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  replaces  upstream/1.0.12
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Dec 6 15:05:10 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.0.22

Christian Walde (2):
      use Capture::Tiny to capture cpanm output
      force the newlines in carton.lock to be \n

David Golden (1):
      Improve synopsis for carton exec

David Steinbrunner (3):
      typo fixes
      typo fix
      typo fix

Jonathan Steinert (1):
      Fatal warnings during system() or exec() call

Kan Fushihara (2):
      support CRLF in cpanfile.snapshot
      add unit test for support CRLF in cpanfile.snapshot

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.0.21

Masahiro Chiba (1):
      support specify multiple mirror

NAKAGAWA Masaki (4):
      merged from 'support-bundle'
      load mymeta when MYMETA.json is exist
      remove core dependencies

Olaf Alders (2):
      Fixes typo.

Pedro Figueiredo (1):
      Added dependency on Getopt::Long 2.36, as GetOptionsFromArray() isn't 
available before

Peter Oliver (1):
      Don't die if no .meta directories are present.

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (447):
      Initial commit
      regen README
      Fix messaging
      misc docs
      Check cpanm version
      doc clarification
      Implemneted list --tree
      Display errors and stops building carton.json
      some backward compat for older Getopt::Long
      Build index from the provides hash.
      dedupe based on the module name
      Implemented the tree builder based on dependency tree!
      Add back the ability to install modules from cmdline arg
      let's try local now
      Implemented install from carton.json
      add cpantesters for faster indexes
      put stuff off of TODO
      rename carton.json to carton.lock to make it obvious
      reorganized the command and docs
      Some refactorings
      fix pod
      Properly display errors
      Try to reinstall from build file
      Use --skip-satisfied for conservative upgrades
      added doc for list command
      Documented Convervative Update.
      clarified docs
      Started FAQ doc
      update/uninstall should be in 1.0
      Changed the way it uses lock file.
      use ~
      rm for rename
      use the package name for Doc:: and auto generates pod2man doc files
      fix tests and MANIFEST
      move Carton.pod to lib
      add back in FAQ; renamed to docs to avoid stupid gitignore in HFS
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.1_0.
      use C<> for filenames
      update docs
      undo check command
      updated links and homepage metadata
      update DESCRIPTION
      Fix the first run without carton.lock
      basic check command
      check now checks if you miss some dependencies in your build file
      remove check from tutorial
      Display tree for superflous modules in local
      Do not display warnings if one of the deps are not found in lock
      Added Shipwright to the similar tool
      beginning unit tests
      added check test
      Fixed the plain list to use self->print
      fixed generator syntax
      Implemented carton uninstall. Fixes #4
      Implmeneted carton config #2
      Support local CPAN mirror #12
      remove the mentions to App::carton
      added an unimplemented mark
      Implemented carton exec. #6
      Added unit tests for exec
      Implemented show
      capture system output like cpanm in the tests
      modules like have no VERSION in corelist. Fixing is_core()
      Add . (current dir) to the INC
      Allow -Ilib to exec
      uninstaller can finalize earlier
      use canonical option to always generate the same JSON
      don't add version info to lock file
      If a custom mirror is set, skip cpanmetadb with --mirror-only. Fixes #18
      fix POD
      Unit test to prefer mirrors for searches. #18
      remove debugging lines
      Uninstalling modules should not remove dependencies in Makefile.PL. Fixes 
      Added unit tests for uninstalling dependencies
      Added a test to not uninstall dependencies
      fixed messaging
      Only display success messages when it actually succeeds
      specify carton.lock version
      Use Config::GitLike for config management
      Handle errors correctly
      Merge branch 'config_git_like'
      use Mouse
      Implemented alias like git
      Added unit tests for alias. Fixed test bug not reloading config
      fix defaults to not override the one set in local
      use lib::core::only
      use Exception::Class
      updated FAQ
      --skip-satisfied is now default
      rename install.json. Fix cpan default mirror
      Fix the install.json path
      Use CPAN::Meta to always convert MYMETA to version 2.
      fix check
      Fix deps to bootstrap MYMETA support
      no Mouse
      notest is the default
      fix meta path for uninstall
      Fix --path handling (Ugh)
      Ignore perl from showdeps
      remove notest (repeated)
      reenable skip-satisfied
      depend on cpanm 1.5
      remove Config framework, commands and alias
      Added notes about carton update
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.0.
      Fix UTF8 warnings in encoding JSON
      Added auto-provides
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.1.
      declare VERSION using a simple string.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.2.
      Document perlbrew lib and carton
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.3.
      use capture instead of merged
      Merge branch 'cpanm_out_capture_tiny' of
      Return version of the module in the spec when installing from lock
      Merge pull request #37 from dagolden/doc-nits
      Merge pull request #35 from masaki/master
      Merge pull request #28 from pfig/master
      Merge pull request #24 from wchristian/force_newlines
      regen README
      Bundle doesn't necessarily mean DarkPAN
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.4.
      Merge pull request #43 from yanick/patch-1
      Added cpanfile
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Support cpanfile!
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.5.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_5.
      use Module::Install::cpanfile
      `carton` now runs `carton install` like bundle
      bump version
      rm unused
      rewrite docs to mention cpanfile rather than Makefile.PL/Build.PL
      Merge pull request #45 from masaki/master
      drop uninstall command
      Rewrite tests to use cpanfile
      explicitly use CPAN::Meta::Requirements
      remove unused line
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_6.
      Bump cpanm dep. Fixes #48
      Merge pull request #29 from nihen/support_multiple_mirror
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix multi mirror test to use cpanfile
      Bump up cpanm for cascade-search fix
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_7.
      bump up cpanm to the latest
      Do not build extra dependencies out of carton.lock. Fix #63
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_8.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_8.
      Fix bundle command, so that it will use .lock to build packages to 
determine versions
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9_9.
      remove debug
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version v0.9.10.
      Ignore 'perl' key for now
      Install 'test' prereqs by default
      convert to Milla
      add VERSION to all .pm because PAUSE indexed it as 0 with CPAN::Meta bug
      remove M::I from cpanfile dev deps
      remove pod.t
      add minimum perl version
      bump CPANfile dep
      Fix docs. #84
      Enable travis
      Add devel dependencies
      regen meta
      Only specify minicpan locally
      remove tree related code.
      Simplified cpanfile detection
      Simplify install methods
      Stop unnecessary deduplication
      remove unused gz generation code
      Remove unused code
      Add test for bundle
      Simplify the bundle logic
      remove lock state property for Carton object
      Move the 02packages writer to Lock module
      remove uninstall method which is actually unused. Updated check doc as 
      refactor with Package object
      Simplify package finder
      move index logic to Index object
      remove unused
      remove unused walk_down
      remove configure
      move JSON parser to Lock
      Move dump JSON to Lock
      stop chdir
      added TODO test for #83
      Band-aid fix for bundle options
      Update docs
      Woo, WTF femove Makefile.PL
      strip dependencies
      Don't use mirror, because version fix won't work with --mirror-only
      Add a test for version lock
      typo. Closes #53
      don't eat unknown options in system, effectively killing the need for --. 
Addresses #77
      Added more tests for exec with no --, as well as versioning tests with -M
      fix dep
      use cpanm installdeps to get with-develop from cpanfile
      remove unused build_dep
      Stop collection dependencies when installing/bundling because cpanfile 
can be directly used by --installdeps .
      Unimplement carton check. Also simplified carton show logic to use Lock 
      remove unused list_deps
      remove color output
      Add test for help
      update deps
      Make sure you have the latest cpanm
      Fixed the way to build the list of mirrors.
      Add convenience clean_local in xt
      use vendor/cache for bundling. Fix #88
      exec should not be run without carton.lock Fix #91
      remove unused code
      remove unused module
      Convert basic objects to Moo
      Refactor install/bundle to a new Builder class.
      remove unused dep
      (re)move deps
      remove unused
      use Moo in CLI
      move all God class into CLI and Lock/Builder modules
      Install develop dependencies as well
      Stop using lib::core::only and PERL5OPT for now, in favor of simpler 
PERL5LIB. Re: #82 #70 #60
      doc update
      update docs
      update docs
      Add carton list --distfile
      Change $lock->find logic to search for provides maps. Return Dependency 
      Add back the tree command!
      readd modules to cpanfile
      simplified tree output
      added test for test
      rewrite dumper code
      fix tests
      Skip modules that are referenced early in the tree to avoid duplicates.
      change the output of tree
      refactor dependency tracker as Carton::Requirements class
      use configure block
      rename use_darkpan
      rename version as a requirement
      Add Dependency#version method to find the version in the dists locked
      Experimental: Make carton install save dists to local/cache, then carton 
bundle copy the tarballs to vendor.
      use Path::Tiny. Also saves temp index in ./local not .carton
      fix quotes
      refactor CLI with Moo
      simplified test output check
      unuse Directory::Scratch
      $self->dir is already Path object
      move CPANfile load out of CLI
      remove unused code
      Re-implemented carton check
      Ignore installations that doesn't match cpanfile in check (and update 
      wrap errors with eval
      return empty hash
      rename is_perl to is_core
      install develop dependencies in cpanfile as well
      add comment for badly named properties, for now
      Implemented carton update
      Added more test for install
      this test should now always succeed, i hope
      Honor newer versions of install if there are multiples that both satisfy 
cpanfile requirements
      Add test for mismatch deps #68
      Merge branch 'patch-1' of into 1.0
      run install twice
      run check
      Added a failing TODO test for downgrading with carton update, then 
collectin wrong install info
      add write_cpanfile() convenient method
      use subtest
      added a TODO test to detect unused modules in local
      Rather running install twice, make it a TODO test
      carton exec without an argument should die
      only warn (and eat) -Ilib when it's right after exec. Fix #97
      Bump Module::Build and MakeMaker to support test requires.
      Add more perl versions
      use ack instead of mojo for testing on 5.8
      update Try::Tiny
      Support carton install --without develop #66
      update obsolete doc
      Document --without develop
      TODO comment
      push --without options
      unit test for without
      Enable without for 'features' as well
      Support develop feature as well
      introduce Carton::Environment object
      Add Lockfile class. Refactored cpanfile/carton.lock locator to 
      Builder now takes install target off of detected cpanfile location
      Bump cpanminus to support --cpanfile
      Support --cpanfile option for carton install, as well as 
      use stdout due to cpanm update
      Document --cpanfile
      Support --cpanfile in check
      Fix a bug in CLI test runner where some app instance variables are cached
      Merge Lock and Lockfile into Lockfile
      refactored to remove environment attribute and unnecessary methods
      locate cpanm within App-cpanminus dist dir. Fix #92
      rename lockfile variable so that later refactoring gets easier
      Massive rewrite of lockfile format. Use cpanfile.snapshot!
      sort snapshot formats
      rename "Lockfile" variables/classes/methods to Snapshots all the way
      more rename
      Fixed bug where parent scanner hash is not preserved
      move Requirements to Tree
      Add an exception when parsing fails.
      undef dumper to avoid leaks
      Allow stopping tree DFS with tree command.
      make check scan faster as well
      Fix a check bug where $dist->version is used instead of module's version
      Run fatscript by locating it in @INC rather than from share dir
      bump cpanm with fatscript
      Merge pull request #111 from oalders/master
      install CoreList for < 5.8.9
      change the dist name case to simplify toolchain
      Document that vendor perl without core modules is not supported.
      Fix documentation
      Add Update doc
      Not supported on mod_perl #114
      doc update
      Up cpanm dependency
      bump cpanm dep
      remove warnings in the doc
      Support version ranges in prereqs. Fix #117
      Bump cpanm dependency. Test ancient distributions for missing package 
      Display usage when passed unsupported command
      Fix outdated documentation
      Add missing docs
      Bump cpanm. Added test for #120
      bump cpanm. Test for qv()
      remove globs auto-generated by can(). Fix #123
      Merge pull request #124 from shibayu36/fix-install-cached-doc
      Add notes on differernt Perl versions
      Set module name for ::Core dist
      bump cpanm
      Fix error message
      Add Upgrading doc
      Beta: install fatpacked carton in vendor/bin Fix #109
      fix error
      Bundle File::Spec and Cwd in non-arch path for perl < 5.16
      Load extra modules for fatpack, detected from Carton's MYMETA files
      Only select MYMETA actually matching the dist
      local::lib isn't actually required for Carton anymore
      TODO comment
      Add documentation for carton(1)
      bump Try::Tiny
      workaround carton help/perldoc Carton for case insensitive filesystem
      Link to cpanfile documentation explicitly
      add cpanfile to git
      Merge pull request #133 from kan/master
      quote versions in example
      Add LICENSE
      disable fatal warnings
      up Path::Tiny dependency
      Add an option to skip fatpacking
      ignore vendor
      fix brittle tests
      new cpanm has actually fixed this
      require 1.7030
      use MakeMaker
      remove Exception::Class
      Moo -> Class::Tiny
      add 5.20
      for old perls MakeMaker might be upgraded for -L support (?)
      support generator for Index
      ignore blib
      remove Moo in test
      demote fatpack related tools to recommends
      disable sudo
      enable -j9
      format 02package like PAUSE does
      Merge pull request #193 from hachi/die-on-exec-fail
      exit 127 if the command is not found. #193
      add back warnings
      sort case insensitive, like PAUSE
      new cpanm will upgrade MakeMaker etc. as it builds distributions
      move carton fatpack into its own command.
      Merge pull request #179 from oalders/master
      Merge pull request #196 from mavit/master
      change Module::Reader to requries so that Fatpacker will contain that for 
the runtime
      nop when there's nothing to update
      update IRC link

Yanick Champoux (1):
      Edit POD sentence.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.0.22

ikasam_a (2):
      merged "bundle using install.json" branch
      remove unused method

shiba_yu36 (1):
      fix docs about carton install --cached


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