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fsfs pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.054
in repository libpoe-component-client-dns-perl.

        at  ae13c4c   (tag)
   tagging  44bf1543c6293e14fcb97b54bcd72cfb139cb859 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.053
 tagged by  Florian Schlichting
        on  Fri Nov 13 22:18:43 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.054

Brian Fraser (1):
      /etc/hosts in Android is in /system/etc/hosts

Chris 'BinGOs' Williams (1):
      Support Net::DNS 1.03.

Florian Schlichting (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.054

Jonathan Steinert (1):
      Make it safe to have more than one PoCoDNS object.

Michael Smith (1):
      Handle "nameservers" argument to resolve()

Rocco Caputo (78):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
      initial commit
      make the tests not fail on really slow machines
      tweak CHANGES
      move to root
      bump up the version
      fix components so they install
      finalize CHANGES for 0.92 release
      bump version; set answerfrom field if not included by Net::DNS
      update for 0.92 CPAN release
      general revisions
      fix how Net::DNS is used
      Add cvs2cl to the makefile builder so we don't need to manage CHANGES
      Fix my e-mail address. :)
      Eric Cholet discovered that _default was returning 1.  That causes bad
      Removed CHANGES.  Now we use cvs2cl to generate it at distribution
      Add a note to the requirements.  This module must be tested with a
      Shevek reported a problem with getpeername() failing.  I added code to
      Update Copyright years; add contact e-mail.
      Switch to home-brew cvs-log.perl, and update contact e-mail address.
      Committed tag's feature/docs/test for allowing code to pass additional
      Bump the version to 0.95 for release.
      Check /etc/hosts before checking the nameserver.  We still don't do
      Minor style changes.  Nothing important.
      Bump up the version for release.
      Net::DNS::Resolver's bgsend() sometimes fails and returns undef
      Bump release to 0.97.
      Add META.yml to the MANIFEST.
      "Overlord Q" reported a syntax error in the SYNOPSIS.  This change
      Add a saner (currently undocumented) API, and maintain backward
      Remove some unnecessary code from this test.  A previous test was
      Rewrite the documentation to explain the new interface.
      Added the "version 4" interface, which is just a method in front of
      Added new tests to cover the additional public interface.
      Add code to look for /etc/hosts in various other places on Windows
      Bump the version to 0.98 for release, and document the deprecations
      Remove META.yml from MANIFEST.  It seems that "make dist" inserts it
      Cache /etc/hosts (or its equivalent) in memory.  This should save some
      Some systems include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for "localhost".  OS X is
      Bump version for release.
      Update dependencies to match newest modules.
      Force an inode change in the tests, although this doesn't really have
      Make the hosts file size significant when checking for changes.
      Add the CATCH_EXCEPTIONS toggle that lets me catch my own damn errors.
      Belatedly bump up the version.
      Turn on ASSERT_DEFAULT for some of the tests.  Add _stop handlers so
      Fix shutdown().  It was not performing nearly enough cleanup.
      Bump up the version.
      Some tickets refer to issues in Net::DNS.  Require the
      Don't try to call a method on a failed request.  Resolves
      Set a LICENSE.  Cheap kwalitee points!
      Expose the underlying Net::DNS::Resolver with a get_resolver()
      By the power of PAUSEskull, this is a fine morning!  Release 1.00!
      Apply Martin Ferrari's patch to skip network tests if there's no
      Accommodate DNS change for in the tests.
      New version.
      A host-file test was failing because its address segments were wider
      Fix warnings uncovered by POE's recent global-warning issue.
      Applied a patch by René Mayorga, resolving ticket 41313.
      Resolve ticket #13492 by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni,
      Resolve (heh) ticket #13899.  AAAA requests will check for
      Added a machine-readable repository directory to the distribution.
      Use latest POE, and prepare for a new release.
      Fix a warning for /etc/hosts files that contain blank lines or
      Fix a POD error (line too long, broken link to RT) reported by
      Jonathan Yu found a warning while packaging this distro for Debian.
      Administrivia to convert the repository to git.
      Add a 00_info.t test to help debug platform and dependency based issues.
      Prepare for release.
      Document the difference between this distribution and 
      Switch from Makefile.PL to Dist::Zilla.
      Add MANIFEST.SKIP for great justice.
      Fix a doc example typo reported by Maddingue in #poe.
      Retry from the "nameservers" parameter, if supplied.
      Upgrade dist.ini to personal best practices.
      Ignore old build directories.
      Merge pull request #2 from Hugmeir/master
      Udpate Dist::Zilla configuration for changes to plugins.


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