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  replaces  upstream/0.73
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Dec 6 15:01:15 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.74

Alex Balhatchet (4):
      Add test messages to all tests in stats_basic.t
      Add test messages to stats_glm.t
      Add test messages to stats_kmeans.t
      Add test messages to t/stats_ts.t

David Mertens (1):
      Added a few different forms for calculating the Poisson distribution

Ed J (19):
      Don't track generated data
      No track obsolete cpanfile
      New github location in metadata
      New version number scheme per best practice
      Update Changes
      Travis CI
      Dep on PDL::Core, not PDL
      Add manifest test, remove META.yml from main MANIFEST
      Meta v2
      No changelog test... for now
      Mark non-deterministic test TODO as fails on clang
      Beef up CI with optional requirements spelled out and apt installed
      Update Changes, test, CI that
      Make PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT and PDL::Slatec recommends, not depends
      *.pp -> *.pd so pdlpp_mkgen finds

Ingo Schmid (3):
      Committer: Ingo Schmid (
      modified:   GLM/glm.pp
      modified:   GLM/glm.pp

James Wilson (1):
      work around situation when PDL isn't installed already

Maggie J Xiong (109):
      Initial commit at pre 0.4.4
      GLM added ols_rptd and test!
      Started working association measures
      Cleaned up some unnecessary files.
      Kmeans pod correction.
      Added binomial_test to Basic.
      Prerequisite PDL::Lite => 2.4.8 because of PDL lu_decomp threading 
problem in 2.4.7.
      Kmeans pod update.
      GLM interaction_code test added.
      TS updated plot_season to season_m; tests added.
      TS function names updated.
      GLM added plot_residual().
      Upgraded dependency to PDL 2.4.8. Updated version.
      GLM ols_rptd() pod update.
      TS season_m() default to plot=>1
      Update time in Changes
      Doc update.
      Revert prerequisit to PDL-2.4.4. Added note about PDL-2.4.7 lu_decomp() 
bug in README.
      Documentation update
      Starting 0.5.1. pca, glm tests improved.
      Basic added cov_table(). Test added.
      pca can work on cov. but return val, plot etc still need to accomodate 
this change.
      GLM pca() modification; plot_scores() added; plot_scree() to 
      Documenting pca() changes.
      Updating plotting functions to default to png in Windows.
      plot_scores() plots z-scores.
      Adding reference.
      pca calls only plot_scree. need to call plot_scores manually because png 
overwrites if plotting both.
      Documentation update.
      Spelling correction.
      pca() test SLATEC vs. MatrixOps precision fix.
      Precision fix, again.
      pca() SLATEC vs MatrixOps sign fix.
      pca() does cov.
      Removing prereq fatal.
      GLM plot_scores() does cov version.
      Updating Changes.
      Documentation update.
      POD update and 2.4.7 warning.
      GLM pod, test update.
      GLM pod update.
      Updating Changes
      Documentation update.
      Doc update.
      Merge branch 'mx_0.5.5'
      Added lvalue_assign_detour() to .= affected tests.
      Rid of .= in tests.
      Moved no slatec warning to test from module.
      Updated version to 0.5.6.
      Updated Changes list.
      Adding group_by function.
      Use the same method for equal and unequal n cases in group_by. This 
preserves the original ordering in the chunks.
      Version and changes updated.
      Moved _array_to_pdl from Kmeans to Basic.
      group_by supports multiple factors as perl array or pdl.
      removed old deprecated method get_data.
      Updated Changes.
      Added labels for group_by single factor case.
      tests updated for labels and multiple factor group_by.
      Remove quotes for gsl config. bug #73453 fix.
      Bailing out of installation if perl 5.14.0-5.15.8 detected. Added warning 
and ref re perl bug #107366.
      Minor warning fix.
      Changes updated.
      Adding script for updating pdldoc.db.
      'make update_doc' runs. Yet to hook into 'make install'.
      make install runs
      Updated group_by documentation.
      Allows --force to attempt a build if running under perl-5.15.0 - 5.15.8.
      Doc update.
      doc database windows install fix. v0.6.2.
      binomial_test() bug fix -- [ #82725]
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Added tests for pmf_poisson variants.
      Added unit test for ols with bad value. Slight glm.pp code clean up.
      Updated changes.
      Updated Basic _array_to_pdl to handle bad value.
      Added more test for _array_to_pdl bad value handling.
      GLM anova supports bad value in dependent and independent variables.
      Added IV bad value support for anova_rptd. Fixed anova bad value test.
      Fixed typo and min PDL dep version.
      Reomved eval around pp make. Updated format.
      v0.6.3_1. Changes updated.
      v0.6.3_2. Added eval back for writing dummy make file.
      v0.6.3_3. Added cpanfile to MANIFEST
      v0.6.4. Make cpan PDL::Stats work without previous PDL installation.
      Apply Chris Marshall's patch for PDL::slice.
      All tests pass against PDL 2.00607 (fix for #88784).
      Cleaned up my $tmp var warning.
      Added warning about not supporting 64bit pdl.
      It's 2013 now.
      Applied patches submitted by gregor herrmann for #96711
      Increased the number of trials for kmeans tests [ #96742].
      Added test for mixed anova_rptd with more btwn subj var levels.
      Removed bogus test.
      Added tests based on SPSS from Erich Greene.
      Merge branch 'master' into v0.6.6
      Changed cluster pdls from byte to short. This fixes the bug of
      Skip failing anova_rptd tests for now.
      Changed propogate_badflag to propagate_badflag in sync with PDL.
      Wrap kmeans and kmeans_bad tests in retries.
      Print out kmeans_bad test for debugging.

Maggie Xiong (11):
      GLM added interaction_code. needs test
      Revert "Started working association measures"
      GLM eval wrapped optional modules; replaced perl reverse sort with (-1:0).
      Merge pull request #1 from run4flat/master
      Merge pull request #2 from maggiexyz/ols-fix
      Merge pull request #3 from jwilson1066/master
      Merge pull request #9 from PDLPorters/kmeans-test-update
      Merge pull request #18 from kaoru/test-messages
      Merge pull request #20 from kmx/kmx-kmeans-workaround
      Merge pull request #21 from kmx/kmx-pdl-gsl-cdf-facelift
      Merge pull request #22 from kmx/kmx-improved-64bit-indexing-support

Zakariyya Mughal (2):
      add badges to README and rename to Markdown file
      remove PDL::GSL::CDF from prereqs

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.74

kmx (5):
      making doc available on (GENERATED subdir)
      make dist now fails if "gsl-config" command not available
      workaround for issue #19 (t/kmeans.t crashes with PDL-2.014)
      PDL::GSL::CDF facelift
      Improved support for 64bit indexing

mohawk2 (3):
      Merge pull request #6 from PDLPorters/gh-sprucing
      Merge pull request #10 from PDLPorters/todo-nondeterministic
      Merge pull request #11 from PDLPorters/add-travis-deps


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