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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libparallel-forkmanager-perl.

      from  7f883d7   releasing package libparallel-forkmanager-perl version 
      adds  a77215d   Egy csom� modul �tker�lt v�gre a hely�re...
      adds  259d08a   Apr�s�gok
      adds  c87eaa6   0.7.4
      adds  df6f780   Local changes
      adds  2855e6a   Doc fix
      adds  8ff2c91   Trunk is moved under the source
      adds  51ca609   Replaced exit with CORE::exit at child processes.
      adds  10a8cb7   update tags
      adds  ed3e318   Local changes submitted to the repo.
      adds  6016f49   Added .hgignore file
      adds  4d884e9   tabs to spaces
      adds  b7dae42   0.7.6 release
      adds  1e05830   Added tag 0.7.6 for changeset b23ee9a57681
      adds  40b3ee6   Added tag 0.7.7 for changeset 4e100014b9a8
      adds  eb22d4f   Removed tag 0.7.7
      adds  318e70e   Small distribution fixes.
      adds  981fea2   Added tag 0.7.7 for changeset ad4023b96f60
      adds  fdcacf9   .hgignore update
      adds  48a4f44   VERSION format to make it compatible with the require 
      adds  3c205aa   Added tag 0.7.8 for changeset 826884c99915
      adds  66531f5   Changes updated to 0.7.8
      adds  2388758   Added tag 0.7.8 for changeset 96cecd5086f4
      adds  def3b0c   VERSION -> 0.7.9
      adds  66fa571   put the examples into the 'examples' directory.
      adds  7357aa5   Update changelog.
      adds  45a978f   Moving '' to lib/Parallel, so that the 
'examples' directory is not installed.
      adds  765be2c   Update Changes text.
      adds  6526a3e   Added tag 0.7.9 for changeset 1e515f18fc66
      adds  5048cd5   Bump the version number to 0.7.10.
      adds  d8c1d52   Added 'README' to the distro.
      adds  1b02605   ignore MYMETA files
      adds  b65bc9f   replace by two test files in t/
      adds  817df32   ignore bak file
      adds  682b570   add prerequisies and link to repository to Makefile.PL
      adds  b41d444   ignore swap files
      adds  15ce563   add a test for the callback example
      adds  d57374e   remove META.yml and MANIFEST from repo and add 
MANIFEST.SKIP, before release one should run make manifest to generate the 
      adds  fa28a72   remove TODO file
      adds  230b235   ignore more generated files
      adds  7e40a53   stop using the inderect object notation both in code and 
in the examples
      adds  f5468a6   eliminate timing issues from callback test
      adds  e0f838c   add example and test passing complex data structure in 
the callback
      adds  e350be4   use File::Temp::tempdir for temporary directory, based on 
patch by John Lightsey fixing ticket RT 68298
      adds  f1bbf3b   Update changes and skip the .gz file from MANIFEST
      adds  4f3262e   code formatting
      adds  d6d30d1   remove comment
      adds  73a2150   more formatting
      adds  7b4c9fa   update version umber to 1.0.0 and release
      adds  996e65c   Added tag 1.0.0 for changeset 748d1cbcabcf
      adds  d33582b   skip test always on Windows
      adds  e2318c5   version 1.01
      adds  6a7adc8   Added tag 1.01 for changeset 0eebb035d580
      adds  bf5564f   fix test for Windows
      adds  1887943   release 1.02
      adds  301ca1d   Added tag 1.02 for changeset b40d432bde3b
      adds  2d16ba4   remove unused second parameter from constructor
      adds  8b9bc52   set version number to 1.03
      adds  2d04d5f   add more contributors to the META files
      adds  53a3a5a   add the usage of the second, tempdir paramater back to 
the code as it was there a few releases earlier
      adds  72f6d25   Added tag 1.03 for changeset 80a4c5cb207a
      adds  24154b8   fix some typos #88358
      adds  180b41d   convert file to utf-8
      adds  08d3a3a   Require File::Path 2.0 to support Perl 5.8 #85324
      adds  7a397b7   totally unnecessary change: removing trailing spaces
      adds  f208dc1   ignore directory of Devel::Cover
      adds  161331d   documentation fix #84337
      adds  940f131   README is also a generated file
      adds  00cb88a   skip cover_db
      adds  4194f2a   update version to 1.04,   move README creating in the 
main part of the Makefile.PL as the other part ran too late
      adds  8ca172a   Added tag 1.04 for changeset 3e918d4e392c
      adds  3685302   type
      adds  5a173fb   only remove temporary directory if it was automatically 
      adds  1f01a30   update version
      adds  6edf324   Added tag 1.05 for changeset 989b757f3d98
      adds  5b05204   add test case and fix #89590 - we used to remove the temp 
directory that was passed to the constructor
      adds  3b17675   update changes
      adds  b61008b   update for release of 1.06
      adds  3f7238b   Added tag 1.06 for changeset 54c7bdfb53e4
      adds  04cd4e7   increase minimal Test::Simple requirement
      adds  5a9e1ef   Better style and practices for the examples.
      adds  0f43534   merge changes from Shlomi Fish, better coding style
      adds  4f6844d   version to 1.07
      adds  abd6fc0   Added tag 1.07 for changeset e6c2f7085176
      adds  bbabb99   gitignore generated files
      adds  0360374   I think we can safely remove the cvsignore file.
      adds  af935bd   gitignore release directories and release files
      adds  cca63ef   enable Travis-CI
      adds  df05b27   Add GitHub link to META.json to let link to 
the repo
      adds  85e840a   introduce helper functions
      adds  00e5317   Merge pull request #4 from yanick/helper-functions
      adds  11f10d9   deal with waitpid being called outside of P::FM
      adds  acb0d16   Merge pull request #3 from yanick/external-waitpid
      adds  1fa3802   preps for 1.08
      adds  b039e23   fix failing windows tests
      adds  d7aa422   bump timeout to 10 seconds
      adds  94d05e4   add TODO
      adds  c39df19   bump version to v1.11
      adds  30684ab   allow true blocking calls
      adds  e3bf37a   bump version
      adds  739085f   use select, not sleep
      adds  4b988db   Add non-blocking reaper and helper functions
      adds  eb65abc   Improve wording of reap_any_children documentation
      adds  8697ff2   rename reap_any_children to reap_finished_children
      adds  27d788a   return true versus '1'
      adds  88df236   changelog
      adds  f694524   Add reap_finished_children, is_child and is_parent
      adds  d3ca798   release preps
      adds  78ce07b   watchdog actually exits if it's hit
      adds  3657829   improve reaping-catching
      adds  ae2945f   version bump
      adds  9e4417b   wait_one_child wasn't really waiting in pseudo-blocking 
      adds  d9de781   beginning of dziling
      adds  fddadc3   ignore dist.ini
      adds  d7b2c91   duplicate sections
      adds  9d79c1a   changelog formatting
      adds  7ee19ad   merge branch 'dzil'
      adds  36d2d42   changelog
      adds  9a91e8a   variable is not used
      adds  6982b2a   gitignore
      adds  de1a9c6   v1.16
      adds  a69927b   Test::More v0.94 because of subtest
      adds  b8189ed   dzil changes
      adds  38c2fea   Build results of 6982b2a (on master)
      adds  465388a   Build results of b8189ed (on master)
      adds  2831b7e   Imported Upstream version 1.17
       new  17ca626   Merge tag 'upstream/1.17'
       new  d8f29fe   Update debian/changelog
       new  2c11a90   Add build dependency on Test::More 0.94.
       new  4f8d2b9   releasing package libparallel-forkmanager-perl version 

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                        |  7 +++++++
 MANIFEST                       |  1 +
 META.json                      | 16 ++++++++++++----
 META.yml                       |  8 ++++----
 Makefile.PL                    |  9 ++++-----
 README.mkdn                    |  2 +-
 SIGNATURE                      | 29 +++++++++++++++--------------
 cpanfile                       |  9 ++++++++-
 debian/changelog               |  8 ++++++++
 debian/control                 |  3 ++-
 doap.xml                       |  6 ++++++
 lib/Parallel/    |  4 ++--
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd         | 10 +++++++++-
 t/03-callback-data.t           |  2 +-
 xt/release/pause-permissions.t | 13 +++++++++++++
 15 files changed, 93 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 xt/release/pause-permissions.t

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