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      from  b171be7   update changelog
       new  d3038cc   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  09087c9   Update debian/changelog
      adds  c75e64f   Initial directory structure.
      adds  f7277d0   Initial version.
      adds  3d9839e   removing files added by mistake
      adds  e731653   adding missing files
      adds  fafe3c6   simplifying next_issue()
      adds  1019287   implementing coersions for structured arguments
      adds  94240b7   bumpping to version 0.04
      adds  7548033   implementing caching methods: get_priorities, 
get_versions, get_custom_fields, and set_custom_fields
      adds  56d4795   bumpping to version 0.05
      adds  c4190cb   Enable online tests to use a specific JIRA instance
      adds  85d65e0   Documenting the new kind of online tests
      adds  1af5c2b   Implements the progress_workflow_action_safelly method. 
Implements a RemoteFieldValue constructor. Makes it easier to pass 
RemoteFieldValues to progressWorkflowAction and to updateIssue.
      adds  4e05a16   Treating the cache more consistently.
      adds  7b2241e   Implements get_issue_types. Makes it easier to call 
      adds  9e5620e   Implements the create_issue method as suggested by Jon 
Connel. Implements constructors for some helper objects. Implements tests for 
create_issue. Revise the documentation.
      adds  88f042b   progress_workflow_action_safelly accepts a RemoteIssue 
object as argument
      adds  778c46c   bumpping version to 0.10
      adds  055305e   set_filter_iterator accepts filter ids or filter names as 
suggested by Jon Connell. Made some spell corrections.
      adds  458a39b   bumpping version
      adds  6189e8a   a kludge to avoid a spurious message
      adds  f943f9f   bumpping version to 0.12
      adds  9c466a6   making it easy to pass custom field values in create_issue
      adds  1a3bcc6   bumpping to version 0.13
      adds  0ed0a10   parameterizing the field iterator cache size
      adds  5bb6a48   supporting JIRA versions older than 3.14.4
      adds  69d8dd8   bumpping to version 0.14
      adds  62c472e   making it easier to debug iterations
      adds  df2292d   progress_workflow_action_safely accepts shortcuts
      adds  84dad7d   bumpping to version 0.15
      adds  347c900   implements get_favourite_filters and casts filter names 
to ids where appropriate.
      adds  140aef6   bumpping version to 0.16
      adds  1a2855c   factoring out some code into helper functions
      adds  0d05397   Implementing get_issue_custom_field_values method. 
Implementing some more helper functions to factor out common code.
      adds  0e009a2   Implementing many more tests. Renaming the main test file.
      adds  768717a   Accepting many more options for online tests.
      adds  129bfda   Making POD tests author specific
      adds  162f06d   bumpping to version 0.17
      adds  d68e879   Improving the distro kwalitee. As per
      adds  f0a91aa   adding kwalitee test
      adds  f6ee908   enhancing the kwalitee test
      adds  1c3e75c   removing shee-bang from test
      adds  775c445   bumpping to version 0.18
      adds  0d656ee   updating default conversions for JIRA 4.0 new methods
      adds  aeb8d4e   bumpping to version 0.19
      adds  7ec698f   Explains that it works with JIRA 4.
      adds  22655cf   removing sheebang from test scripts
      adds  afa4ca5   adding perlcritic test
      adds  bb93429   placating main perlcritic issues
      adds  53b9911   using croak instead of die
      adds  40e0805   converting duedate from YYYY-MM-DD to d/MMM/yy.
      adds  6f8b132   typos
      adds  9f9b70a   refactoring the field conversion code
      adds  768833d   bumpping to version 0.20
      adds  1a4ee15   convert resolutions and make some refactoring in the 
get_* functions.
      adds  da1bb33   adding examples
      adds  13a3f68   adding examples to the MANIFEST
      adds  422a04f   A list of changes: - Added update_issue method. - Added 
lots of implicit conversions. - Improved implicit conversions documentation. - 
Can set duedate with a DateTime object. - Mentioned the examples directory in 
the documentation.
      adds  ec70a3a   bumpping to version 0.21
      adds  049e647   I was doubly converting fields values in 
      adds  8b284e6   bumpping to version 0.22
      adds  1f8adba   Correcting SOAP serialization for the arrays in 
      adds  69307e6   implements attach_files_to_issue and 
      adds  33aba1a   create_issue now accepts an optional security level 
      adds  0d4eb52   bumpping to version 0.23
      adds  6722eef   eliminating function _fault_details
      adds  4ea255e   getting rid of unecessary coersion
      adds  dd98564   Denying the attachment of empty files. This was suggested 
by Jon Connell.
      adds  1ea1c93   Typo detected by Andrey Belous.
      adds  c9f9275   bumpping to version 0.24
      adds  7a01d14   Correcting a typo noticed by Cosimo Streppone.
      adds  b7ac59e   [RT61214] _convert_resolution fix by KBeal AT
      adds  c937904   [RT61184] implements get_statuses, courtesy of michael AT
      adds  11e5913   bump to version 0.25
      adds  f4c4896   Implementing some magic for specifying cascading fields, 
as suggested by Keith Hackworth
      adds  360b64d   bumpping to version 0.26
      adds  9d32b45   Properly casting RemoteProjectRole objects. Thanks to 
Philippe MARTIN
      adds  8022f9d   bumpping to version 0.27
      adds  8ff6d0e   migrando .cvsignore para svn:ignore
      adds  9a117e6   JIRA::Client->new pass extra arguments to the SOAP::Lite 
      adds  81362e6   bumpping to version 0.28
      adds  17676cb   enhancing META.yml
      adds  fa96d18   Support for new methods in JIRA 4.4
      adds  1381968   Bump version to 0.29
      adds  a2403f0   Document use of eval blocks to guard against method 
      adds  8dfc756   Cast duedates as a date SOAP::Data
      adds  c8f87d7   Document the duedate change.
      adds  c44ca15   Bump to version 0.30
      adds  ef98fa2   Move to git
      adds  cc1de88   Add .gitignore file
      adds  0f2e06e   [RT-72470] Generalize treatment of bug JRA-12300.
      adds  2487fcf   [RT-72470] Accept both names for fields with duplicate 
      adds  174807f   Bump to version 0.31
      adds  c197a0a   Check progress_workflow_action_safely's $issue argument
      adds  66b27bc   Fix field names in create_issue
      adds  2fc1932   Update MANIFEST and .gitignore
      adds  ba235bd   Add online tests using Atlassian's OnDemand demo instance.
      adds  cc08b9c   [rt72667] Pass project key to get_security_levels
      adds  fa6c01d   Refactor parameter conversions for create_issue, 
update_issue and progress_workflow_action_safely.
      adds  1ef8ed8   Use Atlassian OnDemand JIRA instance to perform online 
      adds  1de1ba1   [rt72470] Fix create_issue and 
progress_workflow_action_safely parameter conversions.
      adds  b842e95   Bump to version 0.32
      adds  03dc213   Fix _flaten_components_and_versions as per Dan Baber 
      adds  3d2369b   Add MYMETA.{json,yml} to .gitignore.
      adds  bbe5ab9   Detect absense of Test::Kwalitee and skip tests
      adds  120c37f   Use public JIRA demo instance for author tests
      adds  7b3d0d9   [RT-75157] Make create_issue support sub-task issue types
      adds  2cdb214   Use English in kwalitee.t
      adds  bdc5f7f   Bump version to 0.33 and Copyright through 2012
      adds  4955664   Insert -*- perl -*- mark at the first line of every test 
      adds  7449cdf   Add things to TODO list.
      adds  51bfd4b   Rename user demo test
      adds  7cf8bf0   Chmod +x user demo test
      adds  f0463e1   Simplify user demo test
      adds  a488a36   Add example to dump JIRA configuration
      adds  0c2942f   Generalize extended tests
      adds  bc3a48d   Ignore CPqD's demo config
      adds  b27bc8f   Update MANIFEST
      adds  2a0fd02   Update README with new form of online tests
      adds  ba03b12   Convert distribution to Dist::Zilla
      adds  24b4f1e   Use AutoPrereqs dzil plugin
      adds  59588d7   Add autoversioning plugins to dzil.
      adds  b091baa   Add PodWeaver plugin to dzil to generate POD boilerplate 
      adds  bba083e   Add plugins for release to dzil
      adds  3e81d7e   Add @Git bundle to dzil
      adds  bee576f   Add NextRelease plugin to dzil.
      adds  bf8c209   Revert "Add things to TODO list."
      adds  d109338   Add 0.34 Changes that were not properly added by dzil
      adds  9f98cbe   Fix POD structure
      adds  dee601e   Reorder dzil plugins
      adds  c4a2a13   Remove release dzil plugins which are already included in 
the @Basic bundle
      adds  a4efe7c   Add MetaResources to dist.ini
      adds  fabf107   Update .gitignore
      adds  eaccb3e   Implement method filter_issues
      adds  f4c03cc   v0.35
      adds  a372161   fix typo
      adds  24521fb   Move from Google Code to GitHub
      adds  826b803   v0.36
      adds  a0b1558   Fix typo
      adds  432f915   Use Data::Util to make for clearer code
      adds  fb35d02   v0.37
      adds  9a04f09   Add examples/
      adds  b196799   Check for unknown connection error
      adds  43a9ac8   Explain why we need an empty DESTROY
      adds  7b74474   New admits non-base URLs to non-standard WSDL descriptors.
      adds  9f57b7f   v0.38
      adds  8cb92f7   Fix SOAP::Lite typelookup change
      adds  31991a0   Refactoring POD
      adds  8bc2ab6   Fix
      adds  3b6034c   Does not need to invoke $url->as_string()
      adds  348be96   v0.39
      adds  83b159e   alternative fix for issue #1
      adds  8824f51   Clarify constructor POD
      adds  2ec6975   Drop dependency on URI
      adds  9c3a0dc   v0.40
      adds  5fb6ad6   Use environment perl
      adds  e0ca8c4   Implement the method filter_issues_unsorted
      adds  4f2eaf8   Reformad Changes file
      adds  cd9ef66   v0.41
      adds  4b6d151   Improve module's abstract
      adds  14fa1ed   Placate Perl::Critic
      adds  594b7d3   Configure tidyall
      adds  ea8d09d   Add deprecation warning and reference to JIRA::REST
      adds  205825c   v0.42
      adds  1a5749d   Add REPOSITORY section to documentation
      adds  f7fd21e   Optimize filter_issues_unsorted for key lists
      adds  bed5ff3   Deprecate JIRA::Client
      adds  476baff   v0.43
      adds  85cf94a   Imported Upstream version 0.43
       new  5ab39a1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.43'
       new  2178832   Update debian/changelog
       new  eaa1608   Update years of upstream and packaging copyright.
       new  98faff7   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  a66836b   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  0330502   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
       new  f67a9c1   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  e8d19ca   releasing package libjira-client-perl version 0.43-1

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                  |  8 ++++++
 LICENSE                  |  8 +++---
 MANIFEST                 |  2 +-
 META.yml                 | 27 ++++++++++----------
 Makefile.PL              | 12 ++++-----
 README                   | 12 ++++-----
 debian/changelog         | 13 ++++++++--
 debian/compat            |  2 +-
 debian/control           | 28 +++++++++++----------
 debian/copyright         |  4 +--
 debian/upstream/metadata |  6 +++++
 dist.ini                 |  2 ++
 lib/JIRA/       | 65 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
 t/release-kwalitee.t     |  9 +++++--
 t/release-pod-coverage.t | 11 ++------
 t/release-pod-syntax.t   |  4 +--
 16 files changed, 122 insertions(+), 91 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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