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fsfs pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.29
in repository libmojolicious-plugin-authentication-perl.

        at  a7d5bcf   (tag)
   tagging  dad813bb8fa50be00561ce3c221850c6b699c17e (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.26
 tagged by  Florian Schlichting
        on  Tue Nov 24 22:40:13 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.29

Ben van Staveren (39):
      Time to join the real world and move from Bitbucket/Mercurial to 
      Code cleanup and added Pod::Weaver
      check on load_user/validate_user for actually being code refs
      critic: whitespace
      Merged pull request #1 from memowe/master.
      Documentation cleanup
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master'
      Documentation cleanup for proper pod rendering
      Added a README.pod file for Github to display
      POD cleanup
      Fixed bug; newer versions of Mojolicious dont send the same parameters to 
a hook, and it blew up
      Added option for extra data to validate_user cb
      Merge pull request #2 from metaperl/master
      doc fixes and extra_data
      Merge pull request #3 from Meettya/master
      Merged pull request from meettya for lazy_mode and signature_exists, some 
doc spelling fixes
      Added example app courtesy of Ivo Welch
      Merge pull request #4 from ewildgoose/master
      Merged in Ed W's changes
      Typo's, how I hate thee...
      Fix for issue #5
      Removed example app due to giving some conflicts
      Merge pull request #8 from kthakore/master
      Added 'auto_validate' option to authentication sub
      Merge pull request #9 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      added small warning in comment
      Merge pull request #11 from hernan604/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #12 from carragom/master
      fix for defined-but-false value bug, closes issue #13
      Readme generation
      Merge pull request #14 from carragom/master
      Added travis CI
      Removed pod file, it's auto generated by dzil

Carlos Ramos (3):
      Check for defined instead of thruthy to allow falsy uid values like 0
      Remove trailing white spaces
      Implements `fail_render` parameter to control routing via condition.

David Steinbrunner (1):
      typo fix

Ed Wildgoose (7):
      Change ugly API
      Add some comments
      The lazy parameter is changed to autoload_user to become a simple hook 
which autoloads the user into the stash for us
      Introduce a current_user function - dramatically simplifies code and 
almost everything else can be implemented using it.
      Actually, changing the stash item name is not that helpful. Probably 
makes sense to leave it as "user"
      Make current_user helper name configurable so that it can be configured 
to be "user" for backward compatibility
      There is no benefit in the autoload_user feature. Default it off and 
consider it deprecated with a view to removing it.

Florian Schlichting (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.29

Hernan Lopes (1):
      docs fix. updated mention of "bridge" to "under".

Kartik Thakore (1):
      Fixed test case depreciated usage of post_form_ok

Meettya (1):
      * Add lazy_mode properties & signature_exists method with docs and test

Mirko Westermeier (8):
      .gitignored vim swap files
      Mojo::Base exports strict and warnings
      removed redundancy
      "auth_data" is a better default session key than "session"
      removed a no-op
      renamed load_user_f and validate_user_f to ..._cb because they are 
callbacks and it matches Mojo naming conventions

Terrence Brannon (2):
      typo fix
      pod fixes (13):
      Initial Import
      Fixed a mistake in the pod
      Doc fixes and some related bits
      Removed dependency on MojoX::Session and Mojolicious::Plugin::Session
      Added tag 0.04 for changeset 14e7342d23e6
      Might as well remove this from being tracked
      *   Changed version number (again) due to earlier module using version 
and qv(0.03) resulting in
      Added tag 0.5.0 for changeset 995fbfca87e4
      Took Changes out of version control
      Made this plugin rely on Mojolicious' built-in sessions a bit more. 
Session expiry is now handled with
      Updated documentation
      Added tag 1.10 for changeset bfdb5a23c38e


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