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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.6100
in repository libdatetime-format-strptime-perl.

        at  c0a4350   (tag)
   tagging  20bfef8b603d4d4068a35480bcf9f5ee5db5eb8c (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.6000
 tagged by  Lucas Kanashiro
        on  Sat Nov 14 12:03:16 2015 -0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.6100
Version: GnuPG v1


Dave Rolsky (169):
      run all code through perltidy
      Don't spit out each locale name as diagnostic info
      Just call ->can on a class, no need for an object
      Use a readable marker to temporarily substitute out percent signs
      Fix tests to match glibc 2.11.1 data in DT::Locale 0.45
      Require next DT::Locale
      Remove annoying banner
      Remove custom makefile bits
      Switch to Build.PL
      Use non-deprecated DT::Locale apis
      kill Makefile.PL
      Add .hgignore
      move extra tests to xt
      Reverse Changes order and add changes for 1.2000
      Update author, bugs, etc
      Fix LICENSE file name
      Add .shipit file
      do not check in MANIFEST
      updated MANIFEST.SKIP
      add author tests
      fix pod spelling and update spelling list
      Add some uncovered subs to trustme list
      Tweak diag messages
      Bump version to 1.2000
      Add release date
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.2000.  Changelog diff 
      Added tag 1.2000 for changeset 842cc5a73e55
      Fix handling of dates with leading spaces
      perltidy all code
      re-arrange extra tests
      dzil-ize distro
      remove generated files
      remove generated files
      Add Changes for 1.3000
      Added tag 1.3000 for changeset f9a0a9898226
      Mention license change
      No need for Module::Build
      Remove explicit $VERSION
      Add changes for 1.4000
      Bump version
      Remove whitespace
      Added tag 1.4000 for changeset 67114a58d4ad
      Ignore .build
      Add UTC to list of valid time zones
      Changes for 1.5000
      Bump version
      Added tag 1.5000 for changeset 42e98aeaa19f
      post hg conversion tweaks
      post hg conversion tweaks
      post hg conversion - change repo uris in dist.ini
      Clean up code formatting in docs
      Some more code tidying
      Add my name to spelling whitelist
      Bump version
      Add NextRelease plugin
      Update plugins
      Add $NEXT token
      Test::CPAN::Changes fails on older release notes
      Small tweak to date format doesn't like HEAD requests
      Make code use strict & warnings and done_testing
      Convert all tests to done_testing
      Use AutoPrereqs
      Require Test::More 0.88
      Require specific module versions
      Remove spurious "use bytes"
      Packing cleanup changes
      Fix incorrect ticket reference
      Require Datetime 0.44
      Clarify meaning of specifying a century
      Small Changes formatting tweak
      Escape braces in regex
      Doc brace escape change
      Clarify that %d, %m, %H, and %M all parse both padded (01) and single 
digit (1) numbers
      Bump version
      Reformatted changes
      Fix tests for %j fix in DateTime 1.00
      Add Rick Measham to authors
      Set copyright_holder
      Add ContributorsFromGit plugin
      Add .mailmap file
      Remove pod.t
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Require DateTime 1.00
      Bump version
      Changes for next release
      Fix tests for latest DT::TZ
      Bump version
      Switch to DROLSKY plugin bundle
      Remove MANIFEST.SKIP file
      Fix Latin-1 - use utf8 instead
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Update Changes for 1.55
      Updated Changes after release
      Make tests pass with current and future DateTime::Locale
      Remove .shipit file
      Add .travis.yml file
      Set $VERSION in code
      Perltidy all code
      Ignore .tidyall.d dir
      Rewrite this test to use subtests and Test::Fatal
      Remove tabs in code and pod
      Make some subs private and mark others as not needing pod coverage
      Add generated files - perlcriticrc is being ignored for now
      Add Makefile.PL to repo
      Specify develop prereqs for author tests
      Bump version after release
      Clean up locales tests and restore am/pm tests
      Remove load test
      First stab at rewriting parsing to not use eval
      Further progress on no-eval rewrite
      Unify xt and t versions of the locales tests in one .t file
      Further progress on new parser code and refined tests to match
      Basic locale tests are now in t/basic.t and are all passing
      Add more error checking for results
      Move $is_am definition so it can be shared
      Don't overwrite existing tz with floating in _munge_args
      Tweak and test nanosecond handling
      Fix up time zone and epoch handling - add more checks
      Finish up various consistency checks and test them all
      Remove old croak tests
      Remove obsolete older tests
      Fix nanosecond brain damage
      Further nanosecond parsing fixes
      Enforce 4-digit years
      Add additional debugging info to regex failures in debug mode
      Move core test code to t/lib
      Allow leading & trailing space in string we parse
      Tidy all code
      Tidy code
      Normalize Olson time zone names and add some more edge case tests
      Add test for dependents
      Test that parsed datetime values are valid
      Remove old edge cases test
      Fix whitespace handling before & after string
      Tidy all code
      Remove "use Moo"
      s/specifier/token/ in error message
      Work around 5.8.8 brokenness with \G in regex
      Clarify that %G and %Y require 4 digit years
      Lots of docs updates
      Changes for next release
      Remove testing junk files
      Pod fixes
      Update generated flies
      Bump version after release
      Remove old copy of accidentally added to root dir
      Bump version after release
      Skip Catmandu-Fix-Date in dependents test
      Skip testing Strehler in dependents test
      Changes for non-trial release of rewrite
      Ignore test-mydeps-* files
      Bump version after release
      Require Package::DeprecationManager - it plays nice with our exporting

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.6100

RickMeasham (15):
      Initial import from local files - Version 0.0701
      CPAN Release 1.0702
      Reorganising repository .. I had trunk checked out rather than the root. 
Damn google and their example svn checkout command!
      Last bit of the re-shuffle
      1.0800 - Fixed issues #1, #3, #4 and #6
      1.0900 2009-02-22
      1.0900 continued:
      Oops, forgot to add this file to svn
      1.0900_01 -- DEVELOPER RELEASE
      Official release of 1.0900_1 as 1.0901
      mrballcb suggested that I allow regexes as the pattern 
      Fixed tests in 004_locale_defaults.t to deal with changes in Locale. 
Should be future proof. Depends on the not-yet-existant DateTime::Locale 0.44
      Reverted back to the version that has data in it as DateTime::Locale 
doesn't look like it's going to help. Once DateTime::Locale stops moving, we'll 
be able to make these tests more future-proof.
      Changed the requirements back to requiring DateTime::Locale 0.43 and made 
the tests depend on the data provided by that version.
      Fixed version number in META.yml

convert-repo (1):
      update tags

unknown (1):
      Initial directory structure.


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