selection to ensure the correct 
row is returned
      adds  f714a6c   Merge pull request #35 from Scimon/fix-rt88006-ordering
      adds  6fe0a1d   reworked bit-prepare test to not insert in reverse
      adds  5877856   Better fix for rt880006-bit-prepare.t
      adds  2abc015   Corrected name of in POD
      adds  40f9691   Merge pull request #36 from dnmfarrell/master
      adds  f1e6168   Added patch for Solaris from Fritz Haubensak RT #102717
      adds  eae8d3b   Fix grammar error in POD
      adds  485b5c4   Merge pull request #50 from mrwacky42/patch-1
      adds  2223817   Small mistake in the installation instruction.
      adds  a23b468   Merge pull request #52 from lushl9301/master
      adds  f0dd694   Add support for connection attributes in MySQL 5.6
      adds  37bb434   Test if the MySQL client version is 5.6.6+
      adds  ee07409   Add minimal docs demonstrating connection attributes.
      adds  5854ca9   Test now fails gracefully if performance_schema is not 
enabled on the server.
      adds  33f6550   Change the version check to check at compile time instead 
of runtime
      adds  fbd04f5   Fix segfault on Linux writing to uninitialized pointer.
      adds  523e4d1   Do not bother iterating over hash if no entries are 
      adds  d026fcc   Merge pull request #54 from dveeden/connattr
      adds  36ff321   Deleted README
      adds  2e821a4   Merge remote-tracking branch 'capttofu/master'
      adds  7529b9b   Also test on perl 5.20 with travis
      adds  f3cbad3   Merge pull request #38 from dveeden/perl_520
      adds  b4df312   Add support for utf8mb4
      adds  529c811   Merge pull request #37 from dveeden/utf8mb4
      adds  97989e2   Added changelog, upped version number
      adds  8e907d8   indented pasted output from 'explain select's so that it 
looks better html-ified (on metacpan, etc)
      adds  1ec96de   Merge pull request #39 from rvandam/improved-pod
      adds  4f99a1c   Getting ready for 4.032_02 release
      adds  bd46c95   Release 4.032
      adds  c8267ec   fix 'create table' query to make it suitable for any kind 
of engine
      adds  30d5e05   Merge pull request #41 from 
      adds  e4bb3e8   net_buffer_length and mysql_get_parameter are not part of 
the official client API and have been removed from MySQL 5.7.9. Use 
mysql_get_option instead.
      adds  32cb9c9   Use macro instead of MySQL version to avoid version 
number confusion between MySQL and forks
      adds  bb33077   @@storage_engine does not work on MySQL 5.7 server
      adds  1c0d4aa   Fixed duplicate variable declaration
      adds  139c378   skip tests if InnoDB is installed but disabled
      adds  7a09e8a   Fix for $stb->{ParamValues} leaks (RT83051)
      adds  275f89d   improved SQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR
      adds  ae61ff6   properly skipping mysql_conn_attrs tests on 5.1
      adds  8db6614   improved documentation for mysql_conn_attrs
      adds  8d104e0   Merge remote-tracking branch 'dbd-mysql/master'
      adds  0514ae4   Merge pull request #42 from berntm/master
      adds  53fe41c   added changelog, upped version number
      adds  ceee88b   Release 4.033
      adds  2042518   Imported Upstream version 4.033
       new  51924b8   Merge tag 'upstream/4.033'
       new  2ba2a51   Update debian/changelog
       new  566b364   Update pod-whatis.patch.
       new  840dab5   Update years of upstream and packaging copyright.
       new  8ac1274   Update Homepage in debian/control.
       new  28a1db1   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  7fd0128   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  6be4abf   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  6c0bbef   Update lintian override (line number).
       new  9f1c09c   debian/rules: drop removal of dbimon*.
       new  c688756   releasing package libdbd-mysql-perl version 4.033-1

The 13 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog                                  |  66 ++++
 LICENSE                                    | 375 ++++++++++++++++++
 MANIFEST                                   |   5 +
 META.json                                  |  12 +-
 META.yml                                   |   8 +-
 Makefile.PL                                | 317 ++++------------
 README.pod                                 |   2 +
 dbdimp.c                                   | 233 +++++++++---
 dbdimp.h                                   |  17 +
 debian/changelog                           |  16 +-
 debian/control                             |   6 +-
 debian/copyright                           |  19 +-
 debian/libdbd-mysql-perl.lintian-overrides |   2 +-
 debian/patches/pod-whatis.patch            |   6 +-
 debian/rules                               |   1 -
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-files          |   2 +
 debian/upstream/metadata                   |   5 +
 eg/                             |   6 +-
 lib/Bundle/DBD/                    |   2 +-
 lib/DBD/                           | 591 ++++++++++++++---------------
 lib/DBD/mysql/                   |  13 +-
 lib/DBD/mysql/INSTALL.pod                  | 143 ++-----
 mysql.xs                                   |  16 +-
 t/00base.t                                 |   7 +-
 t/05dbcreate.t                             |  26 ++
 t/10connect.t                              |  76 +++-
 t/15reconnect.t                            |   8 +-
 t/20createdrop.t                           |  12 +-
 t/25lockunlock.t                           |  26 +-
 t/29warnings.t                             |   6 +-
 t/30insertfetch.t                          |  35 +-
 t/31insertid.t                             |  19 +-
 t/32insert_error.t                         |  14 +-
 t/35limit.t                                |  28 +-
 t/35prepare.t                              |  32 +-
 t/40bindparam.t                            |  21 +-
 t/40bindparam2.t                           |  20 +-
 t/40bit.t                                  |  54 +++
 t/40blobs.t                                |  20 +-
 t/40catalog.t                              |  35 +-
 t/40keyinfo.t                              |  22 +-
 t/40listfields.t                           |  13 +-
 t/40nulls.t                                |  18 +-
 t/40nulls_prepare.t                        |  19 +-
 t/40numrows.t                              |  30 +-
 t/40server_prepare.t                       |  26 +-
 t/40server_prepare_error.t                 |   6 +-
 t/40types.t                                |   7 +-
 t/41bindparam.t                            |  16 +-
 t/41blobs_prepare.t                        |  35 +-
 t/42bindparam.t                            |  16 +-
 t/43count_params.t                         |  24 +-
 t/50chopblanks.t                           |  27 +-
 t/50commit.t                               |  56 ++-
 t/51bind_type_guessing.t                   |  30 +-
 t/52comment.t                              |  22 +-
 t/53comment.t                              |  23 +-
 t/55utf8.t                                 |  17 +-
 t/60leaks.t                                |  33 +-
 t/65segfault.t                             |   8 +-
 t/65types.t                                |  21 +-
 t/70takeimp.t                              |  17 +-
 t/71impdata.t                              |  14 +-
 t/75supported_sql.t                        |  25 +-
 t/76multi_statement.t                      |  28 +-
 t/80procs.t                                |  17 +-
 t/81procs.t                                |  10 +-
 t/85init_command.t                         |   6 +-
 t/86_bug_36972.t                           |  19 +-
 t/87async.t                                |   7 +-
 t/88async-multi-stmts.t                    |   7 +-
 t/89async-method-check.t                   |   7 +-
 t/90no-async.t                             |  14 +-
 t/91errcheck.t                             |   5 +-
 t/99_bug_server_prepare_blob_null.t        |  21 +-
 t/                                   | 195 +---------
 t/manifest.t                               |   2 -
 t/mysql.dbtest                             |   2 -
 t/mysql.mtest                              |  20 +-
 t/rt25389-bin-case.t                       |  11 +-
 t/rt50304-column_info_parentheses.t        |  17 +-
 t/rt83494-quotes-comments.t                |   4 +-
 t/rt85919-fetch-lost-connection.t          | 105 ++---
 t/rt86153-reconnect-fail-memory.t          |  14 +-
 t/rt88006-bit-prepare.t                    |  56 +++
 t/rt91715.t                                |   7 +-
 t/version.t                                |  16 +
 87 files changed, 1839 insertions(+), 1578 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 LICENSE
 create mode 100644 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-files
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/05dbcreate.t
 create mode 100644 t/40bit.t
 create mode 100644 t/rt88006-bit-prepare.t
 mode change 100755 => 100644 t/rt91715.t
 create mode 100644 t/version.t

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