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      from  022b733   update changelog
       new  f283072   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  64f3949   Update debian/changelog
      adds  3bf27ac   Initial revision
      adds  753426a   removed - well and truly obselete
      adds  9f51c7a   Added change summary for 1.07b
      adds  78d7edb   - added t/0_Config.t - removed convert
      adds  eff5415   - removed prerequisite module list - added test for 
XML::SAX as an option - added warning if XML::NamespaceSupport not installed - 
added version dependence for AUTHOR and ABSTRACT_FROM
      adds  50da4fb   - updated parser requirements to reflect SAX support - 
updated 'NEW IN THIS RELEASE' section from Changes file - changed STATUS to 
indicate beta release - documented removal of 'convert' script
      adds  1680843   - removed tests which used parseropts to toggle 
XML::Parser namespace mode - updated for new version number
      adds  e4dad1f   New test script which lists installed XML modules and 
version numbers and documents the default parser module
      adds  3799402   Removed encoding declaration from xmldecl test as it 
caused problems for XML::SAX::PurePerl
      adds  ad2b7fd   removed utime() code which still seems to cause grief on 
some platforms
      adds  6f34cec   fixed erroneous comment
      adds  b84390f   removed encoding declaration which caused problems for 
      adds  4155f1a   - added support for using SAX parsers - added parser 
package selection via $ENV{XML_SIMPLE_PREFERRED_PARSER} or   
$XML::Simple::PREFERRED_PARSER - added support for acting as a SAX handler - 
added 'Handler' option for generating SAX events - added support for 'nsexpand' 
option for both XMLin() and XMLout() - added 'DataHandler' option for 
're-throwing' events - changed searchpath to default to current directory if 
not specified - moved slurping of STDIN from build_tr [...]
      adds  95f80f9   New test script for SAX handling, driving and 'filtering'
      adds  90b9516   New test script for namespace handling under SAX
      adds  0c5bd60   Silly SAX filter module to support t/7_SaxStuff.t
      adds  4bb6214   added test scripts and support modules
      adds  ee2c0ae   - removed superfluous BEGIN block - added check for 
specific version of XML::NamespaceSupport
      adds  a2aa4d5   added warning re parseropts being deprecated - added 
missing support for default namespaces on output - added code to workaround 
outstanding issues in NamespaceSupport::declare_prefix() - removed redundant 
code to translate Clarkian names other   than when they are hash keys - added 
      adds  9c538cf   - updated change log for new release - notice re beta 
      adds  bd719fa   - added CVS Id
      adds  7d48e8b   fixed broken namespace code which appeared to work with 
libxml and nothing else - updated POD for searchpath option
      adds  9de00ae   - changes to workaround test timing issues
      adds  31d1ca8   - fixed broken tests for default namespace declarations
      adds  dddfa6a   - removed XML::Parser dependencies
      adds  a7c1620   Updated for release 1.08_01
      adds  43bce8e   - POD update: alphabetised options
      adds  ca9c069   - removed 5005threads locking code for ithreads 
      adds  17fc5e4   - moved to lib/XML/
      adds  31c7bf7   - added FAQ.pod to distribution
      adds  ca2c428   - added 'Why is XML::Simple so slow?' - added 'Why does 
XMLout() insert <name> elements (or attributes)?' - sundry minor edits
      adds  8d722cf   - added question about empty elements
      adds  90220f3   - fixed test which assumed hash key order
      adds  f0ebae8   - ported tests scripts to Test::More for improved 
      adds  5ef0cc0   - added 'strict mode' and bumped version to 2.00
      adds  89b55cc   - fixed stringification of keyattr values (reported by 
Trond Michelsen)
      adds  bf23405   - POD update for stringification error in strict more
      adds  ad8217e   - added t/9_Strict.t
      adds  e344c6b   - minor formatting tweak
      adds  a8b5270   - fixed path to - fixed email address
      adds  3989c04   - POD updates (documented suppressempty for XMLout)
      adds  cb0a88b   - replaced ref() eq ?? with UNIVERSAL::isa()
      adds  2e3268e   - put back missing File::Spec
      adds  8140c60   - added dependency for Test::More
      adds  4a056d8   - for 2.00 release
      adds  746a233   - fixed bug whereby :strict mode required forcearray on 
      adds  e833e9c   - more tests for :strict mode
      adds  5a9e249   - bumped version to 2.01
      adds  47dca73   - for 2.01 release
      adds  8d4d77f   - changed Storable calls to use locking
      adds  9276970   - for release 2.02
      adds  9f29a4b   - bumped version number for release 2.02
      adds  d3eac5c   - fixed circular reference check (patch from Theo Lengyel)
      adds  fd1c188   - for release 2.03
      adds  cbb0905   - integrated a patch from Michel Rodriguez   + new 
facility for removing extra levels of indirection (using     the new 
'GroupTags' option)   + new facility for rolling the dreaded 'content' hash up 
into a     scalar if there are no keys left after array folding (using the     
'-' prefix mode on the ContentKey option)   + new facility for doing variable 
substitution in the XML; variables     can be defined in Perl (using the new 
'Variables' option) or in     the XML  [...]
      adds  96b752f   - tests for new features in release 2.04
      adds  d855017   - Updated for 2.04 release
      adds  d0eda3c   - fixed warnings when NormaliseSpace undefined - added 
support for specifying ForceArray using regular expressions - added check to 
escape_value to guard against undefined argument - added NoIndent option 
(requested by Afroze Husain Zubairi)
      adds  5ea8a89   - added tests for regexes in ForceArray
      adds  b030e6f   - adjusted uninitialised value warning test to enable 
warnings first - added test for NoIndent option
      adds  e69f481   - for release 2.05
      adds  5072a73   - fixed strict mode bug where ForceArray was demanded on 
output - suppressed warning re uninitialised value
      adds  c772e88   - test strict mode bug fix
      adds  d89ef89   - enable warnings
      adds  fc2d1b8   - for 2.06 release
      adds  eb39b1f   - removed new-style loop which broke on 5.005_03 - added 
comment re old versions of Storable - deferred to the cargo cult police - 
suppressed more uninitialised variable warnings
      adds  e5d89ba   - added check for old versions of STorable
      adds  e73d95b   - fixed duplicate declaration which caused warnings
      adds  74fcd16   - for 2.07 release
      adds  1dd0f99   - patch for no variable expansion in attributes
      adds  cee766c   - address/URL updates
      adds  5efb3a4   - for release 2.08
      adds  b64d456   - POD updates
      adds  9843c7b   - fixed link to Perl XML FAQ - added Q+A re deprecation 
of ParserOpts option
      adds  6366d76   - fixed test bug re hash ordering assumption
      adds  4a992ab   - complete rewrite in the hope of getting to see 
XML::SAX as a prerequisite if no parser installed
      adds  c4ad686   - for release 2.09
      adds  81068d5   - Added AttrIndent option (patch from Volker Moell) - 
Hash keys are now sorted alphabetically by default; enable the   new NoSort 
option if you don't want this (patch from Volker Moell) - Fixed bug where 
disabling array folding broke anonymous array handling - Fixed bug when 
unfolding a tied hash - SuppressEmpty patch from Douglas Wilson - POD update re 
XMLin(XMLout()) caveats (bug report from Slaven Rezic)
      adds  5ba3532   - tests for new options - numerous test improvements 
thanks to Devel::Cover
      adds  b6f073c   - added t/A_XMLParser.t and META.yml
      adds  be0a496   - for release 2.10
      adds  e2c5205   - fixed test with hash ordering assumption
      adds  d7cdddf   - for release 2.11
      adds  bfa869a   - integrate ValueAttr patch from Anton Berezin (XMLout() 
support still pending)
      adds  6254daf   - integrate ValueAttr patch from Anton Berezin
      adds  19503e1   - added NumericEscape option - added ValueAttr option 
(patch from Anton Berezin) - suppress 'wide character in print' warning 
(reported by Dawei Lin)
      adds  5e92876   - for the 2.12 release
      adds  01e9a3e   - fix GroupTags/XMLout corrupting
      adds  10648ab   - fix inconsistencies in SuppressEmpty with XMLout
      adds  82379a7   - tweak check for older Perls
      adds  027f4f8   - for 2.13 release
      adds  da6d42d   - add mising comma (spotted by Philip Wooldridge)
      adds  f075924   - VMS locking fixes (patch from Peter (Stig) Edwards)
      adds  07a4473   - VMS unlink fixes (patch from Peter (Stig) Edwards)
      adds  c854247   - old (probably useless) stuff
      adds  3ac9d50   - run individual test scripts
      adds  022da43   - things to do
      adds  7224d23   - for 2.14 release
      adds  05b9a29   - things that aren't in CVS
      adds  24eca47   - auto generate MANIFEST
      adds  2eec43f   - seems spurious
      adds  12bb640   - ignore Devel::Cover stuff
      adds  8248d52   - new config file for using 'release' script
      adds  5990e7c   - allow '.' characters in variable names
      adds  09872b0   - fix behaviour of XMLout() with undef in arrayref and 
SuppressEmpty enabled
      adds  e2d3a64   - automatically load IO::Handle if required to parse from 
lexical filehandle
      adds  c3da234   - integrate Dan Sully's patch to reduce memory usage
      adds  12355bf   - reject known-bad SAX parsers - if no parser installed, 
default to XML::SAX::Expat
      adds  eeeaa14   - for 2.15 release
      adds  27647d2   - added test for bad GroupTags option
      adds  dc8e708   - add hook method: new_hashref()
      adds  968452e   - refactor cache handling routines for easier overriding
      adds  09707d6   - remove occurrences of indirect object syntax
      adds  05f79e5   - refactoring of code to turn function calls into method 
      adds  2992b65   - for 2.16 release
      adds  688df4b   - more ideas
      adds  9a6e600   - refactor XMLin() to use new public methods 
parse_string, parse_file and parse_fh - begin documentation of hook methods
      adds  d492761   - added documentation for hook methods
      adds  b9d6390   - fixed reversed args (expected vs received)
      adds  1f43c7b   - use ::ExportLevel (patch from Stuart Moore)
      adds  431514c   - reimplement exporter change
      adds  6f7bbd5   - don't hard code expected version number
      adds  10321b5   - make test more robust to file mtime inaccuracies
      adds  a35713a   - for 2.17 release
      adds  13e1058   - for 2.17 release
      adds  1989602   - add die_or_warn handling for non-unique key attributes 
values during array folding
      adds  e66f79a   port source history from CVS - strip out CVS $Id$ keywords
      adds  9c4a826   switch to using lexical filehandles
      adds  9de72e7   remove old cruft files
      adds  ef499b2   switch to use Dist::Zilla for release management
      adds  64ab853   ignore build files
      adds  e9e0517   whitespace fixes (remove tabs and trailing WS)
      adds  3020b5a   disable POD coverage tests
      adds  eb31116   tweak abstract
      adds  c5a09b8   restrict scope of :strict mode to calling package
      adds  e8c6463   add tests for package-scoped :strict mode
      adds  77f7804   add documentation for StrictMode option
      adds  aed61b3   update POD to reflect best practise regarding :strict and 
      adds  d23f1e2   use "warnings" rather than setting $^W
      adds  789a422   v2.19_01
      adds  2ae1f11   set global $^W for tests that require it
      adds  500a860   v2.19_02
      adds  764e4a2   suppress warning from empty CDATA section
      adds  9697af6   add additional calls to new_hashref
      adds  8eece28   v2.20
      adds  ac2dee2   typo fixes
      adds  e469c46   typo fixes
      adds  42f38cc   Merge pull request #4 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  bac12ca   Fix warnings about unescaped { on perl 5.17.6+
      adds  2724cb9   Merge pull request #1 from kentfredric/unescaped
      adds  7d4db30   explicitly load FileHandle to work around test failures 
      adds  a56392f   remove some eval wrappers from test scripts
      adds  ed7c049   improved diagnostics - give caller via Carp::croak on 
parse error
      adds  256dc28   allow tests to run in parallel - use a unique filename in 
      adds  e88d829   add blank line to suppress build-time warning from dzil
      adds  5bd5c41   POD update including mention of XML::Twig as per RT#79228
      adds  df37ee7   switch to use lexical warnings rather than the global $^W
      adds  3da0927   v2.21
      adds  293bfd5   Imported Upstream version 2.21
       new  a79eb9f   Merge tag 'upstream/2.21'
       new  af9da94   Update debian/changelog
       new  ba2cab5   Refresh 01_manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry.diff (offset).
       new  e4b0cd2   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  0d9e0fe   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  a916f56   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  3bfd304   Add a patch to fix a spelling mistake.
       new  4d3f640   releasing package libxml-simple-perl version 2.21-1

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            | 15 +++++
 LICENSE                                            | 22 ++++----
 MANIFEST                                           |  1 +
 META.json                                          | 17 ++++--
 META.yml                                           |  8 +--
 Makefile.PL                                        | 64 ++++++++++++----------
 README                                             |  6 +-
 debian/changelog                                   | 14 ++++-
 debian/control                                     | 18 +++---
 .../patches/01_manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry.diff   |  9 ++-
 debian/patches/series                              |  1 +
 debian/patches/spelling.patch                      | 18 ++++++
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |  6 ++
 dist.ini                                           |  2 +-
 lib/XML/                                  | 58 +++++++++++---------
 lib/XML/Simple/FAQ.pod                             |  5 +-
 t/1_XMLin.t                                        | 54 +++++++-----------
 t/2_XMLout.t                                       | 37 +++++++------
 t/3_Storable.t                                     |  4 +-
 t/4_MemShare.t                                     |  3 +-
 t/5_MemCopy.t                                      |  2 +-
 t/7_SaxStuff.t                                     |  2 +-
 t/8_Namespaces.t                                   |  6 +-
 t/A_XMLParser.t                                    | 18 ++----
 t/B_Hooks.t                                        |  1 -
 t/release-pod-syntax.t                             |  5 +-
 26 files changed, 225 insertions(+), 171 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/patches/spelling.patch
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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