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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository libdatetime-format-strptime-perl.

      from  9be601e   releasing package libdatetime-format-strptime-perl 
version 1.6000-1
      adds  5a8a06e   Initial directory structure.
      adds  1b23827   Initial import from local files - Version 0.0701
      adds  dfb7022   CPAN Release 1.0702         - YAML and POD                
 - Updated the META.yml file to have the correct 'resources'                   
and match the latest spec                 - Updated the docus with a 
'resources' section that has the                   same information in it for 
readers of POD.                 - This version ONLY changes the documentation 
and so it not a                   required update.
      adds  ddef02a   Reorganising repository .. I had trunk checked out rather 
than the root. Damn google and their example svn checkout command!
      adds  f125320   Last bit of the re-shuffle
      adds  70f5e27   1.0800 - Fixed issues #1, #3, #4 and #6
      adds  26e8084   1.0900 2009-02-22         - Another pile-o-bugs           
- It seems that I also wasn't seeing notifications from RT                
(please don't use it, use the Gooogle project) so all the               
following are fixed:                  36672   Started failing mid May           
              23313   Bug handling time zones like America/New_York             
      25555   Module dies even when on_error is 'undef'                       
23768   Olson timezone handling incorrect                       22450   locale 
test failing with bleadperl                      20487   nmake test_more fail 
(with patch); incorrect             [...]
      adds  dc43ed9   1.0900 continued: - And a couple from Google:     #8      
    Add DateTime::Locale to documentation     #10         Parsing bug -- can't 
detect word boundry after month abbr
      adds  d7eb78a   Oops, forgot to add this file to svn
      adds  5719b89   1.0900_01 -- DEVELOPER RELEASE Makefile.PL changes for 
Windows users as per issue #16
      adds  29b9ba2   Official release of 1.0900_1 as 1.0901
      adds  2c09a4c   mrballcb suggested that I allow regexes as the pattern 
      adds  11d9998   Fixed tests in 004_locale_defaults.t to deal with changes 
in Locale. Should be future proof. Depends on the not-yet-existant 
DateTime::Locale 0.44
      adds  1e83356   Reverted back to the version that has data in it as 
DateTime::Locale doesn't look like it's going to help. Once DateTime::Locale 
stops moving, we'll be able to make these tests more future-proof.
      adds  113a606   Changed the requirements back to requiring 
DateTime::Locale 0.43 and made the tests depend on the data provided by that 
      adds  a0d45df   Fixed version number in META.yml
      adds  5b4fdd6   update tags
      adds  db8a75f   run all code through perltidy
      adds  dd426ee   Don't spit out each locale name as diagnostic info
      adds  44d854e   Just call ->can on a class, no need for an object
      adds  7999fe3   Use a readable marker to temporarily substitute out 
percent signs
      adds  25c24c2   Fix tests to match glibc 2.11.1 data in DT::Locale 0.45
      adds  43333ff   Require next DT::Locale
      adds  7eed92c   Remove annoying banner
      adds  5e06b25   Remove custom makefile bits
      adds  2757739   Switch to Build.PL
      adds  32c4c0a   Use non-deprecated DT::Locale apis
      adds  4f94441   kill Makefile.PL
      adds  baf0cd7   Add .hgignore
      adds  6b27e9e   move extra tests to xt
      adds  cd0514a   Reverse Changes order and add changes for 1.2000
      adds  770e291   Update author, bugs, etc
      adds  32edcf3   Fix LICENSE file name
      adds  5424d23   Add .shipit file
      adds  3cae097   Add MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  ef762d5   do not check in MANIFEST
      adds  830364c   updated MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  a221018   add author tests
      adds  f6c196e   fix pod spelling and update spelling list
      adds  95507e4   Add some uncovered subs to trustme list
      adds  d0edb33   Tweak diag messages
      adds  874f495   Bump version to 1.2000
      adds  b1f5fe1   Add release date
      adds  0309ff0   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.2000.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  c561b20   Added tag 1.2000 for changeset 842cc5a73e55
      adds  485178d   Fix handling of dates with leading spaces
      adds  cbc1930   perltidy all code
      adds  3877054   re-arrange extra tests
      adds  da9607e   dzil-ize distro
      adds  258b527   remove generated files
      adds  ca7c94b   remove generated files
      adds  f4e8c32   Add Changes for 1.3000
      adds  c0d0085   Added tag 1.3000 for changeset f9a0a9898226
      adds  fb33247   Mention license change
      adds  ad79f2d   No need for Module::Build
      adds  8658473   Remove explicit $VERSION
      adds  e93962b   Add changes for 1.4000
      adds  9890893   Bump version
      adds  bcc4ef1   Remove whitespace
      adds  aad2593   Added tag 1.4000 for changeset 67114a58d4ad
      adds  3dc0fd7   s/prereq/prereqs/
      adds  4f89e0d   Ignore .build
      adds  592cc5d   Add UTC to list of valid time zones
      adds  7119c1c   Changes for 1.5000
      adds  818e512   Bump version
      adds  4dfbec7   Added tag 1.5000 for changeset 42e98aeaa19f
      adds  81c4b59   post hg conversion tweaks
      adds  81ea247   post hg conversion tweaks
      adds  c2d8a0a   post hg conversion - change repo uris in dist.ini
      adds  b90ce26   Clean up code formatting in docs
      adds  54a5d9c   Some more code tidying
      adds  e7f60a4   s/errstr/errmsg/
      adds  7147a90   Add my name to spelling whitelist
      adds  df5b68a   Bump version
      adds  3010302   Add NextRelease plugin
      adds  a2e72c5   Update plugins
      adds  88a18d7   Add $NEXT token
      adds  9c9b0b9   Test::CPAN::Changes fails on older release notes
      adds  c42d842   Small tweak to date format
      adds  6204a79 doesn't like HEAD requests
      adds  3f0a1ee   Make code use strict & warnings and done_testing
      adds  5b6bccf   Convert all tests to done_testing
      adds  7b2c470   Use AutoPrereqs
      adds  558025d   Require Test::More 0.88
      adds  ec23be8   Require specific module versions
      adds  b1b9662   Remove spurious "use bytes"
      adds  64e4093   Packing cleanup changes
      adds  e13d8bd   Fix incorrect ticket reference
      adds  b364ef0   Require Datetime 0.44
      adds  9d7b292   Clarify meaning of specifying a century
      adds  da7ebd1   Small Changes formatting tweak
      adds  e6a8f40   v1.51
      adds  cf13dcc   Escape braces in regex
      adds  aa4823b   Doc brace escape change
      adds  d48f2f3   Clarify that %d, %m, %H, and %M all parse both padded 
(01) and single digit (1) numbers
      adds  3f62e2b   Bump version
      adds  fecf21e   Reformatted changes
      adds  50f8b5f   v1.52
      adds  e3099b2   Fix tests for %j fix in DateTime 1.00
      adds  b60a85f   Add Rick Measham to authors
      adds  9c5b3ad   Set copyright_holder
      adds  435f9d5   Add ContributorsFromGit plugin
      adds  41172e6   Add .mailmap file
      adds  50b76d5   Remove pod.t
      adds  a521581   Changes for next release
      adds  9c73e4b   Bump version
      adds  b8db39a   v1.53
      adds  585c26d   Require DateTime 1.00
      adds  5a1eac9   Bump version
      adds  d0df8e4   Changes for next release
      adds  ae9d8ab   v1.54
      adds  6484a65   Fix tests for latest DT::TZ
      adds  443cad4   Bump version
      adds  a90279f   Switch to DROLSKY plugin bundle
      adds  aebf653   Remove MANIFEST.SKIP file
      adds  18e6722   Fix Latin-1 - use utf8 instead
      adds  7d7c96f   Changes for next release
      adds  6df0f2a   Bump version
      adds  6aa82d9   Update Changes for 1.55
      adds  0a863f8   v1.56
      adds  5e463b6   Updated Changes after release
      adds  b4da484   Make tests pass with current and future DateTime::Locale
      adds  309d328   Remove .shipit file
      adds  ddcfac3   Add .travis.yml file
      adds  5a380e0   Set $VERSION in code
      adds  4db1b91   Perltidy all code
      adds  9387945   Ignore .tidyall.d dir
      adds  e5f6bc1   Rewrite this test to use subtests and Test::Fatal
      adds  06d4ac8   Remove tabs in code and pod
      adds  4944c5c   Make some subs private and mark others as not needing pod 
      adds  7b89717   Add generated files - perlcriticrc is being ignored for 
      adds  57e57c4   Add Makefile.PL to repo
      adds  c30fc58   Specify develop prereqs for author tests
      adds  aa016ca   v1.57
      adds  e60b957   Bump version after release
      adds  bb28cb4   Clean up locales tests and restore am/pm tests
      adds  3e5768c   Remove load test
      adds  6b017d1   First stab at rewriting parsing to not use eval
      adds  c0db521   Further progress on no-eval rewrite
      adds  56e0ddd   Unify xt and t versions of the locales tests in one .t 
      adds  2f15988   Further progress on new parser code and refined tests to 
      adds  32837a0   Basic locale tests are now in t/basic.t and are all 
      adds  b2e74e8   Add more error checking for results
      adds  4fc2669   Move $is_am definition so it can be shared
      adds  734d53e   Don't overwrite existing tz with floating in _munge_args
      adds  c7c90ea   Tweak and test nanosecond handling
      adds  e3380ac   Fix up time zone and epoch handling - add more checks
      adds  7d80d1c   Finish up various consistency checks and test them all
      adds  fdffa27   Remove old croak tests
      adds  11367c1   Remove obsolete older tests
      adds  5eb426a   Fix nanosecond brain damage
      adds  2724a10   Further nanosecond parsing fixes
      adds  90a84b9   Enforce 4-digit years
      adds  c162cfe   Add additional debugging info to regex failures in debug 
      adds  4ddbe83   Move core test code to t/lib
      adds  d27b376   Allow leading & trailing space in string we parse
      adds  0152407   Tidy all code
      adds  f0d1cae   Tidy code
      adds  90f1059   Normalize Olson time zone names and add some more edge 
case tests
      adds  4257c16   Add test for dependents
      adds  bee06fb   Test that parsed datetime values are valid
      adds  de0cc66   Remove old edge cases test
      adds  085dc9c   Fix whitespace handling before & after string
      adds  7f8d9df   Tidy all code
      adds  e8639fc   Remove "use Moo"
      adds  bacd808   s/specifier/token/ in error message
      adds  343fd6b   Work around 5.8.8 brokenness with \G in regex
      adds  ff675ea   Clarify that %G and %Y require 4 digit years
      adds  9ad170b   Lots of docs updates
      adds  0dc020e   Changes for next release
      adds  ef48c7a   Remove testing junk files
      adds  a8462c6   Pod fixes
      adds  f7ffc20   Update generated flies
      adds  89a60d9   v1.58
      adds  7ebb92a   Bump version after release
      adds  f482695   Remove old copy of accidentally added to root 
      adds  8515df5   v1.59
      adds  a829f47   Bump version after release
      adds  846cf11   Skip Catmandu-Fix-Date in dependents test
      adds  efe49b4   Skip testing Strehler in dependents test
      adds  60011ed   Changes for non-trial release of rewrite
      adds  84acbb1   Ignore test-mydeps-* files
      adds  095885c   v1.60
      adds  0bfe49c   Bump version after release
      adds  5243503   Require Package::DeprecationManager - it plays nice with 
our exporting
      adds  703e71e   v1.61
      adds  20bfef8   Imported Upstream version 1.6100
       new  9e2dc88   Merge tag 'upstream/1.6100'
       new  33d948d   Update debian/changelog
       new  31a8387   Update build and runtime dependencies
       new  6782c1e   Mark as autopkgtest-able
       new  16c8955   Releasing libdatetime-format-strptime-perl version 

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                         | 11 +++++++++++
 MANIFEST                        |  1 +
 META.json                       |  9 +++++----
 META.yml                        |  9 +++++----
 Makefile.PL                     |  8 +++++---                       |  2 +-
 cpanfile                        |  3 ++-
 debian/changelog                |  9 +++++++++
 debian/control                  |  6 ++++--
 lib/DateTime/Format/ | 10 +++++-----
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd          |  3 ++-
 t/author-eol.t                  |  1 +
 t/author-no-tabs.t              |  1 +
 t/import.t                      | 40 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 14 files changed, 92 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 t/import.t

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