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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Nov 29 17:21:59 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 3.0013

Aleksandr Panteleymonov (12):
      Fix country metadata for Curacao and Ascension Island
      Fix stub generator to fix some cases in Russia
      Fix bug for Norway islands
      Change test number for uk ip phone
      Fix syntax error in test for Norway
      Fixes of data/tests for RE and SJ
      Use first country as default if all validators are failed
      Remove unused dependancy to Dumper
      Fix country code for Sint Maarten
      Fix stub generator for countries without local calling code
      Overseas Departments and Territories + fixes of metadata
      Fix of tests for last metadata changes

David Cantrell (104):
      add shiny new mailing list to doco
      apply spelling patch from Debian, see
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #30 from aleksandrpanteleymonov/master
      bump versions
      Revert "Fix stub generator to fix some cases in Russia"
      Revert "Revert "Fix stub generator to fix some cases in Russia""
      add a test for +7 8 numbers
      update CHANGELOG for next release
      Merge pull request #32 from aleksandrpanteleymonov/master
      test for
      Administrivia for release
      Merge pull request #33 from aleksandrpanteleymonov/master
      bump version; update CHANGELOG for next release
      South Georgia ain't got nuffink to do with Georgia
      update CHANGELOG
      version for release
      document quarterly release policy
      yay, ofcom changed their filenames
      skip stupid date/time stamp record at the end of each csv file
      i love how consistent unix is
      libphonenumber has moved to Github
      OFCOM are all bastards
      use OFCOM's Excel files instead of CSV
      s///r only works on recent perl
      always rebuild UK data if the build script has changed
      likewise the others
      profiling and coverage scripts
      bump versions for release
      OFCOM are playing an exciting game of Let's Hide The Data
      add a .travis.yml. It might even work.
      see if this placates Travis
      signal success if we rebuild data under Travis
      frob Travis to test on Perls Ancient and Modern, and do coverage 
      we download sabc.txt directly now [skip ci]
      I can't spell [skip ci]
      hush your whining, curl [skip ci]
      remove mathom introduced in 5865f17, no longer needed since 05cd615
      circular dependency is gone, so no need to install this in Travis
      coveralls fiddling
      stupid case sensitivity
      apparently that was an override, not an addition
      let's see if this stops the process from being killed
      ignore these [skip ci]
      see if we can pass $cover_opts
      change stuff at random
      Revert "change stuff at random"
      lib, not blib/lib, maybe
      try -ignore=...
      blib again?
      turn on the UTF-8 flag on areacode names
      consistent names [skip ci]
      try without the blib ...
      env fiddling just doesn't work, so let's repeat myself a billion times
      backslash roulette
      it's a string. hate. [skip ci]
      more backslash roulette
      more backslash roulette
      fix an issue introduced by ExtUtils::MakeMaker always quoting the path to 
perl, see
      more efficient utf-8 shenanigans
      better debugging of build scripts; fix some broken OFCOM data
      bump versions for release
      build system is Excel only now
      Heard Island is not part of the Marshall Islands. Also, it has no 
population and so presumably no phones
      don't create stubs when we were only given a country code as that's 
obviously bogus
      add tests that we don't create stub objects for numbers that are too 
short (when we have at least some country data); add tests that we don't create 
stub objects for a naked country code
      remove more Heard Island rubbish
      remove debuggery
      more tidying
      don't include empty ()s in lists|of|alternatives when google has some 
missing data
      work-around for
      bump versions for release
      switch to new Travis Docker infrastructure has been fixed
      urgh, we want to *always* load stubs for these tests, even if a 
country-specific sub-class has been installed
      bump version for release
      bump version for next quarterly release
      update doco of libphonenumber's location
      Merge pull request #45 from mjg17/mjg17/data_updates
      add note about WTNG maybe being subject to bit-rot
      note Michael's stuff in the change log
      Merge pull request #46 from gpoul/dev-AT
      fix (I think) for issue found in 02ec123 by Gerhard Poul
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fix tests to match fixed code; comment out tests for +4382820200 pending 
confirmation that it's valid (see
      add note to change log about is_specialrate in stubs
      comprehensive tests for my patch to fix
      +44 3 numbers are is_specialrate
      Merge pull request #47 from mjg17/mjg17/unintentional_uk_mode
      note the fix for UK-mode in CHANGELOG
      Merge pull request #48 from mjg17/mjg17/tests
      need to bump the minimum Test::More version to support subtests
      Merge pull request #49 from gpoul/dev-AT
      also add a test that this number has the right areaname()
      libphonenumber fixed, no need to skip any more
      add tests for new Brazilian mobiles (see ongoing)
      bump version for release
      force use of stubs when testing stubs
      bump version for release

Gerhard Poul (2):
      Add unit tests for Austrian (+43) numbers
      Add test for edge case of Innsbruck and a test for IP-Phone numbers

Michael Gray (67):
      Armenia national dialling code '8' -> '0'.
      Angola does not require a national dialling code.
      Australia: correct international prefix; add national prefix.
      Azerbaijan : national prefix is now 0.
      BL, GP, MF, YT: fall under French pattern of national code of '0'.
      Brunei no longer uses a national prefix.
      Former Netherlands Antilles no longer use national prefix.
      Belize no longer uses a national prefix.
      DR Congo has national prefix of '0'.
      Cote D'Ivoire does not use a national prefix.
      Cook Islands does not use a national prefix.
      Algeria's national prefix is 0.
      Micronesia no longer has a national prefix; international prefix now '00'.
      France: national prefx is '0'.
      Grenada: national prefix is '1'.
      French Guiana: national prefix is 0.
      Ghana: national prefix is 0.
      Guinea does not use a national prefix.
      Guyana no longer uses a national prefix.
      Honduras does not use a national prefix.
      Haiti does not use a national prefix.
      Iceland does not use a national prefix.
      Japan: international prefix is now '010'.
      Kiribati seems not to require a national prefix.
      Kuwait no longer uses a national prefix.
      Liberia: national prefix probably '0'.
      Lesotho does not use a national prefix.
      Morocco: national prefix is '0'.
      Montenegro: international prefix is '00'.
      Mali: no national prefix.
      Myanmar: national prefix is probably '0'.
      Macao: no national prefix.
      Mauritania: no national prefix.
      Malta: no national prefix.
      Mauritius: no national prefix.
      Maldives: no national prefix.
      Mozambique: no national prefix.
      New Caledonia: no national prefix.
      Niger: no national prefix.
      Nicaragua: no national prefix.
      Nauru: no national prefix.
      Niue: no national prefix.
      Oman: no national prefix.
      Panama: no national prefix.
      Papua New Guinea: international prefix is now '00'.
      Poland: now not using a national prefix.
      Qatar: no national prefix.
      Serbia: international prefix now '00'.
      Seychelles: no national prefix.
      Singapore: universal international prefix is '000'.
      Svalbard: no national prefix (as for Norway).
      San Marino: no national prefix.
      Senegal: no national prefix.
      Sao Tome and Principe: no national prefix.
      Chad: international prefix is now '00'.
      Tunisia: no national prefix.
      Taiwan: national prefix is '0'.
      Wallis and Futuna Islands: international prefix is '00'.
      Samoa: no national prefix.
      South Africa: international prefix is now '00'.
      Zimbabwe: international prefix is '00'.
      50_number-phone-country.t: is() fails more informatively than ok().
      Failing test for phone2country triggering UK mode if it returns first of 
a list of answers.
      Avoid inadvertent setting of UK mode in Number::Phone::Country. is() fails more informatively than ok(); subtest for 
      53_number-phone-country-idd.t: use a subtest.
      Various tests: is() fails more informatively than ok().

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 3.0013


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